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Thursday, December 30, 2004

lunch @ Purl

Purl was hopping when I went over there a little bit ago. All kinds of people buying yarn. There was a line for the ball winder and swift. I didn't get either of the buttons I was originally looking at. I wound up with a henna bone oval. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the button holes to work. If not, I'll be starting on a button stash!

Think anyone would mind if I started seaming at my desk?

Zipping Zipo

Yay! I finished the second sleeve of Zipo this morning. Woo! I don't know why I didn't post yesterday. I had a very productive knitting day Tuesday. I knitted an entire ball on the second sleeve getting it mostly finished. I had forgotten how great hockey is for knitting/crocheting. Hubby figured we should watch the Devils' Championship DVD from 2003 since there wasn't anything else on. I just cruised through the bulk of the increases. I sure wish the NHL had gotten a new agreement in place to play this season. I miss hockey!

Now all I have left is to finish seaming and do the neckband. I'm still leaning toward putting in some buttons. Think I'll run up to Purl at lunch and pick up a few of these or maybe these.

I also have to do that pesky neckband. Hope the bus isn't too crowded tonight on the way home. I do think Dad will be getting the sweater in pieces. But, I will have it finished and get a picture to post for the manalong!

Also in the Woo column, my latests stashquisition came yesterday. The Hubby accused me of lying to him; I disagree. I broke a promise; I didn't lie. (Just call me Netter Clinton.) Anyway, he agrees that they will make a nice birthday sweater for Billy. I'm leaning toward this one in just two colors (I'm thinking large stripes of gold with smaller blue stripes). I can't wait to start! I'm also excited to make him a bucket hat to match!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Design thoughts*

Thinking of an ASC garter stitch baby blanket for a friend.

Use 2 skeins of four colors: Copper, Sizzlin, Orkney, Regal.

Alternate one color each row (she likes that look) knotting ends in square knots and leaving short fringe.

Should be 18” x 36” with horizontal stripes.

*Probably shouldn't call this "designing" as it's so simple!

chronic ear infections and a sick mommy

I had to take Billy back to the doctor yesterday afternoon to follow-up on his ear infections. When I picked him up at daycare his eye was goopy again. I figured I'd reinfected him. She agreed so we put him back on the drops. Then she looked in his ears and they were fire engine red. Back on antibiotics. She's got him on Zithromax. Hubby pointed out that Zithromax was the first one we tried back in November. I'm calling her this morning to see if she wants to try something else. (Must make sure to get the phone number for our drug store.) Fortunately, his temp was 99.5, so he's not running a fever.

I, of course, was then down in the dumps. I was so hopping she'd say that his ears are finally better and we don't have to see her until February for his next physical. We're fortunate in that he's not too fussy while he's ill; we're also fortunate that his ear drums haven't been impacted. I know things could be a lot worse; my parents went through a lot worse with my sisters. It's just so draining to be running to and from the doctors all the time and giving him so many drugs. I need to start focusing on the fact that it's just an ear infection.

I remember when my sister was about 7 she was having problems with recurrent ear infections and tonsilitis. She actually had an ear infection so bad she had a hole in her ear drum the size of a pencil eraser! Needless to say, she had her tonsils and adenoids out shortly thereafter. No problms since (except for a couple of cases of epiglotitis, eww). My other sister's health problems were a little more severe and much more complicated.

Me, I've been the healthy one. Except for this nagging cold I cannot get rid of this winter. Last night I went to bed early. Billy went to sleep before 7:30 which is way early for him and I was in bed by 8. Of course I woke up at 12:50 when the Nyquil wore off and again at 4:45 when the second dose wore off. I'm feeling a little better this morning. I don't think I'll need to go to the doctor. My throat was ridiculously sore last night, but it's barely noticeable this morning. Got to keep up with teh Dayquil.

Since I was asleep before primetime TV even started last night, not much knitting got accomplished. I've finished 5 of the first 9 increases as of this morning. I think it's pretty realistic to estimate that I'll have the sleeves done and seamed to the body before I see my parents on Thursday. I'd love to have the neckband knitted, too. We'll see. The house still needs tidying!

One thing, should I leave the neck open as in the picture or should I add buttons? I'm leaning toward a few buttons....

Monday, December 27, 2004

Chemo cap for Tom

Tom was one of the first sales reps I ever dealt with when starting out in this field. Today, his firm is one of our top compositors. Over the years we've had a number of lunches together and I've gotten to know him as a person. He even barbecued for us when we visited his company two years ago. Tom's a great guy; he reminds me a lot of my father, being about his age with a similar background. He's been diagnosed with lung cancer and has started chemo. He called me last week to follow-up on a few things and to wish me a Merry Christmas. He mentioned that he had his wife shave his head because he'd been losing his hair. Now, he's in need of a chemo cap. I know he's got hats and I imagine he's received quite a few for Christmas, but I want to knit him one anyway. I'd like to whip one out after I finish Zipo and before he comes up to the city again.

2 Christmases done, one to go

It was a very nice weekend chez Netter. Christmas Eve I was pretty sick (this darned cold), but managed to enjoy dinner with the in-laws and a lovely chuch service. Billy was well-behaved throughout. After church we drove over to a very large Christmas light display. It's a private home and the man's been doing a crazy display for years. He's got Disney characaters, elves, a band of toy soldiers, a giant rotating Christmas tree, an animatronic Creche (including moving baby sheep) and more white lights than you can see stars this close to the metropolis.

Christmas day started rocky. In my family, we open presents first thing and then eat a big breakfasts. The in-laws eat, read scripture, and take their time getting to presents. Billy got us up just after six. So I took him downstairs and the hubby got the dog going. Then he had to read the paper, then he got his grapefruit ready, then it was time to make homemade hot chocolate, then he made eggs and bacon (burned the bacon in the microwave), then we ate, then I had to change Billy's diaper, then we got to open presents. By the time we opened presents we'd been up for two hours adn it was daylight! My dad was, and still is, a huge fan of opening presents in the dark (tree looks better and it seems more magical) while hubby's family's never been up before seven on Christmas day!

But, we wound up having a great day. As predicted, Billy didn't really get into it much. Molly did; she loves unwrapping presents.

(Funny Molly story. We normally keep a gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep her from stealing socks and shoes and baby toys. Christmas eve day one of us, and I can't remember who but I'm pretty sure it was for a good reason, didn't put the gate up and she got upstairs. She went into the guest room, sniffed out the wrapped presents, grabbed what she KNEW was a rawhide for her, ran downstairs with it and proceeded to unwrap it. We took it away and gave it back to her Christmas morning. That kept her from trying to unwrap our gifts, although, one of Billy's was partially opened.)

Billy seems to like all of his toys. My in-laws bought him a tricycle that starts as a rocking bike, converts to a push trike, and then a trike he peddles on his own. He LOOVES it. He can't get on or off by himself, but he loves to sit on it and try to make it go. It's even better if he sits and you make it go. He got lots of great toys and clothes, too. They're so generous.

Hubby loved his DVDs. I got him Cheers, seasons 1-3, and All in the Family season 1. He loves old sitcoms from the '70s and '80s. Now, if he's ever home sick again, he'll have something to watch. Or, when football's over I know what we'll be watching on Sundays until Baseball starts! (We sure miss hockey.) He got lots of practical gifts from his mom and dad and really appreciated it. He hates spending his own money on shoes, socks, and underwear and really loves getting them for Christmas. I kind of agree.

I made out like a bandit (I tell my sisters to marry an only child). Hubby bought me a beautiful peridot pendant and chain. He also bought one for his mom. Peridot is our birthstone. He's been on a peridot jag for me lately; my birthday last year was a peridot ring and I got earrings last Christmas. Billy gave me the 2005 Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar. It's on my desk. M-i-l and f-i-l gave me lots of new clothes, a new casual watch, new shoes, and new slippers. I think I was most excited about the slippers. I really needed a new pair of slippers and they got me some awesome ones.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner (very rare rib roast with homemade apple pie for dessert). Yesterday, it was quiet. Hubby and I bought a new toaster oven, I got some underwear and clearance tops, and we finally got an air matress and sheets for our office/guest room. Then he went to the Jets game with his dad and I stayed home with the kids. Billy took a nice long nap and I vegged with Molly. Well, she vegged and I knit.

I managed to get the first sleeve done on Zipo yesterday afternoon and I cast-on for the second. Which I ripped this morning after realizing I'd not used the 7 US needle as I had with the first. I figured the change in gauge would seem weird on the cuffs! I cast back on this morning and am well past where I was when I ripped. I started seaming and weaving in ends* last night as well. I picked up The Knitters Guide to Finishing Techniques by Nancy Wiseman when we were in Baltimore and it really helped me do some lovely seams. Unfortunately, I'd already seamed all the body when I realized she has you put in the set-in sleeves before you seam the body. Oh well. I guess it's a leftover from my sewing days. It worked okay with Grecian Plait and Loll. And since the cap isn't so deep on Zipo, I should have no problems putting it into a seamed body. I'll try doing it the way she suggests if I ever get around to putting Air together!

*My one grouse about ASC, the yardage is short so a ball doesn't go very far and I've had at least one note in all but two balls I've used so far! I've got a lot of weaving for a one-color sweater.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

tooth, tooth, sixth tooth

Billy's sixth tooth came through yesterday. He's really great about teething. I think a lot of recent crankiness I attributed to teething was due to his repeated ear infections. He's been a delight lately (as long as he gets his bottles fast enough).

Wrapping paper, embarrassing slippers, and zipping sleeves

I’ve got all of the Christmas morning presents wrapped. That’s the Hubby’s, the doggy’s, the baby’s and one for me. (Yes, I know what Billy got me for Christmas.) Tonight I’ll wrap the Christmas afternoon presents (although, we’ll probably be up really early, Saturday morning’s tend to be Billy’s early mornings, and ready to go to the in-laws well before noon) and might get started on the New Year’s Day presents. I cheated a bit with Billy’s presents. All of his new clothes got put in one box together. He still has quite a haul. I have to decide how to handle my parents’ presents. Do I wrap all the CDs individually? Group them somehow? Not really sure....

Billy got gifts from his caregivers at daycare yesterday. He got a cute toy with different legs that make different noises (squeaks, jingles, crinkles). His lead caregiver gave him two pairs of slippers. I found that present to be highly embarrassing. Billy has large feet and for most of the summer he only wore socks or went barefoot. This fall, I bought him some slippers and a pair of soft-soled boots. The boots don’t really fit, so he’s been living in his slippers. Unfortunately, Molly got a hold of one of them and ripped a seam up the front of the ankle and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it for weeks. They also look pretty beat up because the fleece is pilling and they’re just hard to keep clean. So, obviously Michelle figured he NEEDED new slippers. I am humiliated. We gave all the caregivers in his classroom very generous cash tips and I’ve not bought my kid new shoes in two months!

I’m over half-way through the first Zipo sleeves. Hence, zipping sleeves, because it’s zipping along. I hope to get it finished tomorrow. I’ll start seaming and try to put the neckband on over the weekend. Then, I’ll only have the second sleeve to knit, seam, and attach. Whew. I still haven’t touched Air in forever. Maybe, I’ll get some time to squeeze it in as well! I’d like to at least get it seamed and I can work on the pockets flaps while Mom’s here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

you know what stinks?

I keep thinking today is my last day in the office for the week. Un-huhn. I've got one more day. I can't believe that Christmas is so soon. Must get started with the wrapping.

Hubby's given me another reason not to stash

From his e-mail titled "I ALWAYS KNEW THIS WAS CRUEL":

I saw a new billboard on 9th ave today. It said, "DID YOUR SWEATER CAUSE A BLEEDING BUTT?" and had a picture of a lamb or sheep with a cut-up butt. Looked gross as this was a campagain to boycott Australian wool.

Sad, please buy acrylic only.

I've done some preliminary research and it's a PETA campaign aimed mostly at clothing retailers. I guess, as conscientious knitters, we'll have to start looking at whether or not the wool and other animal fibers we use are cruelty-free.

I will have to give him a hard time the next time he eats veal, lamb, or chicken. If he wants to do this anti-cruelty thing, we should go all the way.

of pink eye, zipo, and packages

I was out sick yesterday. I came down with pink eye. I thought I was in the clear because he's been on meds for a week. Nope. Dr says I have bit laterally only; but he likes to be agressive with it since it's so virulent. Drops for Mommy, too.

Since I was home sans child and not feeling too icky, I tried to get some stuff done around the house. I took care of the dishes and put away a ton of laundry. I bribed myself, for every basket of laundry I put away, I got to knit for 10 minutes. I finished the front of Zipo and cast-on for the first sleeve. Today on the bus I got through the ribbing for the sleeve and am into the first set of increases.

I got a package from the Knitting Garden yesterday. Rowan #33 and Miss Bea's Playtime. Many, many patterns to knit and lots of things to bust stash. I still haven't told my husband about my last purchase, but I'm staying off Elann, eBay, and Herrschners until I bust through a lot of what I have already.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Quick post on my way out the door

I've separated for the neck on Zipo. Hope to have the front finished tomorrow. Am also 1/2 done the Christmas cards....

Friday, December 17, 2004

this is what a little education does for you

I AM 16% WHITE TRASH!"> src="" alt="16% WHITE TRASH" border="0">
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.
Take'>">Take the WHITE TRASH test at
I was a bit surprised. I'm only 1 generation removed from manure in your toes.

Justify my Stash

I did it. I went ahead and bought two bags of ASC from Cucumberpatch's eBay store. Even with shipment from the UK, it's 60% off retail price. Yes, they are two discontinued colors (regal, a wonderful royal blue, and Orkney, gold-yellow), but come on who could resist.

Parts of each bag will be Billy's birthday sweater. I also purchased a couple of Rowan Mags from The Knitting Garden. Miss Bea's Playtime for Billy and #33 for me. I think I also need to get the aran weight Bucket Pattern from to make Billy an ASC bucket to match his sweater.

I'll start knitting the sweater as soon as I have all the supplies (and Zipo and Air are finished). I should definitely finish by his birthday 2/2.

To rip or not

I just realized this morning that I used the wrong size needles for the ribbing on the front of Zipo. Now that it's done and I'm two inches into the rev st st, I don't think I'll be ripping. I held the two pieces together to compare and they seem similar enough.

I thought it was strange that I didn't remember knitting on two circs for this piece. (Knitting from the US7 to the US8.)

In other news, we got a Christmas check from Grandma in Florida. Can I buy yarn now?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

whip it out

What do you think the reaction would be if I just whipped out my knitting and started ribbing away for the rest of the afternoon? I doubt it would be good.

I'd so much rather be knitting; or reading about knitting; or thinking about knitting; or buying yarn! I love ordering yarn and the anticipation of it showing up. I keep going back to the bargain ASC. So many lovely colors; such lovely yarn. Why, why, why did I have to promise the Hubby that I wouldn't buy anymore yarn? How stupid was that. This ASC is less than 50% retail! How much longer can I resist the siren call of yarn?


I didn’t get any knitting done on the way home last night. My departmental Holiday Party was last night and I overindulged. I slept (passed out) most of the way home. Surprisingly, I was able to get quite a bit of the ribbing done this morning. My behavior of last night didn’t seem conducive to knitting this morning. I figured I’d doze all the way into the city after getting home at 1 last night and waking up at 4 am. I dozed a bit after 4, but didn’t really get much sleep. I hope to be able to get quite a bit more of the front done tonight. Hubby’s department is having their get-together so it’ll be just me and the kids tonight. Hopefully, Molly will be good and let Mommy do lots of knitting while she watches CBS. I’m really going to try to get some knitting done this weekend. Hubby and I are thinking of doing dinner and a movie Saturday; 30+ cm of rev st st sounds like good movie knitting to me.

I can see why Bonne Marie calls ASC her favorite yarn. It’s great to work with; makes a great fabric; and seems like it would wear well. Calmer is still my favorite yarn to touch; but it’s so delicate. ASC is a hearty yarn. I can’t wait to start my Salsa Splash next year (after f-i-l’s b-day sweater completes the parents’ sweaters). There are good deals in some eBay stores for ASC, in lots of colors. If I hadn’t promised the hubby no new yarn, I’d be snapping some up!

I need to have my mother-in-law stay with Billy more often. She did two loads of laundry; emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher; swept; and organized the magazines on our coffee table. She would have vacuumed but that’s not easy with Molly around. Molly is a typical dog and thinks the vacuum is evil and must be destroyed. And of course, they only way she knows to destroy things is to try and eat them. It’s not just the big vac either. She goes bonkers over the dustbuster. I don’t know how m-i-l manages to get so much done. When I’m home with Billy, I tend to just play with him when he’s awake (and that's a lot of the time, since he doesn’t like to sleep when Mama’s around).

Billy’s back at daycare today. He seems to be doing better. His eyes are much improved. He’s got a juicy cough again, but I think we’ll have one of those most of the winter. I hope this kid develops a strong immune system.

It’s ironic. I received the January issue of Parents Magazine on Tuesday and there’s an article on ear infections. What’s ironic (besides the great timing) is that we’ve done everything on their list of ways to help prevent ear infections (including nursing until he was 10 months old) and we’ve had an ear infection for over a month!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Back completed

What an exciting title. I did finish the back. This morning as opposed to last night which was the plan. However, Billy came down with pink eye and his ear infection re-appeared. I had to leave work at 11:30 and take him to the doctor, then the pharmacy to get his scripts filled. Then we had to have dinner and a bath and early bedtime (he was fussy after not napping much all day). Finally, when it was mommy time, I had to clean up because m-i-l is babysitting him today (can't go back to daycare until tomorrow) so I can be here at work. Then Molly was a brat and I didn't have as much knitting time as I wanted.

I have cast on for the front and hope it takes me about as much time to finish it as the back (if not less). Then it's off to sleeves and the collar. Hope I can do it all in two weeks and a day.

(I also need to seam Air and knit up to pocket flaps, but hey what's that going to take?)

The baby silk is no longer a temptation. Elann sold the last of it. I'm a bit bummed, but I remembered that I have some lovely fingering weight cotton in the stash that I can use to make the crochet sweater from Rowan 33.

It's freezing here today. I wish I'd taken the time to find my hat and scarf. I did find my mittens. I have yarn in the stash to make myself a new hat and scarf. I may get around to it in August.

I have big thoughts for next year. Besides the fact that I owe the hubby, the son and a sister knit items (socks and two sweaters) and I want to knit something for myself (Salsa Splash anyone), I was thinking that I'd like to knit sweaters for grandparents. Yep. I'm downright crazy! Ooh, maybe Dave's Grandma Triner would like the crocheted sweater. Have to see how she feels about lilac. (If she doesn't like it I bet my Meme would!)

Well, I've got a meeting.

I think I may come back later to post about The Amazing Race. I've got some thoughts.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Fiber Cravings

I'm still desperately craving the baby silk over at Elann. It's such a bargain! The color I want is the least popular. Can't I buy it, please? There's a perfect crochet pattern in Rowan 33 (which I'd need to buy as well). I haven't stashed in over three weeks and I'm going through withdrawal!

My sister informed me that she nearly got me orange alpaca for Christmas. A very lovely, very large cone of fingering weight. She wasn't sure if I'd want it, though. I set her right; I wouldn't want it I'd love it! Can't wait to find out what she got me instead!

I'm doing well with Zipo, although I haven't finished the back yet. I hope to do so tonight. Hubby is out with his Dad (going to the Knicks game at the Meadowlands). I'll be alone with the dog and baby. But baby goes to bed early (by 8 last night) and I can bribe the dog with a bone. I will get the back done tonight. I'll stay up late if I have to.

(I was going to buy the yarn at elann, but I can't lie to the hubby. I told him no more stashing.)

Monday, December 13, 2004

templates and java

I've signed up for Google Adsense. I'd like to earn some yarn money. But, I can't get the stupid Java to work in my blogger template.

I'll just have to keep fiddling. I've had this problem with other java scripts, too. I'm sure I'll think of something.

I've done quite a bit on Zipo. I need to get the back finished today or tomorrow. I only have 2 1/2 weeks to get it finished!

I know Dad wouldn't mind getting a half-finished sweater for his birthday, but I have deadline for the Manalong.

Remember asymmetrical hair dos from the 80s? I do (I always wanted one but never had the guts to get it). I just saw a woman walk by my office in one. Dude, the 80s are so back. Like totally!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Why can't people drive in the rain?

It was misting last night, so of course it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home! I appreciate nearly 2 hours uninterrupted knitting time. But, does it have to be on a stuffy bus?

I've finished the collar for Air. I'll work on seaming it this weekend.

I've started the second ball of ASC for Zipo. At this rate, I'm definitely using the 12 balls called for in the pattern.

It's strange. I had a lot of leftover yarn after Loll; I might have most of a ball leftover after Air; but I think I'll use all the suggested ASC.

The Hubby and I are going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Our daycare is providing 5 hours of sitting for $20. Can't go wrong with that. Fortunately, we don't have too much to do. My sisters are done and I know what I'm getting Stephie's boyfriend and dog. My parents are pretty done (we at least know what we're buying and where). So it's grandparents, my father-in-law and the hubby. Hubby tends to be the hardest one. Mainly because I don't want to disappoint. He usually does a great job for me.

Billy's going through a growth spurt. At dinner last night, he was shoving crackers and bread into his mouth as though he hadn't eaten all day. It was kind of funny because he was literally shoving stuff into his mouth. He'd put it mostly in with his fingers and then finishing shoving it in with the back of his hand. We're going to go broke when he's a teenager.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

An Oldie, but a Goodie

This meme seems to have popped back up. Since I’ve never done it before, here are 100 things about me

1. I’m the oldest of 3 girls

2. I’ve been married for nearly 5 years
3. I’ve been in the same committed relationship for nearly 10 years
4. I’m the mother of a wonderful little boy
5. I moved to New Jersey from VT 9 years ago
6. I lived in Washington Heights for four months
7. I am a feminist
8. I believe in women’s education
9. I graduated from a women’s college
10. summa cum laude
11. I majored in English
12. I wrote my senior thesis on Lillian Hellman’s plays
13. I used to write poetry
14. I’ve not written anything in a while until recently
15. I am a big fan of symbolic language
16. I struggle with questions of faith
17. I love to knit
18. I used to read a lot
19. I got my vocabulary from reading
20. I’m 100 pounds over weight
21. I joined Curves in September
22. I haven’t worked out since before Thanksgiving
23. I miss having a lot of friends like I did in College
24. I don’t do anything to meet new people
25. I have very few friends these days
26. I have curly brown hair
27. I’ve always wanted to be a red head
28. I always look a little tanned
29. I’m often thought of as Italian or Puerto Rican
30. I’m mostly French Canadian
31. With lots of bits from Great Britain
32. And I’m part Native American
33. I used to be fluent in French
34. I lived and studied in Bath, England for a semester
35. I am an Anglophile; but I love all things Scottish
36. I have eaten Haggis
37. I had a bagpiper walk down the aisle before my father and I at my wedding
38. My husband and I walked down the aisle to Scotland the Brave
39. We named our son William Angus
40. Sometimes, I wish we’d had the guts to name him Angus
41. I took all the drugs they’d give me during my labor
42. I had two epidurals
43. I agree with my co-manager, you don’t get fillings without drugs, why go through labor drug-less?
44. I had really hoped to have my son without drugs
45. I’ve never fought with my mother
46. I have fought with my father
47. I want my son to know how to do housework
48. I hate to clean
49. I always wanted to be rich and famous
50. I work in NYC in publishing
51. I commute over an hour everyday
52. I’d like to work closer to my house
53. I’d even do it for less money
54. I’m rather liberal in my beliefs
55. I’ve marched on Washington
56. I need a lot of sleep
57. I’m an insomniac and a poor sleeper
58. I have post partum depression
59. I’ve been on anti-depressants since March
60. I joke about my condition
61. I believe if you can’t laugh at your own mental health, you can’t laugh at anything
62. I have a hard time lying
63. I think I’m pretty ethical
64. I’m probably a goody-two-shoes
65. I used to drink a lot
66. I come from a family of alcoholics
67. I stopped drinking for nearly two years
68. I’ve found I can moderate and now have a glass of wine on occasion
69. I still haven’t had a beer in two years
70. I like women singers
71. I can listen to the same CD over and over and over
72. I can be very focused
73. I live in my own head
74. I tend to be a loner
75. I am not too observant
76. I believe it’s important to be nice
77. I can be very bitchy without meaning to
78. Sarcasm comes very naturally to me
79. I am often mean to my husband
80. I always regret it
81. I have a yarn problem
82. I have a hard time with moderation in most things
83. I believe creativity is very important
84. I believe all people have the capacity to be creative
85. I think intelligence is the ability to learn
86. I like to learn new things
87. I like change
88. I have a hard time seeing when I need to change and instituting it
89. If something scares me, I do it
90. I have a gap between my front two teeth
91. I got my first tooth at four months
92. I try too hard to be self-reliant and independent
93. I have a hard time asking for help
94. I think my husband should be able to read my mind
95. I wanted to learn to play the piano as a child
96. I wish I could draw better
97. I have a wicked sweet tooth
98. I expect too much of myself
99. I can be lazy
100. I’m happy in my life

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

walk like a man

I just peeked in on my baby boy (day care has web cams, tres cool) and he's walking around holding Miss Roxana's hands. Ah, gee. Before I know it, he'll be walking off to college (sense a theme?). He's moving up to a different classroom. Normally, they wait until the babies are walking or 18 months to move them up; but if they don't move Billy now, they won't be able to move him until next September and by then he'll really have outgrown the infants room. (Run on much?) is my enabler. They sent me a news letter with samples of upcoming yarn. I'm in love with the Peruvian Collection Baby Silk (alpaca and silk) in a luscious salmon. It went on sale yesterday. I've resisted so far, but it is soo soft and the color of the sample is so much nicer than on screen. I will just sit here and sigh. I promised the hub no new yarn. Read my lips Blogosphere, no new yarn.

Dare I say zipping Zipo?

Nah, I don't dare. I had to cast-on twice. Once Monday night in my hotel room and then again yesterday. I did no knitting in the car on the trip down to York and none on the way back. Heck, on the way back it was in the trunk. It is nice working in this gauge, though. Dad's mitts and hat were worsted but both Loll and Air are in Calmer and the DK gauge can feel like it takes forever. I'm alternating between Air's collar (boring seed stitch) and Zipo's ribbing (slipped 1 x 3) which seems much more interesting right now. I'm sure when I'm working miles of rev st st, I'll be more than happy to pick up the pocket plackets for Air. Zipo is my reward for working on Air right now, but Air will be the reward for working on Zipo.

I can't believe I've only given myself 3 weeks to knit this sweater. What am I crazy? It better zip along!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Echo, echo, echo, Chamber, chamber, chamber

This head cold is so ridiculous. My ears are so clogged I can hear myself think. I've adjusted to hearing myself breathe, but seriously, I think I hear the wheels turning up there. It's driving me nuts!

If this is how Billy's felt for the last month, the kid deserves a pony and a life-time supply of Cheerios on demand. I don't know how he's been good so much of the time. I'd be a constant whining brat if I were 10 months old and my head felt like this. Heck, I'm 32 and feel like being a whining brat!

I wonder how my beloved is doing with his stomach ick. (OK, he says. He's watching Office Space; he'll never want to go back to work.)

Wish me luck, I'm off to the wilds of York, PA for a plant tour. Hmm, 3 + hours in the car with some people I barely know. It should be interesting.

I'm so busy ...

I've been spending my time reading blogs and looking at pretty yarn. I really need to stop looking; because with me, looking rapidly turns into buying.

Elves wanted, and not just for knitting

I am so far behind, in my knitting, at work, with my housework (laundry alone is 2 weeks behind).

It was an interesting weekend Chez Netter. It started early. Thursday I had to dash out of the office to pick up Billy (let’s not get into the fact that both Hubby and I wound up on the same bus home) because he’d thrown up and there was a virus going around. Of course he could not go back to daycare Friday. I got nothing done except a nice long nap. Which was good, I have the mother of all head colds lingering here. Hubby got home Friday and got us a pizza for dinner.

Saturday, my mother-in-law picked up Billy and Molly for some kid and dog-sitting. I did the dishes and Hubby and I decorated. Tree is up. I did the majority of the lights for the first time and it looks pretty good. We got the mantle done and the knick knacks all around. I even did a Ho-Ho-Ho wall in the kitchen (all Santa stuff). I made Dave snort his beverage out his nose when I called it he Ho-Ho-Ho wall. The whole time I had a killer of an earache and realized what a trooper Billy’s been for the last month. As Dave and I were getting ready to go to a clinic (I wouldn’t be able to see our Dr until tomorrow at the soonest), I realized I’d left my wallet in the office. Just in case I was wrong and I’d lost it, we cancelled all my cards. Then I saw the doc at the clinic and got a super decongestant and some drops. Then it was off to the in-laws for dinner and picking up the kids.

Sunday, I did bupkus. I sat around and vegged all day. Discovery channel had a Mythbusters marathon on. Cool. I really like it when they blow stuff up. Yeah, I’m a bit of a 12-year-old boy at heart. (Although, I don’t really like toilet humor.) I did finish the cast on for Air’s collar and did a row and a half while Billy was playing.

Today, I’m here in the office until 1 (maybe 12) and it’s off for a plant tour in York, PA. I did pack knitting for the car. We get back about 4 tomorrow afternoon. Just in time to go home. So all the stuff that really needed to get done last week isn’t getting done until Wednesday, most likely. I also have a meeting at 10 to go over our new timesheet program that starts in a few weeks. Snot.

I packed two balls of ASC to cast on for Zipo, if/when I get the collar done on Air. I lost my photocopy of the instructions for the pocket flaps, so I’ll start those some other time. Good thing I wasn’t planning on any Christmas knitting!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Looking out my window

My office building is in SoHo. My office windows face North. When I look out over my shoulder, I have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building. This morning, I couldn't believe that I was here. Me, little ole hick from NW Vermont, first Bachelor's degree in the family (with grandfathers who didn't go to high school, much less graduate), one generation from cow manure between the toes, sits in a Manhattan office everyday. It boggles the mind. Especially considering I am not one of those ambitious, first-borns who is driven to succeed at everything. I have perfectionist tendencies, but my life is not about getting ahead. The great sadness in my ordinary day is that NY/NJ is 6 hours from where I grew up.

Deja Vu, All Over Again

Whew, finished the back of Air again. Started casting on for the collar this morning. I had to rip it out. The first bobble didn't look right. Oh well. The cast on will take a while, 117 total stitches, not counting the 2 of every 5 that get cast off!

I'm so excited that I'll be able to start Zipo soon. I've had this project on my mind for quite some time now. I bought the yarn in late May.

Today, my little man in ten months old. I can't believe it's been that long since he came into the world. A year ago, I was heading into the home stretch of the pregnancy, and now I've got a little guy who is starting to cruise, loves cheerios, and has 5 teeth! Amazing.

I think Billy's starting to feel better after this marathon ear infection. He actually started nursing a bit list night (for the first time since Sunday), after a few minutes it degenerated into biting again. I don't know why he likes to bite Mommy so much. You'd think I'd learn, but he suckers me in everytime. He leans forward and grabs me and I think, oh how sweet a hug and maybe a kiss, and then wham! Little teeth pinching the crap out of me! It wears on my patience.

I'm so looking forward to decorating for Christmas. It's December, tree should be up, my little houses should be out, stockings on the mantle, etc....

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ramblings of a knitted mind

I'm still working on Air. I had planned a big SC seaming party, but ran afoul of the back being 1" shorter than the fronts. Urgh. I ripped and am re-knitting. I should have the back finished again tonight. Then it's off to seam, knit the collar and pocket flaps. I will be casting on Zipo next week no matter what. I only have 4 weeks to finish it! The Manalong lasts until 12/31, but my family comes to visit on 12/30 and I want to give it to Dad then. Especially since his b-day is 12/29.

Our trip to SC was good. I didn't get much knitting done in the car. As usual, Netter figured she'd get more done than she could. Billy was great most of the trip. He only got cranky the last hour each day.

Everyone down there loved him. He's still struggling with his ear infection, but we got him more antibiotics, so he'll hopefully be feeling better soon.

My Kid Classic and Phildar came while I was away. I love both. The Juicy Kid Classic may be the first project I knit for myself. Maybe that's a good stash rule; last in first out! Eh, I think I'll get more use out of the ASC I bought in Copper and Sizzling.

Here's what I've been thinking of in the way of upcoming projects:

Something for Billy (b-day 2/2)
F-I-L's vest (b-day 3/23)
Paris Loops for my sisters (sometime in April)
Socks for Hubby for father's day
Salsa Splash for me so I can wear it next summer

I've officially promised my husband that I would not buy anymore yarn. He wanted me to say that I wouldn't buy anymore until I ran out, but I couldn't agree to that. Run out of yarn! I'd never let that happen. I will make a serious dent in the stash before I buy again. I will admit to looking, but I have to stop browsing for it rapidly leads to purchasing! We're not in extreme financial straits, but things could be better if we stop the discretionary spending. Yarn is discretionary, I know it's hard to believe. We're also cutting back on eating out (made dinner 3 nights in a row) and brown bagging it for lunch.

Christmas shopping is interesting this year. We got Billy finished at an outlet in SC. I have no idea what to get my husband. Everyone else may be shopped for online. I just don't know if we'll make it to the stores. My in-laws are watching the baby Saturday so we can get the house decorated. I'm really pushing my husband to put lights up outside. He went nuts the three years we lived in our last apartment, but hasn't put any lights on the house in the 4 years we've been here. I think it's time!

Friday, November 19, 2004

don't you love mommy any more? she'll give you yarn

Hubby complimented me on the speed with which I finished the toque. It’s been done for a while; guess he just noticed. He doesn’t see me knit so he can’t really keep track of what I’m working on. Now, all I need to do is send the mittens and hat to my dad!

More stashquisition. I couldn’t leave the Juicy Kid Classic on eBay. I’m going to make Fern from Rowan 36 for myself. It’s orange; who else is going to want orange yarn?

It really needs to be the last stashquisition for a while. I have so many projects lined up. I really need to organize the stash and get it in one place. Then, I’ll see how much yarn I truly have and realize I don’t need more! Of course, as all stashaholics know, it’s not about need; it’s all about want!

Air is moving along swimmingly. As planned, I finished the right front last night on the way home. I also cast-on for the second sleeve on the bus. I’m halfway through the first set of increases (7 sets of every 8th row). My goal is to have the sleeve done this weekend so I can start seaming and finishing in the car on the way to SC Tuesday.

You know what’s heart-breaking? My son has interests other than me. It used to be he’d always prefer having mommy pick him up to anything. Now, when I bend over to pick him up, he doesn’t automatically put his arms up to me. Sometimes, he even tries to crawl away! It won’t be long and he’ll be going off to college.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dearest Calmer,

I do still love you, but would you hurry up and get off my needles? There is someone I desperately want to spend some quality time with. We spend about 45 minutes together last night and I am intrigued, to put it mildly. Of course, there’s that darn ASC Zipo to be dealt with so it looks like my love will be unrequited for a bit longer.


I swatched with my Silk Garden last night; I just had to do it. I love it. I must find the perfect pattern for it. I don’t want a pullover; my office is too warm for a pullover. A cardi or jacket would be perfect. I’m still leaning toward, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough yarn.

Air is going well. I started the neck shaping this morning, so I should have the right front finished tonight. Then it’s off to sleeve hell, but since one is done, perhaps it won't be too long a visit. I’m planning my yarn packing for next week. I’m bringing Air, all the ASC and pattern (extra needles, too) for Zipo, and perhaps the 4x4 scarf for some gauge difference.

MMMMMMM, yeah. Best choice in a long time.

Oops, I stashed again. Some lovely blue Phildar Licorne. Got a great price on it; although, I’m paying as much for shipping as for the yarn. It’s true. I have absolutely no self-control. None. I can’t moderate a thing in my life!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Thank you, Kind Sir

I want to thank the man on the 113X to Dunellen last night for doing what I could not. He intervened with a mom who was having a bad time with her child on the ride home. I wanted to do something the first time she spanked her; but I didn't know what to do. The second time she spanked her I could only sit there in my seat and burn and think "if she hits this child twice in a half hour surrounded by strangers, what does she do at home?" I promised myself if she spanked her again I'd call 911; but I just say there listening to that poor girl cry and her mom tell her to shut it. This man was so much smarter than me. He walked over and gave the girl something to draw with and just talked calmly to mom and the little one. I didn't catch everything he had to say, but I did hear him tell the mom how hard it must be to deal with such a bright creative child when you just want her to sit quietly. He defused the situation gracefully.

I felt such guilt that I couldn't think of anything to do for that child. I hope that mom finds the resources she needs.

I'm so happy that my depression is in remission (Dr. Mayer's words) allowing me to become the type of mom I want to be. A mom that can find better ways than slaps and hurtful words. Billy deserves that much at the minimum. Someone please cut off my hands if I ever hurt him.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Falling in love all over again....

With Calmer! I bet you thought I was going to say the hubby. I do love him dearly and more and more each day*, but this is a knitting blog! I'm really glad I'm back working on Mom's Air. I love everything about it (except that my increases are leaving holes in the seed stitch). The Calmer is so soothing, the color is so rich and warm, the pattern is just enough to keep me from getting bored. I worked a number of rows last night watching TV with Molly and the hub. I sure hope I like ASC as much!

*I must say that being on SSRIs has had a positive impact on my relationship with the hub. I'm happier so we get along much better. And I've not had any of those unpleasant sexual side effects. It's actually been the opposite!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Seventh 2004 Thompson great-grandbaby arrives

My paternal grandparents welcomed their seventh great-grandbaby this year. My Billy was first and my cousin Billy’s little girl was last, born this weekend. Brynne was eight pounds twelve ounces. Whoa! She was about 21 inches. Fortunately, my uncle was down from ME for hunting season and was at the hospital. I can’t believe that my uncle who was more like a brother to me (only 9 years older) is a grandfather!

Born between Billy and Brynne were Justin David, Kyra, Merrit and Jeremiah (twins!), and Victoria Rose. Justin David is expecting a little brother or sister next year.

My grandfather turns 80 in December it would be cool if all the babies could get together to have their picture taken.

In total, they have 15 great-grandchildren, 21 grandchildren, and eight children. Quite the family tree, no? Including spouses and SOs, that’s 70 people!

In knitting news, rain delays on NJ roads lead to the toque being finished before I even left the Lincoln tunnel. Well, it was practically finished. When it was completely finished I cast-on for a 4x4 scarf. However, Saturday on the way to CT for Marist Thanksgiving (bunch of college friends, it’s not an official function), I picked up mom’s Air and worked a few rows. I really hope to have it mostly done before we go to SC next week. I must, must cast on for Zipo next week if I have a hope of finishing it!

I want to put in a positive review of Patons Classic Wool. It’s an inexpensive, worsted-weight merino that’s really easy to work with and has great drape.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Bus issues

Again with the bus engines! This morning Hubby and I are sitting on the bus chatting, when we pull over on the Turnpike and just sit there. The Check Engine light had come on and since the engine felt like it wasn’t running properly, the driver decided to not risk breaking down in the bus lane. I agreed with him, Hubby did not. Fortunately, we were able to shuffle over to another bus within 15 minutes of stopping. Unfortunately, it then took us a half-hour to get into the city! I saw flashing lights in the westbound lane at one point. Guess someone else wasn’t so lucky. The most unfortunate part for me, was having to stand on the second bus so I couldn’t knit!

It was probably a good thing the knitting was minimized this morning. My left elbow is sore. I think it’s mainly from holding the elbow in one position for long periods of time. I throw, so the left hand doesn’t do much but slide stitches as needed. I think it’s ironic that I throw, since I really learned to crochet first and that is a picking motion. I think it goes back to when I was a little girl and my grandmother first taught me to knit. I’m pretty sure she was a thrower, too. Being of English descent what else could she be?

In the good news portion of the blog, Alfie was very good. Granted, I can’t compare it to the original, but Jude Law was outstanding. I think I drooled a little bit. Never has a Vespa looked so sexy!

I have stashed again. Hubby wants socks and I did not have the appropriate yarn. He wants plain dress socks he can wear or boot socks in gray. Fun and exciting stuff, but it’s all he’ll wear for knitwear. The man does not do sweaters. To make it exciting for me, I’m buying three shades of blue Phildar Preface. Can’t wait.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

...and I'm a stashaholic

Seriously, it's intervention time. I nearly bid on 10 skeins of Magpie Aran in Chutney. Now, we all know that Chutney, a reddish brown, would be lovely on me, but did I not read my own post from this morning? Can I really afford to buy more yarn? What about my post stating I wouldn't buy anymore yarn until I lost weight? Hey, you over there, listen to yourself! No more yarn means no more yarn!

this should NOT be a work day

Why am I sitting here working when I should be honoring the Veterans who gave their lives for my freedom? Granted, I’d probably be sleeping, but that’s exercising a freedom. I’m so tired. Billy has not been sleeping well the last two nights. He had me up at 4 am. I was going to just let him get himself back to sleep, but decided to check on him. Good thing I did; he was completely enveloped in his quilt, from head to toe!

The knitting goddesses heard my plea for more knitting time and arranged for my bus to break down on 495 West last night, less than a mile from the Lincoln Tunnel. I nearly doubled the size of the toque in my 50 minutes on the disabled bus. Nothing like forced confinement with wool to increase knitterly output.

It’s officially been 2 weeks since I last bought yarn. I deserve a prize of some sort. Yeah, it’s called financial solvency! I may only buy discounted yarns, but I put nearly $400 on my credit card last month. Whoa Nelly! I’ve got a college fund to support. Not to mention, Christmas shopping to do.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I really do not get enough time to knit. In spite of that, I’ve gotten quite far on the toque; I’ve finished 2 inches of ribbing and nearly and inch of st st. Five more inches of st st and I can decrease. Woo hoo. (Yes, that was sarcastic.) Most of that work was done last night on the ride home and watching tv with the hubster (gotta love Bands Reunited). I did not get to knit on the bus this morning. No knittable seats left. I napped instead. Much needed nap. Billy was up at 11:30 (just as mommy was falling to sleep) and 5 am. I fell asleep on 78 and woke up on the ramp into Port Authority. Missed Secaucus and Weehawken entirely (not such a bad thing).

I hope to have the toque done this week. I want to Air back up and finished ASAP. I have to start Dad’s Zipo this month if I’m going to make his birthday.

I think one of the reasons I’ve been stashing so much is to keep myself wrapped in thoughts of knitting even when I could not knit enough.

Am I the only one continually stunned to see Christmas stuff around?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

MmMmMm alpaca and mittens, too!

My last stashcquisition arrived today. Indiecita Baby Alpaca in medium green. I'm very happy with the purchase. It’s incredibly yummy and I can’t believe how accurate the color was on the site. Now, what to do with it? I've only got 10 dk skeins. I’m thinking a shell that I could wear close to my skin. MMMM.

Mittens, I have mittens. I finished Dad’s mittens Saturday and felted them Sunday. Felting is way cool. I threw them in a pillowcase, closed it with a rubberband (my washie is only 4 years old, I ain't killing it yet), threw it in a super-size load of towels, set it on a hot/cold, heavy wash cycle, and let it run. After I unloaded the washer, I realized I'd set it to only a medium water level. Ooops. Perhaps that's why it only took one spin through the washer. I need to see if they shrank at all while drying. They've been lying on my space board ever since. Fortunately, there did not seem to be too much lint. I think the pillowcase was unnecessary.

A toque for Dad in the same merino is on the needles. I’m having a dickens of a time starting it. I’m following Stephanie’s rolled brim hat recipe without the rolled brim. I’m doing a couple of inches of 4 x 4 rib, just to give it that traditional toque look. I'm going to just knit it for a while and see how it goes. I used just over one skein for the mittens. I might have a skein left after the hat. Scarf anyone?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Congratulations Middle America

You’ve just won the grand prize in our Presidential Elections Sweepstakes. Your prize includes four more years of:

Alienating allies
Incompetent nation building
Raping our environment
Pandering to big business
Tax cuts for the wealthy
Loss of personal rights and freedoms
Misinformation in the name of protecting you
Stonewalling congressional committees

John Edwards is right; there are two Americas. However the split is not economic, it’s ideological. This country is not split between haves and have nots; it’s split along moral, philosophical, and cultural lines. The Northeast and West coast are, apparently, very far from the rest of the country in regards to what is important to us.

I find the most ironic part of this whole election to be that most of the areas directly touched by the September 11th attacks (the Tri-state area and Pennsylvania) went to Kerrey. Whereas, much of the rest of the country, which was not directly affected by the attacks, feels that Bush could best protect us from further terrorism. I guess they feel alienating the Muslim world and focusing on the wrong Mideast countries will protect us from Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

It’s such a waste of record turnout.

This makes me feel real good. He's turning back the hands of democracy in Russia and is pleased with our choice! I completely disagree with Putin on one pivotal point. We have cowed to the terrorists by re-electing a man who stewarded the downward slide of our economy, an erosion of human rights, lied us into a war, and destroyed the goodwill the world had for us after 9/11 by thinking he'll be better able to protect us from the terrorists. Contrary to popular opinion, the terrorists want Bush to be president. They don’t want us scrutinizing our role in the middle East, they don’t want us looking at Saudi Arabia (a major source of funding and terrorist ideologues), they don’t want us to have a commander in chief who analyzes situations, they want a gut-thinking guy who rushes us into a war we cannot afford and which does not protect us or our interests. Bin Laden himself says his goal is to bankrupt us. He may not have been allies with Saddam (and he wasn’t), but he’s thrilled to see us going trillions of dollars into debt ridding the middle east of an infidel (and Saddam was).

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stash diet + Netter diet = motivation

Let’s hope so. Last night walking home I decided that this weight loss thing has to be now. I have to start eating right now. I can’t keep saying, I’ll start tomorrow, next week, after this thing, after that thing, yada yada. So, I ate a whole pint of Healthy Choice Ice Cream last night and I’m still polishing off the leftover Halloween candy. I did, however, have just a tuna sandwich with an apple and pear for lunch. It’s an improvement.

Besides being disgusted with myself, I need some other motivation to lose weight. I also need to motivate myself to not buy more yarn. To that end, I decree that I will not buy anymore yarn until I have lost 10 pounds. At that point, I can buy a bag of discounted yarn or put money (amount to be determined) aside for a larger purchase. For example, I can either buy a bag of discontinued Calmer after I lose 10 pounds, or put all the bags I would have bought together and buy a Colinette AbFab throw. Granted, it would only take a couple of bags of Calmer to equal an AbFab throw kit, but you get my gist.

This might work.

In stash news, I got my Casket Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. Ooh la la, I love this color. It’s so me! I don’t know why they named it casket, but I’ll go with it. One outstanding order left. My Alpaca from Herrschner’s. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m thinking, depending on the green, I might make a sweater for my asst manager with it. She’s my rock and I want to do something really nice for her. Her birthday is in September (plenty of time). She’s also really skinny, so I’d have plenty to make one of those smashing patterns from the Calmer collection. Or find some other really cool DK pattern. I must say that I really, really want to knit Cloud.

In Mitten news, I’m nearly to the ribbing on the second mitt. For some reason these things look like gauntlets and the ribbing is up near the gusset instead of at the beginning. Oh well. Dad wanted really long cuffs and he’s getting them!

Poor baby Billy has a nasty chest cold. Although, I think he sounds worse than he feels. He’s still eating fine and sleeping well, but he’s rattling something fierce. Fortunately, we go to the Dr on Monday anyway so if it doesn’t get better on it’s own she can listen then and tell me what to do. It’s not bothering him too much. He still wants to play, eat cheerios, and be a silly Billy!

I’m off to exercise my franchise.


Exercise your franchise! Get out and vote today. It's one of the most important things you can do! And if you don't; I don't want to hear any whining about the government!

Monday, November 01, 2004

bats, mittens, housework

Friday was Billy's Halloween Parade at daycare. Let me tell you, it's great to spend half your day with 10 kids under 18 months. He was a bat and the cutest kid there! See for yourself. Sunday we went up to my in-laws and showed him off to a few people there. He was ooh'd and aah'd over. Believe it or not, the most popular costume in his class was a cow. There were 2. All in all a good Halloween. It will be more fun when he gets more excited about it. Of course, this year we didn't have to worry about candy. He doesn't eat it. He did have his first cupcake, though!

I finished the palm for the first mitten; then I ripped it; and it's finished again. Thumbs are interesting. The thumb will be done today. I'm looking forward to casting on number two. I'm really looking forward to seeing what felting will do to them. How much can you reduce the size by felting? It's possible I've made them too big. (My father is a small man.)

My house is no longer disgusting. Well, at least not on the main floor and if you don't open the fridge. Since the Billster is crawling, it's important that he have clean floors to crawl on. I must vacuum upstairs. It's really horrible to have to wipe dust bunnies off your kid. EWWWWW!
Billy bat says "focus the camera silly mommy." Posted by Hello
Close-up of the yucky top of the mitten. You can't really see the ridges formed by the decreases and how they accentuate the awufl pointi-ness. I ripped this morning. Posted by Hello
Is it a fish or a mitten? Sorry for the awful photo. I took it this morning on my way out the door. I did not like the way the top ended. Posted by Hello

Friday, October 29, 2004

I love mittens

These are super-sized mondo mittens, because they are going to be felted. I’m still loving knitting them. I’m almost to the decreases on the first one which means I should have it finished this weekend. Woot-hoo.

Must find more small projects for instant gratification.

The stash acquisition has to stop. I keep remembering purchases of yarn that I haven’t even thought about in months. I need to get it all organized and figure out what I’m making when. I’m still reluctant to knit much for myself because I’m plus-sized (super-plus-sized with the nursing equipment) and I often don’t buy enough yarn to size up the patterns I want to make. Perhaps a stash and Netter diet are required!

I’m so excited. It’s Billy’s first Halloween this weekend. Really, it’s his first holiday. His daycare is having a parade today. I can’t wait to see all the kids in their costumes. Then, we go trick or treating this weekend. Yippeee!

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Ha! My first Alpaca. I ordered it at Herrschner's! The yarn not the animal. I think NJ has rules about livestock in residential settings. Although, Molly dog would probably love having one around. I'm getting soft green (of fuschia, blue and green, I liked the green the best). It's the same gauge as Calmer, so I'll do something from that collection.

Eventually. Heck knows I have enough yarn to keep me busy until Billy goes to college.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I'm still on my fluoxetine but I'm self-medicating with fiber and carrot cake! The fiber will be great. got more Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in stock and I believe I grabbed the last of the casket. MMmmmm. The carrot cake was a bit of a disappointment. They skimped on the icing. Why eat carrot cake if not for the cream cheese icing?

Needless to say, it's been a pretty rough work day. I've got a serious commmunications issue to resolve.

In fun knitting news, I've got a cuff of the mitts, sort of. I missed that I was supposed to start the mittens with rev. st. st. Oh Well. As with the BUP bucket, I find it difficult to work with the dpns for a few rows and suddenly find a rhythm.

In exciting Billy news, he's got his third tooth and is crawling. My baby is rapidly being replaced by a little boy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

horizontal ridges!

I saw this sweater in the catalog I got in the mail. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I may have to find a way to replicate the cables. But, it cracks me up that they refer to the horizontal ridges on the collar and button band (I swear the catalog calls them unique). It's garter stitch! Basic, simple, garter stitch! Let's ooh and aah over it some more. Reminds me of when Elaine on Seinfeld worked for J. Peterman on their catalog. All the insane things they'd say to describe the most basic stuff!

mittens, needles, books

I started swatching for my dad's mittens this morning. Unfortunately, I had no 8 or 9 dpns in stock, so I was swatching with 8 circs (I grabbed the 9 circ, too). I just got back from Purl and they had no 8 dpns. I will be re-starting my swatch this evening on the 9 dpns they did have.

I also bought those clover blocking pins with the flower heads. Too cute to leave in the store.

And they had some books on sale 40% off. I'm glad I looked through the pile; I found two Rowan titles I've been wanting (Tadpoles and Tiddlers and Cotton Tape Collection). I've found a number of things I'd like to knit for Billy in Tadpoles and a few candidates to use up by 19 balls of River tape in the other.

I did not buy any other yarn. Even though Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair is on sale at, I am not buying any other yarn until I get some more projects finished (namely, Air, Felted Mittens, Zipo).

Monday, October 25, 2004

No dress, new project, stash

I had a whole post written last week about how I ruined the top to the dress I was making for last night’s wedding. Never got around to letting you all know how I was just going to finish the skirt and find something in my closet to wear with (silk, sleeveless, black cowl?). Moot point anyway as I couldn’t finish the skirt because the waist wasn’t long enough (note to self, follow pattern’s seam allowances). Really, I should know enough to buy extra fabric! I’ll finish it all eventually. I did buy a pretty black dress for the wedding and I looked good.

I gifted my Mom the incomplete Air. Actually, I just handed her the project bag and said “Happy Birthday.” She really likes it so far. I got quite a bit of the right front done in the car on the way to the wedding last night. However, it’s going on hiatus for a while after tonight’s ride home. Mom says Dad’s mittens should be my number one priority. I dug out the yarn last night. I’m going to check my DPNs tonight and see if I have the sizes I need. If not, I’ll wander over to Purl tomorrow to supplement my supply. I’ve printed out the pattern and can’t wait to cast on this evening.

Just bought more yarn on eBay. I really, really have to find more time to knit. I do think that when I get around to organizing the stash (bringing office stash home, putting all the stash in one place, sorting it somehow), I’m going to get rid of the inexpensive acrylics I can’t stand anymore. I’ll eBay them or perhaps donate them to a charity or Billy’s daycare. (Buddy Kristen just told me she’d like some black yarn. Netter to the rescue.) I do need to slow down (or preferably stop) the acquisition of yarn until I get some projects finished. I know, how does that make me different from any other knitter? I do admire those knitters who only buy what they need. Yarn and food are two things with which I show absolutely no self-restraint

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Acquisitive wannabe

I ordered more yarn. I ordered more yarn. I ordered more yarn. It’s all Elann’s fault. In my Silkroad package they sent samples of upcoming yarns with the dates on when they would be available. So, of course I had to buy the Silkroad tweed when it was listed today. I’m so looking forward to the mohair going on sale. Yes, I am acquisitive.

In sewing news, the skirt is pinned together. I have to get my machine up and running tonight. I figured I have nice blouses/sweaters I can wear with the skirt if I don’t manage to get it all done. Haven’t told the hub, yet. I will do my best to get it all sewn up this week. Since I picked such a heavy satin, I’m skipping the lining on the blouse, that will help save some time.

*knitting geek moment* I have my first bloglines subscriber. I bet she/he is really thrilled to hear about her/himself. Actually, I am more of a knitting geek wanna-be, aren’t I?

Monday, October 18, 2004

20 Questions on the Hook

1. Didja do any knitting this weekend? Just what got done on the 2 hour bus
ride home. No one in NJ can drive when it rains!
2. Didja buy any yarn? Nope, my Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran arrived today, though. I “heart” Elann. This yarn is scrumptious and I cannot wait to start knitting it. That and most of the other yarns in my stash. I’m seriously thinking of de-stashing all the cheap acrylic I no longer want to touch. Maybe I’ll eBay it. Maybe I’ll see if the daycare could use it for projects.
3. Didja do any sewing this weekend? Nope. Not a stitch. I hope I work well under pressure!
4. Didja start any new projects? How crazy do I look?
5. Didja do any housework this weekend? A little tidying was done. The house still needs a good cleaning all over. Maybe I’ll rent a power washer before mom and dad visit this weekend.
6. Didja get much laundry done? We did two loads of Billy laundry, two loads of whites, and two loads of mediums. I have to sort out the vital darks and get the hub doing a load tonight. I don’t have any slacks for work this week!
7. Didja workout? Not Friday night since I didn’t get home till nearly 7. But I did get down to Curves on Saturday.
8. Didja eat well? Nope. Friday night we had Chinese, Saturday we had Turkey Joes and were gluttons at dinner with a brownie at intermission, Sunday I had hors d’oeuvres, lots of lamb, apple crisp and real ice cream.
9. Didja get pampered at all? Yep. Went to the salon and got a trim and waxed. I’ve gotten numerous comments on the straight ‘do. Too bad I have to wash my hair and have no time (or patience) to straighten it myself.
10. Didja talk to your parents? Nope. We were too busy Saturday and I spent Sunday afternoon at my in-laws. We had a lamb dinner as a birthday celebration for the hubby.
11. Didja talk to your sisters? Nope.
12. Didja talk with any friends? Nope. Got to start making that a priority. Hopefully, I’ll be reconnecting with some people on Thursday at an Alumnae event.
13. Didja get much sleep? Kind of. Friday night wasn’t bad, but I was up before 6. Saturday night was kind of late and up at 5. Last night was bad. I was up at 1:30 (hubby coming to bed after Yankee game); 2:30 Billy decided he was hungry; 3:30 Billy decided he was lonely; 5:30 the alarm went off.
14. Didja have fun? Yep, we went to see “Company” by our local community theater and had dinner at the Garlic Rose.
15. Didja cry at all? Nope. I’m feeling much more upbeat lately. I feel like I’ve turned the corner with the PPD again. Definitely more myself.
16. Didja get pissy with the boy or the hubby? No, I said I’d turned the corner. I did get pissy with the dog when she kept stealing Billy’s zwieback and trying to take his food.
17. Didja experience a rise in stress levels when you realized you need to completely sew a dress in six days? Absolutely! Fortunately, the hub realizes the situation I am in and will help me find the time to seam.
18. Didja stay up for the Yankee game last night? No, I went to sleep when they went ahead 4-3. I’m a little disappointed they couldn’t hold the lead and didn’t sweep, but we’ll get them tonight. We really need to rest up for the Series.
19. Didja want to come to work today? Not really, but so what else is new? So far it’s been okay. The rest of the week will be interesting. I have to reschedule some meetings since I need to take Friday off.
20. Will this become a regular feature? Sincerely doubt it!

Friday, October 15, 2004

red-tailed hawk

I'm pretty sure this is what I saw.

close encounter of the feathered-kind

I saw a very large bird standing on my neighbor's front lawn this morning as I walked to the bus. I stopped and watched it stand 25 feet from me without moving. Eventually, it flew up to their post and beam fence. I'm not sure if it was a hawk or Eagle. I think it may have been an immature bald Eagle. It looked too large to be a hawk but was awfully light compared to the pictures of immature Eagles I can find. Wish I had a camera phone. What I particularly remember where it's heavily feathered legs. It was probably a red-tailed hawk since the legs were white. Still, very, very cool!

stash, stash, stash

Mmm, more yummy KPPPM. I think I’ll find a pattern and make a small shawl, cowl, or capelet out of this stuff. I can see alternating stripes. Maybe even skinny ones! These are close to my alma mater’s colors.

I’m also in love with some plummy red Cork on eBay. It would be the perfect color for me!

It’s an illness I tell you, this obsession with yarn. I just want to buy it all, is that so wrong?

I just wish I had more knitting hours in the day. I really don’t see Air being finished in time. Mom will get the partial sweater and all the yarn wrapped up for her birthday. I still have to sew my dress for the wedding and they’ll be here in a week! I didn’t knit at all last night. It was hubby’s birthday so we chatted on the bus. Then we had to drop the van off for a recall and got home later than planned. Then we did presents and it was Billy’s bed time, but he didn’t want to go to sleep. I went to bed early myself (I’m still exhausted from Wednesday night).

It’s a good thing that I have until the end of December to finish Dad’s Zipo. It’s also a good thing we’ve got the long ride to SC around Thanksgiving. Of course, I have mittens I need to knit and I’d like to delve into the stash for myself, so it won’t be all Zipo all the time over the next two months.

Why can’t I just sit here and knit all day? Why do the expect me to do actual work when I’m here.

Speaking of work, these manuscripts won’t assign themselves!
Netter's newest acquisition. Of course, I paid more than retail on eBay. Silly Netter! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sojourn in Sleeve Hell

My sojourn in sleeve hell has not been so bad for the first sleeve. I knitted away like a maniac yesterday and have finished all but 2 increases. I will be lengthening the arms a bit, my mom’s a bit long there, so I’ve pushed hitting the sleeve cap off for a while.

I actually knitted at our tailgate at the Concert for Change last night. Wish I’d joined up with Knitters against Bush. It was a good show, but this mommy should not have been out so late. I got really ticked off by the end of the encore. Who can be out after 1 on a Wednesday night? We left the arena at 12:40. I kid you not. Granted we got home by 1:15, but still! I need my sleep. Always have and even more so with the PPD.

Can’t wait to get out of here this afternoon and knit. It’s hubby’s birthday so no work once I get home. But, knit time on the 113 baby! No sewing which is a bummer because I haven’t even started putting the dress together and I need to wear it next weekend. AAARGH!!

I’m feeling a bit better today. A bit manic. Don’t know if it’s the meds (finally), lack of sleep (possible) or the 3 musketeers bar (probably worn off by now). I have been pretty darn productive today.


Knitting Guru
You appear to be a Knitting Guru. You love knitting
and do it all the time. While finishing a piece
is the plan, you still love the process, and
can't imagine a day going by without giving
some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation
involves leaving ample space for the stash and
supplies. It can be hard to tell where the yarn
ends and you begin.

What Kind of Knitter Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not quite sure I agree. Am I really a guru? Don't gurus tend to have more knowledge than I do? I tried to answer as honestly as possible.

Thanks Froggy for pointing out the quiz.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Stashed Air

Not really. But I do have stash news and Air news.

In Air news, the front is done. Woot! I begin my trek through Sleeve hell today. (Well, I cast-on this weekend and I’ve got a few rows done already.) One sleeve now and then the back, and then the other sleeve, then pocket flaps, then seaming, then the collar. Gee, not as close to done as I thought!

In Stash news, I bought some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in coal from Elann. Of course, I really wanted casket, but I got beat out. Bummer. It will become Lush from the ASC collection. Yes, if it’s aran weight I look to the ASC collection first! Of course, I can’t actually pay for my order because PayPal is messed up. I could call, but who wants to actually talk to a person? I’ll keep trying PayPal.

No tidying was done last night. Billy decided he did not want to sleep. Much tidying to be done tonight!

It’s been an up and down kind of day. Good thing I’ve got such a great assistant manager to help me. I don’t think I could get through the day without her!

Monday, October 11, 2004


It was not a fun time to be me on Wednesday night. I had a bit of a PPD relapse. I know it’s the PPD because most people do not break down in similar situations. It’s not a good sign when you get overwhelmed by taking out the recycling. I did not have the energy, interest, or focus to get the house tidied up Wednesday night. I couldn’t even watch CSI: NY. That’s a bad thing; being so upset you can’t watch Gary Sinise. I did not go to work Thursday. I just couldn’t face being here. I slept in. I was just getting out of the shower when our guests arrived. They didn’t seem to mind that the house was a pit. They all know about my current situation. I didn’t lie to them about why I was home either. No point. I’m not ashamed of my condition; why lie about it? Heck, I even like to joke about it. Friday, I wore a t-shirt that has Eyeore saying “I need a hug.” As I told my mother-in-law, if you can’t joke about your mental health, what can you joke about?

In knitting news, I didn’t knit as much as I thought I would. The left front is still not done, although I did cast on for a sleeve. The left front is going to be longer than the back, but I’ll fudge it when seaming. I must knit a lot in the next week and a half or my mom’s getting an unfinished sweater for her birthday.

I won’t be knitting in the evenings this week, though. I have to tidy up the house (yes, I’m a broken record). My m-i-l is watching Billy at our place on Weds as we go to the Vote for Change concert (the Republican I live with is a huge Springsteen fan). She’s staying over so I need to make the guest room habitable. That’s tonight and tomorrow night. Thursday and Friday I have to start on my dress for the wedding in less than two weeks. Busy, busy, busy.

Well, it doesn’t help ones sense of being overwhelmed and totally useless if you spend the day at work not doing work. Must get busy.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sizzlin' copper

I’m sick. I’ve got that “in love,” butterflies in my tummy, I can hardly breathe feeling thinking about going home and looking at the two bags of ASC that arrived on my doorstep last night. Hello, it’s cotton and microfiber, not chocolate! I haven’t even swatched with ASC yet. For all I know I’ll hate it. But, it takes my mind off work and how unfocused I still am.

Doc promises I’ll snap out of it once my tissue levels go up. Doesn’t that sound like something we all want to have happen. I wonder if the dose became ineffective because I’ve porked up since diagnosis. Either that or I just don’t like my job anymore.

I just want to cry when I think about how unfocused, uninterested, and lazy I’ve become at work and home. (Besides knitting, my favorite pastime is beating up on myself.) I’ve got to do some tidying tonight. My in-laws and Dave’s uncle and aunt are visiting for dinner tomorrow (takeout). Since Uncle Bob and Aunt Lindy haven’t seen the house yet, I may want it to be presentable! Hope I can find the energy and interest!

out of focus

I think I’ve figured out my lack of focus at work. It’s not the PPD; it’s that I’m bored. Now that I’m managing the department, I spend more and more time on administrative nonsense than on production. Who gets jazzed to go to work and sign invoices or write job descriptions? Not me. How many inane e-mails can you answer in one day without wanting to escape?

I get excited when I think about re-working the processes we have here and getting the product out faster; but it’s the implementation that kills me. I’d much rather be burying my nose in some juicy projects than holding people's hands through a change process. (Ew, manager speak.)

It makes me want chocolate. And new yarn.

Speaking of new yarn. I had last week's eBay ASC purchase shipped to my house instead of the office. I figured I could handle the wrath of hubby on yet more yarn purchases and there's already too much yarn in my office. Fortunately, the package was delivered yesterday and I was able to squirrel it away with him none the wiser. I absolutely adore the colors (sizzling and copper) together and I must say that this will look ravishing on me in them!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Alma mater

Yep, I went here. I remember when the board at Mills was thinking about going co-ed. We supported our sister school 14 years ago and now our board has made the same decision. Go figure.

not happy but permissive

You know, I’m a great wife. I let my husband do whatever he wants. I resent the crap out of him afterwards, but I let him do it. He’s going to tonight’s Yankee playoff game on our dime. I felt guilty that my sisters were down this weekend. I got free last minute tickets for tomorrow’s Yankee playoff game. His parents are out of town, he still can’t change diapers, I’m home alone with the baby and dog again! He's not got a happy wife, but she sure lets him get away with stuff!

I was so totally motivated about weight loss and other stuff but work and my resentment have beaten me into a lumpen pile of nothing.

I just want to go home and eat stuff that’s bad for me.

We’ve upped the SSRI to two doses MWF. Supposedly, it will snap me out of my funk. I go back in 6 weeks. (Note to self, change Billy’s appointment to the same day.)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Red, and Green, and Yellow, and um, um

I was so struck by the colors of the trees that have started turning down here that on the way to pick up Billy last night, I left a voice mail message for myself to remind me to write a blog entry.

I’m glad I did that because when I got in this morning I’d completely forgotten leaving myself a message, much less what it was about.

Of course, now all I can think to write about the colors is along these line: me like red, me like orange, yellow nice....

I’m so very pathetic. This always happens to me. I used to think of the greatest letters and poems to write when my husband and I were at concerts. I come up with great ideas for stories (not that I’ve ever really written fiction) when I don’t have the opportunity to write things down. I’m a font of inopportune inspiration.

What about actual productivity? I knit a bit more last night on the way home; I got a little anxious because I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to cable or not on one row. I’d gotten to the point where the pattern says repeat these 27 rows without shaping. Huh? I just needed a minute to figure things out. Went along fine after that. Didn’t have a knittable seat this morning. I finished cutting out my dress last night. I need to finish marking some things, then I can start pinning pieces together and commence with the sewing. The commencing probably won’t happen until next week. I should start tidying tonight and tomorrow is a busy day. I’m going to workout, clean the house, and we have to take the cars to be inspected (we save a ton of money by switching to GEICO). Oh, and I have to fit mothering in there somewhere. I can’t imagine my sisters will arrive too soon (they’re not morning people).

Tried watching the debates last night. The Republican I live with, aka the husband, promised to not make any comments. He made one (that Kerry lied when he said the subways were shut down during the RNC) which was a valid comment on the hub’s part. I just couldn’t stand listening to either of them. Neither inspires a whole lot of confidence. I’m not going to get political and tell you for whom I will be voting and why. Although, it’s probably pretty clear by the way I characterized my husband in the second sentence of this paragraph.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

yarn greed and "talks"

I decided that I really want the bargain ASC on eBay. Can you beat less than $3 a ball for it (about 3.60with shipping)? I don’t think so! I’m getting 10 in copper and 10 in sizzling. Yes, red and orange. What’s it to you? Hopefully, she’ll ship it to me at work and my husband needn’t know. He was not happy about the Herrschner’s purchase.

The least he can do, since he won’t let me get a housekeeper, is allow me to indulge the yarn greed once in a while. Although, it’s a little too frequent to call it once in a while!

I did some knitting on the way home last night and none on the way in. I’m just so beat in the mornings lately. I really do need to get it in gear, though.

I did not do any work on my dress last night. My husband and I had a “talk.” Seems he was concerned that I’ve been really grumpy. So, we cleared the air and agreed that we need to really communicate more. I figured I’d just been having some moods lately. I think it’s time to get Dr. Mayer to adjust my meds. Don’t want to let the PPD creep back out of control, especially not with current stress levels. I had to laugh, though. The talk became the typical husband/wife talk, you don’t help out enough, tell me what you need me to do, etc... Could have lifted it right out of a Parents magazine article about being grumpy with husbands.

Honestly, I don’t worry too much about our relationship. I think it’s pretty solid. I do worry about my moods and inability to communicate. And to let him help me. I have a huge problem asking for help. One way to tell I was very concerned about my mood after Billy was born was that I actually asked for help.

May have mentioned this before, but my sisters and I were raised to be very self-reliant and independent. My mom didn’t believe in coddling us. She waits on me a bit now, but growing up we were expected to really take care of ourselves. I was also given the responsibility at a young age of taking care of my sisters. I was 12, they were 8 and 7. My mom wasn’t coddled and her mom surely wasn’t coddled.

I can see the genesis of our upbringing in my grandmother’s childhood. She was 13 when her mom died. She lived on the farm with her dad and two much younger brothers. For a time she lived with a childless aunt in town so she could finish high school, but her life was taking care of them all. She married pretty much right out of high school and had six kids, two of whom died young. My mom became the baby of the family when her youngest sister drowned. Mom was about 13; Aunt Louise was 9.

Long post and I really need to get to a meeting (I’m running it).

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What do you get when you combine a Netter hopped up on caffeine and chocolate with a very long bus ride due to not one, but two traffic jams? You get picot cast-on, 3 rows of garter stitch, and 11 rows of moss stitch. I’ve been a busy Netter. Air grows apace. I’m now well into the first cable section of the front left. Must knit faster. My parents will be here before I know it!

My back is sore (hamstrings a little, too). Not from working out (although, I have been going to Curves for circuit training), but from bending over my floor for nearly 2 hours last night. I pinned up and started cutting out the pieces for my dress. I’ve been a busy Netter. I had everything spread out on the floor in the office. It’s hard pinning through that satin. I also had a hard time laying out the pieces so they’d fit. I still have to rearrange a couple of things before I finish cutting or I won’t have a waistband for the skirt! At this rate, I’ll be sewing soon.

So last night as I was casting on, I was debating yet more yarn purchases. There’s an eBay store with a great price on All Seasons Cotton. I know, I haven’t even knit my first All Seasons Cotton purchase yet. But it’s less than half price and two great colors! I had talked myself out of it, but now I’m really jonesing for that yarn.

I’m seriously considering looking into a housecleaning service. I need someone to come once a week and do the floors, dusting, bathroom, counters, etc. I can handle the laundry and we can learn to put stuff away to deal with the detritus that accumulates everywhere. I just do not have the time to spend on the weekends (or at night) scrubbing toilets, tubs, sinks, mopping, vacuuming, yada yada yada. I just can’t seem to make that stuff a priority. The vacuuming is particularly important now that Billy is on the floor so much and our dog is a vicious shedder!

I’d rather spend my time with my son, husband, dog and hobbies than scrubbing the f’ing toilet!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Okay, knit blogger geek moment. Is it wrong to be so tickled that I'm listed rightnext to Becky on the Manalong page? Of course, it's an alphabetical list and has no qualitative meaning. It's just so coincidental that I heard about the Manalong on her page and I idolize her knitting skills (not too mention her adorable son). The coincidence perks me up. (That and the 24 oz of caffeinated soda.)
I am not having a good day emotionally. I’m exhausted and I’m not sure why. I went to bed at 11and don’t remember being up much. Billy slept through until 6 am. I’m on the verge of tears. I nearly made myself sick this morning thinking about how much time Billy spends at daycare every day and how little he spends with us. It just got me wondering if it’s worth working. I know it’s probably just a temporary feeling; but it’s crushing me right now. I did take my fluoxetine last night (SSRI), so it’s not the PPD. Unless my dose needs to be upped. Our house is a fricking disaster area because I never clean. I need to be productive here at work and I haven’t been focused lately. Today is not going to be any better. I just hope I can get a grip on myself before the first crisis. I do feel a bit better after distracting myself for a little while. Of course, now I feel I’ve wasted an hour when the to do list just keeps getting longer.

Maybe Mommies with PPD shouldn’t work. Staying home would require such a huge change (not that having Billy wasn’t a huge change). I don’t know if we’d be able to make those sacrifices. I guess it’s a matter of what’s more important to us.

In the good news lists: after a knittable ride in, the back of Air is finished. I didn’t feel like dealing with the picot cast-on so the left front commences this afternoon. I also cut out all the pattern pieces for my dress last night. That took a long time. I hope to get the pattern pinned to the fabric tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll work on cutting out the pieces. I’d like to get the pieces pinned together Thursday or Friday, but the messy house is looming.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Still no Paris Loop photo. Must provide FO evidence or I will lose credibility. I did wear it today. We’re starting to get a bit of Fall chill in the air.

I’m about 16 rows of seed stitch from finishing the back of Air. Next time I want to do inches and inches of seed stitch, stop me!

My sister reminded me that I promised a sweater for her greyhound. As if I don’t have enough on my plate! But, he's going to be very cold during the mountain winter. Guilt, guilt. Must see how I can squeeze it in. I know, I can stop sleeping.

I must, must, must start working on my dress in the evenings this week. Fortunately, giving up the evening knitting shouldn't mean not finishing Air. My husband’s college reunion is in two weeks. That’s about 4 hours in the car to knit and the hours while he’s playing golf to knit. I hope to get at least one front or sleeve done this week. (Sleeves will be quick after the initial seed stitch they’re all st st.) Maybe tonight, I'll cut out the pattern and tomorrow I'll cut the fabric. Wednesday I'll start piecing and Friday I'll start sewing. I will not be sewing on Thursday (must hear the tv during CSI).

I should also find some time this week to clean the house (guests this weekend) and do some laundry.

Stash enhancement: Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran in Olive from the yarn sale over at from Got to love half-price yarn. I’m going to make myself a Smooched for next Summer.

Friday, September 24, 2004

I’ve joined another knit along. The Man-along hosted over at Danishmodern. Dad’s Zipo was already planned and it fits in with the timeline. I won’t be starting until late October (after Air is done). In All Seasons Cotton, it’s not really seasonal, but he’ll love it for his birthday.

I was able to wear Paris Loop a few times this weekend and on Monday. Unfortunately, it’s warmed up quite a bit so I haven’t worn it since. I got a number of compliments on it.

It’s been quite the knitting week. I’m almost up to the armhole shaping on Air. There are a couple of errors and if I had time, I probably would have ripped it more than once. All in all, I don’t think one set of incorrect cables and increases done out of order will ruin the entire sweater.

I’ve been able to work on it quite a bit in the evenings at home. I haven’t been able to knit so much in the morning. Monday morning and this morning were the only mornings I had knittable seats on the bus. Monday I wasn’t even on my regular bus! (Funny thing about Monday morning, a little old lady sat next to me on the 77 from my in-laws to NYC. She wanted to know how I worked the edging on Air. So I explained the picot cast-on. Then she whips out fun fur and starts knitting on a scarf. She had lots of compliments for my Air and Loop. She thought Air looked very complicated.) Every other day this week I’ve had to stand or been smushed with no elbow room. Yesterday, I even fell when someone cut the bus off.

I started my draft of this post at 9. It’s now noon. I feel like I’ve barely accomplished anything, but I’ve been working. It’s one of those days where there is just so much to do I hardly know where to start!

I’m actually one of those crazy people who looks forward to mid-December. Not only do I love Christmas and all the chaos it brings with it, I work in publishing and the last quarter is our busiest. Fortunately, the warehouses close around Dec. 10th so if it’s not done by then it won’t impact 2004 and it’s all over but the crying.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I’m really enjoying working on Air. Of course I'm enjoying it, it's , a gorgeous color of calmer and I'm learning new techniques. What's not to love? We’ll see how long the love lasts once I start repeating myself (rather once the pattern starts repeating). I had a little difficulty with my first cables. I forgot to grab a cable needle and was using the #6 needle, but since that needle is so slippery, it kept falling out if I didn't pull the cord through the stitches (I prefer circs even when knitting flat). Fortunately, no stitches were dropped.

The picot cast-on went much more quickly than I thought. I do not dread casting on for the next pieces. Of course, the next pieces are far off in the future. I’m about 2 inches into the back right now. Fortunately, it’s not as long as Loll, but with the cables, ribs, and darts it’s much more complicated.

Now, I’m hoping it gets cool soon so I can wear my Paris Loop. I just checked the forecast and Sunday may be partly cloudy and windy with a high of 69. Perfect for long sleeves and Paris Loop! This evening and tomorrow it looks like we’re going to get hit with the remnants of Ivan. Wet, wet, wet, with the possibility of flooding.

Hurricane season has been ridiculous this year and it’s only September. Tropical Storm Karl has just become a named storm (after being tropical depression 12) and Jeanne looks like she’ll hit Florida (!) Wednesday. And we’ve got another month and a half of this. We’ve been fortunate in Jersey with the hurricanes, although we’ve had some flooding not related to the storms; we’ve not experienced too much destruction or many casualties. I did hear they think an El NiƱo is forming in the Pacific. I think that means warmer and drier winters for the Northeast. We could use some drier weather. This has been such a wet summer, if you can even call it summer. I’m glad I don’t live back home; they barely had a summer at all! I visited in July and August and never made it into Mom and Dad’s pool!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Paris Loop is done! Yippee, another FO. I will try to get a picture this weekend and post it Monday.

Excitement fills the air as I start another project. I’ve begun to cast on for Mom’s Air. I say “begun to” because it’s a picot cast on and is going to take forever! I’m trying to use a crochet bind-off (my bind off skills are weak) but I’m not sure if it’s going any faster. So far, I’m about a third of the way through.

I couldn’t knit on the way in this morning, third morning this week! I had to stand on the bus. Fortunately, it was a quick ride in. I bet if I stay off the Internet at lunch, I can get the cast-on done and start knitting up the back!

I’m glad I’ll have closer to 8 weeks (and a long ride to and from SC at Thanksgiving) for my Dad’s birthday sweater.

Update: Won’t be knitting at lunch. I was invited out with a vendor. Woo hoo, free good food!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I’m nearly done with Paris Loop. Just a couple more niches on the neckline. I haven’t been able to knit in the morning; the bus has been too crowded. Yesterday I had to stand (and doncha know the ride took way longer than usual) and today I had no elbow room. I hope to have it done today or tomorrow. I have to start Air this week. I’ve got the pattern photocopied and marked and most everything packed and ready to go. I’m itching to get started!

Depending on how things (chores, childcare, etc) go this weekend, I may set up my sewing machine and get started on my dress for Johnny’s wedding. Ooh la la. I’m even thinking about accessories. I definitely need new shoes (I destroyed my last pair of pumps, don’t ask) and I think I want a new bag.

The calmer is still missing. *SIGH* I am slowly smuggling the office stash home. Last night I got the second half of my river tape eBay win (Janette is the coolest, she sent extra because the original second half got lost) and hubby asked what the package was. I said yarn and explained that it was stuff that was being replaced. He asked how many projects I had yarn for in the house. I didn’t answer. I guess it’s enough when your stash starts to seem obscene to you and you, yourself, cannot figure out how you’re going to knit all the projects you have yarn for!

So of course, I’m watching a few stash building (Rowan only) auctions on eBay. What can I say? It’s a sickness. I’m on a food diet, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, allow me this one vice! What else is a girl supposed to do with her money? Save for her kid’s college education, pay off her debt, save for emergencies.... I KNOW ALREADY!