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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

no pictures today

I've commenced seaming on Freya. All the raglan seams are done and I've started the collar. I'd probably be done the collar but one sleeve was too short in the cap so I had to re-knit the raglan decreases. Oddly, Billy didn't comment on the fact that the coffee table is no bare.

My commute knitting yesterday and today (and probably the rest of the week) has been the second sock of the second pair of beaded rib anklets, last seen here, although I've picked them up on and off since. I've started the heel flap. I should be able to get the heel turned on the way home tonight. It would be nice to have a completed pair of socks soon. Of course, I probably will wind up doing no knitting on the train tomorrow.

Thanks for your supportive comments about my grandfather. Dad didn't call last night. I'm assuming the lack of urgent news is a good thing, ie, they've found the cancer so early they don't have to do any urgent procedures. I did leave a message for Dad a little while ago, just to check in. He had a doctor's appointment himself yesterday (eye specialist) and another one on Friday (new primary care physician). I was so fortunate to have all four grandparents into my adulthood. (Hubby and I actually had all 8 at our wedding.) I've been really close to my dad's parents, though. We lived across the street from them until I was 12 and they helped mom and dad a lot with various medical problems my sisters had. This last time we went to VT we stayed with them, even though they're Red Sox fans.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

while Freya blocks

My little dude had a totally unexpected response to seeing Freya blocking in the living room this morning. For some bizarre reason, he announced that it was Christmas. Then he wanted to touch it and seemed to think it was a toy, although I explained it was going to be a sweater for Nanny. After breakfast, he wanted to know if he could drive his trains on it.

She was almost dry this morning. Hopefully, I can get most of the seaming done tonight and be finished tomorrow. Hubby says I should wrap it and mail to mom this weekend, with a note saying "Do Not Open Until October 26."

I got some bad news last night. I new it was bad news when Hubby answered the phone and said it was my dad for me. I had talked with Dad on Sunday and he just doesn't make phone calls unless he has to. He told me it was serious, but not to be too upset yet. His father had had a routine colonoscopy (our family is rife with diverticulosis) and they found a red spot. They tested it and it's cancer. He's having a CT-scan today to see what's going on. I told dad to call me today if/when he hears anything. I feel bad that I didn't really talk with dad for too long, I was in a bit of shock. Papa's 82 (will be 83 in January). He's very active and has just started to slow down a bit, but takes his morning walk every day. I'm hopeful that since they didn't find an actual tumor in his colon that they've caught it really early and he'll be fine. (Of course the bulk of the tumor could be in and through his colon wall, but we won't go there.)

I think I could handle any other diagnosis better than this one. My maternal grandmother died from colon cancer six years ago. Their situations are very different. My grandmother was very ill before she was diagnosed (mom gets the not going to the doctor thing from her) and by the time they realized why she was so sick, it was stage IV. She went from diagnosis to death in about five months. But, it's still the same insidious killer. Colon cancer is the #2 cancer killer in this country and I don't want it taking two of my grandparents.

Monday, September 24, 2007

pardon the blurries

I try to take a couple of pics, but they were all horrible. This was the best of the lot. This is sleeve 2. Sleeve 1 was finished Friday night. I'll finish this one up on the way home and will be blocking all the pieces tonight. Here's hoping it dries quickly. I'd love to have my mom's birthday sweater done 4+ weeks early.

What to knit next? I have a bunch of things still on the needles: serrano, Here there be dragons socks, beaded rib anklets, second Red Scarf. But, I'm itching to start a new sweater. I was thinking I'd cast on for Hubby's St. Andrew's sweater, but that requires an additional project.

See, I had to chart the whole thing, since it's a non-repeating intarsia motif that takes up the whole body of the sweater. So, the chart for the sweater that's 40+ inches wide knit at a gauge of 6 st/inch prints out legibly on 11 x 17 inch paper. My knitpicks chart holder is not that big. So, what to do? How about make my own magnetic chart holder? I bought the supplies a week ago, and haven't started. I'll let you know when I do it and post some pics.

I do want to start the St. Andrew's sweater early in October. Hubby wants to wear it for Robbie Burns day next year and at this gauge and this size, it's going to take forever!

But, do I cast on something new this week? I have five hours on a train coming up on Thursday. Perhaps, I should use that to finish up some socks for me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Freya update and things to remember about B

So, that sweater I started knitting for my mom last Monday? I finished the right front last night. So it's sitting waiting with the back and left front for me to knit up the sleeves. This has been a super fast knit. Granted, gauge is 11 st/4" on US 11s. I'm knocking out whole pieces in a day or two (I didn't knit much at all over the weekend). I really should have taken pictures of the pieces so you'd believe me. I'm casting on for sleeve 1 tonight.

So, about the B. Monday, when I picked him up at daycare, the other 3-year-old teacher (not that she's three, her class is) told me that B had done some redecorating. Seems during arts and crafts, he'd decided he didn't like that the chair was yellow and proceeded to color it front and back. Not a huge deal, the crayons do wash off the chairs, but every single time she asked him if he was going to color on the chairs again he'd say "yes."

Of course, she asked me to talk to him. I explained, as she probably already had, that we don't color on chairs, only on paper. He seemed to understand, but when I asked him if he was going to color on the chairs again he said "yes."

After a few iterations, I got a little frustrated and told him that he should say no when we asked because he knows he's not supposed to do it. I was a little sharp with him because I know he understands but I couldn't figure out why he was saying "yes."

Later, after a few quiet moments in the car, he said "Mommy."

I said, "yes, B." and waited for him. Then I said "you wanted mommy's attention and I'm listening to you."

He then told me "I no color on chairs anymore."

The next morning, before he got out of the crib he said, "No color on the chairs, color on paper only, right?"

I don't know if he's gotten around to telling the teacher that yet, but when I told the story to Hubby, it dawned on me why he might have been saying yes. When I tell him what we're going to be doing (especially when I know it's not something he'll necessarily agree with) or when I explain that he's not supposed to do something, I end with the phrase "do you understand." And he always answers "yes." I think he had processed that he wasn't supposed to color on the chairs and just wasn't interested in the conversations about not coloring on the chairs anymore, so he was trying to say what he thought we wanted to hear.

He's been coming back at me the next morning with things a bit lately. Monday we had argued about not wearing shorts (it was very chilly). Tuesday, he told me he had to wear pants because it was too cold for shorts.

That kid.

Hubby was a little put out on Tuesday at Back to School Night. B's teacher had used him as an example quite a bit (particularly pointing out that B knows all of his letters). I think he felt it reflected negatively on B, I think that it had more to do with where we were sitting. And the fact that you can never overlook the B. He may be shy sometimes, but when he gets going, you know he's there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saturday was great!

Our county hosted it's third annual music fest this past weekend. We went last year and it was good, this year, the line-up was exceptional for a free concert in my little city.
The opening act on the main stage was a local group of whom I didn't take a photo. But, the first "name band" to play was The English Beat. Not my favorite.

The Legendary Chuck Berry played a set at 12:30. That was a coup for the freeholders, I think. It also helped the crowd to be big all day and brought in varied age groups. One older lady behind us mentioned it was her first concer, ever. He played pretty well for 80, and had 2 of his kids with him.
Our main draw, though, was The Smithereens. Hubby and I try to see them every time they play the area (which is at least once a year, since they are a Jersey band). Great set, albeit a bit shorter than we're used to.

Next on the main stage was Fountains of Wayne. If these guys had started earlier, I would have been a bigger fan before seeing them. Just my kind of pop.

The last act on the second stage (we skipped a couple of the lesser known groups) was The Alarm. Mike Peters, the lead singer had done the show the year before as a solo, acoustic and really wanted to come back with the whole band. The second stage was for his Love Hope Strength foundation for cancer research and they had a walkathon that morning. They did a great medley of punk covers as part of "Spirit of 76."

Live was the last act. I really enjoyed them (especially their version of "Walk the Line"). I couldn't get a decent picture after the sun set, though. I just don't have the right equipment.

All in all, it was a great day. (No knitting was done this year, too hot in the sun.)
This is an actual cloud that was above the second stage during the Alarm's set. I did rotate the picture, but no other changes were made.

Tomorrow, an update on Freya, only a week old and nearly 1/2 done.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's been awfully quiet around here

When was the last time I posted? Ah yes, adventures in plumbing. Since then we've:

Been to Vermont and back (good trip, so nice to see everyone)

Gifted the knee socks (Sis liked them and my B-i-L said they were f-ing awesome, best knitting compliment I've ever received)

Been waylaid by an intestinal virus and fever (mostly just me, fortunately and only for one day)

Been back down the shore for Adult time (very short trip, with lots of sunburn)

Cast on Mom's birthday sweater, Freya from Rowan 36

Been freaking out over an off-site work meeting tomorrow and Friday (not over my participation, but driving myself to Weehawken and what that traffic means for our routines)

And we've dealt with a clingy boy (which is part of my freak out above)

Monday, when I picked B up from school, there'd been some body painting. Most of the kids had small flowers or things on their hands. Not my son. I'm sure the conversation went something like this:

"Billy, what do you want?" asks HS girl aide.

"Orange." Says three-year-old.

"But orange what?"