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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What do you get when you combine a Netter hopped up on caffeine and chocolate with a very long bus ride due to not one, but two traffic jams? You get picot cast-on, 3 rows of garter stitch, and 11 rows of moss stitch. I’ve been a busy Netter. Air grows apace. I’m now well into the first cable section of the front left. Must knit faster. My parents will be here before I know it!

My back is sore (hamstrings a little, too). Not from working out (although, I have been going to Curves for circuit training), but from bending over my floor for nearly 2 hours last night. I pinned up and started cutting out the pieces for my dress. I’ve been a busy Netter. I had everything spread out on the floor in the office. It’s hard pinning through that satin. I also had a hard time laying out the pieces so they’d fit. I still have to rearrange a couple of things before I finish cutting or I won’t have a waistband for the skirt! At this rate, I’ll be sewing soon.

So last night as I was casting on, I was debating yet more yarn purchases. There’s an eBay store with a great price on All Seasons Cotton. I know, I haven’t even knit my first All Seasons Cotton purchase yet. But it’s less than half price and two great colors! I had talked myself out of it, but now I’m really jonesing for that yarn.

I’m seriously considering looking into a housecleaning service. I need someone to come once a week and do the floors, dusting, bathroom, counters, etc. I can handle the laundry and we can learn to put stuff away to deal with the detritus that accumulates everywhere. I just do not have the time to spend on the weekends (or at night) scrubbing toilets, tubs, sinks, mopping, vacuuming, yada yada yada. I just can’t seem to make that stuff a priority. The vacuuming is particularly important now that Billy is on the floor so much and our dog is a vicious shedder!

I’d rather spend my time with my son, husband, dog and hobbies than scrubbing the f’ing toilet!

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