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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

walk like a man

I just peeked in on my baby boy (day care has web cams, tres cool) and he's walking around holding Miss Roxana's hands. Ah, gee. Before I know it, he'll be walking off to college (sense a theme?). He's moving up to a different classroom. Normally, they wait until the babies are walking or 18 months to move them up; but if they don't move Billy now, they won't be able to move him until next September and by then he'll really have outgrown the infants room. (Run on much?) is my enabler. They sent me a news letter with samples of upcoming yarn. I'm in love with the Peruvian Collection Baby Silk (alpaca and silk) in a luscious salmon. It went on sale yesterday. I've resisted so far, but it is soo soft and the color of the sample is so much nicer than on screen. I will just sit here and sigh. I promised the hub no new yarn. Read my lips Blogosphere, no new yarn.

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