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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Acquisitive wannabe

I ordered more yarn. I ordered more yarn. I ordered more yarn. It’s all Elann’s fault. In my Silkroad package they sent samples of upcoming yarns with the dates on when they would be available. So, of course I had to buy the Silkroad tweed when it was listed today. I’m so looking forward to the mohair going on sale. Yes, I am acquisitive.

In sewing news, the skirt is pinned together. I have to get my machine up and running tonight. I figured I have nice blouses/sweaters I can wear with the skirt if I don’t manage to get it all done. Haven’t told the hub, yet. I will do my best to get it all sewn up this week. Since I picked such a heavy satin, I’m skipping the lining on the blouse, that will help save some time.

*knitting geek moment* I have my first bloglines subscriber. I bet she/he is really thrilled to hear about her/himself. Actually, I am more of a knitting geek wanna-be, aren’t I?

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haze said...

i think i'm your first subscriber. you can "see" me at