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Friday, February 29, 2008

even more picots

I'd say I'm in a rut, but there's nothing boring about these socks. When I first dyed this yarn, I called it orange crush, but when I cast-on for them last week in SC, I realized Flamingo was more like it (actually with a touch more red, they'd be scarlet ibises). So these are my flamingo picots. Pic was taken yesterday, sock two is slightly longer today. The pic is sad; the yarn is much pinker, more orange and brighter in person. They're actually brighter than my trekking socks.

The picots I showed you just before my vacation were completed in SC and have been worn frequently since I've been back in the cold weather. They just look so good with my brown cords and olive clogs.

In other knitting news, I finished, really and truly, Hubby's St Andrew's Flag sweater. He loves it and wore it to work today. Next time I do a large intarsia design, I'm going to keep in mind how the fabric curves around the body. The design is poorly placed. I've been thinking of doing a different version in a heavier gauge yarn for B or Hubby's Scottish grandfather.

What a crazy week. Tuesday was the worst. We had our parent-teacher conference, had our taxes done, and had B's four-year old physical (and I had to go back to the doctor because daycare had given us two copies of the same form instead of one copy of each). Poor B is a trooper, three vaccinations and a TB PPD test and he barely whimpered. He was a cranky mess at bedtime (no nap, lots of pokes).

The talk with his teacher was fine. Her main concerns were about his attention (doesn't answer questions appropriately and would rather watch other kids do their tasks than do them himself) and verbal skills (ie, he's not always intelligible and he talks more loudly than the other kids). Fortunately, basic hearing assesment was performed at the doctor's and he hears just fine. We think he's loud because Hubby and I are (comes from being country and growing up around deaf people). We have a referral for a speech eval. Doc just said to correct him, read to him, and if we wait until he's in public school it will be free. I really don't think it's a true impediment situation. I think he's lazy and just wants to get on to the next thing. (I don't mean lazy like a sloth, I mean he's just not so particular.) I asked the doc about the attention and she figures it's a phase.

At 3' 6" dude is the biggest kid in his class at at 75% for height. He weighs 42 lbs, which I thought sounded light being a person who actually lifts him, but he's at 75-90% in weight. Doc figures he's got heavy bones because there are no rolls on him.

I forgot to mention the trip was good, but the next time we plan to spend 4 days in the car for 9-10 hours, shoot me first. I got to watch the whole first season of Heroes, but still that's just too much.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry, blog post title's all you're getting. I don't have pictures of hearts or flowers to share.

I do have a sweater, though. But, it's blue. It's for my sweetheart, though. Does that count?

So, I did finish the sweater in time for our Robbie Burns dinner. It hasn't been washed or blocked. Hubby likes it a lot. I hate it. It's two inches too short and I've ripped the ribbing off the back and put it back on needles to knit down 2". I don't hate it because it's short and I have to keep knitting on it. I hate it because I think I did a poor design job. Okay, I do hate it partly because it just won't end and I really want to cast on for F-i-L's birthday sweater which is much more Project Spectrum appropriate. (Not to mention F-i-L's 65th birthday is on Easter and rapidly approaching.)

In other news, I have another pair of picot socks rapidly approaching second toe and I'm itching to cast on some Red socks. Probably more picots. I'm just loving the simple socks right now. So easy for my commute. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Finally, I'm a little stressed about my kid. He's four. We just got his "three year old" progress report and he got more "working on it" grades than we're comfortable with. Especially since the teacher explicitly told Hubby we needed to have a conference. Since I've moved past my resentment at her and a society that feels pre-schoolers should be graded (call it good, working on it, and N/A, it's still a grading system). Moreso because I didn't go to Pre-K or K, I learned how to read and write in first grade and I turned out pretty well (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, etc.). I've done a wee bit of reading today on developmental milestones and I'm glad we're meeting with our pediatrician the afternoon of the conference. He doesn't run well, can't jump well, doesn't do one foot things and the coloring and drawing don't seem to be on pace. I'm also slightly concerned that he's nonsequitor boy. At church last week they were talking about making a valentine for Jesus and a beat or two after the pastor asking what should go on the card, B said "P is for Pig." Cracked us all up at the time, but his teacher says he doesn't answer questions well at school. Is he too young to have assessed?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Birthday Boy

Doesn't he just look fascinated here? When I asked him what kind of ball cake he wanted, he said beach ball. He picked out the colors.
He's very proud of himself here. I can't believe he turned four over a week ago.