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Friday, September 29, 2006

Socktoberfest and an accordian melody

I signed up (number 181) for Socktoberfest and promptly forgot all about it until Lolly's post today. I think it calls for a new pair of socks to be cast on this weekend. I've got lots of sock yarn. Which says Autumn to me the most. I think a pair of Jaywalkers in Opal Zebra! (Kind of like these, which is where I got the idea.) Don't they just scream Halloween to you?

Earlier this week, I just couldn't face my UFOs and wanted something mindless to work on. So, I started my first of many Red Scarves for 2007. I've been stashing red yarn from Elann for a few weeks and picked out this Austermann Melody in Wild Cherry for the first scarf. I'm alternating rows of garter stitch with stockinette, to keep it easy. I just started the second ball and think I can get two scarves out of the four balls I have. The best part is the yarn was free! I'd finally earned my first Elann dollars and my last purchase (8 balls for scarves and 3 to re-work Billy's Portofino jacket) was totally free!

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'll be doing the lining on my purse, finishing this scarf and starting a new pair of socks!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

it's not a hat

Really, it's supposed to be a little purse. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it did knit up quickly. If I don't like it lined and with the draw string, there is a loverly purse I've been eyeing that I'll buy next week.

For the lining, I'm going to cannibalize a dress I started making two years ago. You may remember it.

I hope I have enough yarn to make a braid or crochet chain for the drawstring. If not, I'll have to go look for some ribbon.

So far, it looks as though I'll be able to fit my necessities (mainly the camera and a lip stick and compact) into the bag.

I've been stashing quite a bit lately. Some denim yarn to make Billy this sweater for his birthday. Some purple wool and white mercerized cotton for maybe this.

I'm looking forward to starting my mom's birthday sweater next week. I'm going to make the go with the flow shell from Fiona Ellis's Inspired Cable Knits. That will be travel knitting. We've got the trip to VT for the wedding and the following weekend we're going down the shore for Hubby's birthday. I imagine I'll get a shell knocked out in no time (let's forget how fine a gauge it is for now).

Oh, I've decided the prize. A sweater's worth of spring green baby alpaca. I love it, but I'll never wear it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

half a pair and a contest

I finished the first garter last night. The knitting is done on the second one as well. It just needs to be seamed up. The bride is very happy with the pictures I've sent up. I have warned that they're like little sweaters. I wish I'd been able to find something similar in a lighter weight. Oh well.

The leftovers are going to become a little reticule for me for the wedding. I'm winging it.

I have a slight dilemma and it's been compounded by the fact that I've been putting the task off. My sister has asked that I give a toast at the wedding (she's got a maid of honor and a matron and she and her fiance think that the matron, me, will do a great job). Problem is, I've never done a toast in my life. I don't think raising my glass and yelling "Social!" will cut it.

So, readers o' mine, I want to know what the best toasts you've ever heard or given were. A prize will go to a random entry. What prize? Something from my stash. I'm thinking some dk alpaca that's been marinating.... Deadline, Monday at midnight. E-mail me at byhookorpointedstick at yahoo dot com or leave a comment.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


That's how I feel these days. Guess tissue levels are finally therapeutic and we've got my allergies knocked down. Work is still slogging, but we're getting some help in.

I'm zonked because they are again working on underground power lines on my block and the lights from the police car used to protect the machinery (24 hour police presence every day they are there, with lights on) keeps me from getting back to sleep when I wake up. Good thing flashing lights aren't a migraine trigger for me. Last night they had an unmarked car out in front of my neighbor's house and the white lights on the back are like strobes pouring into my bedroom windows. Fortunately, they're taking a break on our block after tomorrow. I don't understand why this has been going on all summer, but so long as I can walk down the street and get out of my driveway, I'll try to not bitch too much.

Billy's been great lately. A bear to get to sleep, but so much fun. He'd had another ear infection and now that it's knocked down (he's got our horrible seasonal allergies and any type of mucous leads to clogged ears and an infection until his eustachion tubes are fully developed), he's a treat. Tuesday night we had back to school night. Hubby and I were sitting there listening to Ms. Jean and she finished her spiel and asked if anyone had any questions. One mom said "yes, who are Billy's parents?" We sheepishly raised our hands and she said it was nothing bad, she wanted to thank us for having Billy. Seems her little boy had grown quite attached and having a buddy at school is making the transition easier for her and her son. Billy's now one of the older kids in his class with a new crop of 2s this month. And, he's an old hand at this daycare thing. Such a sunny, loving personality. I really wish I knew where he got it from. Hubby and I are a bit on the aloof and crotchety side!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

maybe with pictures

Okay, this is where I was with the sock on Saturday. It was a beautiful day. Too hot to knit when the sun was shining. But, I was very happy to have some knitting between acts.

Here's the sock as of yesterday. Posing with it are the completed, but too small, beaded rib anklets and the beginnings of my Here there be dragons socks. I started those on the train to Philly last week. I'm concerned they're going to be too small so I've not been working on them too much. I know I'm going to love them. The yarn is Regia Fadig 4 I recently got from Herrschner's.

I won't be working on either sock too much. I've finally started the garters for my sister's wedding in just over two weeks. Yeah, I know. But, I'd been very lazy about getting the ball winder and swift into the same room. She did ask how they were going yesterday (I said they were going to be gorgeous, I may have left out that they were still just a skein of yarn). Since I've decided to be very simple and let the Tilli Tomas yarn do all the work (it's disco lights in American Beauty), they should be a quick knit. I love silk!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Here's where I was with sock one of my re-do on the beaded rib anklets. The county freeholders called it MusicFest, we called it MudFest. Didn't get a pic of the oozing ground. I should have.

I'd show you a pic, but Blogger's not cooperating.

Thus endeth my attempt to post.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Once there were buttonholes

So, I had Jolie mostly finished for M-i-L's birthday celebration on August 27, even with re-knitting the left front. Well, all except for the reverse crochet border. But, she did get to try it on (I had sewn on the buttons). But, it didn't fit. A little too snug around the waist (and I'd debated taking out the waist shaping but though I'd run out of yarn). What to do, what to do?

Here were the buttonholes when I sat down last night. I figured I should try to get the sweater fixed last night since M-i-L is going to stay at our place to help Hubby with the B while I go on a little business trip.

I duplicate stitched over the two stitches of the button hole and the stitch to the left of the button hole which has the bind-off bar from the button hole. See here for good instructions on how to duplicate stitch.

That took care of the holes in the front. Now, how was I going to have the thing buttoned? I ripped out the reverse crochet edging up past where the button holes where and put three crochet loops about where the button holes should go. Instead of reverse crocheting where I wanted the buttons, I just did three chain stitches. When I finished putting the edging back on, I went back over the chain stitches with slip stitches to neaten them up. Then I sewed the buttons on. Voila. Totally new closure.

I know the pictures aren't great. No natural lighting. But I did use the macro function so they're not one huge blur.

And finally, a finished Jolie. I left her on the dining room table. I hope she fits. M-i-L really liked her and now she should be able to wear her!

Project notes:

Jolie is from Rowan's Vintage Style book. I knit her in Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed in brindle on Addi Turbo US9. She took 9 balls. (Gee, I do have a tenth and two from a different dye lot I bought when I thought I was going to run out. Why yes, that does mean I could have taken out the waist shaping or made a larger size, let's not discuss that.)

I did some serious modifications in that I did not do the peplum flappy thing in the back that you can't see in any of the pictures and I didn't do the cuffy thing on the sleeves. It was easy to read the chart to make regular shaped back and sleeves. I also had inadvertent mods which affected the length. Mainly having to do with an inability to regularly count to 8 (gee, I do have a row counter and I did try to use it).

I love this yarn and think it's a very feminine pattern. Don't think I'll knit it again, although I do like the slip stitch texture (once I figured it our).

Monday, September 11, 2006

five years

Five years ago, my personal grief at the death of my grandmother in late August was subsumed by shock and national grief. The personal loss of the woman who had raised my mom and taught me to knit was dwarfed by the gaping maw less than a mile from where I sit right now. I was at work in this same building on a different floor. My little family was fortunate to not have lost anyone close to us, although some friends were very near the WTC, but made it out alive. I was never more relieved to see my husband than I was that day when I walked up to him on 34th street and he took me into his arms. So many things have changed, my son was born, we've gone to war twice, more lies have been told, but so many haven't. Everyday, I expect to hear about another attack on US soil.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here's to the tragically unhip, uncute Mommy in all of us

I found this article through Martinimade today. Totally get where Thordora's coming from, well except for the part about tattoos. I don't love any image enough to have it on my skin. When I was younger I vascillated between wanting and not wanting kids and decided that I would regret not being a mom. Now that I am a mom, I can see why some people choose childlessness. Especially with a career and these mental health issues... But, now that I've been a mom for a while and I've been blogging for longer, can I define what kind of mom I am? I hadn't really thought about it. I don't think I fit in with the mommy blogosphere. Mainly because I work outside the home and for nearly 11 hours everyday I'm something other than mommy to most people I meet. I couldn't be a SAHM. B would chew me up and spit me out. I have neither the strength nor the stamina. Oh, I tell myself I could do it if I didn't have work and commute dragging me down, but I couldn't. I couldn't spend the whole day reading toddler books and watching the shows he loves. I'm not enough of a joiner to surround us with playgroups and earth mommies with home made bread. Not to disparage those things, but it's not me. I'm the commute to work, the Coke Zeros, e-mails, and crises, and two hours of mommying before bed. I'm three hours with my hubby after B goes to bed and before I do (when I'm not on my ass from these allergies). I'm anti-depressants, and wanting to drink too much. I'm taking the M-i-L up on the babysitting and going away without the kid. I'm not fancy suits and ambition. I'm just me. Business casual, the occasional skirt, too much Internet at work, and a constant sense of not giving anything enough, especially Hubby, but feeling that there's no me left over. I don't know what I would change, if I could. Maybe when the meds (including the new antihistamine) kick in, I won't want to change anything. Except my sex drive. I'd like to get that back some day.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

still owe you an update

I went to see my psych last night. Feels we've moved from PPD to the big D, because it's not the hormones 2 and a half years later. I'm on a full dose and go back to see him in a few weeks.

I think I'd be feeling better if these allergies weren't killing me. Why does my primary care doctor not have better hours for those of us who work? Hopefully, I can get in to see him tomorrow and get on a better antihistamine.

I finished Jolie, but she's a bit snug. I have plans to re-work the button situation. I'll fill you in, with pics. (I got a new camera for my birthday now have a macro function.)

I'm mere rows from finishing Chickami, but won't finish anytime soon if I can't stay up past 8:30 or keep my eyes open on the bus. See, I do need new antihistamines.

I finished the beaded rib footies, but they're too small. I'm going to give them a way and start a new larger pair for myself. I've got plenty of yarn for them.

I'll be starting some fancy-shmancy garters for my sister's wedding soon (again once I can keep my eyes open). I'm using the most expensive yarn I've ever touched. What kind of fool pays $40 a skein? Good thing there's 200+ yards and I only need the one!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Great Magknits

Great September Magknits. Lovely socks, but I must knit Honorine. I just got some silky wool that will be great for the bracelet length version. Hmmm, what to use for the lace?