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Friday, September 30, 2005

what i'm thinking

... it's not good when hubby and Billy throw temper tantrums at the same time.

... I really want to start working on F-i-L's birthday sweater, but his birthday isn't until March.

... I need to clean out my closet. It took 5 minutes to get a sweater off the top shelf because the floor of my closet is covered in yarn, yarn, and more yarn.

... I really like the other stitchers in the office.

... I need a nap.

... If it's only in the 40s outside, do we need to run our air conditioner all night?(actually, I was thinking that at 4 am this morning.)

... What size needles do I need for my Mom's birthday sweater and do I have them?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love yarn

I get excited just thinking about all the yummy stuff I bought at Stitches. And to think it was all deeply on sale except for the Tess Designs stuff (but that special one of a kind thing you expect to pay more for). Here it is in bags (the bottom left one is the ASC I won on eBay which arrived right before Stitches).

Here are some individual balls from each purchase. The Tess is in the upper left-hand corner. That's going to be a tank for me. I bought 3 hanks. Going clockwise, the 501 Tweed I got at Webs along with the Jo Sharp Soho Summer. 20 balls of each and for me again. Both are DK and lovely plummy colors. Under the Jo Sharp is one skein each of red and navy cotton fleece. I have three skeins of red and five skeins of blue. I'm definitely thinking something for Billy. (I don't know many other people who could carry red and blue together without looking silly.) Below the cotton fleece is the ASC in orange and white. I have 12 balls of that. I was originally thinking about Billy, but the orange is a bit deeper than it looks here (and looked on eBay). Right in the middle there is Hubby's Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. I have 20 balls. As soon as he saw it, he asked for a sweater in it. How can I deny my love? He asked for a mock turtleneck, I'm thinking raglan and ribbed. Under the Aran tweed are three skeins of Orchid Line Soft Spun Wool (wool and silk blend). I have three skeins of beige, three of dark green and two burgundy (I think that's the break down). Those are definitely going to be F-i-L's birthday sweater in '06.


I didn't get around to a fillie shot yesterday (Billy was cranky after a short nap) and didn't make any progress on it either). However, I did snap a progress pic of BBB. As you can see, I'm mid-slog to the toe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday, at home, with the Boy

So, I’m sitting at home today. Billy’s ear was gunky yesterday and he’s had a bad cough. He also was not himself last night so I figured I’d take him to the Dr. Hubby thought she might not have office hours on Wednesday. Of course he was right, she’s not in the office today. Oh well. I called the ENT’s office and we’ve got a scrip for drops for his ears (although no goop since he's been home). The nurse at the Dr’s also recommended Robitussin DM for his cough. If he doesn’t show some improvement by Friday, I’ll see about having someone look at him. We don’t want another case of bronchitis.

He also had 2 instances of biting yesterday, but I’m blaming that on not feeling well.

I did have the opportunity to take some pics of my Stitches haul this afternoon (also included my last eBay win). I’ll post them tomorrow (camera cord is in the office).

I have some progress to report. I finished one sleeve of Fillie last night and have started on sleeve two. I may have an FO soon. I’ll post a progress pic of her tomorrow, too.

BBB’s been languishing a bit. I started reading Yarn Harlot on the way home last night and left the sock in my bag. Tell him to stop looking at me like that, it’s not my fault I didn’t get a seat on the subway.

Forgot to mention yesterday that we met our new neighbors Monday night. He (code name R) is an electrical contractor in Queens and they moved to Cranford from Maplewood because their teenage daughter (code name A) is an Irish dancer. (Apparently the Deirdre Shea school in the middle of town is pretty good. And our school system is better, too.) They are a family of 5, an older boy who I haven’t met yet and a two-and-a-half year old girl (S) along with A. The wife is named C. Didn’t catch if she works. They seem very nice, liked Molly and said we should do something when they get settled in. I’m so happy there’s a younger kid in the neighborhood now. We have a lot of kids, but most are school age and wouldn’t be interested in Billy.

Wouldn't it be great if C knits?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stitches, Stash and the Harlot

Stitches was all a girl could ask for (although, some ladies said the market used to be BIGGER). My classes were great. Jean Frost, Sally Mellville, Candace Eisner-Strick and Margaret Fisher are awesome instructors. I now know that sleeves aren’t so hard (if you know how to measure), intarsia can be loved (although I’m not sure about the last design suggestions), knitting backwards isn’t all that hard (neither are short-rows or crochet cast-ons), and cutting out a row and adding more in a sweater is a snap (and not nearly as scary as it sounds). My design class was a bit of a disappointment, but I’ve got a good grounding in the basics and some good general tips on sizing. I met some very nice knitters and had a great time hanging out with Hubby.

I shopped. Oh yes, I shopped. There were bargains to be had! I only really splurged on one purchase, some hand-dyed microfiber ribbon. It’s so soft and yummy, I almost want to sleep on it. I also got some Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed in red (which Hubby has claimed), some Filature di Crosa 501 Tweed, Jo Sharp Soho Summer, Cotton Fleece, and a wool whose name I have forgotten. Once it gets sunny and I have time, I’ll take some photos and walk you through. I bought a few books, At Knits End (to replace the one Molly snacked on), Yarn Harlot, Jean Frost’s Jackets book, and Sally Mellville’s The Knitting Experience 3: Color. I also got some cool vintage buttons (those made Hubby’s eyes pop when he saw the prices). All in all Hubby was very cool about the purchases (especially after I told him I’d make him something from the DB Aran Tweed), but a strict No Yarn policy is in effect.

I met the Harlot. I was such a dork. It was Friday afternoon, she’d been signing for a little while and surprisingly there were only a couple of ladies in line. So as I waited, Monika, from Germany who wears the most beautiful sweaters with amazing color gradations she creates by plying 6 strands together, walked by and Stephanie mentioned the sweaters and I, of course, blurted out that Monika had been in my class and that she’d plied the yarn herself. Then Stephanie talked with Monika. When it was my turn, I had her sign Harlot and told her that I’d had to buy a second copy of At Knits End because my dog really liked the first one. She graciously joked about cross-species appeal and didn’t point out what a dork I was. She was really great. I wish I’d bought tickets to see her speak.

In other news, Billy has not bit anyone since Wednesday (cross your fingers), although his cold has moved into his chest. Hubby started out well at the poker tables, then tanked. I’ve turned the heel and finished the gusset on the second BBB sock. I’ve also gotten half-way through a sleeve on Fillie.

My mind is racing with ideas for the new yarns I bought. I’m barely even thinking about Mom’s birthday sweater and the huge, massive, insanity-provoking sweater project for my boys for Christmas. But, that’s the way it goes, isn’t it?

Monday, September 26, 2005

sock says good bye to AC

I think the sock enjoyed it's time down the shore. Here he is admiring the view from our hotel room.

I don't have time this morning to write all about Stitches (about how great the classes are, what a dork I was when I met the Harlot, how much yarn I bought). I'll try to get to it tomorrow. Besides, I don't have pictures of the newest stashquisitions and I know you want to see the yarn.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


  1. Go into your archive.
  2. Find your 23rd post.
  3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
  5. Tag five some other people to do the same.

Besides the soreness and the boredom, the weather can't decide if it's still winter or not.

Makes for an interesting quote, doesn't it?

I tagged myself over at Booga J. Anyone want the MEME?

In other news, I have completed the cuff on the second BBB sock. I know, let's through a party. (And I completed the 1 x1 2" cuff with the leftover yarn from ball 1, could have made BBB #1 longer!) I've also completed the body of Fillie and not touched her since. And I've completed 5 of 8 homework swatches. I need to finish 3 more tonight and block 3.

So far, so good; no calls from daycare. Hubby and I had a rough night of it. He's not a "natural" father and these things hit him deep. I'm just hoping Billy was keyed-up from the weekend and will be more himself the next few days.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

all whine and no gratitude

I want to thank Susan and Yarngirl for their support on my last bummer of a post. Hopefully, the koigu is a pick-me-up for everyone (me, too), and not just a distraction!

unfortunately, not more Koigu

So, I’m debating a long post. I need to vent a bit, so I think I’ll start with Billy and the biting and see where that takes me. (And if it’s long, so be it. You’ve missed me for the last four days, I’m sure.)

The last three days he’s been in day care, Billy has had 8 biting incidents (not counting the five times today that his lead care giver was able to stop him).

After staying home with him yesterday because he had snotty eyes—which is as gross as it sounds—because day care would have just sent him home as soon as they noticed, and taking him to the doctor and the pharmacy, I didn’t need to get called out of the office at 11:25 to pick him up because he’s a little terror. I had barely gotten through all 130+ e-mails, moved one issue, and had a 30 minute conference call with my boss and a free lancer.

So, I’ve got a call in with the pediatrician’s office (after her nurse suggested my husband and I bite him back, WTF???) and he can go back to day care tomorrow, but if he’s a problem, hubby’s dealing. I’ve done some research online about aggressive behavior but it’s all stuff they/we already do (and I love that I’m supposed to get my barely verbal 19-month-old to tell me why he bit little Johnny). They watch him closely, they give him time outs, and he gets rewarded for good behavior. His lead said this afternoon it’s like he waits until he knows they aren’t watching and then he bites.

I just don’t know what to do. I hope the doctor has some useful advice. Perhaps it’s time we called in some professional help, but what can you do with a kid his age? He can’t tell you why he has to have the toy the other kid is playing with. I guess we need to start helping him with delayed gratification. Of course, when I deny him something, he throws himself backwards and screams. He doesn’t bite me when he’s mad. When he tries to bite me, it’s more of a play thing than anger.

Tomorrow, I’ve got to get further caught up on my projects, meet with 8 staff members about their end of year projects, and complete a couple of reports. Helpfully, my assistant manager has been out sick the last couple of days, too.

Oh, and I left my cell phone on the bus. The lady who found it said she was going to mail it to me. Once I get it back, I’m going to call her and get her address and reimburse her for the postage. I hope I have the phone back beforeThursday, it will make coordinating with Hubby much easier.

Because Thursday, we drop Billy off at day care and drive south to Atlantic City and Stitches East. I love my son, but I’m looking forward to three days without him. Three days of knitting, knitters and all the yarn I can carry. I don’t love my job, but I do think it will be coming to AC with us. I hope there’s a hot spot somewhere so I can get a little bit of work done. I’m falling ever farther behind.

Maybe tomorrow, if I have time, I’ll write about knitting or yarn or something.

Koigu distraction

I'm posting this picture to distract you from the fact that I don't have a real post and don't know when I'll have a real post.

Quick question, though. How is this corals?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

kitchen knit

We had a lunchtime stitch today. One of my colleagues sent around an e-mail and three of us were able to get together. I finished sock one and will cast on sock 2 on the way home tonight. Again, the socks were unduly admired. It's the one thing, I think, that looks harder to knit than it is!

not so good kitchener and worse news

I didn't get the toe of the BBB sock finished last night. I finished it this morning. And then I ripped it out. Somehow, I messed up the grafting and wound up with a perfectly round hole in the toe where there are supposed to be two seamless lines of VVVV. Bummer.

In worse bummer news, my younger sister is facing a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Apparently she's been having pain in some of her joints and had some blood work. Some values were more than 4 Xs the normal levels. (Not quite sure which, communication isn't one of her strong suits and I've received the info second hand from Dad.) So, she'll be going to a rheumatologist soon. Dad thinks he may go with her and thinks she'll be referred to the one he's seen for his osteoarthritis (not many specialists in NW VT). They've put her on Celebrex for now.

They also passed along the news that one of my dearest cousins and his wife of 8 years are splitting up. Apparently, they're still very good friends, but have realized the marriage isn't working. Unfortunately, they do have a little girl, but I know they will be very grown up about the whole situation.

In good news, Mom and Dad look good and Billy warmed up to them quickly (even crying when my mom left him to me for his bath). In better news, we're going to the Stones tonight and Billy and I will be spending all day tomorrow with my parents (I'm stuck at work today for lack of vacation days). And tomorrow night we get to have the best fish and chips on this side of the Atlantic (and maybe even buy Billy some Scottish mementos for his first trip to Argyle and the Piper's Cove).

I worked a bit on Fillie last night. I'm through six balls of yarn. I figure the seventh will take me through the end of the body and ribbing for the bottom and neckline. Then it's off to sleeve island (but not so bad because they're top-down and there will be no seaming!).

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

so totally effin stoked

Someone, she who has the larger stash than me and no guilt about buying new yarn and a husband who understands the compulsion (scroll way down to on tour part of post), will be at Stitches East all weekend! I think I may have to get tickets to dinner!!!!

much sock progress

I didn't knit at all yesterday at lunch. I did have the sock in my purse, but KG and I spent so much time chatting and catching up it didn't see the light of day until the bus ride home.

It was so great to see her. Lunch was fun and then I spent the rest of the afternoon squiring her around the office. I loved telling people that her baby was 22" at birth. She's about 5' even and it's hard to imagine a baby that long scrunched up in her. I'm 5'4" and was ridiculously uncomfortable (feet under my ribs) with a 21 1/2" baby!

I did get a lot of knitting done on the foot of the sock on the ride home last night and while watching TV (House and Rockstar:INXS). Sock and I had a morning shoot waiting for the bus. I tried it on and I could probably start the toe right now if the socks were for me (granted they bag alot around the ankles for me), but Hubby's feet are a bit longer. I think I should be able to start the toe tonight, though. And second sock tomorrow!

Hubby's birthday is one month from today. So this morning, I asked Billy (where Hubby could over hear) what we should get Daddy for his birthday. Billy, of course, didn't respond. Hubby said not to bother getting him anything because he does a good job spoiling himself (see all the tickets he's bought this summer), but that I could knit him another pair of socks. I said that wouldn't be much of a surprise. I don't know if he's clued into what my bus knitting has been lately, but I'm not telling!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

super secret socks

That sounds a lot better than boring blue birthday socks, doesn't it? Still the same pair of socks. But with more excitement because I turned the heel yesterday. Here is the first BBB in it's flash-photography glory. I'm nearly finished the gusset and then it's the slog to the toes. This sock looks really big to me right now. Hubby's green socks were knit on US1 DPNs and I used a lot of yarn. Since I have less of the Preface, I decided to go with a more fluid fabric and went up to US3s. Nice drape, not sure how it's working out. I just hope the darn things fit! (Maybe I should split the difference and knit sock 2 on 2s.)

In other news, I knit two more rows on Fillie and had to go to bed right after the Rockstar recap repeat. Huge sneezing fit, congestion, watery eyes. Ah, hayfever. I felt much better after a few hours sleep. Hubby thinks it's something in the basement-TV room, but I'm not sure because I've gotten the attacks elsewhere. And I've vacuumed in there. I just hope it goes away soon. I really wanted to get Fillie done to wear her at Stitches, but I've got at least 6" on the body and then the sleeves and bands. I don't think it's going to happen. I really need to start my homework swatches and then BBBs are due for 10/14 and I'd like to have mom's sweater (not even started yet) in time for her birthday 10/26. (I know it probably won't happen, but a girl can dream. And it will be impressive if I'm not 7 months late like last time.)

My friend KG is coming into the city today. We're going to go have lunch. I haven't seen her since February when she moved home to Long Island and started her new job. She just had a baby a few weeks ago. (Sent the package out to them just in time.) I'm so excited to see her! But, I don't know if I'll get to knit on the BBBs at lunch at all.

Monday, September 12, 2005

weekend fun

What a weekend. Thursday was fun even though the Yankees lost to Tampa Bay, again! We did take a walk through Monument Park. We haven't been in that part of the Stadium in years. It was crowded! On Friday, the company picnic was fun, but even though I dragged my knitting to and fro, Fillie didn't see the light of day. I found out that I'm getting a nice bonus for 10-years of service to the company. It's going to cover yarn and Stitches and more yarn! Friday night we had dinner and I bathed Billy and knit while watching the Yankees beat the Red Sox.

Saturday we got up and dropped Billy and Molly off at the in-laws and sat in traffic trying to get to the Yankee game. Much knitting of Fillie was done in the car. I separated for the sleeves. We watched the Yankees get spanked, left early and went to the in-laws. Made for a pretty short trip skipping out early (it was 8-1). Had a nice dinner with them and played in the yard with B and Molly. Then it was home and early bed for everyone.

Yesterday, we got up and went to church. I helped one of the ladies decipher a sock pattern during coffee hour. MiL and FiL took Billy home with them and Hubby and I went home to get ready for the Giants game. That was fun, but HOT! Oh my. Our seats were in the sun and I think I sweated 10 lbs away! We got home and Billy was in bed and I went to bed by 9:30. All that fresh air and sunshine got me beat. Anyway, more knitting occured in the car (to and from church and to and from the game) and at the tailgate (listening to the Yanks and watching the Jets on our little TV). Here's Fillie this morning. I've got to measure to see how much longer until I get to finish the body. It's going much better now that I've separated for the sleeves. My fingers definitely feel better, too.

Whew, what a weekend! Hubby and I had another heart-to-heart about the stashing. (Friday, he came home and I was writing the checks for my last two eBay wins.) We also had to talk about it Saturday when my last Herrschners order arrived. (He thought I was trying to sneak that one past him, but I explained it was supposed to be a surprise.) I'll buy what I want at the market at Stitches and then no more yarn until '06. I really need to stick to this. My closet is so crammed with yarn that I can't get to my clothes! Here's the Lana Grossa haul. Colors seem pretty accurate.

It's going to be another crazy week chez Netter. Tomorrow night, hubby's going to see the Stones with a buddy, then Wednesday, my parents come down for a visit*. Thursday, we all go to the Stones together. Friday, I'm hanging with them and we're going to dinner with the in-laws and her parents who are coming up from SC for a visit this weekend, too. Saturday is up in the air. Sunday, we've got church and a pancake breakfast, then Hubby and FiL go to the Jets home opener. Whew!

*That reminds me, I have to get the clean laundry out of the guest room, Again!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I've been missing The Point

Dude, why haven't I realized that this mecca of knitterly goodness is only 3/10 of a mile from my office? Why, why, why? Next week, I'm going there. And right now, I'm signing up for the newsletter.

4 skeins of KPPPM

So, I won this auction. With shipping I'm paying over $11 per skein, but it's Koigu and a discontinued color so I don't care! Question is, what can I make with 4 skeins of Koigu? According to Elann, there's this, this, or this. Yummy! Looks like my first lace project!

I have to update the side bar with my recent stashquisitions. I haven't yet add the 34 balls of Lambswool I bought last week.

I think I'm going to go all out and design my own aran for the boys. Isn't that nuts!?! Yep, but they say love makes you crazy. And what's more love than my boys and my knitting?

The BBB sock looks like yesterday, but a little longer. I've hit that part where you keep knitting and the project never gets measurably longer. Ugh. I'm hoping to start the heel flap if I get to knitting group this afternoon.

Hubby asked me this morning to not bring knitting needles to the Stadium tonight, so the BBB socks will languish here by their lonesomes until Monday. (Not coming to the office tomorrow because we have our picnic!) That means I'll be focusing on Fillie all weekend, which is good. Between the allergies and the Molly I didn't get much done on her last night. Hard to knit while visciously sneezing or rescuing shoes.

Oh, the new Knitty is up. Great patterns, haven't looked at the articles yet.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I think I answered wrong...

sock progress

Here is the BBB in its boring, blue glory. The knit rounds went surprisingly fast on the way in this morning. It seemed like I was constantly moving my stitch marker. But, that's good. I figure I'm over half done the leg. I'm looking forward to the excitment of the heel. (We won't think about the boring stretch that is the foot!)

I worked on Fillie last night watching RockStar (I think JD was back on his game and Marty was outstanding, I think Suzie is good but not right for INXS, I don't think MiG did his best, and I think Jordis is next to go). My hands started hurting a bit. Mostly the ring and pinkie fingers on my left hand. I throw, so the left hand just holds the needle. Switching off to the sock this morning helped some. I'm only about 12 rows from separating the sleeves from the body. I'm really looking forward to the shorter rows (although, I will miss the yarn overs). Maybe having fewer stitches smooshed onto the circ will help my fingers!

Busy week this week, chez Netter and Hubby. Tomorrow we're going to the Yankee game (it's knit cap night), Friday is my company picnic (employees only), Saturday afternoon we're going to the Yankees again (Boston coming in), and Sunday we're going to the Giants home opener. I hope Billy doesn't get sick of Grammy and Granddad! I can't wait for next week, my parents are coming down and we're going to see the Stones! WOot!

My Herrschner's package shipped. I am anticipating a big box on my step when I get home from the picnic Friday afternoon. How exciting!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

effin' coment spammers

So, I had to turn on word verification. Comment spammers finally found my little corner of the blog-o-sphere. I hate to make my few, but loyal, comments jump through hoops, but there you are.


So, yeah, whatever it is I'm allergic to this time of year's been kicking my butt (according to, it's weeds). Huge sneezing fits; exhaustion; runny nose; red, watery and itchy eyes. Yuck! Poor Hubby, he's got tightness in his chest and he's been blowing his nose a bit, too. P'rhaps Billy melted so much last night because he's feeling like us. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E! Please don't let any of us get as sick as we were in the Spring. I don't have enough sick days left (not to mention I don't want the headaches).

long weekend = long post

Before I start with the drivel about my life, I just want to say that the events in the Gulf over the last week have been overwhelming. It's not so much the natural disaster that makes me think "not here, not now," as the dithering and dallying our government exhibited until Friday. If we can get news cameras and reporters into places, we should be able to get water and food and basic necessities to people. What's the point of endless nation-building in Iraq if we have thousands of people dying in their own homes because our government waited four days.

Hubby and I will be giving, we haven't decided how much and to whom, yet. Please do the same. I know those people and their loved ones are in our hearts and prayers. We will lift them up and help them rebuild their lives.

As for my weekend, it was fun, mournful, aggravating, and full of sneezes.

I took the PATH home Thursday night to meet Hubby at our car. I decided to use the WorldTrade Center stop to pick up the train because it's closest to my office and easily reachable by subway. It was the first time I'd been down there in four years. I've not been to the Trade Center since well before the attacks. It was so wrong to see daylight when walking from the subway to the PATH platform. To be blinded by sunglare waiting for the train. For those of you unfamiliar with the station, it seems like it's miles underground while you ride the escalator down. You shouldn't be able to see blue sky from there.

It was a quiet ride back to Jersey and the car. I sat and waited for Hubby and enjoyed the sun as I came back to 2005.

We quickly segued into the good stuff, though. Green Day rocked. It was a great show. I highly recommend.

Friday, I picked up B and we did some back to school shopping for him and me. Hit some sales at the mall. He was so cute, wanting to push the stroller around. When we got back to the car and I put him in his car seat, he said "sleep?" He's been doing that a lot lately, telling us when it's time to go to bed. When we got home and he was down for his nap, I baked some cookies for our dinner at the Pastor's. That was a fun time. Billy loved the other kids (6, 4, and 15 months), actually wailing when they left. He also really likes the Pastor's dogs, calling one a "good dog."

I crashed shortly after we got home. These allergies are just knocking me flat. Saturday was Curves, and errands, and a quick trip to the salon. Then dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill. Yumm-o. Sunday, it was Billy and me and Molly. Billy and I made a quick trip to the playground where he decided that climbing up and down the stairs to the slide was way more fun than the slide. Then he napped and I started Hubby's socks. After he got up, we went to visit the in-laws and go to their town pool. Billy's still not a huge fan of the water, but we got him to get his feet wet. We had dinner and watched a little tv. I worked a couple more rounds on the sock. We got home and I put him to bed and flipped channels till Hubby got home. Then I was in bed early again. Yesterday was mostly sitting around at home. Billy had a huge meltdown at dinner. I think he was very off due to being out of day care for 5 days. Knitting consisted of some of the sock and more of Fillie. She's the designated TV knit now and the sock is commute knitting (if I ever get a seat again). I'm hoping to have her done to wear at Stitches in 2 weeks.

And if you waded through all of that, you deserve a prize! I don't have one, but I do promise pics of progress for tomorrow.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

what I'm thinking, visually

This is what I'm thinking for my guys. Well, it's the colors, have to order the pattern. I think I'll be tweaking the cables. I don't like the double in the middle. I wonder if I would be able to manage just one of the smaller cables and then halve it up each side of the v-neck? Or maybe I'll completely change up the chart. Who knows. Depends on how frisky I'm feeling!

Mondo, huge, ginormous, insane idea

So, Herrschner's has Lana Grossa Lambswool on sale this week. $2.97 for 174 yards. Lots of colors, though no red, black, or white. I'm thinking I'll get some to knit sweaters for Billy and Hubby. Matching, cable pullovers (these to be exact). My first thought was navy body with red and white trim. Since there's no red and white, I'm going with gray and light teal. I need 34 balls. Is he going to have a fit? Will I be able to finish in time for Christmas? Am I completely insane? (Let's remember that my father's birthday is four days after Christmas and I've started that whole parents birthday sweater tradition.) Well, if they're not done for Christmas, they'll be for later in the winter (or Billy's birthday on Ground Hog's day). I'm going for it. I may just have to skip the Market at Stitches in three weeks! At first, I was thinking I'd do Knicks scarves for them for Christmas, but Hubby's not a scarf guy (I was going to use Marnie's pattern from the new MagKnits, go check it out!).

In other news, here's the start of Fillie. Colors are rather washed out in the flourescent light. I'm digging her so far. Hope she looks good on (I'm usually not flattered by yellow).

She came to work with me today because I want to knit tonight on the way to Green Day and I'm thinking I'll see if I can keep hubby's BBB socks on the DL for a while. The BBB socks are just a swatch right now. But, that's okay. Hubby's gone all day Sunday for his fantasy football draft. I should be able to get a little bit of sock knitting in (I can always plop Billy in front of Baby Einstein for a while, I know I'm a bad mom).

I think I've got my fall knitting determined (this for Mom in the Rowan DK soft, due 10/26), something for my Dad for his birthday (maybe a felted bucket hat?), and the guy's sweaters. I was thinking I might do socks for my sisters for Christmas, but I don't know if I'll fit them in.

Wish me luck, okay?