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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

poop episodes

I guess my poop episode last night could have been worse!

more bronchitis

Now Hubby thinks he has bronchitis (second year in a row). He's going to try to see a doctor today so hopefully he'll have good meds for Vegas. Don't tell him, but I think I know why Billy is prone to it now. I think both my boys need Zyrtec via IV.

I don't really have much to talk about. I've started the armholes on NBaT and need to figure out what I'm going to do for the neckline. I think I'd rather bring Hubby's socks on the plane with me, so I need to go get some DPNs. And I need to go get a money order for my Phildar win. I'm thinking it will be a stripey sweater for Billy or me, depending on gauge and yardage (auction didn't have that info).

My house looks good. Since the in-laws are Billy and Molly sitting this weekend, they're living at our place until Friday evening (easier to get Billy to and from daycare). So, of course, I had to clean up. I had further impetus when Billy pooped in the tub during his bath last night. I was disinfecting everything! (Tub toys got soaked in hot water and peroxide since they go in his mouth often, everything else got cleaned with a bleach cleanser.) First time he's ever done that!

I'm tired and not looking forward to getting up early enough to leave the house by 5:30-6 am tomorrow morning (flights at 7 something). Fortunately, we're only 15 minutes from the airport. I'm also anxious about having to possibly miss LOST tonight, what with people in the house and having to pack and all that. Fortunately, my source agreed to send me a copy so I'll get to watch it eventually. No spoilers please!

Well, lots to do before my long weekend (won't be back in the office until next Wednesday).

I'll try to take pics and blog Tuesday when we get back.

Mmm. Looks yummy! Knits up pretty well. Although the three strands are plied loosely so you have to watch for splitting. It's such spongy yarn!

I stashed again yesterday. I didn't think my lowball bid would win, but it did. There are 25 balls (total) of this mercerized Phildar yarn that will be coming to me! And even with shipping, I'm only paying 82 cents a ball. I love eBay!

It may be icky, cold, and wet in NJ, but a summerwind blew into my house yesterday! (Okay corny, but it's Frank.) I've started a swatch, just to see what it will look like knitted up. I'll try to get a decent picture later today (two I took this morning were blurry).

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lunchtime post

It's lunchtime and I think I may actually knit if I don't ramble on too long. I was able to knit on the bus this morning, so I have reached the armhole decreases on NBaT. I think I know what's going to Vegas with me. (How do you block in a hotel room being shared with a non-knitter?) Doesn't look like Hubby will ever get his socks (still can't find my small dpns).

Billy's cough is worse, but we're bringing out the heavy artillery, Xopenex. Tomorrow, I have to teach M-i-L how to use the nebulizer and F-i-L how to play Baby Newton on our PC (nebulizer is in office and the only DVD player in there is the PC). Fortunately, today was the last day of antibiotics and drops (one last dose of drops tonight). Although, he doesn't mind taking either of those. It's the Albuterol he hates and we'll stop that with the Xopenex.

Hubby's really bothered by Billy's illness. I'm trying to take it in stride. Having grown up with a sibling in and out of the hospital until she was 11 or 12, this is not a big deal. How do I get him to see that? (Although, I do wish I didn't have to use so many vacation days for Dr appts.) He's stressed about work and always catastrophizes things (like my made-up word?). A worst-case scenario guy. I always thought I was a pessimist, but now I realize at the worst, I'm a realist at best an optimist. I just don't see the point in wasting energy worrying. Actually, sometimes I don't worry enough.

Won't this make a lovely tote? Stripes outside, paisley inside. I'm getting 1 yd of the Amy Butler stripe and 2 1/2 yds of the Hoffman paisley. I'll be able to make notions bag with the paisley. Have to find coordinating fabric for a needle roll.

Who wouldn't want to leave this weather behind? We may love NY, but this forecast stinks!

This is my idea of a Memorial Day forecast! VIVA LAS VEGAS. (Of course I'll be inside quite a bit!)

Monday, May 23, 2005

No knitting updates. I barely touched NBaT all weekend and forgot to pack it this morning. Mondays are rough, especially since Billy's back on all those meds. Yeah he's not happy about it, but I think this face is more about teething!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Not so motivated

Something about late nights, mild hangovers, and half-days that keep me from being super motivated at work. Of course, the fact that B's ears are oozing again may have something to do with my mood. Oh and it's cool and rainy outside. We're not having a very Springy-Spring this year. I wonder if Summer will be a disappointment, too.

Yep, have to go home at 12:30 and take the boy to the doctor. Poor kid. He seems to feel okay. All smiles and giggles as usual, but oozing ears cannot be ignored. And I am NOT thrilled that he's coughing again. We've only been off the meds for two weeks.

BRUUUUCE was great last night. It was weird to be seated almost the whole concert and to see just him performing alone, but he's awesome. He can be a bit tyrannical about his acoustic performances. Someone was shouting during a song and he told them to Shut the F Up. But he didn't abbreviate.

Good news is I get to knit sooner. No knittable seats available on the 113X this morning. Afternoon buses tend to be emptier, so I'll get a good seat. I'll also get to play with the new PC this afternoon instead of waiting until B goes to bed. I'll set him up with some toys and we'll be good to go. He'll probably spend more time opening and closing the door. He can just reach the knob and it doesn't latch. He just stands there opening and closing. Sometimes, he eve goes in and out! Oops, I forgot there are cardboard boxes and computer stuff all over the floor in there. I'll have to tidy that up first, won't I?

Hubby's going to the Mets-Yankees series all weekend. He'll be out tonight, tomorrow afternoon and Sunday afternoon. Hope he doesn't get too rained on today! It'll be a B and Mommy weeekend. My M-i-L is coming to babysit tomorrow morning so I can workout and go to the salon (Hubby's planning on leaving around 10 to drive to the stadium and he'll ahve to pick up tailgate supplies in the morning). That afternoon, if B's up for it, we're going shopping. I need some new clothes (esp. shorts and things for Vegas next week) and he needs some summer-y things. If he's not up to it, he'll stay with the in-laws tomorrow after church and it's mommy alone with the credit card time.

Wow, what a long post and no real knitting news! I've got one more bust increase on NBaT. I hope to have her finished this weekend. Then it's sleeve time. I've also started a wrap in a rayon ribbon yarn, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do. It's for Vegas. Something light and airy, but can cover my arms if I pack anything sleeve-less.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I did indeed start the bust increases last night. As a matter of fact, between the two bus rides, I got sets done and will make the third increase tonight on the way to see BRUUUUCE and his guitar.

2005 or 1955?

I realize it's a Roman Catholic school, but perhaps instead of punishing her for conceiving a child, they should have been more proactive in helping her PREVENT pregnancy! Let's give her some credit for finishing school. And if you're going to punish one of the teenage parents, you better punish them both! She wasn't the only one committing the sin.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

La la la la la la, la la la la la

Remember the smurfs? Their little song often pops into my head when I'm floatingly happy.

And why is Netter so happy? Her new computer is set up and running! Her new camera is here and loaded with batteries and taking pictures! Yay! All I need to do now is do the transfer from the old PC and get us back online at home.

It was not fun driving out to Bound Brook last night (15+ miles on 22 just after evening rush?), but we got to UPS and after waiting behind 2 people whose packages could not be found (Hello, hard to not buy yourself some anxiety in that situation), the guy scanned my delivery slips, and voila, four Dell boxes for me!

I love the 19" flat screen monitor (free upgrade in May), I love having Windows XP with Office Professional, I love my new 3-in-1 printer, and I can't wait to be able to get online and actually do stuff at home with my computer! I love getting 2% of the total purchase into our Upromise account for B's education. Not to mention, Hubby was joking about going out today and getting an MP3 player and start ripping the CDs for this summer's concert performers.

And, I ordered yarn yesterday. Another package to happily wait for!

I decided to take Lolly's advice and go for the contrast hem and neckline. I've used just over one ball on the front so far. I think I'll be able to finish it it with one more so that leaves 2 for the sleeves. And I have enought cofeebean for about 36 rows of the three remaining hems. I should be fine. Since I've decided to add the brown, I've been wanting to call her Truffle. The coffeebean makes me think of milk chocolate. Since I'm trying to remove weight, I'll wear my truffles instead of eating them!

And, Billy didn't bite anyone yesterday. Super cute Billy story to follow. He was very good waiting with us at UPS. He just walked around looking at things and people. When I showed him that the metal on the sides the counters was reflective and told him to look at Billy, he leaned really close, said "MWAH" and kissed his reflection. (Now, don't go thinking he's a narcissist, he just thought he was kissing another kid.)

I start the bust increases when I pick her up again. Notice anything different about my pic? (Besides the elephant.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Say hello to the newest member of my stash! Only $2.97 a ball at! (And yes, Hubby and I did discuss it before I whipped out the plastic, no promises broken.)

Four decreases marked by pins and 6 more rows above them. Someday, I'll finish this T.

so, it might fit

I held the back of NBaT against my front and back (not so easy to see) last night and it appears it's a good length for me. I also compared it against a top I have that fits pretty well (although, it's a bit more snug right now than I'd like), and it's just a tad wider. All in all it looks like the T will fit. Yay, I don't have to rip it all out and start over!

The bad news is I only have 3 balls of the Zeal Calmer left. I don't think I'm going to make it. I've just finished the waist decreases and figure it's going to take at least 2 more balls to finish the front. No way I get 2 sleeves and the neckband out of 1 and part of a ball (remember I already started a sleeve). I think it might help if I go back to two colors and use a contrast for the neckband and sleeve hems (I'll probably have to rip what I've started of the first sleeve anyway to fit my armhole). I definitely have enough bleached, but I think I'd like coffeebean better. Might have enough of that leftover from mom's air. I'll try it and see.

I get to pick up my computer tonight (and my new camera). UPS wouldn't leave the three boxes (monitor, camera, printer, PC) because there was no one at the house to sign for it. So, Hubby, Billy and I are off to Bound Brook to pick it up after work. We'll stop and grab a bite on 22 on the way (lots of places to eat on Rt 22).

Something a bit disturbing happened yesterday, and it wasn't the fight my sisters and I got into. Billy bit another child at daycare. The other kid (don't know which one or the sex) had a toy that B wanted and wouldn't give it him (why should s/he?) so he bit her/him. He broke the skin. Hubby's worried that we'll be sued (I'm hoping the victim has a history of biting him-/herself and the parents are more understanding than that). Hubby does the worst-case-scenario thing all the time. It gets a bit old, the anxiety. I'm not too surprised. It's common for kids in group settings to bite and really common for toddlers with little language skills to hit and bite (and B's skills are a bit below average). B's been biting me since November. We've tried lots of different things to get him to stop, but felt fortunate that he limited it to me and Hubby. He hadn't really bit anyone else till yesterday. Unfortunately, he has a lot more teeth (12!) than your average toddler. Any advice on how to get him to stop?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Into the Woods, Out of the Woods, and to work befor 9

We had a good weekend. Friday was a lot of fun. Our local community theater did a good job with Into the Woods. Everyone had a good voice and they did well with the limited resources and tiny stage. My only complaint for this performance, I didn't like the portrayal of the wolf so much. I liked him a bit more lascivious as he was when I saw it on broadway. The other complaint is more for Soundheim and his co-writer (I think it's Jardine), the musical is much less interesting after the Witch goes away. The rest of it feels like such a dirge.

Saturday was busy, housework-wise. I still haven't completely caught up, but I need a filter for my vacuum and I thought my mop bucket had sprung a leak. Besides, by the time I could have gotten to those tasks, it was time to go get Billy. He seemed none the worse for spending a day with Grammy and Granddad. (Sometimes I think he prefers Grammy to me!)

Saturday night we just chilled at home. B got a much needed bath and Hubby and I vegged. I'm so exciting, I went to bed early!

Sunday was a lot of running around, to church (where Billy again charmed our small congregation of mostly older ladies), then to the town fair and craft fair. There were two knit/crochet-dedicated booths. One was full of ponchos done in interesting yarns (some novelty, some multi-colored ribbons, some more classic). I couldn't tell how well she was doing. Another was hand-made wood knitting needles with embellished ends. Things like beads and wooden sunflowers. The kneedles looked like basic wood dowels; I wasn't about to pay $12 for them. They did have some cute felted bags; I should have asked what they used for yarn. Fortunately, no yarn for sale; so I wasn't tempted to break THE PROMISE with hubby standing right there. I did see some other knit and crochet things for sale at other booths, but nothing too interesting. Hubby kept joking that I should get ready to have a booth next year. Like I could make that much output. Maybe if I sold my stash! Mostly it was painted wood stuff, beaded jewelry, food vendors, and local businesses trying to drum up business. We didn't buy anything!

Okay, you waded through all of that, you deserve knitting content. Unfortunately, it's already been posted! I completed about 30 rows on the NBaT between a long bus ride (I bet you get as tired of reading that as I do of typing it), driving around NJ (picking up boy, going to church), and watching some tv on Saturday. I mentioned before that I'm beginning to be concerned that it's going to be too big. I did upsize because I am upsized, and I do like things longer, but this might be a bit too much. And since it seems a few balls wandered off (or I'm using way more yarn than I thought), I'm worried about running out of my discontinued Calmer. I may be heading to the frog pond soon. If that's the case, don't be surprised if you see me start up something new (like Hubby's socks).

I'd like to know where the knitting black hole is in my house. I've mis-placed that calmer and the project bag I started for Hubby's socks. I lost a few balls of that green sock yarn, the dpns on which I got gauge, and the pattern!

diaper change

I just logged onto the webcam at daycare and saw that Billy wasn't at the lunch tables with the other kids. So, I switched cams and he was having his diaper changed. (You can't see anything the cam's across the room and very low-res.) Still, it's a bit of a pleasure to know that it's one less diaper Mommy has to change!

3 of 4 waist decreases finished. I really need to make sure this is going to fit and not be too long as I've read in so many other blogs on the knitalong. (Also I am beginning to fear I won't have enough yarn in this color to finish.)

At long last, Mom's air is finished and going to be mailed. I'd rather gift in person, but she's waited long enough! Again, sorry for the bad photo. I can't wait to get my new camera!

Friday, May 13, 2005

I feel the need, the need for stash

I really, really want to stash. It's been soooo long, but I promised and your anniversary is not the day to break a promise to your beloved.

But, but, but Herrschners has a fabulous orange-multi color cotton blend on sale. It look so yummy! I don't know what I'd make with it or when I'd get to it considering all the yarn in my closet, under my bed and in bins in the (very dry) basement. They include:

20 skeins summer tweed
11 skeins Dale Kolibri
~20 skeins Reynolds Pebble Beach
8 hanks (various colors) of KPPPM and KPM
20 skeins of Calmer (sour and Onyx)
35 skeins Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran (in 3 colors)
10 hanks Magpie Aran
10 skeins Kid Classic
4 skeins Kroy socks (in two colorways)
10 skeins Rowan 4 ply cotton
12+ skeins All Seasons Cotton
15 skeins Highland Wool

And other things I can't think of.

Five years of wedded (mostly) bliss

Five years ago at this moment I was heading to the salon to be turned into a beautiful bride. She did miracles the woman. Then my sister and I went to McD's for a snack. The wedding wasn't until 5:30 and I knew I wasn't going to really get to the hors d'oeuvres at cocktail hour with the picture-taking. Oddly no one in St. Albans was too surprised to see a woman in a veil walk into their local McD's. Of course, knowing NW Vermont as I do, they probably were surprised, but too Yankee to let anyone know!

Hubby and I have had our spats and our unhappy moments, but so far, it's been a great 5 years. Since we were together for 5 before the wedding, I think we were pretty sure it would work out.

I'm so very married to him, he always comes into my dreams about other men!

We've grown accustomed to each other's quirks. He missed seeing my sourpuss when I was so sick last month and has gotten over asking me to smile so much. I know him so well that I knew he wanted to go out with the guys last night when he called at 4:25 and my prescience prevented him from asking. (I talked him into it on line for the bus.)

Now, if only I could get him to understand yarn stashing....

Air is FINISHED! No photos, yet. I rushed out of the house this morning because commuting to NY was going to be aitch-e-double hockey sticks! First, a retaining wall collapsed on the Henry Hudson Parkway north of the GWB. Then there was a fire under a bridge in NJ that suspended train service to NYS (it was back up with severe delays this morning). So, I knew the busses were going to be packed. I took an earlier local and everything went smoothly until it was time to get on the Turnpike. There a 10 car pile-up just south of the Lincoln tunnel exit caused massive delays. We went an alternate route but it was still over an hour into the city.

It meant more knitting time, but Hubby and I have 6:15 dinner reservations and tickets to a local production of Into the Woods (my favorite musical ever).

I've made some good progress on the front of my T. Not only have I had extended bus knitting time, I knit a bit on it last night watching CBS. (After I wove in the last 2 ends of Air.) I should be starting the waist decreases tonight.

Another wonky pic, but you can see I'm making mucho progress. Consecutive 1-hr+ rides into the city do that!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not a great photo, but you can see the beautiful stitch markers Julie sent me for the Bead It exchange, and no I haven't finished mine yet!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New PC with camera!

I'm getting a new computer. With a new camera. It's not a super cool camera, but it will be good for blogging and e-mailing Billy snaps. I should have the PC next week. Yippee!

Hubby and I are filling up our calendar for this summer. Next week we go to see Bruce Springsteen, then we see Mellancamp and Fogerty in July, I go to Tori Amos with my sister in August (day before we drive to VT for Meme's birthday party), in September we go to the Stones with my parents, and we're going to Giants opening day, too. I know there are a couple of other shows I'm forgetting.

Air is nearly done. I have 1 more end to weave in. I don't know how I missed it, I think I got too wrapped up in the Amazing Race. (I was so happy that Joyce and Uchenna won. They are such good people. They nearly gave up their lead at the end to get enough money for their cab driver!) Air looks really nice. Can't wait to make my own.

I turned the hem on the T this morning on the bus. I think I'll try to get Billy's sweater done (been needing just a zipper for 3 months) tomorrow watching CBS and then it's full-time T knitting.

Next on the list are Hubby' socks (once I find the project bag), Ellspeth (in Sour Calmer), Acorn Cami (in Orange MilleFille Fiori Print), Air (Onyx Calmer), and then I'll probably start my fall/winter knitting with a Tempting in Silk Road Aran and a little something in Silk Garden #84 that I've been kicking around. Of course, I have some Cork that I want to knit into something for Billy, too!

Here is the front to NBaT after turning the hem this morning.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Zipo and Air

Zipo was gifted on Saturday. I was sitting around my dining room table with Mom and Dad when Dad asked when he'd get his sweater. I got up and grabbed it off the chair on which it was sitting and said "right now."

He really likes it. It fits well over another shirt. He wore it all weekend. I told mom it could be machine washed but that she shouldn't dry it.

As for Air, I tried but couldn't get too much done before they left. However, as of last night all that is left to complete is one, ONE, pocket flap and weaving in ends (of which there were many, lots of knots in my coffeebean calmer). Generally, I like to gift in person, but since she's been waiting so (im)patiently for nearly seven months, I'm mailing it as soon as it is finished. Since I plan on working on it during the Amazing Race (GO UCHENNA AND JOYCE) finals tonight, it should be ready to mail tomorrow. Along with a graduation card for my sister's boyfriend. He did the five-year plan for college. One nice thing about Air, it sort of fits me! Well, the sleeves are okay, but when I make mine I'll have to make the front and back a bit wider.

I have half of my bead it stitchmarkers done. Went with a completely different design. I hope she likes them. They should be in the mail by the end of the week.

I took Sleeve 1 off the needles yesterday morning. I realized Friday night as I was starting the cap shaping, that it might not fit the armhole! So, I cast on for the front yesterday. It's going pretty well. Especially since I bought a bunch of coilless safety pins. (Did you know that they sell them in the bead and jewelry section?) I plan to use them to mark increases and decreases so I don't have issues with them. Once I know the actual size of the armholes, I should be able to re-design the sleeves.

Still no pictures of anything. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of Dad in Zipo this weekend.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Thank you bead it pal

Julie sent me some beautiful stitchmarkers on a knitting safety-pin. I, of course, neglected to take a photo. I'll do it this afternoon. They're blue flowers and so feminine.

In other bead it news, I'm being slothful and haven't finished mine. I did a test run and my original plan isn't going to work. Must go get some jump rings. Think I'll take B to Michaels after his Dr appointment.

More news later, got 2 dash, see above appt!

Friday, May 06, 2005

May 6th was supposed to be my wedding date

Six years ago when we were picking a wedding date, our first choice was May 6th. At first, because the last weekend in April was unavailable at our venue, but then we remembered that the 6th was very important to us because we'd first said "I love you" on Feb 6, 1995. When Hubby, then fiance, was talking to his best man, we found out we couldn't get married on May 6. See, best man is an editor for The Daily Racing Form, and since May 6 was the first Saturday in May that year, he couldn't take time off. No one takes time off the week of Kentucky Derby Day when they work for the Racing Form. It's okay, we got married May 13th. Which turned out to be great. 13 is Hubby's favorite number and May 13, 1977 was my aunt's wedding date and I was her flower girl! (Didn't have one of those myself, not having any nieces or close friends with girl children. Well that's not completely true, but Melissa Marie was only a week old!)

Back to 2005, tonight I must clean house. Mom, Dad and sister Natalie hope to be at my place around lunchtime. My place is a sty. There are certain things I can only do while Billy is sleeping (mopping, vacuuming, using chemicals to clean the bathroom), so I have to do them tonight. Naptime tomorrow is cutting it way to close to arrival time. Tomorrow I can tidy, put stuff away, and make guest beds with him following me around.

Yesterday was fun, just the three of us. I found out Billy likes quesadillas. Not a big surprise considering the way he scarfs cheese and carbs on their own. I made chicken quesadillas for myself. I picked up some of that pre-cooked and pre-carved chicken breast and some tortillas and put them in the Foreman grill. Voila. I made a better lunch for today, though. I layered the rest of the chicken, tortillas, cheese, salsa, peppers (frozen), and sour cream into a casserole and baked. MMMMMMM. I love cheese and sour cream!

I didn't do much knitting on the T yesterday. But, I did start seaming Mom's Air. I have the shoulders put together and 1 and 1/2 arms set in. I don't like the way I hand sew (and it's not that great with a machine either) so I'm crocheting everything together. I'm much more confident with those stitches and so far everything looks good. I'd be much further along if I hadn't sewn the wrong front to the back inside out! Then I went and tried to pin a sleeve to the neck! Took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working!

As you can see, though, I did manage to get a few rows done on the T this morning. Plan to work more on the bus tonight. Hopefully, I'll get the housework done in time to do some more seaming before bed.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad. And celebrating Mother's Day (ooh presents). And having Billy baptized. And any other fun stuff we can think of!

Am I the only person who doesn't like Catherine Willows on CSI?

I turned the hem on sleeve 1 this morning. I've started the increases (not a big accomplishment as they are written for rows 2 and 4).

Thursday, May 05, 2005

This is sleeve one. I cast on this morning (no room on the bus for knitting last night and I didn't get around to TV knitting). I'm about ready to turn the hem. I hope my modifications (sizing up) don't prevent it from fitting the armhole. Must check

Thirsty Thursday

Just me and the kids tonight. Hubby's going out with a friend to a Newark Bears game. They have a silly promotion called Thirsty Thursday. Do you ever wonder why Netter doesn't go out with friends after work? She does, too. I don't resent it, I usually like spending time by myself. Especially on Thursday when I can watch what I want to watch on our big screen TV (CSI on 21 inches isn't that great, on 48 inches much better). I can also have whatever I want for dinner (usually a rotisserie chicken) and knit til my heart's content. Although tonight I must, must, must start seaming Air. Mom will be here Saturday. Hopefully Molly will cooperate. Hmmm, think I'll buy her a new bone to bribe some cooperation out of her!

Billy's doing so much better. No more wheezing and he hardly sounds congested at all. He's barely coughing either. I must say nebulizing in the morning is so easy. I just turn on TLC and we watch Ready, Set, Learn or Peep and the Big Wide World (title may be slightly wrong). Evenings it's a little harder to find something, but he does seem to like Jimmy Neutron.

I'm still headache free. Although, I'm jonesing for some stashquisition. I think it's because as much as I like NBaT, she's a little plain vanilla. Especially since I've taken out the intarsia. I'm just a solids kind of girl. Maybe I should start a new project. I'm beginning to understand why some knitters have so many active projects at one time. I'm not getting bored with knitting; I'm just looking for a little knitting excitement.

Sometime soon, I need to start on the Bead It exchange. I found some other cute beads on eBay; they go really well with my person's blog, but I got outbid and I'm not sure how much higher I want to go. The auction ends tomorrow, so I think I'll wait and re-bid then. Bugs me how this person didn't bid at all until I placed the first bid!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blurry photo and crappy colors, but proof that I finished teh NBaT back this morning on the way in. Lots of knitting done last night watching Amazing Race and L&O, if not any other time of the day. Casting on for sleeves will commence this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I was going to write a really long update yesterday, whining about how sucky my weekend was, but I lost the momentum.

I had to take Billy to the doctor Friday because he had discharge from his ear, which I think I mentioned Friday. Well, the ear wasn't a concern, but she was concerned about his bronchitis. Since 3 weeks of Albuteral syrup hadn't helped his congestion or wheezing, we had to move on to a nebulizer. Which had to be delivered to our house, that evening when we were supposed to be on the road to VT to visit my family for the first time since August for my grandparents 60th anniversary party. Since he was still sick and the nebulizer didn't get there until 5:30 pm, we didn't go. I was really disappointed, but my parents and one of my sisters is coming down this weekend for his baptism, so it took off some of the sting.

The good news is as much as he hates the nebulizer, his chest is clearing up. No more wheezing at yesterday's follow-up. He's finished the oral antibiotics for his ears, he's only got one more day of antibiotic drops for his ears (took a call to ENT), and another week of one drug in the nebulizer. He's taking Zyrtec for allergies, which has really knocked out the runny nose! I'll be happy when we're down to just that antihistamine. I did find a way to make the nebulizer more palatable. TV! Normally, we don't let him watch much, but it's better than him screaming the whole 15 minutes! In the morning it's easy to find stuff for toddlers, but in the evening, not so much. I've found he likes music videos (kid LOVES music), but last night the only thing besides hip-hop was country (we only have 5 or 6 video channels on digital cable and they all had crap on). Hubby wasn't thrilled, but it kept him mellow until we were done.

I got some good news for myself on Friday. My internist and Billy's pediatrician are married and have their practices in the same building. Friday afternoon when I got home there was a message that my MRI was clear. When I took Billy to the pediatrician, I ran into my doctor so he and I had a quick chat. I was able to tell him that I hadn't had a migraine since last Monday and we were all happy. I just wish I'd start sleeping a little better (and stop having such wacky dreams).

I'm nearly to the neck shaping on the back of my T. Less than an inch to go. I can't wait to cast on for the other parts. I so want to wear this thing and soon. I didn't get a chance to look for the missing Calmer. But, I'll find it!

I cannot buy any more yarn. I rearranged my closet this weekend (put away heavy sweaters and dug out my shorts, not to mention put away 4+ weeks worth of clean laundry) and re-organized that part of my stash. Whoo boy, it's going to take a while to get through it all, especially at my current rate. Since I'm in my early 30s, I don't think I'm at SABLE status, yet, but it won't take long if I don't start stash-busting!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Lots of progress this weekend. Only a few more inches to go and I'll be starting the neck shaping. Then on to the sleeves (I want to go a little faster). Oddly, I must have tucked some of my Calmer away because I went to get a couple of balls out of the bag in my stash and there were only 5 left. I know I haven't used 5 balls!