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Thursday, September 30, 2004

yarn greed and "talks"

I decided that I really want the bargain ASC on eBay. Can you beat less than $3 a ball for it (about 3.60with shipping)? I don’t think so! I’m getting 10 in copper and 10 in sizzling. Yes, red and orange. What’s it to you? Hopefully, she’ll ship it to me at work and my husband needn’t know. He was not happy about the Herrschner’s purchase.

The least he can do, since he won’t let me get a housekeeper, is allow me to indulge the yarn greed once in a while. Although, it’s a little too frequent to call it once in a while!

I did some knitting on the way home last night and none on the way in. I’m just so beat in the mornings lately. I really do need to get it in gear, though.

I did not do any work on my dress last night. My husband and I had a “talk.” Seems he was concerned that I’ve been really grumpy. So, we cleared the air and agreed that we need to really communicate more. I figured I’d just been having some moods lately. I think it’s time to get Dr. Mayer to adjust my meds. Don’t want to let the PPD creep back out of control, especially not with current stress levels. I had to laugh, though. The talk became the typical husband/wife talk, you don’t help out enough, tell me what you need me to do, etc... Could have lifted it right out of a Parents magazine article about being grumpy with husbands.

Honestly, I don’t worry too much about our relationship. I think it’s pretty solid. I do worry about my moods and inability to communicate. And to let him help me. I have a huge problem asking for help. One way to tell I was very concerned about my mood after Billy was born was that I actually asked for help.

May have mentioned this before, but my sisters and I were raised to be very self-reliant and independent. My mom didn’t believe in coddling us. She waits on me a bit now, but growing up we were expected to really take care of ourselves. I was also given the responsibility at a young age of taking care of my sisters. I was 12, they were 8 and 7. My mom wasn’t coddled and her mom surely wasn’t coddled.

I can see the genesis of our upbringing in my grandmother’s childhood. She was 13 when her mom died. She lived on the farm with her dad and two much younger brothers. For a time she lived with a childless aunt in town so she could finish high school, but her life was taking care of them all. She married pretty much right out of high school and had six kids, two of whom died young. My mom became the baby of the family when her youngest sister drowned. Mom was about 13; Aunt Louise was 9.

Long post and I really need to get to a meeting (I’m running it).

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What do you get when you combine a Netter hopped up on caffeine and chocolate with a very long bus ride due to not one, but two traffic jams? You get picot cast-on, 3 rows of garter stitch, and 11 rows of moss stitch. I’ve been a busy Netter. Air grows apace. I’m now well into the first cable section of the front left. Must knit faster. My parents will be here before I know it!

My back is sore (hamstrings a little, too). Not from working out (although, I have been going to Curves for circuit training), but from bending over my floor for nearly 2 hours last night. I pinned up and started cutting out the pieces for my dress. I’ve been a busy Netter. I had everything spread out on the floor in the office. It’s hard pinning through that satin. I also had a hard time laying out the pieces so they’d fit. I still have to rearrange a couple of things before I finish cutting or I won’t have a waistband for the skirt! At this rate, I’ll be sewing soon.

So last night as I was casting on, I was debating yet more yarn purchases. There’s an eBay store with a great price on All Seasons Cotton. I know, I haven’t even knit my first All Seasons Cotton purchase yet. But it’s less than half price and two great colors! I had talked myself out of it, but now I’m really jonesing for that yarn.

I’m seriously considering looking into a housecleaning service. I need someone to come once a week and do the floors, dusting, bathroom, counters, etc. I can handle the laundry and we can learn to put stuff away to deal with the detritus that accumulates everywhere. I just do not have the time to spend on the weekends (or at night) scrubbing toilets, tubs, sinks, mopping, vacuuming, yada yada yada. I just can’t seem to make that stuff a priority. The vacuuming is particularly important now that Billy is on the floor so much and our dog is a vicious shedder!

I’d rather spend my time with my son, husband, dog and hobbies than scrubbing the f’ing toilet!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Okay, knit blogger geek moment. Is it wrong to be so tickled that I'm listed rightnext to Becky on the Manalong page? Of course, it's an alphabetical list and has no qualitative meaning. It's just so coincidental that I heard about the Manalong on her page and I idolize her knitting skills (not too mention her adorable son). The coincidence perks me up. (That and the 24 oz of caffeinated soda.)
I am not having a good day emotionally. I’m exhausted and I’m not sure why. I went to bed at 11and don’t remember being up much. Billy slept through until 6 am. I’m on the verge of tears. I nearly made myself sick this morning thinking about how much time Billy spends at daycare every day and how little he spends with us. It just got me wondering if it’s worth working. I know it’s probably just a temporary feeling; but it’s crushing me right now. I did take my fluoxetine last night (SSRI), so it’s not the PPD. Unless my dose needs to be upped. Our house is a fricking disaster area because I never clean. I need to be productive here at work and I haven’t been focused lately. Today is not going to be any better. I just hope I can get a grip on myself before the first crisis. I do feel a bit better after distracting myself for a little while. Of course, now I feel I’ve wasted an hour when the to do list just keeps getting longer.

Maybe Mommies with PPD shouldn’t work. Staying home would require such a huge change (not that having Billy wasn’t a huge change). I don’t know if we’d be able to make those sacrifices. I guess it’s a matter of what’s more important to us.

In the good news lists: after a knittable ride in, the back of Air is finished. I didn’t feel like dealing with the picot cast-on so the left front commences this afternoon. I also cut out all the pattern pieces for my dress last night. That took a long time. I hope to get the pattern pinned to the fabric tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll work on cutting out the pieces. I’d like to get the pieces pinned together Thursday or Friday, but the messy house is looming.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Still no Paris Loop photo. Must provide FO evidence or I will lose credibility. I did wear it today. We’re starting to get a bit of Fall chill in the air.

I’m about 16 rows of seed stitch from finishing the back of Air. Next time I want to do inches and inches of seed stitch, stop me!

My sister reminded me that I promised a sweater for her greyhound. As if I don’t have enough on my plate! But, he's going to be very cold during the mountain winter. Guilt, guilt. Must see how I can squeeze it in. I know, I can stop sleeping.

I must, must, must start working on my dress in the evenings this week. Fortunately, giving up the evening knitting shouldn't mean not finishing Air. My husband’s college reunion is in two weeks. That’s about 4 hours in the car to knit and the hours while he’s playing golf to knit. I hope to get at least one front or sleeve done this week. (Sleeves will be quick after the initial seed stitch they’re all st st.) Maybe tonight, I'll cut out the pattern and tomorrow I'll cut the fabric. Wednesday I'll start piecing and Friday I'll start sewing. I will not be sewing on Thursday (must hear the tv during CSI).

I should also find some time this week to clean the house (guests this weekend) and do some laundry.

Stash enhancement: Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran in Olive from the yarn sale over at from Got to love half-price yarn. I’m going to make myself a Smooched for next Summer.

Friday, September 24, 2004

I’ve joined another knit along. The Man-along hosted over at Danishmodern. Dad’s Zipo was already planned and it fits in with the timeline. I won’t be starting until late October (after Air is done). In All Seasons Cotton, it’s not really seasonal, but he’ll love it for his birthday.

I was able to wear Paris Loop a few times this weekend and on Monday. Unfortunately, it’s warmed up quite a bit so I haven’t worn it since. I got a number of compliments on it.

It’s been quite the knitting week. I’m almost up to the armhole shaping on Air. There are a couple of errors and if I had time, I probably would have ripped it more than once. All in all, I don’t think one set of incorrect cables and increases done out of order will ruin the entire sweater.

I’ve been able to work on it quite a bit in the evenings at home. I haven’t been able to knit so much in the morning. Monday morning and this morning were the only mornings I had knittable seats on the bus. Monday I wasn’t even on my regular bus! (Funny thing about Monday morning, a little old lady sat next to me on the 77 from my in-laws to NYC. She wanted to know how I worked the edging on Air. So I explained the picot cast-on. Then she whips out fun fur and starts knitting on a scarf. She had lots of compliments for my Air and Loop. She thought Air looked very complicated.) Every other day this week I’ve had to stand or been smushed with no elbow room. Yesterday, I even fell when someone cut the bus off.

I started my draft of this post at 9. It’s now noon. I feel like I’ve barely accomplished anything, but I’ve been working. It’s one of those days where there is just so much to do I hardly know where to start!

I’m actually one of those crazy people who looks forward to mid-December. Not only do I love Christmas and all the chaos it brings with it, I work in publishing and the last quarter is our busiest. Fortunately, the warehouses close around Dec. 10th so if it’s not done by then it won’t impact 2004 and it’s all over but the crying.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I’m really enjoying working on Air. Of course I'm enjoying it, it's , a gorgeous color of calmer and I'm learning new techniques. What's not to love? We’ll see how long the love lasts once I start repeating myself (rather once the pattern starts repeating). I had a little difficulty with my first cables. I forgot to grab a cable needle and was using the #6 needle, but since that needle is so slippery, it kept falling out if I didn't pull the cord through the stitches (I prefer circs even when knitting flat). Fortunately, no stitches were dropped.

The picot cast-on went much more quickly than I thought. I do not dread casting on for the next pieces. Of course, the next pieces are far off in the future. I’m about 2 inches into the back right now. Fortunately, it’s not as long as Loll, but with the cables, ribs, and darts it’s much more complicated.

Now, I’m hoping it gets cool soon so I can wear my Paris Loop. I just checked the forecast and Sunday may be partly cloudy and windy with a high of 69. Perfect for long sleeves and Paris Loop! This evening and tomorrow it looks like we’re going to get hit with the remnants of Ivan. Wet, wet, wet, with the possibility of flooding.

Hurricane season has been ridiculous this year and it’s only September. Tropical Storm Karl has just become a named storm (after being tropical depression 12) and Jeanne looks like she’ll hit Florida (!) Wednesday. And we’ve got another month and a half of this. We’ve been fortunate in Jersey with the hurricanes, although we’ve had some flooding not related to the storms; we’ve not experienced too much destruction or many casualties. I did hear they think an El Niño is forming in the Pacific. I think that means warmer and drier winters for the Northeast. We could use some drier weather. This has been such a wet summer, if you can even call it summer. I’m glad I don’t live back home; they barely had a summer at all! I visited in July and August and never made it into Mom and Dad’s pool!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Paris Loop is done! Yippee, another FO. I will try to get a picture this weekend and post it Monday.

Excitement fills the air as I start another project. I’ve begun to cast on for Mom’s Air. I say “begun to” because it’s a picot cast on and is going to take forever! I’m trying to use a crochet bind-off (my bind off skills are weak) but I’m not sure if it’s going any faster. So far, I’m about a third of the way through.

I couldn’t knit on the way in this morning, third morning this week! I had to stand on the bus. Fortunately, it was a quick ride in. I bet if I stay off the Internet at lunch, I can get the cast-on done and start knitting up the back!

I’m glad I’ll have closer to 8 weeks (and a long ride to and from SC at Thanksgiving) for my Dad’s birthday sweater.

Update: Won’t be knitting at lunch. I was invited out with a vendor. Woo hoo, free good food!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I’m nearly done with Paris Loop. Just a couple more niches on the neckline. I haven’t been able to knit in the morning; the bus has been too crowded. Yesterday I had to stand (and doncha know the ride took way longer than usual) and today I had no elbow room. I hope to have it done today or tomorrow. I have to start Air this week. I’ve got the pattern photocopied and marked and most everything packed and ready to go. I’m itching to get started!

Depending on how things (chores, childcare, etc) go this weekend, I may set up my sewing machine and get started on my dress for Johnny’s wedding. Ooh la la. I’m even thinking about accessories. I definitely need new shoes (I destroyed my last pair of pumps, don’t ask) and I think I want a new bag.

The calmer is still missing. *SIGH* I am slowly smuggling the office stash home. Last night I got the second half of my river tape eBay win (Janette is the coolest, she sent extra because the original second half got lost) and hubby asked what the package was. I said yarn and explained that it was stuff that was being replaced. He asked how many projects I had yarn for in the house. I didn’t answer. I guess it’s enough when your stash starts to seem obscene to you and you, yourself, cannot figure out how you’re going to knit all the projects you have yarn for!

So of course, I’m watching a few stash building (Rowan only) auctions on eBay. What can I say? It’s a sickness. I’m on a food diet, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, allow me this one vice! What else is a girl supposed to do with her money? Save for her kid’s college education, pay off her debt, save for emergencies.... I KNOW ALREADY!
Homework Meme

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being spotless, 10 being catastrophic), how bad do the following areas have to get in order to trip your personal "must clean now" radar?

Carpets 7 (Billy's room is lower because he's on that floor more)
Kitchen floors 7 (depends on how sticky they are), bathroom floor more often
Windows 10 (as in I can’t see out them)
Laundry 3 (this counts as running out of whites, right?)
Oven 10 (or until my husband starts complaining)
Bedroom floors 7
Clutter in out-of-the-way areas, such as landings or closets 11 (especially if I can close a door!)

What can I say, I have relaxed standards when it comes to house work!

Monday, September 13, 2004

I’m totally bummed. I won 8 skeins of calmer last month on eBay and since it hadn’t arrived yet I e-mailed the seller. She mailed it out and USPS says it was delivered to the office on 8/23. I don’t have it and I have no idea where it’s been for the last 3 weeks! I e-mailed our office manager; she wants to know who signed for it and the Post office won’t give me that information. I hope it shows up, otherwise I’m out $50 with nothing to show for it!

In the good news category, my Paris Loop should be ready to meet the cooler weather this week. Woo hoo. I should be starting Mom’s Air by the end of the week. That gives me 5 weeks to get it done. Wow. Giving myself quite the deadline!

I also received my silk garden in the mail. The colors are much more vibrant than they were in the photo on eBay. I’m loving them. I’ve definitely got quite a stash growing here in the office; time to start bringing some stuff home!

The new Knitty is up. I’m liking blaze.
And a side view for fun. Posted by Hello
Here's my meathead as modelled by Billy's puppy puppet.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Meathead is done. I was going to say well done (har har), but I’ll leave it to Larissa to decide the quality. Boy, was that ever a quick knit! I was done before I was close to being home last night. Stupid rubberneckers on the parkway extended my commute by 20 minutes! Twenty minutes with no knitting because I finished meathead! Pity me! I forgot how annoying a traffic jam can be with no knitting to soothe you!

I will post a photo tomorrow. I’m at home today and our very old pc (it’s a 98) doesn’t have a DVD drive so I can’t access any digital photos. (Even if I weren’t using our DVD cam for digital photos, I don’t think this thing would access a digital cam). I have to find an appropriate model. I tried it on Billy this morning, but he just wanted to rip it off his head and eat it. Of course, everything goes in his mouth, he’s only 7 months old.

In other knitting news, I cast on and started my Paris Loop last night. Of course, I had to rip it out. I had twisted the cast on row. I really need to get the loops out of my new 17 circ. I will definitely start up again today if I have time.

I’m home today to take Billy to the doctor. Check-up and shots, poor baby. Poor mommy, not only does she have to see her baby get picked, she’s got to do housework.

I’d like to sit here, surf some more, play more cribbage, fiddle around, but those rugs aren’t going to vacuum themselves! I do wish they would and start earning their keep around here.

PS, I'll change the sidebar tomorrow when I have a high speed connection. Dial up sucks.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Just bought my first Addi turbo. Took a little visit to Purl after lunch. I brought Kristen with me since we’d gone out to lunch together. She was a little shocked. She’s still mired in cheap acrylics when she crochets so the expensive naturals at Purl threw her for a loop. She did like the feel of the alpaca, though.

I better like this needle for what I paid!
Let’s see, I’ve got knitting and sewing updates. I’ll try to organize my thoughts. (My first draft of this post was a jumble!). Since this is a knitting blog (née crochet blog), I’ll do the knitting news first.

Loll is done! I finished it at 3 pm Sunday with the in-laws arriving at 4:30. I had just enough time to shower and tidy up the main floor of the house before the door bell rang. Whew. I couldn’t stay up Friday to knit the sleeve up to the sleeve cap, so I was up until 2 am Saturday night knitting, weaving in and starting the seaming, then Dave woke me up at 3 when he got home and Billy decided he needed to be up at 4. But he let me sleep until 8 after that. Sunday, I finished seaming, did the neckline (that took longer than expected, but came out really nicely) and sewed on the buttons. I did not have time to take a picture. I think the nicest touch was the buttons I bought on Saturday (Billy and I spent 2+ hours at Joann). I was going to get plain white buttons then I saw these beautiful Thistle buttons. Since my m-i-l is half-Scottish I had to get the Thistles. I cleaned them out of those buttons (I needed 7). And they were 40% off!

I really liked the pattern and my m-i-l was trés impressed. She told me it looked professionally knit. I will admit that my stitches were nice and even and there were only a few errors in the knitting itself (how many pieces did I rip and re-start?), but my seaming still needs work. I will say that I was not happy with the first sleeve. I don’t like how I handled the increases. The second came out much better!

As for the picture I know I'm a bad knit blogger; I’ve got three FOs since Blogspot’s been offering picture hosting and no pictures to show for them. What a boring knitting blog!

Stash enhancement: I won 10 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in 84. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I don’t like any of the Noro designs enough to buy the books. I was thinking since it’s the same gauge as All Seasons Cotton, I my see if it will work in one of those designs. Although I do particularly like one design from Rowan 33. I’m still waiting on the Calmer that I won last month and 5 skeins of river tape never showed up. I will not be buying any more yarn for a while. I’m banning myself from eBay and my other haunts (except to buy patterns and tools).

I started meathead this morning. Wow, sie 19 needles. If feels like I’m knitting with a giant’s needles! I had to cast on 3 times (first two times didn’t look so good) then I was about to start the stockinet and realized I’d done six rows of 1 x 1 ribbing when the pattern calls for 2 x 2. I ripped and am now back to where I was. I should be able to get this done in the next couple of days. I’m a little worried though about working on it on a crowded bus. I feel like I’ve got oars instead of needles! I think I’ll bring Paris Loop Thursday (I’m off tomorrow Billy’s got a dr’s appointment) just in case I do impale a fellow 113er on the way home tonight. Really, if we still had RNC security, they might not let me into the city with these implements! Paris Loop is definitely coming in the car to Baltimore along with Meathead if I don’t finish. I’ll have to grab another project, too, because I’m ever the optimist and think I’ll get more done than I do and who wants to be project-less in the car?

In sewing news: Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? Turn on those machines ladies! I’ve got a couple projects to work on. Perhaps we should have a sew-along! I’ve got my tote and a dress for a wedding to start! (I have until 10/24 to finish the dress.) Joann had a great sale on all sewing stuff this weekend since this is the month for it. All Simplicity patterns were $1, scissors were half price, buttons and notions were 40% off, and a lot of great fabrics were on sale. I got the interfacing for my Amy Butler bag (hope to start that soon) and a simplicity pattern for that dress for the wedding. I couldn’t find fabric I liked in the sale fabric, so I bought $30 + worth of not on sale fabric. It’s a lovely wine satin with deeper wine chiffon for a drape on the neckline. I’m making a sleeveless top and a full a-line skirt. See picture posted below. I just had too much fun and Billy just charmed all the ladies there. It was good thing I had a $25 gift card. I did not buy any yarn there, but I did get one set of needles I need for my Paris Loops and the needles that I need for Meathead. I spent a lot of time looking at the fat quarters, but didn’t really see too much I wanted (it was hard to resist they were $1). I did see some sets that I liked, but what would I do with them? I’m not quilting yet! All in all a great way to spend a Saturday.

Maybe Sunday I’ll get the fabrics out during Billy’s nap and start cutting things out. Honestly, I’d be lucky to get all the pattern pieces cut out!

I really have to get to work. Sample pages to review!
Here's the dress for the October wedding. The pieces I'm making are circled. I will be making both pieces out of wine satin with a deeper chiffon drape on the neckline. Posted by Hello

Friday, September 03, 2004

This morning when I dropped Billy off at day care, Miss Martha was making him laugh and he was having a grand ole time. She asked me if he was always like this, always so happy and quick to laugh and smile. I said that he was; that sometimes he gets cranky when he wants to take a bath and go to bed but other than that he’s a sunny boy. I love my kid so much.

Hubby is out tonight. He and his Dad are going to the last Jets pre-season game tonight. I do not begrudge him his football games with his dad; it’s usually only 10 days a year and I think it’s important that they spend time together. So, it will be just Billy, Molly and Mommy tonight. I hope Billy goes down early again and that I can get Molly either asleep or interested in a bone. I’ve got A LOT of knitting to do. I still have about 5 sets of increases to do on the last sleeve and then I need to knit to 44 cm in total length. WHEW. I will not go to bed tonight until I’m about to start the sleeve cap. I really want to focus on finishing it up tomorrow.

Hubby is out tomorrow as well. He has his fantasy football league draft and then they’re playing poker.

Aren’t I a great wife for letting him do all these things? Isn’t he a great husband for not insisting I do housework and letting me acquire yarn to my heart’s content? Keeping that in mind, I’ve bid on 10 skeins of Silk Garden on eBay. Sure, I’ll probably never knit up all the yarn I’ve got now, but this is beautiful yarn and I’m getting a bargain on it. I love that it’s the same gauge as All Seasons Cotton, but with better yardage so I can make something from that collection.

I’m also going shopping tomorrow. I’ve got my Amy Butler pattern and the fabric so I need to get the interfacing and any other required notions. Monday may be a sewing day! I also need to find the circs to make my meathead and the Paris Loops. I seriously cannot wait to finish Loll so I can start something new. I really hope to whip meathead and my Loop out (want to wear it as it gets cooler) next week and get cracking on Mom’s Air and Dad’s mittens! Billy gets to go to JoAnns and the LYS!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

My little boy is seven months old today. I was so proud of him last night. Dave and I decided to risk it and try to have dinner at Outback. He was so good the whole time; out classed the screamy, crying, whiny toddler two tables over. He played with his toys, the beer mats, the table, and was a doll. He’s such a great kid. He’s been sleeping better and eating everything we give him. I think we’ll be starting finger foods soon. He’s saying da-da-da-da-da-da now and trying to get from lying on his back to sitting up on his own. Yesterday morning, he discovered the joys of sleeping on his tummy (I put him to bed on his back; he rolled over, mom-police just back off).

Hard to believe it’s been seven months since I pushed him out into the world!

Did I mention that my meathead kit came the other day? I’m so excited to be helping Larissa with this project. I’ll be bringing it in the car to Baltimore next weekend, or I may start in Labor Day. I don’t know; I may be sleeping all day Labor Day. With the way Loll is going, I’m going to be up late Friday and Saturday! I finished the right front last night and cast on for the last sleeve immediately. I’m over half-way through the seed stitch, but man it’s still a lot of knitting to do. Then I have to seam (because although I planned to sew as I went I didn’t) and there’s buttons and a neckband, Oh my!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Loll is not finished. But, I received a reprieve. Last week, my husband re-scheduled his mom’s birthday dinner to this Sunday (9/5). Of course, he told me this before I went to VT and sapped my will to do much knitting at all. I should have the right front done today and will start the last sleeve ASAP. I hope to be seaming on Saturday. I still need to get buttons.

The VT trip was great! Everyone loved Billy, of course! I got to see my favorite cousin on my Dad’s side (he’s a great columnist, even got a book out). We had a lot of time to mellow out with the family. My only regret is that I drove so I lost 12+ hours of prime knitting time!

My Herrschner’s order came in. I was worried about the gray Cicco, but it’s my favorite of the three colors I have. I think my sister will like it. I can’t wait to get the Amy Butler pattern so I can start sewing.

I’m looking at my upcoming projects like this:

My Paris loop
My meathead contribution
Mom’s Air
Dad’s mittens
Dad’s Zipo
Christmas presents (3)

Then there are dog blankets and sweaters and way too much!