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Monday, December 06, 2004

Elves wanted, and not just for knitting

I am so far behind, in my knitting, at work, with my housework (laundry alone is 2 weeks behind).

It was an interesting weekend Chez Netter. It started early. Thursday I had to dash out of the office to pick up Billy (let’s not get into the fact that both Hubby and I wound up on the same bus home) because he’d thrown up and there was a virus going around. Of course he could not go back to daycare Friday. I got nothing done except a nice long nap. Which was good, I have the mother of all head colds lingering here. Hubby got home Friday and got us a pizza for dinner.

Saturday, my mother-in-law picked up Billy and Molly for some kid and dog-sitting. I did the dishes and Hubby and I decorated. Tree is up. I did the majority of the lights for the first time and it looks pretty good. We got the mantle done and the knick knacks all around. I even did a Ho-Ho-Ho wall in the kitchen (all Santa stuff). I made Dave snort his beverage out his nose when I called it he Ho-Ho-Ho wall. The whole time I had a killer of an earache and realized what a trooper Billy’s been for the last month. As Dave and I were getting ready to go to a clinic (I wouldn’t be able to see our Dr until tomorrow at the soonest), I realized I’d left my wallet in the office. Just in case I was wrong and I’d lost it, we cancelled all my cards. Then I saw the doc at the clinic and got a super decongestant and some drops. Then it was off to the in-laws for dinner and picking up the kids.

Sunday, I did bupkus. I sat around and vegged all day. Discovery channel had a Mythbusters marathon on. Cool. I really like it when they blow stuff up. Yeah, I’m a bit of a 12-year-old boy at heart. (Although, I don’t really like toilet humor.) I did finish the cast on for Air’s collar and did a row and a half while Billy was playing.

Today, I’m here in the office until 1 (maybe 12) and it’s off for a plant tour in York, PA. I did pack knitting for the car. We get back about 4 tomorrow afternoon. Just in time to go home. So all the stuff that really needed to get done last week isn’t getting done until Wednesday, most likely. I also have a meeting at 10 to go over our new timesheet program that starts in a few weeks. Snot.

I packed two balls of ASC to cast on for Zipo, if/when I get the collar done on Air. I lost my photocopy of the instructions for the pocket flaps, so I’ll start those some other time. Good thing I wasn’t planning on any Christmas knitting!

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