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Monday, October 18, 2004

20 Questions on the Hook

1. Didja do any knitting this weekend? Just what got done on the 2 hour bus
ride home. No one in NJ can drive when it rains!
2. Didja buy any yarn? Nope, my Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran arrived today, though. I “heart” Elann. This yarn is scrumptious and I cannot wait to start knitting it. That and most of the other yarns in my stash. I’m seriously thinking of de-stashing all the cheap acrylic I no longer want to touch. Maybe I’ll eBay it. Maybe I’ll see if the daycare could use it for projects.
3. Didja do any sewing this weekend? Nope. Not a stitch. I hope I work well under pressure!
4. Didja start any new projects? How crazy do I look?
5. Didja do any housework this weekend? A little tidying was done. The house still needs a good cleaning all over. Maybe I’ll rent a power washer before mom and dad visit this weekend.
6. Didja get much laundry done? We did two loads of Billy laundry, two loads of whites, and two loads of mediums. I have to sort out the vital darks and get the hub doing a load tonight. I don’t have any slacks for work this week!
7. Didja workout? Not Friday night since I didn’t get home till nearly 7. But I did get down to Curves on Saturday.
8. Didja eat well? Nope. Friday night we had Chinese, Saturday we had Turkey Joes and were gluttons at dinner with a brownie at intermission, Sunday I had hors d’oeuvres, lots of lamb, apple crisp and real ice cream.
9. Didja get pampered at all? Yep. Went to the salon and got a trim and waxed. I’ve gotten numerous comments on the straight ‘do. Too bad I have to wash my hair and have no time (or patience) to straighten it myself.
10. Didja talk to your parents? Nope. We were too busy Saturday and I spent Sunday afternoon at my in-laws. We had a lamb dinner as a birthday celebration for the hubby.
11. Didja talk to your sisters? Nope.
12. Didja talk with any friends? Nope. Got to start making that a priority. Hopefully, I’ll be reconnecting with some people on Thursday at an Alumnae event.
13. Didja get much sleep? Kind of. Friday night wasn’t bad, but I was up before 6. Saturday night was kind of late and up at 5. Last night was bad. I was up at 1:30 (hubby coming to bed after Yankee game); 2:30 Billy decided he was hungry; 3:30 Billy decided he was lonely; 5:30 the alarm went off.
14. Didja have fun? Yep, we went to see “Company” by our local community theater and had dinner at the Garlic Rose.
15. Didja cry at all? Nope. I’m feeling much more upbeat lately. I feel like I’ve turned the corner with the PPD again. Definitely more myself.
16. Didja get pissy with the boy or the hubby? No, I said I’d turned the corner. I did get pissy with the dog when she kept stealing Billy’s zwieback and trying to take his food.
17. Didja experience a rise in stress levels when you realized you need to completely sew a dress in six days? Absolutely! Fortunately, the hub realizes the situation I am in and will help me find the time to seam.
18. Didja stay up for the Yankee game last night? No, I went to sleep when they went ahead 4-3. I’m a little disappointed they couldn’t hold the lead and didn’t sweep, but we’ll get them tonight. We really need to rest up for the Series.
19. Didja want to come to work today? Not really, but so what else is new? So far it’s been okay. The rest of the week will be interesting. I have to reschedule some meetings since I need to take Friday off.
20. Will this become a regular feature? Sincerely doubt it!

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