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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Wrapping paper, embarrassing slippers, and zipping sleeves

I’ve got all of the Christmas morning presents wrapped. That’s the Hubby’s, the doggy’s, the baby’s and one for me. (Yes, I know what Billy got me for Christmas.) Tonight I’ll wrap the Christmas afternoon presents (although, we’ll probably be up really early, Saturday morning’s tend to be Billy’s early mornings, and ready to go to the in-laws well before noon) and might get started on the New Year’s Day presents. I cheated a bit with Billy’s presents. All of his new clothes got put in one box together. He still has quite a haul. I have to decide how to handle my parents’ presents. Do I wrap all the CDs individually? Group them somehow? Not really sure....

Billy got gifts from his caregivers at daycare yesterday. He got a cute toy with different legs that make different noises (squeaks, jingles, crinkles). His lead caregiver gave him two pairs of slippers. I found that present to be highly embarrassing. Billy has large feet and for most of the summer he only wore socks or went barefoot. This fall, I bought him some slippers and a pair of soft-soled boots. The boots don’t really fit, so he’s been living in his slippers. Unfortunately, Molly got a hold of one of them and ripped a seam up the front of the ankle and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it for weeks. They also look pretty beat up because the fleece is pilling and they’re just hard to keep clean. So, obviously Michelle figured he NEEDED new slippers. I am humiliated. We gave all the caregivers in his classroom very generous cash tips and I’ve not bought my kid new shoes in two months!

I’m over half-way through the first Zipo sleeves. Hence, zipping sleeves, because it’s zipping along. I hope to get it finished tomorrow. I’ll start seaming and try to put the neckband on over the weekend. Then, I’ll only have the second sleeve to knit, seam, and attach. Whew. I still haven’t touched Air in forever. Maybe, I’ll get some time to squeeze it in as well! I’d like to at least get it seamed and I can work on the pockets flaps while Mom’s here.

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