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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Dare I say zipping Zipo?

Nah, I don't dare. I had to cast-on twice. Once Monday night in my hotel room and then again yesterday. I did no knitting in the car on the trip down to York and none on the way back. Heck, on the way back it was in the trunk. It is nice working in this gauge, though. Dad's mitts and hat were worsted but both Loll and Air are in Calmer and the DK gauge can feel like it takes forever. I'm alternating between Air's collar (boring seed stitch) and Zipo's ribbing (slipped 1 x 3) which seems much more interesting right now. I'm sure when I'm working miles of rev st st, I'll be more than happy to pick up the pocket plackets for Air. Zipo is my reward for working on Air right now, but Air will be the reward for working on Zipo.

I can't believe I've only given myself 3 weeks to knit this sweater. What am I crazy? It better zip along!

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