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Thursday, December 09, 2004

An Oldie, but a Goodie

This meme seems to have popped back up. Since I’ve never done it before, here are 100 things about me

1. I’m the oldest of 3 girls

2. I’ve been married for nearly 5 years
3. I’ve been in the same committed relationship for nearly 10 years
4. I’m the mother of a wonderful little boy
5. I moved to New Jersey from VT 9 years ago
6. I lived in Washington Heights for four months
7. I am a feminist
8. I believe in women’s education
9. I graduated from a women’s college
10. summa cum laude
11. I majored in English
12. I wrote my senior thesis on Lillian Hellman’s plays
13. I used to write poetry
14. I’ve not written anything in a while until recently
15. I am a big fan of symbolic language
16. I struggle with questions of faith
17. I love to knit
18. I used to read a lot
19. I got my vocabulary from reading
20. I’m 100 pounds over weight
21. I joined Curves in September
22. I haven’t worked out since before Thanksgiving
23. I miss having a lot of friends like I did in College
24. I don’t do anything to meet new people
25. I have very few friends these days
26. I have curly brown hair
27. I’ve always wanted to be a red head
28. I always look a little tanned
29. I’m often thought of as Italian or Puerto Rican
30. I’m mostly French Canadian
31. With lots of bits from Great Britain
32. And I’m part Native American
33. I used to be fluent in French
34. I lived and studied in Bath, England for a semester
35. I am an Anglophile; but I love all things Scottish
36. I have eaten Haggis
37. I had a bagpiper walk down the aisle before my father and I at my wedding
38. My husband and I walked down the aisle to Scotland the Brave
39. We named our son William Angus
40. Sometimes, I wish we’d had the guts to name him Angus
41. I took all the drugs they’d give me during my labor
42. I had two epidurals
43. I agree with my co-manager, you don’t get fillings without drugs, why go through labor drug-less?
44. I had really hoped to have my son without drugs
45. I’ve never fought with my mother
46. I have fought with my father
47. I want my son to know how to do housework
48. I hate to clean
49. I always wanted to be rich and famous
50. I work in NYC in publishing
51. I commute over an hour everyday
52. I’d like to work closer to my house
53. I’d even do it for less money
54. I’m rather liberal in my beliefs
55. I’ve marched on Washington
56. I need a lot of sleep
57. I’m an insomniac and a poor sleeper
58. I have post partum depression
59. I’ve been on anti-depressants since March
60. I joke about my condition
61. I believe if you can’t laugh at your own mental health, you can’t laugh at anything
62. I have a hard time lying
63. I think I’m pretty ethical
64. I’m probably a goody-two-shoes
65. I used to drink a lot
66. I come from a family of alcoholics
67. I stopped drinking for nearly two years
68. I’ve found I can moderate and now have a glass of wine on occasion
69. I still haven’t had a beer in two years
70. I like women singers
71. I can listen to the same CD over and over and over
72. I can be very focused
73. I live in my own head
74. I tend to be a loner
75. I am not too observant
76. I believe it’s important to be nice
77. I can be very bitchy without meaning to
78. Sarcasm comes very naturally to me
79. I am often mean to my husband
80. I always regret it
81. I have a yarn problem
82. I have a hard time with moderation in most things
83. I believe creativity is very important
84. I believe all people have the capacity to be creative
85. I think intelligence is the ability to learn
86. I like to learn new things
87. I like change
88. I have a hard time seeing when I need to change and instituting it
89. If something scares me, I do it
90. I have a gap between my front two teeth
91. I got my first tooth at four months
92. I try too hard to be self-reliant and independent
93. I have a hard time asking for help
94. I think my husband should be able to read my mind
95. I wanted to learn to play the piano as a child
96. I wish I could draw better
97. I have a wicked sweet tooth
98. I expect too much of myself
99. I can be lazy
100. I’m happy in my life

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