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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

day off

B was sick again last night, just as I was drifting off to sleep. Hubby had to wash all 89 blankets from the crib last night as I sat in the rocking chair with B until 1 am. And today, I get to stay home with a kid who seems perfectly fine now! But, that means daylight pictures and posting for you!

I finished the Bounce sleeves over the weekend in Florida. Last night I finished weaving in the ends and washed and blocked. It's nearly dry. I may just start seaming this afternoon. Depends if I have to call into work for a meeting during nap. I should really unpack and tidy up during nap.

I started the heel flap on the second 2x2 socks last night. I forget them at work on Thursday so I hadn't worked on them since last week. (I finished up another ball band dishcloth on the plane ride home after working it a lot on the beach.)

So, the trip to Florida was okay. B enjoyed visiting his Great-Grandma, especially the heated pools. (It was a little cool but we went swimming three days anyway.) He also liked sleeping on a matress on the floor, but especially enjoyed the airport and the plane rides. The ride down was fine, except we got to the gate as they were boarding. Whoops! Coming home we were delayed over an hour by high winds in Newark, and of course, Continental made us wait on the plane on the tarmac (they said they needed the gate, judging by all the empty gates I could see, they really just wanted us to pull away on time). The extra hour wore on all of us and B got really cranky by the time we landed. Mostly, he was an exceptional nearly three year-old.

I must say, although the weather was much better in Florida, it's nice to be home in my own bed (with B sleeping in a different room, I don't know how parents do the family bed, I'd never sleep).

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Be happy I can't post this picture

I have a picture that totally sums up how I feel about being back here, both at work and the tri-state area in general.

B got sick (as in vomiting all over great-grandma's carpet) while opening early birthday presents. I was taking pics of him opening his gifts and managed to catch him just as the pre-digested food started to spew out his mouth.

I really, really wanted to share, because I think it's hilarious! (Especially since it passed pretty quickly.) And it's not that gross, but the look on his face, with a present in hand! Priceless.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

None of the above

I truly want to aim for a post that's:

a) humorous
b) witty
c) entertaining

But, I'm thinking it's going to be d) none of the above.

Trip yesterday went well. Got home over and hour earlier than planned.

Hubby did very well with the B. Got him to bed more easily and earlier than I can normally manage.

I finally finished the first Bounce sleeve. Sleeve 2 and Hubby's aran are coming to FL with us this weekend. We're visiting Hubby's Grandmother. I'm just taking the new B socks in my carryon. I imagine I'll be a bit busy keeping B busy.

Other than an extremely difficult morning with B, that's about all folks.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Red Scarves 07

My 5 scarves for Red Scarf Project 07 are wrapped up, in a box, and ready to be shipped out at lunch time.

Here we have Lumberjack to whom you've already been introduced and his buddy Moss Stitch (or is it double seed?) in Lang Live. The color's merlot.
The two on the left are my Austermann Melody scarves (Accordian, alternating rows of garter with stockinette, and Dreamweaver, basketweave of course). Color here is wild cherry. And last is my favorite scarf, although she's a curly one. Spiral rib from the 365 stitches calendar in Patons Classic, Really Red. I love the look of this rib when it's blocked way out and nearly flat. It's a nice drapey fabric in this gauge and yarn. I think I want a jacket in it.
Billy was a pill again this morning. I had to dress him in his crib. Then he had to lie down in our bed for a while and again refused a coat. Fortunately, it wasn't as cold this morning and Hubby'd warned up the car, so 10 minutes late, I hustled him out in his Piderman sweatshirt and Yankee knit hat. Yes, we caved. What else are you going to do on deadline?
Hubby wants to get out even earlier tomorrow. With my not being home till after 9 pm, he needs to leave work early to pick up B. I'm thinking B needs to go to bed way earlier and I need to start the wake-up process earlier.
I'd always liked to let him sleep in until as late as possible, but I need more time if he's going to be this difficult.
In happy news, I received my Kodak back from my sister and I find if I change the size on the pics when uploading, blogger actually posts them! Two seems to be the limit, though.

Monday, January 22, 2007

this explains

Via Manolo's Shoe blog, today is blue monday.

Stay Bed!

Unlike a lot of mommies, I don't get mad when my kid yells at me. I feel guilty about it sometimes, but I don't take it personally. I modelled the behavior, so I have no right to feel disrespected. I do worry about him yelling at other adults, especially those that don't yell at him (which would be the vast majority of people over 5).

This morning the B did not want to get up. He kept saying "stay bed." When I kept insisting he get up and get dressed and go to school, he started yelling "stay bed."

You know how people have problems with their child climbing out of the crib? One of B's classmates started climbing out of his crib at 7 months. My B has no interest in getting out of bed on his own (probably because he has so much stuff in it). He'll start to climb out only if someone is there to help him. Otherwise, he'll just yell until we get him.

This morning, while I was trying to talk him into getting dressed, B climbed into his crib. Like I said, he wanted to stay bed.

He also wanted to wear pajamas and slippers all day. He wanted nothing to do with a coat. He went out the door wearing two shirts (a SpongeBob SquareKilt t-shirt and his spiderman shirt), the Ronan I knit him a year ago, a light Yankees sweatshirt, and his Elmo letterman style jacket. Reminded me of the kid in the snowsuit in "A Christmas Story."

It was not a great getting out the door morning chez Netter. Much yelling and many tears, and that was just me.

I'm feeling super stressed right now. I'm a little behind at work (mostly because I cannot seem to get it in gear on overdue stuff for HR), I've got a day trip for work that will keep me from being home for bedtime on Wednesday, and we've got this trip to Florida later this week which has been complicated by some family issues I'm not going to get into. On top of hormones, being off my meds, and Hubby snoring all night, it's a Monday all right.

I did have a productive weekend, though. My last two red scarves are blocking. I'm going to pack them up tonight and mail them out tomorrow (need to go out at lunchtime and see if I can find a nice ribbon to use).

I also totally surpassed my goal for Bounce. Not only did I finish knitting the back during nap on Saturday, I joined the front and back, and knit the ribbing. I also got all the ends woven in (1/2 Saturday night, 1/2 during nap yesterday) and am through the first 1/3 of sleeve one. I hope to get sleeve one mostly done tonight. Since Molly's taking a trial run with a new dog sitter tonight that shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

New socks

Yeah, I know I said I'd get back to work on some socks I've already started (the second pair of beaded rib anklets and my Here There be Dragons socks), but since B has worn his Zebra Jaywalkers to much, I decided to cast on another pair for him. Yarn is Elann Esprit in Indigo Gold. Hubby likes them. I started the other day on the way home after I finished that last scarf. 2 x 2 rib.

This post brought to you by our latest viewing of Cars.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm a lumberjack, and I've got fringe

Rowan plaid in Hearty in 2 x 2 rib over 18 stitches. Knit one skein until the end. Bind off. Makes ~58". I added fringe in Patons Classic, Really Red. The black in the Plaid scanned a bit blue. Or it's just my monitor.
This is my second favorite of the five red scarves. My most favorite is in the Patons Really Red in a spiral rib. It needs to be blocked. I'll show you when it's done.

Post brought to you by the movie Cars, in our 8 millionth viewing.

Guess what B was wearing when I picked him up at school! Did I mention that Hubby had to pack PJs, just in case. He couldn't wait to get back into his real clothes.

Snow can be a good thing

When used to distract your toddler so that Mommy can apply a weather-appropriate coat, snow is a good thing. B just stood at the storm door watching the snow and didn't even flinch when I put an actual coat on him. Yay snow!

Again, the kid is expressing his non-conformist attitude. Today is pajama and teddy bear day at daycare. B wanted real clothes (he actually picked a matching outfit, well, except for the red stripey socks) and yelled at Daddy "No pence bear." (Spencer is the bear's name, he can't quite say it.)

Hubby, in his Republican conformity, is all concerned that B isn't following along with the "fun." Me, I take perverse pleasure in it. Especially since his knowing his own mind this morning wasn't taking any skin off my back!

In good news, Hubby found the receipt for my Polaroid. I'm shipping it back for repairs tomorrow and hopefully it will all be covered under warranty!

I've fallen behind on Bounce. I can't remember the row count, but I still hope to have the front done this weekend. I did reach the armhole bind-offs so the rows are 12 stitches shorter.

I finished my last Red Scarf on the way home last night. I have 2 completely finished, 1 to fringe, and 2 to wash and block. I hope to mail them out tomorrow or Monday.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

my polaroid

I went up to the polaroid repair place today. They don't service my model (maybe the digitals at all). I have to send it away. But, it will be worth it. Hubby did a great job picking it out for me.

I loaned my crappy old Kodak to my sis on her honeymoon (they'd forgotten one). She's mailing it back to me. I should be able to post pics soon.

We may have pics again, one of these days.

Frustration, thy name is toddler

I've been doing very well lately, staying calm and level in the face of B's total two-ness. (I informed him this morning as he was resisting a shirt that he's the Original CrankyPants.)

I just go with the flow and allow him his fits, if he needs one, and insist on what's going to keep him safe and healthy. Usually, if I stay even, he gets over it much faster than if I react negatively. Yes, he's going to be three in a couple weeks and I'm just figuring this out.

It was working well. Until we were on our way out the door this morning and B insisted he didn't need anything more than a windbreaker. It was 24° F this morning, he needed a real coat. I was struggling to get one on him as Hubby was loading the car and B was using his 40 lbs to thwart me. Then angry Momma spewed up all over the place, including all over poor hubby. I think there were a number of factors at work here: PMS (do not denigrate the power of the female hormones); rushing to be on time to work; work stress; I hate the cold and wish it were 50° again.

I apologized to Hubby and will do so to Billy, too, when I pick him up tonight. I'll let him know that Mommy was wrong to scream and yell and that she's sorry. I'm not sure he'll remember, but let's try to instill good habits in both of us. I also told Hubby that I'm thinking this is an isolated incident, my recent good humor as witness, but that if it become a pattern, we'll need to call the doctor about some new meds.

In other news, I got a huge stash of fabric last night. Seriously, like 15 yards. If I can carve out some time to actually sew, look for developments in these here parts.

I did do some knitting last night (after getting my diswasher back up and running, Hubby likes to call me Irene Lorenzo). I'm only 6 rows behind on Bounce now. I still hope to finish the back this weekend. Unfortunately for me, I'm really beginning to hate dots!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Would someone please go and buy this and this so that I can stop thinking about it? The regret of missing out on cheap Calmer, especially the tangerine, would be painful, but the temptation is killing me! I mean come on now. Even on eBay Calmer generally goes for $9 a skein and here we have it for less than $4?

I know I have a get out of jail free card, but I can't use that in January. That would blow the whole thing to smithereens.

In other news, got my copy of Norsk Strikkedesign yesterday. (I got my copy here for a good price. Slightly damaged, okay the spine's a little wrinkled on the bottom.) Oh my word. I love it. The stash challenge will help me save enough to really splurge on the yarn. Not sure I'll go with the kits; I'm thinking I may need to go up in gauge so that the sweater will fit me.

I'm eight rows short of meeting my row of balls goal on Bounce. Official excuse: I had to make more center-pull butteflies. Actual excuse: a pint of Ben & Jerry's. See, I'm so not good with the temptation thing.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Of course, I've just started to get the Holiday candy weight off my body when my boss decides he's so happy we made our numbers, he's bringing in Valetine's day chocolate. I'm never going to be a size 6 (granted I think I skipped right over that particular number when puberty hit...).

sneak peek

No, my camera is still not working. I was going to finally take it in today, but I'm at home waiting for an appliance repair guy. Our 6 year-old dishwasher started spilling water all over the floor last night. Fortunately, the cancel and drain button works. Appointment is for between 8 and noon. Almost 9, no call, yet. (Just called, I'm next.)

I do, however, have a sneak peek of the back of Bounce for you. I met my goal and finished the back Sunday night right before bed. No, I haven't woven in the ends yet. So just now, I was sitting here catching up on the blogs this morning and working on the ribbing for the front and realized I could scan the back to show you. You can see that there a places that need a little tweaking, but over all I'm happy with it.
Now, to go work on the front. I barely touched it yesterday and I'm a day behind. Maybe, I'll be able to get through two rows of balls today.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Post Partum Crazy Race

Thordora's been hosting a little "event." Originally, I had declined to participate. I wasn't prepared to go public with my experience, but after my mini-rant this morning, I've decided that disclosure is the order of the day. More real women need to be open about their PPD experiences for the media and non-affected to understand. In regards to the race, I hope the "winner" is randomly drawn, because on the drama scale, I won't win.

Things started out pretty quietly. B had to stay in the hospital after I was discharged, but only for a day. My parents, and in-laws, and Hubby stayed with me the first couple of weeks to help me take care of myself (couldn't do the stairs for a long time, episiotomy and tearing), making sure I ate and rested. Helping with B as I pumped. We had a latch issue with him having been in special care while we in the hospital. I used to bottle feed him, put him down to sleep, and them pump, and then sleep for an hour before he was up again. Fortunately, our pediatrician is a little old school and put me right on nipple shields. We got the nursing thing down and had no problems giving them up later. Once we settled in with nursing, things seemed okay. Then it was just me and B all day.

The first afternoon of hysterical crying was a few weeks after B was born, not sure how many days we'd been just the two of us for 11 hours, I chalked it up to being tired and the B wanting to nurse so much, kid grew like a weed as an infant. I got myself under control after a couple of hours of pacing around with him and rocking him (and leaving him in his crib while I was in the other room because neither of us could stop crying). But it happened again the next day, and the next. Eventually I started counting. After two weeks, I realized I needed help. I had a follow-up at the doc and she asked how the baby was and I said good (because he was doing well after a sort of rough start), then she asked how I was and I said not so good. I told her I wasn't coping.

Then I admitted the worst truth. I'd been having horrible thoughts. She asked if I'd been thinking of hurting myself. I said no, him. I didn't want to hurt my baby. But these images just kept popping into my mind. The obsenity of these thoughts was another reason I knew I needed help, the hysterical crying thing wasn't enough on its own.

So, they started me on the meds and things got better. I even managed the doc discovering an unrepaired tear that had been causing me much pain for weeks fairly well. We thought the lump was just one of those benign and common cysts, but is was a clot. Bloody mess!

After a few weeks of SSRIs, I was able to smile again and the crying stopped and B and I continued to bond.

It wasn't all roses after that. I've had relapses that required upping of meds and going back on after weaning. My psych thinks I'd had undiagnosed Depression in the past.

PPD on Scrubs

I've never really watched Scrubs regularly. I've wanted to because I enjoy it's quirkiness, but it's been a long time since I've committed to a sitcom.

I have to say I had to turn off last night's episode. I didn't see last week's episode, where Carla starts showing signs of PPD. But last night, she and Turk brought the baby home (and knowing medicine today, it's only been a few days since the baby was born), and in a day or so (time is not well-demarcated on this show), she leaves the baby with a neighbor and takes off.

This is an extremely truncated PPD timeline. Generally baby blues set in right away and clear up, but full-blown PPD symptoms don't start until 2-3 weeks after delivery, when the hormone train switches tracks.

I know that PPD needs to be more well-publicized (and you notice how men can now get PPD, even though they have no pregnancy hormones), but I'm tired of TV shows using it as their drama prop du jour. Most of the crime dramas I like have trotted out the psycho-PPD mom and now a sitcom has a PPD storyline.

Maybe I'm being over-sensitive, as a mom with PPD, but I don't like this trend. I was reading a recent article about men and PPD, and it mentioned that there have been many recent cases where mom's have used PPD as a defense. Well, duh. If you're psychotic (and PPD can become a psychosis), you should use a diminished capacity defense.

I just think the way the media handles this illness, and most mental illnesses, is unfair. I hope Scrubs has been pointing people to real information about PPD (I know CBS has been after they had a PPD mom on an episode of Cold Case, the lead actress has been doing those awareness ads).

This disease affects real people. Normal everyday people. With treatment most of us do bond with our children and don't follow through on the compulsive thoughts that are a hallmark of the illness. We continue to be productive members of society and maintain relationships with our spouses and children. I hope Scrubs handles the plotline with dignity (which the show does have although you wouldn't expect it), but I have little faith in Hollywood.

psyche me up

I'm feeling tired, and have a mild head ache, and oh so blah.

I should be more excited.

I've started the second row of balls on Bounce.

Three day weekend this weekend.

Hubby and I have a date tomorrow (dinner and concert at BB King's, going to see The Smithereens).

But, instead, I want to go to sleep after eating through an entire Krispy Kreme store.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I sat down with Bounce (formerly known as Billy's Birthday Sweater, which is just too much to keep typing) last night. I re-set to the first row of the chart, rewound my six center-pull butterflies, and started knitting again. I'm meticulously counting the number of blue stitches and ecru stitches and marking off each row as I knit it. I'm also keeping the post it (the really, really big ones which fits nicely over this chart) over the rows above where I am (Sally says it's good so you see where your yarn is coming from, Annie Modesitt also talks about it here). We're happily working together toward the same ends. I can't believe I just said ends. Those will be fun when it comes time.

Question: I already mentioned that I'm duplicate stitching the seams of the balls (using only the charts that look like baseballs), and I was toying with the idea of using some red to do the duplicate stitching. What do you think?

So far, and I'm probably shooting myself in the foot, it's been pretty easy to stay away from my usual yarn pushers. Of course, it's only been three weeks (and my last purchase only arrived the other day). I have been doing some other shopping. My shoes came yesterday, and I'm very happy with them. Although, I think I have to return the green suede loafers, they're a little tight. I like them way too much to wind up not wearing them. Good thing Zappos has free-shipping both ways! I love that. With a full-time job, a two hour commute each day, and a kid, I don't have time to go shopping much. This way I order, two days later I have the shoes, and if they don't fit or I don't like them, I can send them back.

I had also ordered a new zipper for Kirk. That came yesterday with a nice, big box of t-pins and some orang snips which B really, really wanted. Um, no. I may be a lax mom, but I am not letting him play with those.

Now, I need to go schedule his three-year physical (forms for daycare, doncha know) and call that camera-repair store that doesn't respond to its own online estimate request form. Not to mention doing my actual job.

Thanks for the encouragement on the Pinwheel. If I didn't have deadline knitting, I probably would have cast on last night.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not so much loving of the intarsia

So, I ripped out nearly 20 rows of the Billy sweater last night. I know I sang of the glories that are Sally Melville's intarsia tips yesterday. But Sally Melville wasn't helping me read the chart. I didn't realize that all the ball shapes aren't the same and then when I re-started, I kept losing my place. Large post-its and a row counter to the rescue.

Problem is, Billy's birthday is in three weeks. Not sure I'll be finished by then. I had figured to get the back done this week, the front next week, the sleeves the following week before we got to FL for a long weekend, and do the finishing when we get back. I'm sincerely doubtful I can knit 140+ rows with intarsia, limited to just the time Billy is in bed, in the next four days. But, I'll try.

In other news, I have 13 balls of silk garden in #84 and 10 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in coal. I'd been toying with the idea of making a throw (I know great idea with a white sheddy dog and an almost three year-old), but last night it dawned on me. Wouldn't it look great in this? I know I may have to fiddle the size a bit, but I think it would look great! Here let me put that on the list of things to knit:

Finish mom's ballband dishclothes
Finish red scarves (due mid-January)
Finish my blue surf anklets and red dragon socks
Orange Chunky Swirl mittens
Billy's birthday sweater (due 2/2)
Hubby's Aran (already started, to be finished by the AC St. Paddy's parade 3/10)
F-i-L's 2007 birthday sweater (in Rowan Plaid, due 3/23)
Billy's Portofino jacket, a re-knit for Spring
Jaywalkers in Regia Silk, for me
Hubby's St Andrew's cross sweater
Go with the Flow cami in Denim
Lace Leaf Shawl
Green bouclerino jacket for me
Spring baby blanket
M-i-L's 2007 birthday sweater (due 8/30)
Lil sis's birthday Knee highs (due 9/6)
Mom's 2007 birthday sweater (due 10/26)
Dad's 2007 birthday sweater (due 12/29)
Silk Garden Pinwheel

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dr. Colorknit, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Intarsia

Sally Mellville rocks.

My maternal grandmother was a master of intarsia (and crocheted lace, and braided rugs, and sewing, and...). She used to make these Mary Maxim sweaters with the most detailed pictures on the front and back. The trout one has so many colors and spots, it's insane. She would even customize the picture and colors for you. Actually, if you could get my dad to draw something on graph paper or if it could be traced onto graph paper, she'd knit it up for you. (One time, she made an ALF sweater after dad drew the graph for her. I wonder if he still has that sweater.)

Although she taught me to knit when I was a kid, she passed in 2001 before I really got the bug and could have benefitted from her expertise. I have all of the books, patterns and needles we've found in the house (no one else in the family knits), and I've always wanted to picture knit like she did (just not in the squeaky acrylic she used).

In 2003, I got up the nerve and decided to teach myself intarsia. I worked up a crate blanket for my dog. It's in three panels. The outside panels are striped-garter stitch and the middle has Molly and a dog bone knit in intarsia. It sucks. Stitches are wonky, it puckers, it's just a horrible looking thing. Let's not talk about the fact that some of the ends are too short and it threatens to unravel. I was terribly disappointed and began to fear intarsia as much as I so desperately wanted to do picture knitting (for kids and dogs, you know). I despaired of ever making a Mary Maxim bowling sweater.

So, when it came time to sign up for Stitches East in '05, Intarsia was on the top of my list. Sally Melville had a class, Learn to Love Intarsia. It was one of my first choices. The tips and techniques she taught were invaluable. The swatches I worked up in class were in cotton and they looked great. Very little wonkiness, no puckering. I didn't agree with her suggestions on designing an intarsia piece, but the mechanisms of the process were made crystal clear. I did like her suggestion of putting a sweater cut-out over a picture or piece of art you liked, we just disagree on how big the motifs should be. I guess I'm more Kaffe/Brandon on that.

Why am I bringing this up now? Billy's Birthday sweater. I started the color work the other night. The first row of color work has 7 blocks, 3 ecru and 4 blue (I'm taking Sally's advise and duplicate stitching any element that's only a few stitches wide, otherwise, the seams in the balls would add so much more work to this part of the project). My center-pull butterflies (Sally recommends against bobbins as they add weight) were getting all tangled up last night as I got further into the motifs.

Then I remembered, Sally suggested putting your butterflies into a shoe box. See, you poke holes into the side of a cardboard shoe box (making slits from the top down to the holes so it's easy to insert and remove the yarn). All of your working colors go inside the box in the order you work them in the rows. This prevents tangling and keeps everything neat. So long as you turn your work in opposited directions (for example, to the left when moving to RS, to the right when moving to WS), you get no tangles. Each WS row, I make sure all of my strands aren't wrapped around each other and it's a breeze! Bonus points for being able to keep the dog out of my yarn while I'm working!

If I had a working camera, I'd take some pics and show you. Hmm, I do have a 35 mm roll that's just about done. Maybe I'll take some of the knitting pics I want to share and scan them when they've been developed. How Old School.

The only problem with the intarsia box? It's not so portable. But, working from a chart's not so easy on the bus or train anyway. Commute knitting is a Red Scarf until I decide on a new sock.

Another tip that's saving my skin on this piece: when you've got a vertical line between colors, drop the old color and pick up the new color before inserting the needle into the next stitch. Helps prevent extreme wonkiness. See, normally, I'd want to use the stitch to hold the needles (especially since I throw, what can I say, Nanny was a thrower, too), but that causes the stitches to be all stretched out and wonky. If you change the yarns first, you can keep even tension and help prevent wonkiness. I've got a bit of what looks like rowing out, but it's not too bad. (I'm probably pulling differently when knitting vs. purling.)

She also made it clear how to pick up the new color from underneath the old color, something I just could not get when trying to teach myself from books. I also liked her tips for stranding on smaller blocks and working the ends in as you go. Unfortunately, with the color contrast of the two yarns I'm using, I can't do either of those with this project.

I'm definitely looking forward to more color work. Maybe I'll step up to some fair isle some day.

Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Billies Win

We had several rousing games of Hi-Ho Cherry-O this morning. I can't remember why it was such a great idea to buy the almost three year-old board games for Christmas. But, I've played many, many games of Cherry-O and CandyLand before breakfast in the last few weeks. I realize he's learning lots of things, but do we have to do it before breakfast?

It's just wrong that I find it adorable when he tries to sneak extra cherries into his basket (dude can count to four). But his favorite part is when he has to dump his bucket.

Every night now when he's getting ready for bed I get the run down of what he's going to do when he wakes up. First, it's repeated declartions that he's going to have breakfast when he wakes up. Then, he aks to play Cherry-O when he wakes up. Then we go through everyone he's going to see at school, all the ladies by name and then he's going to see kids, and last night he told me he was going to see a red chair, too. The "have brefass, wake up" thing is announced throughout the day. He could have just finished lunch, but you need to know he's going to have breakfast in the morning.

Sorry to go on and on about this, I'm just loving the dude this morning.

Monday, January 08, 2007

new addiction

So, I've replaced yarn shopping on eBay with button shopping. MMM, vintage-y buttons with the added excitement of someone trying to take them away from me. I'll share the finds when I have them in my hot little hands.

I should really, really close that account.

I'm also kicking myself for browsing over at Three pairs of shoes heading my way (note I chose the under $39.99 option). Granted, I do need new work shoes that aren't open-toe. I went a little crazy last spring on the warm-weather shoes, but just because it's balmy up here (70 on Saturday), I'm not breaking out my sandals.

Still waiting for the repair estimate on my camera. I do not understand business that are so busy they don't want more work.

I've also ordered a zipper for Dad's Kirk and some t-pins for blocking in the future.

I've got six scarves blocking away right now. Four are for the Red Scarf project. One will need to be lengthened a bit and then they'll be shipped out. I upped last year's contribution by 400%. Next year, I hope to have at least 6 to send. The other one is b-i-l's belated birthday scarf and the one I don't think I can part with. We'll see.

Friday, January 05, 2007

34 miles

Thirty-four miles takes me from my house past Valley Stream on Long Island. About an hour's drive.

I have more than thirty-four miles of yarn in my stash.

How do I know this? Because I've logged all of my recent, sweater-sized Elann, Webs, and Herrschners orders, plus the eBay stuff I could remember (or that was still sitting in my office) into a spreadsheet. (It's based on a free template Microsoft's got posted for wine collections. I'd post a picture, but new blogger is the same as the old blogger in that regard.)

So far I've counted over 470 balls of yarn, totalling 60000+ yards, or 34 miles.

It does not include sock yarn (although I have at least 8 balls of that right here in my desk), nor does it include what is left of my Stitches '05 haul or a lot of other stuff I've bought on eBay or older orders that were not still in my history at Herrschners. It doesn't include smaller purchases for things like Red Scarves, or odd balls left over from completed projects, or yarn received in swaps.

I have horded a ridiculous amount of yarn. Fortunately, I'm only 34, so I don't think I've passed SABLE status. But boy oh boy, I'm going to be busy for the next nine months knitting from this stash.

Who gets privacy anymore?

Okay, we're not allowed to know who met with VP Dick Cheney to set policy that affects each and everyone of us, not to mention future generations who will have to deal with environmental policies based on the administration's energy policy, but the President reserves the right for the government to search first class mail under exigent circumstances? Yeah, maybe in bizarro-world that makes sense. What happens in the West Wing under the aegis of the Government is supremely private and not for us little peons to know about, but under the guise of protecting us from terrorists, #43 keeps eroding the constitution.

I don't generally get political on this here space because this is my knitting blog, but there comes a time in each person's life where we have to say Enough!

I know the new Congress will help some, but there is no response possible from either of the other two branches to signing statements and #43 has added 750 to bills in the last 6 years. Morea than the previous 42 presidents combined!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Project Spectrum 2007

Project Spectrum 2007 sign-ups are open here. Lolly's mixed it up a bit. Two month blocks of three colors. B's sweater needs to be done by Feb 2, but F-i-L's sweater this year is gray, so it will fit. I've got some ideas for the other color groups, including my first shawls!

B's Zebra Jaywalkers

If my camera were working, I'd post a pic of B's zebra socks. I finished them Christmas Eve and he has not shown any interest in them since unwrapping them Christmas Day. I almost got him to wear them today, but then he decided he wanted ORANGE socks instead. (Note to self: if you ever see orange sneakers in his size, buy them.) My knitting group really wants to see a pic of the two of us wearing our Zebra jays. If it ever happens, and I have a working camera, I'll share.

That's one more FO for 2006.

I'm plugging away on my B-i-L's birthday scarf. I'm just over half done. I've got two Red Scarves on the needles to finish up. I did complete a beautiful lengthwise garter stitch scarf in Butterfly by D'Vie, but no pics. I'm working on a matching hat. If I can bear to part with them, I'm giving them to my admin as a belated holiday gift.

I cannot wait to start working on B's birthday sweater. It's Bounce from Miss B's Seaside. I'm working it in Twilley's Freedom Denim I got on sale at Herrschner's. Swatching will commence tomorrow (or tonight if I get bored with the scarves).

No news on the electronic gremlins haunting me. Polaroid confirmed no warranty without proof of purchase (no we don't still have the receipt) and no quote yet from the repair place. Haven't touched the printer or DVD cam.

B only cried for 5 minutes last night after I put him to bed. Schedules are the greatest thing in the world for toddlers! Two days at school and he's getting the hang of it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Me + electronic devices = disaster

Gee, blogging is boring without pictures. My camera won't even turn on for me. Guess I tried to finesse the lens a bit too much. I've sent an estimate request to the Polaroid repair people here in Manhattan. I'm hoping the camera is still under warranty, but I don't have the receipt and I'm not sure I registered it. I do still have the box and the serial number. It's only been mine for four months, but I love it so. I feel I've lost an appendage.

I'm having horrible luck with electronics lately.

My Dell DJ's been a royal pain for a while now. Not holding a charge for more than a day.

Our Dell all-in-one printer is on the fritz after I ordered and loaded the wrong style ink cartidges. Let's not discuss the hours I spent trying to get the carriage to move with the lid slightly ajar or the joy that is getting the encoder strip back in place. It refuses to recognize the brand new color cartridge at all and is mis-reading the ink level on the new black one. I'm going to try a few more things and if they don't work, I'll order a new one. In the two years we've had this machine prices have come down considerably. It's only $60 more to get a new one than to talk to a Dell service rep about this one that's off warranty.

Then there's our Sony DVD Handycam. We've had it three years, and like all new parents, we've stopped taping our son's every move. (Mostly because I had run out of blank DVDs.) Now, we have blank DVDs, just in time for the holidays, but the picture is all screwed up. I tried to tape B's holiday pageant a few weeks ago and got lots of weird feedback from the lights. There was flashing and streaking. I had a dim hope it was just the arc lights in the gymnasium. It's happened since under other artificial lights as well. Gave a neat appearance to our Christmas tree and the candles on my dad's birthday cake. I'm going to try a new DVD and then rip my hair out if it doesn't work!

B's still cute. I didn't have to put him to bed last night, so I could appreciate him more this morning. Hubby and I watched the Devils lose to the Rangers in an eight round shoot-out. I hate the shoot-out. Just keep playing overtime if you don't want ties.

In exciting regional news, the main road through town was shutdown with a water main break this morning, right in front of the train station. I knew something was up when I heard helicopters overhead when I woke up. It made for a slightly longer bus ride in (we had to loop around the block). Haven't heard if the water at my place is potable. We did have enough pressure for showers this morning.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I know, I'm being unoriginal. But, it's so cute to think of the year in Bondsian terms.

Things have been going well, we totally made our numbers at work, I got all my chores done before my parents arrived (except Kirk still does not have a zipper, and I still have yarn to finish a few more ball bands), I've not gone completely insane [although, little miss angry (kind of like Little Miss Scary, but without the smile) has made a couple short visits mainly when I was stressed aobut the to do list], and I'm itching much less.

So those are all plusses and we're only 2 days into the new year.

On the negatives, I've killed my new digital camera* and B's being a complete brat about going to bed.

On the fun side, he's totally getting into listing things. The other day he listed what he wanted for brefast when he woke up: juice, vegetables [which the child barely eats at any other meal], sandwich. It's amazing how verbal he's becoming.

I haven't bought any yarn, but I will be making a purchase soon. I need to buy a zipper for Kirk. I won't buy any yarn, although, depending upon the purchase point, needles or fabric may come home with me. Not to mention some memory wire. I want to make my own wine glass jewelry.

Here are my 06 FO's. No, I'm not sneaking Kirk in, he's not done (not to mention no picture).

Hat in Lorna's Laces Chunky Swirl in Carrot
Chickami (7/13-11/?)
Ballband Dishclothes for M-i-L's shore place (11/9-11/15)
Zebra Jaywalkers (10/1-11/17)
Mom's Go with the Flow (10-6-11/6)
Wedding Garters in Disco Lights
Reticule in Disco Lights
Hydrangea Chevron socks
Salsa CeCe for Me (5/13-7/13)
Blues Before and After Chevron socks (6/5-6/23)
The Wedding Stockings, begun 3/29 finished 6/4)
Pumpkin Broadripples (4/12-4/30)
Billy's" Ronan (1/18-3/30)
Cigar (3/3-3/26)
Olympic Sweater (2/10-3/3)
Hubby's boot socks (1/26-2/8)
Billy's Cougar (1/3-2/3)
Red scarf for the Red Scarf Project (1/12-1/20)
Hubby's Christmas Cables (11/2-1/8)
Billy's Christmas Cables (12/16-1/10)

*I figure I've got two options, either buy a new one without hubby knowing, or get this one fixed without hubby knowing. Yes, I do realize that I have issues with confessing boo-boos to the spouse.