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Monday, November 15, 2004

Seventh 2004 Thompson great-grandbaby arrives

My paternal grandparents welcomed their seventh great-grandbaby this year. My Billy was first and my cousin Billy’s little girl was last, born this weekend. Brynne was eight pounds twelve ounces. Whoa! She was about 21 inches. Fortunately, my uncle was down from ME for hunting season and was at the hospital. I can’t believe that my uncle who was more like a brother to me (only 9 years older) is a grandfather!

Born between Billy and Brynne were Justin David, Kyra, Merrit and Jeremiah (twins!), and Victoria Rose. Justin David is expecting a little brother or sister next year.

My grandfather turns 80 in December it would be cool if all the babies could get together to have their picture taken.

In total, they have 15 great-grandchildren, 21 grandchildren, and eight children. Quite the family tree, no? Including spouses and SOs, that’s 70 people!

In knitting news, rain delays on NJ roads lead to the toque being finished before I even left the Lincoln tunnel. Well, it was practically finished. When it was completely finished I cast-on for a 4x4 scarf. However, Saturday on the way to CT for Marist Thanksgiving (bunch of college friends, it’s not an official function), I picked up mom’s Air and worked a few rows. I really hope to have it mostly done before we go to SC next week. I must, must cast on for Zipo next week if I have a hope of finishing it!

I want to put in a positive review of Patons Classic Wool. It’s an inexpensive, worsted-weight merino that’s really easy to work with and has great drape.

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