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Friday, October 01, 2004

Red, and Green, and Yellow, and um, um

I was so struck by the colors of the trees that have started turning down here that on the way to pick up Billy last night, I left a voice mail message for myself to remind me to write a blog entry.

I’m glad I did that because when I got in this morning I’d completely forgotten leaving myself a message, much less what it was about.

Of course, now all I can think to write about the colors is along these line: me like red, me like orange, yellow nice....

I’m so very pathetic. This always happens to me. I used to think of the greatest letters and poems to write when my husband and I were at concerts. I come up with great ideas for stories (not that I’ve ever really written fiction) when I don’t have the opportunity to write things down. I’m a font of inopportune inspiration.

What about actual productivity? I knit a bit more last night on the way home; I got a little anxious because I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to cable or not on one row. I’d gotten to the point where the pattern says repeat these 27 rows without shaping. Huh? I just needed a minute to figure things out. Went along fine after that. Didn’t have a knittable seat this morning. I finished cutting out my dress last night. I need to finish marking some things, then I can start pinning pieces together and commence with the sewing. The commencing probably won’t happen until next week. I should start tidying tonight and tomorrow is a busy day. I’m going to workout, clean the house, and we have to take the cars to be inspected (we save a ton of money by switching to GEICO). Oh, and I have to fit mothering in there somewhere. I can’t imagine my sisters will arrive too soon (they’re not morning people).

Tried watching the debates last night. The Republican I live with, aka the husband, promised to not make any comments. He made one (that Kerry lied when he said the subways were shut down during the RNC) which was a valid comment on the hub’s part. I just couldn’t stand listening to either of them. Neither inspires a whole lot of confidence. I’m not going to get political and tell you for whom I will be voting and why. Although, it’s probably pretty clear by the way I characterized my husband in the second sentence of this paragraph.

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