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Monday, November 01, 2004

bats, mittens, housework

Friday was Billy's Halloween Parade at daycare. Let me tell you, it's great to spend half your day with 10 kids under 18 months. He was a bat and the cutest kid there! See for yourself. Sunday we went up to my in-laws and showed him off to a few people there. He was ooh'd and aah'd over. Believe it or not, the most popular costume in his class was a cow. There were 2. All in all a good Halloween. It will be more fun when he gets more excited about it. Of course, this year we didn't have to worry about candy. He doesn't eat it. He did have his first cupcake, though!

I finished the palm for the first mitten; then I ripped it; and it's finished again. Thumbs are interesting. The thumb will be done today. I'm looking forward to casting on number two. I'm really looking forward to seeing what felting will do to them. How much can you reduce the size by felting? It's possible I've made them too big. (My father is a small man.)

My house is no longer disgusting. Well, at least not on the main floor and if you don't open the fridge. Since the Billster is crawling, it's important that he have clean floors to crawl on. I must vacuum upstairs. It's really horrible to have to wipe dust bunnies off your kid. EWWWWW!

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