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Friday, April 29, 2005

I bailed

I can't tell you why, I'm not even sure I know why, but I didn't go to Lord & Taylor yesterday to see the Harlot. I think mostly because I just didn't plan it out and it was in the middle of the work day, yada yada yada. So I'm a little disappointed in myself. Especially since I read about how great it was and she was (and there were goody bags).

Still no word from my doctor. Since I've not had a migraine headache since Monday, I'm not too upset about it. Ironic thing last night, my half-sister called me. She gets migraines, too. But, we have the same mom, and mom doesn't get them. Her symptoms are very similar to mine and we both have "irregular" headaches in that they don't follow the same pattern every time.

I've been in the office since before 8 am. The lights were still mostly off on the floor when I got here (and I had to use the stairs because the elevator was still locked on our floor, I walked down from 6 which was open). I plan on leaving a little after 11 so I can get some lunch, grab the noon bus and get B to his Dr's appointment at 1:15. Then we need to pack and get out the door to VT!

Last night I told hubby I felt like I should be cleaning or packing or something to get ready for the trip. As it was he did a load of laundry, I did the dishes, and watched CSI. As it was, he talked me out of bathing the dog. I didn't even knit! I did watch some of Survivor, too. I haven't gotten too into this season, but I've heard it's been a good one.

Let me just say my toy camera stinks! I have to put fresh batteries in it everytime I want to use it. So I did that this morning and got a couple of cute pics of B on a braided rug my Nanny made. Stupid camera wouldn't let me take them out when I hooked it to the USB cord it wouldn't even turn on! AARGH!!! I think I need to talk the hubby into getting a digital camera!

Well, I have a lot to do today and a few meetings this morning before I can get going.

Here's the bind off for the arm holes (this is the right one). We have progress!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

oh yeah

I called my doctor's office. They got the results last night and he's supposed to be calling me about it. Glad I'm feeling better without the results!

My best friend

I really do like my pediatrician, but I don't want her to be my best friend. I'd like to spend time with women doing things other than poking and prodding my son. Billy's right ear has been dripping wax, a sure sign that a child with tubes has an infection. So tomorrow, right before we drive to Vermont, I get to take B to Dr. Maggie and have his ears looked at again. Which is fine, because this cough and snottiness he's had for weeks and for which he's been on meds for weeks (literally 3) has not improved.

what do you do with a snoring husband?

I'd like to put mine in the street so I could get a night's sleep, but I wound up on the couch. He's nearly impossible to wake up once he's a sleep. I don't know how he can sleep so deeply. I'm so exhausted. This is the second night he's done this to me. Woken me up by coming to bed at 2 am (he falls asleep watching TV, I used to call him with the cell and get him to bed at a decent hour) and keeping me up by snoring his ever loving head off. I could close my eyes and drift off right now...

Fortunately, the migraines have tapered off. I still get headaches, but they're not full-blown migraines. I did start getting a little tingly and loopy yesterday, but the meds held it off. I still plan to call my doctor for my results by noon-time. (Everyone keeps calling about the MRI, M-i-L, my mom, my dad's parents called them.)

I've only got one bust increase to finish. Then it's on to the armscyes, or holes, or whatever you want to call them. I went to bed at 9 pm last night and didn't knit at all this morning; the only recent progress was on the bus home, which was good. Too tired to do anything else. Hope I don't nap too much in the car tomorrow afternoon! Must get Air sewn! Nope I haven't touched it!

I think I really should plan to head up to Lord and Taylor this afternoon to by the bookbookbook and have it signed by the Harlot herself!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

lots of rows

I've nearly completed the bust increases again. Let's hope I don't screw them up some more! I'd love to have the back of my T done before we hit the road Friday.

I knit a lot on the bus and watching TV with Miss Molly last night. (I did give her a bone to distract her.)

I also dyed my hair. I can't really get a good picture. It's much brighter and much redder. Although, no one has noticed.

Hubby got home really late last night. After 2 AM! Then he kept snoring and waking me up! He's lucky I haven't had a headache today! He's not noticed and I'm not going to tell him. Man, am I tired. I've been having progress meetings with my PEs today. Fun, fun, fun. All I want to do is knit more rows and take a nap. I could also use some lunch. Think I'll go eat.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Just when I think I have a handle on my symptoms something goes blooey. This morning I didn't think I was going to make it, but now I feel great. Whereas yesterday started good and ended badly, although having dinner helped quite a bit.

My Onyx Calmer finally came. I got so spoiled with PayPal it was excrutiating to wait for a check to clear! I can't wait to start my own Air. I hope I have enough yarn!

It's just me and the kids tonight. Hubby got free tickets to the Yankee game. I don't know what Billy and I will do for dinner. I do have a feeling I'll be bribing Miss Molly with a yummy bone and trying to get some knitting done. I dug out Mom's Air and started weaving in some ends, but I didn't get too far before Molly wanted her Mommy-pillow. I really, really need to get this jacket seamed before we show up at Mom and Dad's. Then the question will be what are you going to make your other sister? Nothing, because I'm not allowed to buy any more yarn and I don't think I have something in stash for her.

No call from the doctor today. I'd think I would be more upset if today had been a worse day.

This is what I ripped of the T. Rows and rows of it. I have to re-do all of the bust increases. *sigh*

Monday, April 25, 2005


So of course, I brag about feeling better and I get an aura and singly lips and hands and things. So far, not much pain. I wish I could have slept more last night. Gee it's hard to type in this condition.

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night....

Stevie's dulcet tones welcomed me to the MRI tube yesterday morning. Steve, the tech, was also there. He made it bareable as well. My doc will have the results tomorrow or Wednesday. Don't know when he'll let me know what's what. I am feeling better though. I've been a little oogy, but no extreme migraines. I'm glad I'm not claustrophobic. I don't know how I would have handled all that time in the little tube if I was.

Pray for treatable results. I think I've turned a corner, but we won't know until we know.

I nearly ripped NBaT. I finished all of the bust increases Saturday and somehow managed to drop some stitches and had to rip all 24 increase rows. I don't know why it's 2 steps forward, 3 steps back with this thing. I wasn't happy with the increseases, but I didn't want to do them over! Oh well, I've got 12+ hours in the car coming up this weekend. I should make some progress. I really, really must put mom's Air together so I can give her and dad their sweaters this weekend. (Mom's birthday is 6 months ago tomorrow!)

I'm really looking forward to seeing the family this weekend. I'm also looking forward to showing off my kid. I can't wait for my parents to see him walking and being his entertaining self. I hope he's not too "strange" with everyone. He's gotten a touch shy.

I'm glad my head's feeling better. I can get more knitting done! (And maybe screw up less!)

Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm me again!


My assistant manager is out sick. Should I be suspicious since he just gave notice?

I've still got a few rows to go until I get to the bust increaseses for NBaT. I'm still liking it a lot.

Not a whole lot to chat about today. I really have to get my but in gear and get some of these journals caught up. They'll send me back to books!

I go to the hospital Sunday for an MRI. Seems CIGNA won't let me go right to a CT SCAN. Off to Overlook hubby and I go. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix my head. I'm sick of headaches and nausea, and all that other stuff!

We'll be missing church. My appointment is for 9:30.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Made it yesterday

I gutted it through the whole day yesterday. I can I finish today, too? Hope, so.

Hubby's making noises about we shouldn't go to VT next weekend if my head is still bothering me. 6+ hours in the car is a long time with a migraine, but we haven't been up since August! Guess I just can't get any more head aches.

No to much for news. I do hear that I'll finally get my 2004 bonus next pay period. Netter's getting a new computer!

I don't have a whole lot to chat about today.

It was bigger, but I had a brain cramp that led to my ripping out a few rows. I'll get back to where I was this afternoon. (Assuming my head doesn't hurt too badly!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

CT Scan

Guess where I'll be Monday at 9 am. Cranford Diagnotic Center getting my head scanned. A contrast CT of my head and a CT of my sinuses. Maybe they'll be able to figure out what's wrong with my head!

So far, today's been good. But, we're heading into pain time so who knows.

I've just about started the bust increases on my NBaT.

One problem, I can't find my work ID. This poses a slight problem. I need to tear my house apart!

One other problem, my assistant manager is quitting. This is going to be interesting.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Interesting weekend

I had to leave the office early again on Friday. Hubby took me to a urgent care center since my doctor was on vacation and the covering doctor doesn't have office hours. They gave me another shot, but it helped. I was sick as a dog all afternoon. He also prescribed some barbituates. (Phenobarbital) I've been taking them nearly every day since. I'm going to go back to my doctor tomorrow and talk him into sending me to a neurologist or endocrinologist (in case they are hormonal). Eight migraines in a week and a half are TOO MANY. There have only been a handful of days where I've felt good. The drugs my doc gave me and the covering doc gave haven't really helped. I'm glad the barbituates help, but I can't take those forever. My parents are getting concerned that I'm not improving. Hubby says he wants my grumpy self back. And I'd like to read to my son without getting a headache.

I've been doing well with my T. I'm working the 24 rows even before the bust shaping. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the back finished this week.

Billy hit a milestone Saturday. He got his first hair cut. He looks so grown up. He also me our Friends Greg and Ling's baby Dylan. He's 6-months old. He looks so tiny compared to B. Even his feet looks tiny, tiny.

Billy also ate stuffed flounder for dinner last night. That kid will eat almost anything! Hubby and I joke about starting our own fish-baby food line. What better to way to get your kids to like fish than to start em off young?

I met a new knitter on the bus this morning. She was working on a pink and green mercerized cotton baby blanket in a basket weave knit. It was really pretty. I impressed her with my ability to knit and not look. It's her first project. She'll get the hang of knitting without looking eventually.

So far today is going well, head-wise. I've had some pressure but no migraine symptoms yet. It would be nice to get a few days in the office in a row. (Well, tomorrow I have 2 doctor's appointments so I have to leave early. Maybe I can start a streak on Wednesday!)

Finally, my black calmer is on it's way to me. Yippee. Can't have enough of the Rowan Calmer. I really need to start seaming my mom's sweater and put the zipper in Hello Billy. I'll be seeing my mom in 2 weeks. Must finish it. (Especially since it's only 6 months late!)

After. Neat and handsome. So grown up looking, too!


Before, looking a little scruffy.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Ah. It's Friday. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with my guys. I'm hopeful I can stay in the office all day again. I have a few meetings scheduled for today and, of course, plenty of catch up work to do (over 400+ invoices to sign off on).

I was pretty productive the last couple of days on my NBaT. Almost finished the waist decreases. I can't wait to wear it. I think I'll be wearing it a lot of this summer.

We had a good chat with Pastor Mac last night. He'll interweave the infant baptism and the adult joining of the church into one seam-less ceremony. We're going to do it Mother's Day. My parents are coming down for it. They're pretty happy that we're doing it. My dad said it was good because kids need to be raised in some faith. Not that they raised us too much that way, but we're happy with our decisions.

Well, those 400+ invoices won't approve themselves!

Wow. That's awfully brown-looking. Here's the latest progress on my T. I'm just finifshing up the last of the waist decreases.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

want a real camera

Who could recommend a decent digital (but not too expensive) camera? My stupid toy doesn't work on batteries anymore and I know I wouldn't be able to get hubby to spring for anything too expensive. Suggestions>


My assistant manager gets migraines, too. I went into his office to remind him we need to finish a conversation with one of our PEs. He asked me how my head was and told me to just say know if my Dr. starts talking about trappaning my skull for my migraines. I said I might go for it if it helps.

I thought I was going to have to bail again today, but I think I'm going to make it. One Frova and 2 advil migraine later and I don't think I'm going to lose my lunch. Yippee! I can actually survive a migraine! I'm not swearing on my productivity, but I'll be stoked if I make 7 hours in the office today! Must finish tidying the house before Pastor Mac visits tonight. And yes, that is his name! Hubby's going to get some cookies for us while I pick up the Billy.

I hope these migraines are going to go bye-bye. I want my head back!

I also want my 2005 bonus, too. I need a new computer and DSL, like yesterday!

Is it wrong that I like to call my son dude?

It hasn't been easy being me. So far, yesterday was my first day this week without a migraine. I had to leave work right after lunch Tuesday and go to the doctor. She gave me Frova and a shot. Neither of which really helped. In her office, I started getting sick and didn't stop for 6 hours. I wound up in the ER for a few hours getting fluids and anti-nausea medicine. The doc at the ER wouldn't give me any meds to take home. But, I'm doing okay. Poor hubby. Tuesday was bad for him. Billy was very unhappy (screaming the entire time he was home). Hubby was glad to take me to the hospital so Billy could be with Grammy. We both got to sleep in Weds. Poor little guy has a vicious diaper rash and anti-biotic induced diarrhea. Hubby felt like a failure becuase he couldn't make either of us better. I told him that no one was bleeding so he hadn't failed.

Not too much knitting done. I haven't really picked it back up. Hopefully tonight on the bus home.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


So, by the way the entire left side of my body went tingly and numb, I figured I was in for a doozy of a migraine ast night. Fortunately, I took my Axert pretty early on and the headache was over by 8:30 when I went to bed. The first symptoms started just after 6. I'm exhausted today, but my head never felt like it would explode.

The people my husband works with have him convinced they aren't migraines. They think I should be in the hospital getting tests. So of course, I started freaking out a bit last night with the extreme tingles and numbness in my hand. I should be able to feel my purse when it's in my hand right? What if it is something really bad? Hubby's cousin has MS, what if it's something like that?

I'm going to start to track things and hopefully it will all go away and just be my allergies prompting migraines. If the numbness and stuff doesn't get any better, I'm really going to start to freak out. Last night I almost had hubby take me to the hospital, at his prompting.

I think I'd feel better if my doctor weren't on vacation.

Our pastor is coming down Thursday so we can plan Billy's baptism and our becoming members of the church. Hopefully, I'll feel well enough this week to tidy up!

My NBaT is going well. I just started the waist shaping. I think I'm going to go solid purple. I don't think I'd wear a logo or sweater with contrasting colors as much as a plain one. (Although, I do think about making one with my leftovers.)

Monday, April 11, 2005

I have returned from migraine hell

I felt fine Wednesday morning. Until I had been in a training session for about an hour. Then my hands went numb, then my lips, once I couldn't see the trainer's whole face when looking right at him I knew I was in trouble. I couldn't walk down a flight of stairs. I overshot my floor, actually. It was the worse migraine I ever had. I didn't know what was going on. Hubby to me to the doctor and he gave me pills. They made my stomach worse, but I guess the helped the pain. I think it may have been too late, though. I was fine Thursday, just stayed home to rest. Then it was back at 5 pm. Early bed time for all that night! The Friday and Saturday I was fine, but woke up with another yesterday morning. (Not a good sign when you're whole arm is numb.) But it was gone by dinner time. (Fortunately, Hubby took Billy to church and his mom's so I could rest.) I've been okay most of today, but I'm also popping decongestants and Advil every four hours. Doc thinks my sinuses might be triggering the migraines. I've never had three so close together or three so virulent. I lost 4 pounds though. It's been crazy trying to get back into the swing of things. I had 14 voicemails and over 100 e-mails to wade through.

I spent all that time at home and didn't get much knitting done. Mainly because you can't knit when your head feels like that and I had Billy home with me Thursday and Friday (he's getting over his own thing).

I'm most pissed about missing Lost last week. Don't tell me. One of my colleagues can get it for me. He told me not to read anything about the episode.

Well, still have a few more e-mails to weed through.

Approaching the waist shaping. It's a lovely purple color. Now that it's getting nicer, I may start taking photos with natural light.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More Calmer!

Hubby is going to be MAD!

I stashed again. I actually won an eBay auction for my second non-Zeal 10 pack of Calmer. Onyx baby. I think I may have to knit an Air for myself. (Correction, I don't already have a pack of Zeal Calmer. It's Joy from before Zeal. It's a bit less vibrant than Zeal.) He got really made when he saw the entry for my Sour Calmer in the checkbook. He then apologized because he spends money, too. But he did encourage me to FINISH some projects already.

I made nearly 4 swatches to get gauge on my NBaT. I did 8s on Friday, way too tight. I tried 9s on Saturday, still off. Sunday was 10s and when I measured it this morning it seemed slightly too small. I started one with 10.5s, seemed way too loose (I mean got to find the right shade of purple for a new bra and maybe a purple camisole, got to hide those baby stretch marks). So I checked the 10 again and I think I can make it work. I'll be casting on this afternoon going home.

Yes, I haven't been knitting much. I spend most of my time on the weekends with Billy. And yesterday was rough. I over-indulged at Sunday's Yankee opener. Too many Bass and too little food. Yes, I am over 30, thanks for asking.

Tonight, we have a little celebration for Molly's 3rd birthday (which was yesterday). Hubby or I will go to Dairy Queen for treats for us (after Billy goes to bed, we want to keep his sweets to a minimum) and Molly gets her own Doggy Ice Cream.

Friday, April 01, 2005


So, somehow, automagically without my intervention, Blogger spit-out yesterday's post.

It makes some of my earlier post redundant and downright unfactual.

Happy April

Big sigh here, I had a great post written yesterday and Blogger ate it and then I was in a meeting for four and a half hours and had no time to recreate.

Mostly, it was about my excitement building up about going to see the Eagles last night. It was a great show. (We had seats and everything.) Of course, it was a cold tailgate. Heaven forbid we have two nice, Spring-like days in a row. But it was fun hanging with our friends.

I also had some pithy and interesting things to say about Angelina (boring hag) and my Nothin' but a T. I have officially put Angelina aside. And started the swatch for my T. I do have to do a bit of math (and print the pattern again), because I always think I'm smaller than I am.

Hopefully, I can cast-on this weekend.

Nothin' but a swatch. But it's Calmer, so it's a loverly swatch!