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Friday, April 28, 2006

a smidgen of content for my friends who get as bored as I do on Friday afternoons

This post title is going to be longer than the post. Just wanted to say I love my lunchtime knit group. We're up to 5 knitters now and we have a blast. I hate to go back to work when the hour is up. Finished the gussets on broadripple #2. Have a great weekend, see you Monday.

pumpkin ripple

So, the broadripples have become the commute knitting of choice.

I put them in my bag Wednesday morning and the looked like this. Then I ripped out a few rows because I'd messed up the pattern. I kept chugging along and was at the start of the heel flap by the time I got home Wednesday night (I'm patting myself on the back for liking shorter socks, 4" legs are quick knits). I turned the heel last night and I've gotten most of the way through the gussets. (I didn't nap on the way in this morning.)

We're knitting in Father Fagan Park this afternoon (so long as it's warm enough), so I should be able to get from here (posing with it's completed, fraternal twin) to finished by the end of April.

The beach jacket is progressing. One sleeve finished the other one ripped and re-begun. I'm thinking I should be able to get most of that done this weekend as well. Except the zipper. I don't have a long enough zipper in the house and don't know when I'll be able to pick one up.

I'm looking forward to starting my May project. My sister's excited to get her first try on of the completed Lolita leg. Hopefully, I can get the second one knitted up next month.

I'm also very excited to get my swap match next week. I've ordered yarn from Knitpicks which should be coming soon. They said it mailed on Tuesday. I ordered three skeins of dye your own. One for me (going to try a red gradient thing) and one for the swap, and one in case I mess up the first swap skein!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just doing some Spring Cleaning

Today's blog time went into tidying up the sidbar. I moved the 2005 FOs to an entry and the title in the sidebar links to that. I also removed the Stashquisitions list. Just haven't been keeping up with that and I don't feel like digging through to find the info to update. Besides, most of my recent purchases, besides sock yarn, are going to my May and June Project Spectrum projects, aka, Hubby's Green Aran and Hubby's St. Andrew's Cross Pullover.

I've been knitting away on the second broadripple, started the heel flap last night. I'm still working on the beach jacket, too. I put sleeve 1 aside and will be ripping it shortly after I determine my approach to sleeve 2 was better.

2005 FOs

Mom's Birthday Shadow (10/3-11/6)
Fiesta Scarf (10/27)
Fillie (10/3)
Hubby's Boring Blue Birthday Socks (9/30)
Millie, aka MIL's Birthday Cardi (in denim sirenetta)(8/25)
Lumpy (poncho in Gedifra Cicco, my own pattern)(8/12)
First pair BMG footies (7/25)
Dude's Preppy Vest (7/14)
Hubby's socks (7/13)
Headphone cozies (6/28)
Air (5/12)
F-I-L's B-day sweater
Purlwise Hat (3/3)
All Seasons Cotton Zipo (2/27)
Billy's b-day bucket hat (1/31)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

8" of body and 3" of sleeve

I did separate out for the sleeves of the beach jacket on Friday's ride home. I finished up the body yesterday and my Devils game knitting was the first sleeve. I'm about three inches in and it's a pain! I wish I knew where my US7 DPNs were. This two circs things not cutting it for me with this yarn at this gauge and diameter. Oh well, the good thing is the sleeves keep getting smaller when knit from the top down.

I had been worrying about running out of yarn before doing the neckline and the front edges, but I still have a ball I haven't touched, so I should be fine.

I defaulted to 2x2 rib when finishing the body. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it that way.

I need to pick broadripple back up again. Especially since this jacket is no longer easy commute knitting.

Hubby started a new job yesterday. It's going to be interesting adjusting to a new schedule.

Monday, April 24, 2006

joining sort of mood

So, I guess a joiner bug hit me. Not only did I formalize my participation in Project Spectrum, I signed up for Scout's Dye-O-Rama. I think it was just an excuse to buy more Kool-Aid and plain sock yarn. Yep, first thing this morning I placed an order at I was thinking of going elsewhere, but I'm not sure of the deadlines and stuff and I figured they'd get me my order faster than some other places.

Friday, April 21, 2006

It's official

I've signed up for Project Spectrum. I figured since I've done the orange-overload this month and am planning on following the colors through the end of the project, I should sign up. (I got a nice nudge from Anny Purls about it, too. I think that's my longest comment ever!)

Speaking of orange overload, I've been working on this since Wednesday night. Nice little raglan jacket, knitted from the top down in that Portofino Souffle I ordered last week. It arrived on my desk Tuesday and I couldn't wait to get started. Only a couple more rows and I separate out for the sleeves. Good thing, too. This is getting way too long for the needle. I'm up in the air about how I'm going to finish it, ribbing, zipper, hood?

Here's a little round-up of non-knitting stuff you may be interested in:

Billy had an ENT check-up this week. His ears are doing well (and his doc had great compliments for Ronan).

Our conference at daycare was fine. They are aware that his behavior (hitting, biting, pushing) is typical for his age (being the youngest in his class). But, they have noticed he's becoming more verbal and trying to participate in the learning activities (we've noticed at home he's saying way more words and even trying to sing along). We also made it clear that he doesn't get a chance to interact with other kids outside of daycare (all our cousins' kids are 6 hours away).

Hubby did a lot of yard work this week. He also cooked a mean rib roast Wednesday night. How nice is it to have someone call you as you're heading home to find out what time you'll be there so they can coordinate dinner. Are we sure he has to go back to work next week?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thanks Gals

Thank you for the compliments on my tote and the lonesome sock. I have cast on for it's mate, but I've not been spending too much time on it. I went to bad way early Monday night. The pollen count is sky high and I just felt like such crud, that I went to bed just after Billy. So, that means 7:45-ish. I feel much better now.

I've been swatching for a top-down raglan jacket for Billy using the Portofino I ordered from Elann last week. I'll start that tonight and have some pics tomorrow.

It's been crazy here, as usual. Hubby's been home this week, and he's making a rib roast for dinner tonight. Now, if only he'd do floors, I'd get into this house husband thing.

Jeanie, the white sock was Lolita legs from Knitty (the link is in my sidebar). That reminds me, I really have to get that first one up to my sister for a try on! Before I know it, May will be here and i'll have to start Hubby's green aran! (That reminds me, I really need to sign up for Project Spectrum.)

Monday, April 17, 2006

half a pair and an Easter tote

I finished the first broadripple over the weekend. I think I kitchenered the toe Friday night. What a fun little sock. I cast on for number toe yesterday.

It was a very busy weekend. We had dinner at the in-laws Friday. Saturday Billy and I went to two playgrounds, I got a haircut, we did some yard work, and Hubby made dinner. Yesterday, we went to church, I sewed a tote watching the Devils game (and did some Molly grooming at the intermissions), then we had dinner at the in-laws. I'm pooped.

I've been stashing a bit of fabric. I'm a sucker for the remnants pile at Joann's and usually grab something everytime I'm there. These happy stripes were from my last trip. I just loved all the printed grosgrain ribbons they had, too. I thought the daisies and stripes were just fun together.

Friday, April 14, 2006

V was for Very Good

I almost don't want to know what Hugo Weaving really looks like (okay, just googled him and realized I know what he looks like). When I first saw the building-sized poster for V for Vendetta on my daily walks to the subway, I thought it looked totally stupid and didn't get the mask. But, I thought it was a great film. The movie critic in our local paper gave it a good review and said it would make you think about the nature of terrorism and if it's ever justified, this is something that comes up in a lot of the reviews of the film. I can't see how anyone can compare the situation in this future-history with what goes on in the world today. I think it's apples and oranges. I can't say that I can justify everything that V does in the film, especially his treatment of Evey, but I also can unequivocally say that I didn't see a lot of parallels between his actions and those of today's terrorists (one big difference being that he told everyone he was going to blow up Parliament and gave plenty of warning).

Anyway, I enjoyed it and got sucked into the whole thing hook, line and sinker. But, I'm a sucker for movies.

My evening didn't quite go as planned. I just missed the 4:35 and didn't get home in time for my planned 6 pm showing. But, I had time to look at my Herrschner's order and do the bills. Then it was a leisurely trip over to the theater. Dinner was still movie theater popcorn (with milk duds). Soon as I got home at 9:45, I went to bed.

The Herrschner's box contained the yarn for Hubby's St Andrews' cross sweater, a pad of orange papers (don't ask what I'm going to do with them, I don't scrapbook), and some fabric for an apron for a shower gift for my favorite bride-to-be. (I'm thinking this one with lime green accents.) The regia is from an order I placed on Elann last week. That's the pumpkin ripple in the front.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

mommy's night off*

the plan is:

get out of here as soon as I hit publish so I can catch the 4:35 bus

quickly write the mortgage and phone bills and drop at p.o. before it closes at 5:45

get to the movie theater in time for 6pm showing of V for Vendetta (and to order grossly huge popcorn for dinner)

pick up some dairy queen on the way home if I'm hungry

snoggle my Herrschner's order from last week

go to bed

(all this dependent on traffic, otherwise it will be a 7:20 showing with a dinner of real food and yarn snoggling earlier)

*B is staying with Grammy tonight because daycare is closed tomorrow and she gets the day as a holiday. I don't have to worry about the dog because Grandpa is walking her when he picks up B's bag. Hubby is out with the boys celebrating his last day at the old job

you know you want the orange

I am making orange converts. Come over to the bright side ladies. The best news about the broadripples is that they are cotton, so even though the weather is improving, I can still wear them as soon as I finish.

In other orange news, I ordered some of this from Elann yesterday. In parrot orange of course. It's going to be a little raglan cardi for the B for the spring/summer/hot early fall whilst he can't wear his Ronan. It looks snoogly.

In non-orange knitting news, I have finished the knitting of the first stocking. I'm going to wash it, lace it, and send it up to the bride-to-be for a try on. No sense in knitting two that don't fit!

It was an interesting night chez Netter. Hubby and I have to go meet with our daycare director and lead care giver. Seems Billy is the terror of the center. He's now hitting and poking kids in the eyes. Of course the little note in the lunch box prompted a huge argument, but we're just stumped on what to do. How can we control behavior that's not happening at home? (Y'all got some deja vue going on, because I do.) He's two! It's not like my "speaking to him" is going to do a whole lot of good. Meh. She should just take her whistle and drill-sergeant attitude and go with the toddler flow.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I started an April project for Project Spectrum. (they aren't as yellow in real life)

Monday, April 10, 2006

brooding on orange

I've got lots of orange going on lately, but not a lot of pics to share.

I bought some great heavy cotton in a multi stripe (with lots of orange) on Friday. I also bought some wide grossgrain ribbon with pink and orange daisies. Those are going to be a tote bag, someday if I ever start sewing again.

I also bought a ball of Sugar 'n' Cream in hot orange. Billy laid claim to it as soon as he saw it through the Joann bag. Good thing I had bought it with him in mind. I'm making up some washcloths for him. I finished one (garter stitch on US 10s, 14" straight US 10s, I don't know what I was thinking). I'm almost halfway through a seed stitch one.

I printed out the broadripple sock pattern from Knitty so I can start those in my pumpkin fixation stripes.

I think I've got April covered for Project Spectrum. May will be Hubby's Kelly Green Aran. June will be his St. Andrew's Flag sweater. July will be a ribby in calmer for me (Joy, which is the purple, and sour). August will be M-i-L's birthday sweater in brindle (a blend of neutrals). It's kind of srange to me that I'll have all the colors covered except Red, which is my staple wardrobe color (at least for shirts, I don't wear red pants).

Billy told me I could post this for you, until I have some pics of my own orange projects to put up.

Friday, April 07, 2006

I cannot wait for noon

Because I get to leave. Taking a half day is the best.

My parents are visiting, yay! They'll be at the house after I run a couple of errands (need to return a pair of mismarked jeans and get the security tag removed from a hoodie) and pick up the boy.

I'm looking forward to knitting some more on this leg. Only an inch or so more until I get to the finishing. Maybe when I'm out running errands, I'll pick up the ribbon needed for the laces.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hubby is not a yarn snob

Of course I got the usual "I thought you weren't going to buy anymore yarn" comment from the Hubby last night when he saw the Herrschner's box. Of course, as soon as he saw it was inexpensive cotton yarn for his sweater, he changed his tune.

He loves that the aran sweater's going to be under $30, even if I have to buy a pattern. He still thinks that knitting is supposed to save money. I don't think he gets that part of using more luxurious fibers is that we're talking about my hours of enjoyment of the process. I guess he'd be a product knitter.

He asked if I could get the black socks knitted up before he serves communion May 7. (Not highly likely)

He also asked why I only bought one of the green photo albums on the right. He thinks I should have stocked up for gift-giving.

I wonder how he'll feel when another box shows up next week with more yarn for the other sweater he wants ($1.74 for 129 yards).

I've reached the leg portion on the stockings. I can't believe I'm posting a picture of my unshaved leg on the Internet. Please don't look too closely at the exposed calf. Good thing no one else is here when I get in.

I wound up getting Addis yesterday. They didn't have bamboo circs and the only US4 straights were way too long. I would have killed someone knitting on the bus with those. There will be at least one finished stocking hanging out at my house this weekend.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

at the ankle?

I've knitted pattern 2 to 3" as the instructions specify. I guess that means I'm past the ankle. Now, I start to knit flat. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my US4 circs with me today. Oh dear, I guess that means it's a trip to Purl at lunch for some clover circs (if they have them). I don't think addis will work (too slippery for the soft cotton and not pointed enough for the k2tog and skp). I guess I could go with straights (ewwww, I haven't knitted with straights in years).

I'm not looking forward to the trip over to Sullivan street, though. It is snowing like the dickens out there.

Today is a good day, yes I'm still overloaded at work (and my staff member just called to say she's out with viral pneumonia, anyone know if that's contagious), but my Herrschner's package arrives today and we get a new episode of LOST.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

just a quickie

I don't really have time to post today. I've got a staff member home with a fever over 103 for the fourth day. Needless to say, I'm busy doing her work as well as my own.

I didn't do too much knitting last night. I spent the evening finishing Predator by Patricia Corwell. I really enjoyed it. I can't believe how long it's been since I finished a novel.

Back to work I go.

Monday, April 03, 2006

a short-rowing we shall go, or rather, we did go

I did my first short-row heel last night, twice. Of course, it's not a true short-row heel. With the fishnets, you don't wrap the slipped stitches. The holes really are design elements. Tonight, I start the leg! I did it twice because I forgot to do the set-up rows (gives you stockinette before the short-rows start) and then I reversed a little incorrectly. A neat little trick. I must do it again (well, other than on the second stocking).