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Friday, December 10, 2004

Why can't people drive in the rain?

It was misting last night, so of course it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home! I appreciate nearly 2 hours uninterrupted knitting time. But, does it have to be on a stuffy bus?

I've finished the collar for Air. I'll work on seaming it this weekend.

I've started the second ball of ASC for Zipo. At this rate, I'm definitely using the 12 balls called for in the pattern.

It's strange. I had a lot of leftover yarn after Loll; I might have most of a ball leftover after Air; but I think I'll use all the suggested ASC.

The Hubby and I are going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Our daycare is providing 5 hours of sitting for $20. Can't go wrong with that. Fortunately, we don't have too much to do. My sisters are done and I know what I'm getting Stephie's boyfriend and dog. My parents are pretty done (we at least know what we're buying and where). So it's grandparents, my father-in-law and the hubby. Hubby tends to be the hardest one. Mainly because I don't want to disappoint. He usually does a great job for me.

Billy's going through a growth spurt. At dinner last night, he was shoving crackers and bread into his mouth as though he hadn't eaten all day. It was kind of funny because he was literally shoving stuff into his mouth. He'd put it mostly in with his fingers and then finishing shoving it in with the back of his hand. We're going to go broke when he's a teenager.

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