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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years resolutions, more or less

Eat less (pretty self-explanatory. The conspicuous consumption isn’t just the new material goods cluttering my house if you know what I mean)

Exercise more (gee, I’ve got a membership to Curves, ask me how many times I’ve been in the last four weeks)

Stash less (lots of this going on lately, see sidebar for stealth stash that I’ve not mentioned)

Knit more (list of to knits keeps getting longer, sister socks, boot socks for hubby, birthday knits for Billy, not to mention all those things I say I’m going to knit for myself)

Complain less (it will definitely help with the below)

Smile more (just for hubby)

Clutter less (my house, oh my poor house)

Clean more (companion to the above)

Although, as usual, it will probably be more eating, less exercising, more stashing, less knitting, etc. Don't do anything I wouldn't do tomorrow night (which still leaves you A LOT of territory). See you on the flip side!

USO (unblogged stashed object)

12 skeins Phildar Phil'Laine wool blend. 6 royal blue, 3 teal, 1 burgundy, 1 purple. Acquired on eBay last week, arrived on my desk this am. Loverly stuff that I didn't mention when I won the auction, but did put on my sidebar to keep myself honest. I've got no idea what I'm going to do with it!

gearing up

Man, you should see my fridge. The way hubby went crazy at the liquor store, you'd think we were going to have more than four guests for the weekend. Of course, one case of chianti was for us (one of our all-time favorite wines we don't see as much anymore) and isn't in the fridge, but the margarita mix, beer, champagne and three bottles of white wine are just him trying to be the host with the most. I'm trying to convince him he doesn't need to make a full-blown dinner tomorrow with all the finger foods he has crowding our freezer. He's known my family for nearly 11 years, why the need to still wow them?

Of course, I've known my family for my whole life and still feel the need to make the house presentable for them. I spent until 10:30 last night cleaning, vacuuming, and wrapping presents. It felt good to sit down and mellow out before bed.

Why do I have to get them presents anyway? I gave them their only grandson and nephew. Isn't he gift enough? He's not even two yet. I'm sure the newness hasn't worn off.

You know it's a quiet day in the blogosphere when you get caught up on all your regular reads in less than 25 minutes. I think I may have to finish those appraisals today. It's so quiet around here I'm going to fall asleep at my desk if I don't keep busy. And today is going to drag on so. I get to leave an hour early (two hours if I were sane and got to work at 9 like most people), but still. The anticipation of seeing my family is going to drive me nuts.

Speaking of my kid. He said his first two intelligible sentences yesterday. He said "I got blocks" and "I want eat." I wish I could have heard him.

He cracks me up. At dinner last night he didn't want to sit in his high chair, he wanted to sit with me. (Mind you we went out for dinner, cook is a four-letter word in my house.) He hasn't figured out that his tantrums would be more effective if he screamed while throwing himself back and opening his mouth as wide as possible. I think he needs more practice. Anywho, he was more than happy to put his mouth to use when the mac and cheese came.

I'm plugging away on the sleeves for his cabled sweater and oh so looking forward to starting hubby's red ribby. Not to mention his boot socks and Billy's birthday gifts. Dad's hat finally dried this morning. I wrapped it up without taking a pic. I will get one of him modeling it.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bonne Marie Rocks, but you know that already

Here's Dad's hat post felting. It's not quite dry, yet. But, hopefully I'll be able to wrap it tonight. It only spent about 8 minutes in the washer with some towels. I tried it on and it's a little snug, so hopefully it will fit him. If not, I'll felt it some more. And, of course, Bonne Marie's pattern was not to be faulted. I knew I could have faith in it. As you can see, the brim, it lies flat. I hope he likes it!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I came up empty. Nothing Mom would appreciate anyway. She watches tv, likes candy, reads, and that's about it. No need for designer togs or bags or what not, which is what you find in SoHo. But, she's got a wicked sweet tooth, that mother of mine. So, tomorrow, I'm going here and getting a small assortment of some of the greatest chocolates money can buy.

lunchtime shopping

I must go do more lunchtime shopping. Unfortunately, it won't be at Purl (went there yesterday for DPNs). I realized last night that I'm one present short for my mom. Of course, I work SoHo and don't think I'll find anything. Maybe I'll go on up to Discorama on W4th.

awfully quiet in the office

After the last few weeks before Christmas, it's so quiet in here I don't know what to do with myself. I'm surfing around looking at yarn and it's all I can do to keep the credit card in the wallet. I think I need to get started on some paperwork (accounting stuff and staff reviews) I'd been putting off in order to focus on publishing issues. (Not to mention getting this place organized.)

As Hubby and I were watching Rutgers play in their first footbal bowl game in 25+ years last night, I was knitting around and around on Dad's hat. I mentioned to Hubby that I wanted to felt the hat tonight so it will be dry for gifting on Friday. Hubby said, you'll have that finished tomorrow? So, I of course, had to stay up to get it finished last night. Please pardon the gangsta look. Dad's head is smaller than mine. I am worried about how this is going to look after it's felted, but I decided to have faith in Bonne Marie's pattern. Considering Dad was wearing the bucket I made for Billy and it nearly fit, I might be okay here. We shall see.

I got the guest room cleaned out last night. Someday, I need to go through my clothes and organize my closet (and that also necessitates the stash re-org I've mentioned before). My parents now have a place to sleep. Tonight, it's laundry and the bathroom. Tomorrow, I dust and mop and vacuum. Fun, fun, fun. It's a shame company is the only thing that compells me to clean my house. I'm going to get spoiled next month. M-i-L's already suggested we give her a list of chores to do while she's babysitting.

In other news, I've brought Billy's sleeves in to work on. Well, I should say sleeve since only one has been started. I'm not really sure if I like the looks of the gray stripe, or even if it's necessary, only time will tell.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

that end of year think

I've been thinking about the end of 2005 and how it matches up with the beginning. Here are my "resolutions" from the beginning of this year. I didn't do so well. I put on more weight, bought more yarn, and spent a bit of time as a complete disappointment to my husband. I work for the same company (but in a different department in a different position, so give me a C+ on that one) and my house is a bigger mess than it was last year. I have a feeling my resolutions will be similar (mostly because I've already written them and they are) but I'll try to make the list more entertaining. I'm going to go get some lunch and stop by Purl for some DPNs, I have none in a US10. What a shame to have to go to a knitting shop at lunchtime!

conspicuous consumption

I must say that the people in my life are very generous, and I have another Christmas gift-fest to go!

As usual, the in-laws over did the holiday. I don't know where we're going to put everything. I've got half a new wardrobe, hubby did, too. Plus he got new shoes and underwear (two things he truly loves to get for Christmas because he hates shopping for them). Billy made out well. Not too many big things from Grammy and Pa (that's what he calls the man), but some puzzles and books, and an art easel.

We over did it, too. But, he loves his block wagon. Hubby liked his Knicks coat and polo shirt I got him. He said I didn't have to wrap the unfinished sweaters, but gave me a strict deadline of Robbie Burns day. He'd like to wear matching sweaters at Argyle for the celebration.

Hubby got me the complete Buffy on DVD and a beautiful pair of earrings. He upgraded a pair I had lost earlier this year.

So, yeah, didn't finish the sweaters. I spent Friday night trying to get the neckline right on Billy's. Four tries later and it's done, but open on one side to make sure it fits over his head. I started a sleeve. I'm not sure how I feel about them. I've not touched them since Saturday.

Instead, I spent hours last night casting on four times for this. It's my dad's birthday bucket. I hope to be able to felt it tomorrow night. And then hope that it dries by Friday night.

In the get the house ready we've got the whole family visiting rush, I've got one guest room cleaned out. Finally got the old computer boxed up for recycling and cleared out all the old cardboard boxes. Wow. I forget how much space we have in our office. Thankfully, Billy took a three-hour nap yesterday and let me get it finished. Tonight, I tackle the other guest room. Wednesday, I clean the bathrooms and Thursday I dust the main floor and do the floors. Whew.

Friday, December 23, 2005

getting back to normal

A couple of things are settled, which makes me a bit more relaxed.

The transit strike is over and I got to get back to my normal commute this morning. It's been nice to see more people making it into the office. Traffic was light and it took me only an hour and 10 minutes to get in today. Of course, it's much warmer today, so the walk wouldn't have been too bad, but I liked taking the C train downtown.

Billy is enrolled for a new day care starting 2/1. I'm not thrilled that M-i-L has to take a leave next month, but I'm sure she finds it an easy sacrifice. Hubby met with two of the teachers from the new place and he really likes the lead. Miss Jean was once a professional clown and plays keyboards for the kids. I think Billy's going to love her. She mentioned to Hubby that 4 or 5 kids have left our old center for this new one. Gee, I'm so surprised.

I'm so relieved to be leaving the old place. We loved the first two classes Billy was in. His infant room was great. The girls were awesome and he got great care. The mobile infant room was rocky at first, but it wound up being a good fit. This toddler room has been a disaster. We went to pick B up the other night and I peeked in the window (I like to see what's going on before I walk in and disturb him) and one little boy was repeatedly smacking another on the head. The smackee was wedged between two cabinets and couldn't get away. The smacker was just going to town on his head. Now, I know toddlers can't do much damage by slapping, but the thought that they let this kind of behavior go on explains a lot about why Billy's being scapegoated. There were four adults in that room and fewer kids than normal, and still no one was watching those two. Too busy cleaning up so they could get out.

I'm not quite done with the back of Billy's sweater. I only have a handfull of rows left. I did start seaming Hubby's last night but quickly got bored with it. I'm sure I'll finish the knitting on B's on the way home today (office is closing at 1 so I have to take a local bus) and seaming and necklines will be job #1 tonight. (Well, after I have some primping done at the salon.)

I'm really looking forward to Christmas, even with all the attendant busy-ness. Something about being able to share it with a child makes it that much more special.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

look what I got

I have some of the sweetest colleagues. One of my scientific editors sends flowers every Christmas. This year's arrangement came with a pretty hurricane. (They even sent presents when my son was born. Unfortunately, I killed the mini-rose bush.)

shoulder shaping, here I come

As you can see, I am rapidly approaching the shoulder bind-offs. I will have this piece finished tonight. I'd like to start on the sleeves as soon as I'm done, but I'm going to try to seam the fronts and backs together on both pieces so I can do the necklines. I want to see how much blue I will have left. Then I can adjust the sleeves to be blue and gray or gray and blue or whatever. Hopefully, hubby's will finally be dry tonight. That bad boy is taking forever!

The grand daycare tour was hectic yesterday. We did four stops in four hours. Of course, the last place we visited turned out to be the best fit. They have a large classroom for 15 kids (only 5 of whom are under 2 and a half) with three teachers (even on days when there are only 9 kids). It's in our town and we can drop at 7 am. The director was great, I found him to be really knowledgeable and the place seems well-run. It's a nice facility, with a gymnastics academy and dance studio along with the daycare. The daycare includes a weekly gymnastics lesson and a weekly dance lesson. The price is considerably better, too. Only two drawbacks, no outdoor playground (although they do have approval to build one, which in our town is the hardest part) and it doesn't look like B can start until he's 2. That's only 6 weeks away, but we need to be out of our current center after next week. M-i-L to the rescue. She's going to take a leave of absence for the month of January and stay with B at our house. The director is supposed to be calling me to confirm when B can start going and we'll pick up paperwork tonight and drop off a deposit tomorrow. What a relief. And what a great m-i-l I have, huh? Now, Hubby promised a phone call to every place we visited this week to let them know one way or the other. Who do you think is going to get to make those calls?

This transit strike thing is getting really old really fast. I have to say I have a pretty convenient commute, compared to most people, but I miss my bus ride and the knitting time that came with it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

go Netter, go

Seriously, I feel like I'm racing Christmas here. I did another 5 repeats on the back of Billy's sweater while we were on day 2 of our grand day care tour. I also blocked Hubby's last night after Billy went to bed. Whew did that bad boy grow when it hit the water. Blocking out? No, I was blocking in. I'm doubtful both sweaters will be finished in time for gifting on Sunday. Especially since I haven't wrapped a darn thing and my family is showing up in a little over a week and the house is sty. Both rooms where they will be sleeping need to be overhauled (one is filled with clean laundry, the other with boxes, paper and old computer parts). Not to mention the boxes from the Christmas stuff in the living room or the fact that nothing's been vacuumed or mopped in a dog's age. I have my priorities and they are, in order, playing with my kid and playing with my yarn. Right now, that leaves little time for anything else. Fortunately, hubby put the kibbosh on sending out cards. One less thing to worry about. And, I have to confess, if M-i-L hadn't brought soup for dinner last night, we probably wouldn't have had anything cooked (including heated) at home for dinner in over a week! Ah, the life of a working woman. I have to find time, next week, after the Christmas cables are done and my home is made presentable for my family, to knit and felt a bucket hat for my dad's birthday which is the 29th. Oh and I still have to shop for said family's Christmas gifts. Oh boy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

where is everybody? redux

It's not a virtual vacancy today. This joint is empty. Half of my department couldn't make it in because of the transit strike. HR is ordering in pizza for everyone who is here. Unfortunately, I have to leave before it gets here, three daycare tours this afternoon. My commute wasn't too bad. It was crowded and took longer than I expected, but I didn't have to walk or bike miles and miles like some people did. I also missed my one seat in bus trip because I couldn't knit on the PATH, while walking through Greenwich Village, or while transferring. Hopefully, things will be quieter on the way home and I'll get some work done on Billy's cables. I bound off the front last night and cast on for the back right away. I'm a full repeat into it. Hopefully, I'll have most of it done this weekend. He's definitely not getting blue sleeves. I only have four balls of yarn left and the front took three. Funny thing, hubby said, wouldn't it be great if I had a sweater just like that one. Yep, that's his sense of humor. I will be blocking his bad boy tonight. I'll just move the advent wreath off the dining room table. It's easiest to pin with things at that height than crouching over the guest bed or kneeling on the floor (which definitely wouldn't work with toddler and dog).

Monday, December 19, 2005

all sweaters should be for toddlers

Seriously, I bound off the back of Hubby's sweater Friday night (is it blocked, seamed, ready for final finishing, no, of course it isn't, there's no clear surface for lying out the blocking board) and immediately cast on for Billy's Christmas Cables. Here's where I ended this morning on the subway. I've got 4 more rows to go and I separate for the neckline. I really, really hope to be casting on for the back tomorrow. I don't know if I've got a chance in h-e-double-hockey sticks of finishing these by Sunday, but I'll give it the old college try.

In other news, I pointed out to Hubby last night how quickly this piece was going and he asked if it was a sleeve. And I said, no it's the front of the smaller one. And he clued in (remembered?) that I was making father/son sweaters. I reminded him that I shared the plan with him when I bought the yarn, but he claimed he forgot so it would still be a surpise (like I was supposed to forget that he bought me the Buffy DVDs). He then groused that they weren't Christmas colors. Guess I better finish his up at least.

Busy day today. I've got a new employee starting and a demo to sit through, and we've all got training, and I have to leave early for our first Daycare tour. And I wish I could knit through it all!

Friday, December 16, 2005

where is everybody?

Remember those old British Airways commercials? The ones where someone would wake up and there would be no one around as they drove through London? I liked those.

It's quiet in the knit-blogosphere today. Is it because typepad has crashed? Or is everyone off knitting on their Christmas presents? Only 9 days left (well closer to 8 at this point, since it's almost 4 pm).

Anyone want a cabled sweater dress?

Seriously, doesn't this look like it could be a dress? Some ribbing at the waist and cabling on the bodice and skirt? Gosh I hope this doesn't look really dumb on. I've got one more cable to make then just a couple of rows to the shoulder bind offs. Then, woot! the knitting (except for neckline) is done. Time to block this bad boy. Granted, the finishing is going to take forever, but all those stitches, they are finished. As soon as I bind off tonight, I will immediately cast on for Billy's. I could have finished knitting Hubby's last night, but I was seduced by some ice cream and bothered by the dog and I just didn't get as much done. I don't know how much sleep I'll be getting between now and Christmas while I try to finish these up. I do know that I want to make Billy one of these for his birthday. But, we won't call it Kate. I'm leaning toward using ASC for washability. I'm also thinking I'll do it with a gold body and blue "clothes" so it's in our town colors. And I may duplicate stitch a C with a cougar paw on it (HS mascot is a cougar). What do you think? Got my cork in the mail yesterday. 4to4 is one of the best eBay sellers. The green is a bit more yellow than I thought, but will go great with the orange I already have for a birthday sweater for Billy. I don't know what I'll do with the rest of it. I wonder how it would dye. Look at me, planning future knitting with a whole cabled sweater to knit (not to mention two to finish) in the next nine days. (We won't even contemplate the house work that needs to be done nor the Christmas cards yet to be mailed nor the shopping that isn't done nor the gifts needing to be wrapped.)

I'm having a hard time not eating the cookies I brought in for our putluck luncheon. Maybe I should go get a snack.

So, to update the day care saga, we have 8 appointments next week (not all have immediate openings). And Billy was bitten yesterday. Seems he was trying to take a toy from a kid and tried to bite the kid, but the kid bit Billy. Now, I'm hoping it's a learning experience for B and am not too upset that he was bitten (especially since no skin was broken). But, I have one important question, if they're supposed to be preventing biting incidents by stopping my kid when he even thinks of attempting to bite someone, why in blue hell was this incident allowed to progress so far? I think 24 toddlers in one room is way too many, regardless of how many adults are in there.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

which do you like better for a button?

well, now that we've all had a chance to settle down

You know, not only is he a knee-jerk, know nothing about kids, idiot, he's sexist. Seriously, Hubby sat down with director-guy this morning and they might move Billy to another room (after Hubby laid out all the negatives associated with the current classroom, including staff being on their cell phones when they're supposed to be watching the kids), he's also going to call a related center in another town (Hubby could take a direct train into NY) about placing him. See, Billy's a great kid and director-guy related to Hubby when Hubby asked why he was letting a hysterical woman run his business. Me, I'm pissed 8-ways to Sunday and have 8 appointments scheduled for next week. Granted, I'd prefer not to completely disrupt Billy by shipping him off to a completely new center (the other classroom has two aides from his previous room), but I'm not so sure these are the people I want to trust with my kid. You know?

I laid in bed last night convincing myself that there has to be a way we could live on one salary (preferably Hubby's) so we wouldn't have to depend on anyone else for day care. I still think I'm going to run that spread sheet. The working mom guilt was in over drive.

Okay, back to the blog's raison d'etre, knitting. I was rather productive last night watching TV with hubby (and on the quick bus ride home). I finished that 3x3 section and have 1 and a half pattern repeats done. I think I only need two more to get to the shoulder shaping. I did look at the finished front this morning, but I can't remember if I had cabled three or four times. Maybe I have a picture somewhere.

Oh yeah, in my exhaustion, I left the camera at home. No progress pic today. Maybe tomorrow, if the weather and/or transit strike don't prevent my being with my camera cable (of course I could just take the cable home with me).

To sum up, bleaahh.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

um, hi, mini-crisis mode over here

Last night I went to pick up Billy after being trapped on a bus for over an hour. A bus that felt like the tropics; I couldn't keep my eyes open much less knit. I don't know how the bus driver stayed awake. Anyway, the aide in the room had me sign two incident reports and said that the co-director wanted to talk to me. Billy has to leave at the end of the month. Apparently the mom of the frequent victim of my son's only acting-out behavior has threatened to pull her kid and director-guy can't have that and be left with "the biter." Whatever. Meanwhile, we've been told that things were improving since anyone last really mentioned biting back in early October. The aides stopped keeping a log of attempts weeks ago. There have been a couple of "incidents" since Thanksgiving, but no one said, gee maybe we need to re-evaluate what's geen going on. Then director-guy decided, unilaterally without discussing it with the staff that works directly with the kids, that Billy had to go. I was so mad last night that we had been so poorly informed and that this had been sprung on us. I was also really anxious about how hubby would react. He reacts poorly to change and being inconvenienced and it takes a lot out of me to weather his moods until he's acclimated. (Granted, it's karma at this point right? After what I put him through last week.) So, I've called 17 places, made appointments for five tours and have four places to call back. The real kicker is when Billy's lead caretaker calls me and tells me how they found out from the mom with the mouth and that they'd not been consulted at all and offers to nanny for us because she loves Billy so much. Oh, and director-guy says Billy's not a bad kid and we're not bad parents. Whatever, former Wall Street guy who barely ever interacts with the kids and is so busy opening another center. Bite me. I can't wait to get my kid out of there.

So, didn't knit at all last night after making a list of possible facilities with Hubby, but did get three rows done this morning. Only 5 more to get to finish the ribbing. Here's a progress pic, just cuz you read through my rant.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

you know you've got the guilts when... want a bacon cheeseburger with hot crispy fries for lunch and you have the lemon yogurt and fruit you brown bagged in stead. Or maybe it's not guilt. Maybe it's that you've only got $8 and you hate to spend those outrageous ATM fees. Maybe it's that it's so cold out (feels like 14 degrees farenheit) that you don't want to leave the office. Maybe it's that there's hershey kisses around for the taking (including an unopened bag of caramel kisses).

We have chest ribbing

Yep, I'm 10 rows into the 3x3 ribbing section, 16 more to go. Then it's a few cable repeats to the shoulder shaping. I feel productive.

I'm surprised by the Elann Highland Wool. It's much softer than I thought it would. Yeah, I did buy a bunch last year to make a ribby, but it's still in the bag. I started fiddling with the gray stuff from yesterday to start to work out some boring tube-style boot socks for Hubby and thought the yarn would feel really scratchy after working with the Lambswool, but it wasn't at all. I'm thinking of using some of my cork for the toes. Green or orange? Hubby won't like either of the colors, but I figure the acrylic/microfiber/whatever content in the cork will help with wear. Not to mention give them a bit of oomph.

Not too much to talk about otherwise. Hubby's still upset about my lack of judgement on Friday, and I'm wondering when he'll get over it. (I know it's only been three days, but I'm seriously contrite.) Billy's still as cute as a button, winning over hearts everywhere we take him. Work is work and we're all gearing up for the possibility of more snow on Thursday. If only I could take a snow day Friday.

Monday, December 12, 2005

elann rocks

I may joke that elann is my crack dealer, but they got me my shipment in less than a week (probably would have been here even sooner if I had been in the office on Saturday).

Now, this does not look like any gingerbread I've ever eaten (I've often thought that Rowanspun spiced orange looked more like gingerbread than their gingerbread did, and vice versa). But, it's definitely a gingerbread I'm going to wear.

Granted, it might take me fifteen years to knit up something at this gauge but for $2.75 a skein, you better believe I was gettin' some.
That gray stuff, for boot socks for hubby. He keeps asking about them.

I drink like I buy yarn, and neither has anything to do with moderation

You know how I buy yarn like they're going to stop making it tomorrow? Well, that's how I drink. Let's just leave it at Hubby decided to not be around me all day on Saturday after the state I was in on Friday night (I can be a wee bit feisty under the influence). Fortunately, he's coming around and I am not going to be such an effin idiot again. Next work function, it's diet cokes all around!

Also, to be filed under I'm an effin idiot, I won a copy of the Cork Collection on eBay 12/3. Sent payment out on Monday. Got the envelope back on Saturday because I never put an address on it. I had to re-sign up with PayPal to get payment off so my honor is not besmirched. Fortunately, seller is a good person. However, unsullied my eBay reputation may be, I am closing my account once I leave feedback on these last two things.

I did get the Christmas tree decorated while exiled at home on Saturday. It's not completely inundated with ornaments like usual. But I think it's sweet the way it is. If anyone doesn't like it, they can haul themselves up and down the step stool before I pack everything away. I want my living room back from these darn storage boxes!

Billy particularly likes that there are aaaah-pples (some really cute ornaments we got from Hubby's grandmother) on the tree now. I can't wait until he tries to eat one. (Just kidding. He wouldn't know to bite into one. His apples are always cut up or sauced.)

As for knitting, I did as much as I possibly could yesterday. I knit while Billy napped. I knit while he played after his nap. I knit after he went to bed. I'm nearly done the first, large section of cables. (10 repeats down) In 9 rows, I start the 3x3 rib that should cruise. Almost 2/3 done. I will have this thing blocking by the end of the week and Billy's cast on!

Kim tagged me for a meme.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

Tourniquet, by Evanescence
Cold Hard Bitch, by JET
Friday I'm in Love, by the Cure
Crush with Eyeliner, by REM
Graceland, by Paul Simon
Walk the Line, by Johnny Cash
Christmas music on 106.7 FM (always on in the car and at home)

I tag Lolly, Labmom, and Yarngirl and anyone else who listens to music (I know that will narrow it down).

Friday, December 09, 2005

this pic's been on my desktop all week

I just had to share this pic. He's saying and signing more. After three servings of penne. I just love the hopeful and expectant look in his face. I also love that he likes my spaghetti sauce so much he can't get it into his mouth fast enough. What a little dude.


I've joined up. I think Amy Butler will be up first. Now, to excavate the sewing machine.

just about 8

So, I've started the eighth repeat on Hubby's Christmas Cable. Yeah, so much for getting about two done everyday. I didn't get a knittable seat on the bus home and CBS was just to engrossing. (Although, I'm getting tired of shows treating post-partum psychosis as some sort of disease of psycho-killer moms.)

Looks like we might get just about 8" of snow. Fortunately, daycare was open this morning and the bus ride was only 20 minutes longer than normal. Hubby made it in okay, too. The good news is that the snow will have stopped by the time I leave for the party and the roads should be in good shape by evening rush.

That's about all I've got for an 8 theme.

Sorry to inundate you with the grossness of parenthood. The good news is that whatever the rash was that Miss J saw, it was temporary. Things were perfectly normal last night. Maybe he had a reaction to something he ate or it was a heat rash or something. Anyway, let me know if it's TMI.

Hubby and I hope to get the Christmas shopping done tomorrow and maybe I'll get around to decorating the house. I'm tired of bumping into the boxes of decorations that are strewn about the house. Maybe this winter wonderland will motivate me abit.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

another one for "ew, gross"

Just got a call from day care, seems Billy's developed an atypical rash in the diaper-region. Now, Ms. J is a professional diaper-changer, so if she says it's not diaper rash, it's not diaper rash. I did some checking (thanks, and diapers are a great breeding ground for yeast infections. Fortunately, it just means using an over the counter topical cream for a few days before we have to take him to the doctor. All those darn antibiotics!

scratch what i said about Thursdays

LOST was a repeat last night.

S*** is flying from all directions.

Nothing good on sale at Herrschners.

I do have 6.5 repeats completed (4.5 more to the inches of 3x3). I've decided Billy's getting a top down, striped, ribbed raglan. Who says the sweaters have to be matchy-matchy?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Further to "ew, gross"

So, good news is Billy's ears are not infected. I repeat, no ear infection. The bad news is that the tubes are in the process of falling out. The reason he had discharge and blood out of one yesterday is that the tube in question is coming out crooked causing lots of irritation. (That explains the playing with the ears, no?) So, he's got drops to keep that ear lubricated and a follow-up appointment for next week. Hubby again will be doing the honors. Dr. ENT says that he's too young for us to be worried that he thinks "ears" and "eyes" refer to his ears, but that we could take him to an audiologist if we're concerned. I told Hubby not to bother (referrals and all that nonsense), but that we'll bring it up at his next physical. So, we wait for the tubes to pop out and hope that the next few months aren't one long ear infection.

progress, progress, progress

I've used that post title before. Thankfully, the Supremes have ruled you can't plagiarize yourself (it's the John Fogarty precedent).
I've almost completed 4 repeats on Hubby's Christmas Cables. I knit until I couldn't stand anymore last night watching the Devils get spanked by Detroit and then did not nap on the way in this morning so I could knit and knit some more. I didn't want to put it down to get started at work. Jobs are such bummers.

The good news is we have progress here at work, too. Lots and lots of issues making their way to the printer. Sanity could be just around the corner! (Editors crack me up. One just signed an e-mail I. Granted, his name starts with I, but that's just silly!)

Unfortunately, Christmas is just around the corner and the elves have made no progress on cleaning and decorating my house. I may have to replace them all.

I hope to be hearing from Hubby soon. He has his big adventure with Billy at the ENT today. He's only done a couple of doctor visits alone. This one should be easier for him, Billy's only getting checked from the head up.

Well, back to those darn issues. I'll let you know if I get any word on the boy.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I shouldn't have bought that cork last week

It's just re-opened the stash floodgates. I just ordered 21 balls of yarn from I couldn't resist this . It's rowanspun 4ply in gingerbread. Only $2.75 a skein. It's going fast. I got 18 of those. Then I got 3 skeins of plain old highland wool to make some boot socks for Hubby. He was nattering about those this morning. Then Kim had to go and mention the sale at Patternworks and I am seriously jonesing for some soy silk. Half-priced soy silk. Red, half-priced soy silk.

Obviously, I'm just not busy enough today. Or, I'm hell-bent on spending my Christmas bonus on yarn.

ew, gross

Just got a call from daycare. Seems Billy's ear was oozing quite a bit during a diaper change. And it was tinged with blood. Urgle. And he had a fit when they cleaned him off. Fortunately, no temperature. I did explain that his tube probably came out (the doc told us that there might be blood). Good thing Hubby's taking him to the ENT tomorrow. Of course, Hubby's ready to schedule a new surgery right away. That man.

a back begins

Yeah, I started the back for Hubby's Christmas Cables. Cast on last night on the bus. Because I'm stupid crazy (or because we had that purple bottle of Luna di Luna, Sangiovese and Merlot blend, at dinner), I decided to cable it. I've got through about 1 and a half repeats. Good thing I ordered some other stuff to put under the tree. (Of course the sweater may be a big flop as a gift so doubly good I decided to get some other giffs.) Actually, I decided to cable it because I realized that I've barely used any of the contrast colors and I'll have enough of those to work the 3" rib section on the chest of Billy's or even stripe his sleeves or something. Well, here's your photographic proof. I must say, I'll be happy to start working on something else.

I spent some time while dinner was cooking and my boys were running errands last night trying to get a decent shot of the ornament I made for Billy's class Christmas tree. It was hard to photograph. I took 15 shots and got this one by partially obscuring the flash. I tried taking flashless pics, but they all came out blurry. I'm kind of embarrased to be posting this, overall it's rather 70s looking, but I'm very proud of the garland. I didn't have a pattern and winged it based on some garland my grandmother had made. It's nice and ruffly, don't you think. I think the entire thing would have come out better if I'd had something besides construction paper to work with. Next time, I back it with paperboard or something. I will proudly hang it forever and ever (even though I might tell people Billy did the glueing).

In other news, we were fortunate with the snow. Cranford barely got anything and we had a nice quick ride in. Well, until a truck tapped the bus's side mirror and we spent time stopped at the exit of the Turnpike trying to get it re-adjusted.

Not much going on but work, work, work.

Monday, December 05, 2005

quick post to begin my even busier week

The good news, I have a couple of unexpected issues that should publish for our '05 budget; the bad news, I have a couple of unexpected issues to work on today.

My busy weekend is segueing rapidly into a busy week.

Quick recap:

Friday night found me with only a handful of increases left on the sleeve, but I couldn't finish it. Saturday the church bazaar was good (we only bought cookies, human and doggie), had fun at Devils game with church youth group, M-i-L made a great shrimp risotto for dinner, very little knitting done. Sunday was snow, lighting the second advent candle at church, a pancake breakfast, making an advent wreath, laundry, decorating an ornament for Billy's classroom tree, and finishing that second sleeve.

Here are pics of the sleeve and the wreath.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Now, where did I put my head?

Seriously, that's what this week's been like. I know I mentioned that we've all got the crazy busies here, but I want to be sure everyone has a full appreciation for the situation. This is what my desk are looks like:

That notepad under my mouse pad is supposed to contain all kinds of useful information that I'll probably need someday. Right now, I'm too busy doing final checks and compiling and re-compiling reports on how many issues still need to get to the printer.

Generally, I like to be sort of organized at work. But, lately, it's all I can do to keep up with the urgent tasks. Good thing there's only a week or so of this left. Then maybe I can get back to having a general idea of what the heck is going on.

In other news, Hubby's second sleeve's not much bigger. I had to stand on the bus home. I wasn't planning on it, I was supposed to get the last seat. Unfortunately, the only seat available was the middle seat in the last row and I was not fitting.

I had a good night, enjoyed the CSI repeat (I hadn't seen it before) and knit a few rows, but not much appreciable progress.

Yay for group daycare. It seems a kid in one of the other classrooms has chicken pox! I don't know if I could deal with that right now!

I'm looking forward to the weekend, maybe I can figure out where I put my head. Of course, the home front is ridiculously disorganized and cluttered as well. I still haven't unpacked from SC. (Yep, I'm a yarn glutton and a housework sloth. My two deadly sins!)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursdays seem a little bit better

I don't know if it's that tomorrow is Friday or that Herrschner's posts their new sales today, but Thursdays do seem to be one of the happier days of the week. (Just don't tell me it's because yesterday was a two pill day, we're trying to wean down, remember?)

Maybe it's because LOST was on last night *if you haven't seen it skip this paragraph, no actual spoilers, but I do discuss content*. Now, I don't think every episode was great and I sometimes get frustrated because I'm left with more questions than answers, but it's still a great ride. I do have one question last night, what made Wayne so inherently evil and repugnant to Kate? Ok, two questions, what's up with the horse? Ecko just keeps getting cooler and cooler. I like that he's a bit more skeptical than Locke, although we all know he's a man of great faith. Kudos to the casting director for that show.

Maybe it's because Hubby's going out tonight and I get the big TV for CBS. Oh, that's just so lame. But, CSI is much better on a 48".

Maybe it's because I don't have to drive on any highways tonight and can get the kid to bed at a decent time. Man, highway driving with a whiny toddler, in the dark, is just not a relaxing way to spend the evening.

Or maybe, it's not that it's Thursday, maybe it's that I've made mucho progress on Hubby's second sleeve. Okay, I know, crappy photo. The first sleeve took 6 days, I'm hoping to get this one done by the weekend. I've also pretty much decided that the back is going to be all 3x3 rib. For two reasons: time and yardage. I'm concerned I'l be running out of both. My goal this weekend is to get the back started.

Maybe it's because it's December 1 and I now give myself permission to get into the holiday spirit. And I know that this year of illness for my family is almost over and I have great hopes for '06 being healthier (at least we'll all know what meds we need to take this time around, especially me).

Maybe it's jsut that it's not rainy today and a sunny morning always makes things seem a bit more bearable.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

shhhh, I've got a secret

Don't tell anyone. This is between, me, you, and the knit blog world. I just stashed. I know it's only been 2 1/2 months, but a bag of cork for $20? (Well, nearly $30 with shipping.) I think I can keep this on the down low. A money order can be bought with cash and I'll have it shipped to the office. I think Billy will look smashing in it. Don't you? (Who else could wear acid green?) I'm very tempted to buy some in orange for me, but then we're getting into less sneakable dollar amounts. Time to re-set my ticker.

It's too Wednesday*

I did not want to come into work today. I don't know if it was the prospect of a truly horrendous commute (three traffic helicopters over our house because of an accident on the Parkway entrance ramp that would delay the express bus and flooding on the highway the local buses use), the fact that it's gray and rainy, or that I'm just totally stressed. Well, in a couple of weeks all this work nonsense will be over (well all except for the gnashing of the teeth because we didn't mail all 1250 budgeted issues).

I forgot to mention that we had to bring our Saturn VUE into the shop last night. It was over due for a service, but last Tuesday as Hubby and I were going out to dinner, we realized someone had knocked the driver's sideview mirror off. And didn't leave a note. Fortunately, the frame and motor were still attached, but the glass was gone. We have a driveway and a garage, but generally park one of the vehicles in the street (like most of neighbors) so we don't have to move them around when one of us goes out without Billy (we only have one car seat). Anyway, I had to drive out to pick up Hubby last night after he dropped off the VUE. I don't mind driving in the rain or at night, but I can't stand driving in rain in the dark. My depth perception gets all messed up. Tonight, we drive out to pick it up (the dealer is a good 40 minutes away on a very busy highway).

In other news, once Billy was in bed, I finished the sleeve. I was wrong yesterday, I only had 3 sets of increases left to complete. So, sleeve one is done and I immediately cast on for sleeve two. I've made some progress, see.
I've got other reasons to hate Wednesdays (most having to do with matinee-day tourists taking up space on already crowded evening rush buses), but I've moaned and groaned enough for one day.

* Thanks to Zits for the caption.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

coming or going?

Really, it doesn't seem that I know which way I'm going here. I was working on that issue, covering for that person who quit whose replacement started yesterday, then I was working on this issue here which has been my responsibility but which will move to a new position that I've been interviewing for, and then there's those two reports my boss wants five minutes ago, and all those invoices to approve, and the 88 e-mails flagged for follow-up in my in box (that was such a good idea when I could keep the flags in the low dozens).

Oh, and I really, really want to buy the Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran that's on sale at elann. I mean really, aran weigh merino for less than $3.50 a ball? Who wouldn't want to buy it? I can rationalize by saying I've finished 4 items since I last bought yarn, but that's not even dented the stash. Heck it barely dented the stash of Cork and Rown DK Soft! I'll leave it for my fellow merino lovers. Someday, I'll be able to buy more merino. Someday.

Speaking of merino (the lana grossa lambswool is merino according to something I read somewhere), I've only got 4 more sets of increases to do on the sleeve. I think I'll extend my stay in sleeve hell and knit up the second one next. That way, I'll know how much yarn this bad boy is going to eat up (and continue contemplating whether or not I'm doing all those cables and 1x1x1x1x1 ad nauseum ribs for the back). I think I'll be lucky if one of these sweaters makes it under the Christmas tree. I'm really dreading knitting a second one, but at least it will be much, much smaller!

I'm already thinking about what to knit post Christmas Cables frenzy. I'm thinking either Dude's Cork sweater for his birthday or Hubby's much desired Debbie Bliss Ribby. Not that it really matters, I'm going to be buried in teal, blue and grey lambswool for some time to come. And now, the more that I look at them, the less I like these three colors! Erk.

Monday, November 28, 2005

the sum total

So, this is the sum total of my holiday knitting. Well, not entirely true, I finished the front of Hubby's Christmas Cable as well, just a few rows and the shoulder bind offs. (I didn't feel like dragging it in for a photo shoot. I'll post a pic some time, maye when I block it.) I started this sleeve in the van on Wednesday, worked a little during the commercials during LOST, picked it up again on the way home Saturday, and did about 12 rows yesterday on the way to church and this morning on the way to work. It's a very nice sleeve and I only have about 36 rows to go. Unfortunately, I have to make a second piece just like the front (but bigger, no neckline shaping) and another 3x3x3x3 ad infinitum sleeve. Boy, this was so not a good idea.

I must say that, knitting progress notwithstanding, we had a good trip. Billy was awesome for both rides (which were hours shorter than last year, it's so key to avoid I95). Molly is always a good rider as well. We had a great visit with the great-grands and M-i-L's brother and his family. Hubby out did himself in the kitchen (he makes the best gravy in the family so gets to take over cooking responsibilities). The turkey was outstanding. I ate and drank and didn't gain a pound! We purchased almost all of Billy's Christmas presents, all we need are stocking stuffers. I picked up a few things for my parents. We went to see "Walk the Line," which I highly recommend, especially if you like Johnny Cash at all. My only downer was Saturday morning when Billy decided to get up at 3:30. Now, he's sweet and happy when he gets up, but that's just way too early. I think it was payback for our waking him at 4:40 on Wednesday. I'm kind of looking forward to next year.

Hubby gets so much credit. He was super patient with everybody, did a great job driving, and was all-around awesome. Now, if only he were smaller.

Sorry for the short, scatter-shot post, but this is a busy week and I've got to get back to work.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Post of Thanksgiving

My family, husband, son, parents, in-laws, sisters, the whole she-bang.

Hubby makes it possible for me to be myself. He accepts all of me as me and loves me warts and all.

Billy is the light of my life. I can barely remember what life was before I became his mommy.

Mom and Dad made me who I am and loved me enough to let me go.

M-i-L and F-i-L are generous and loving. They don't meddle and allow us to live our lives but support us in what we do.

My sisters are my best friends.

I can't imagine growing up with a family other than the one I had. My extended family is part of me every day.

My job. We live comfortably on our two salaries. It makes me feel productive in a way house work can't.

My boss is a human being. He makes it easier to get it all done.

My Sarafem. Post-partum depression was awful. I'm so much more balanced now that I'm on SSRIs. (More balanced than before pregnancy even.)

The knitting community. People as crazy about fiber as me. Helps keep me sane as much as the SSRIs (and defintely helps with the boredom).

Being a part of this time and place is very special. I don't want to take my freedoms for granted.

Monday, November 21, 2005

very little knitting but HP love

Actually, that's not totally true. I did quite a bit of knitting Friday night. I got one side of hubby's Christmas Cables done to the shoulder cast offs and the other one nearly there. Then I realized the cables were off. I know. All those cable crossings and I eff up one of the last three! So, I ripped it out Sunday morning on the way to church. (Saturday I slept in the car the whole way to dinner in CT.) Since then I've knit two whole rows!

I know, my progress is staggering.

I didn't make it to HP on Friday night, still too exhausted. I did go last night. Wow. Was it good. I can tell it's been a while since I read the book because I didn't see any glaring omissions. One question, if I cried when Cedric died, what will I do at the ends of 5 and 6?

Friday, November 18, 2005

a different kind of stash

So, I was at Herrschner's today, checking out the sales. At one point I had Debbie Bliss Merino Aran, Jo Sharp Soho Summer and something else in my cart, totally over $100. I put it all back.

I did however buy these. Once again, the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran crawled into the cart, but I kicked it out.

I never mentioned that I'm starting a fabric stash, did? Don't ask what I'm going to do with it, I've got no idea! But, I couldn't leave the Amy Butler at $2.99 a yard, could I?

lonely Harry Potter geekdom

So, Hubby will be babysitting tonight and I'll be going to see Goblet of Fire. By myself. I don't normally mind going to the movies alone. But, there's such an HP community out there, I feel a little lonely. However, I'm totally stoked that I get to go see it!

I'm also an exhausted, lonely, HP geek. Hubby and I went to see bruuuuce last night (all lower case because it was solo and acoustic). That guy rocks. Hubby said Wed's show was better, but I enjoyed last night. The tailgate wasn't so much fun. The Meadowlands at 37 degrees F is cold.

I dug out my winter coat this morning. I was really looking forward to wearing Fiesta today, but I couldn't find her. Darn coat closet. I will look harder tonight. I think this cold snap's going to stick around for a while.

Because of last night's activities, not much progress on Christmas Cables. I'm sticking to my goal of getting the front finished this weekend and a sleeve started.

Have a good weekend everybody (and thanks for the reassurance that it is bloglines)!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is it me, or is it Bloglines

I've been watching my small number of bloglines subscribers dwindle. I ask myself, are they bored with me or just tired of bloglines? I reassure myself that a lot of people have a lot of complaints with bloglines and I'm not really that off-putting. But, just in case, a cute doggie picture (I know it won't win me points with the curmudgeonly crowd, but I am a member of Purling Puppies). This, my friends, is the reason we got a bulldog. I love that loose, wrinkly face!

In other news, the weather is going to kill me. Seriously, 70 in November? Then 40 for a high 24 hours later? How is a woman supposed to dress? Me, I dress like this for the office these days. It's got to be nearly 90 in here now that the air is off. Once the air comes back on come Spring, I'll get out my sweaters cuz it will be a meat locker. (I have since put a shirt with sleeves on, I've got a fan going, though.) This is what happens when you're in a window-less box in the center of the building, you get the absolute extremes in climate control (or the decided lack thereof).

I am so wanting to work on Christmas Cables right now. I really feel I'm making progress. I separated for the neckline this morning. My goal is to get the front finished this weekend and get started on the sleeves next week (remember that 12 hour car ride to SC we're taking?). I'm still anxious about running out of yarn, but figure that I can always downsize Billy's or make his plain. They don't have to be exactly the same, right? We'll see. I know it's a crappy picture. Maybe if it's sunny this weekend I'll try to get something better.

Or maybe not. We know I'm not so great on the picture taking over the weekends. I must say, that my favorite thing about this pattern so far is the way the cables meld into the 3x3 ribbing section. I don't know if you can tell from any of the pics I've posted, but the cables are 1x1 ribbing. When you start to move to 3x3 all the way across you do it in stages. It looks neat up close.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

busy, busy

Wow, I've gotten slammed today. Not too much to report. I did much knitting on Christmas Cables yesterday (helped that the bus ride took forever). Only 19 more rows to the neck shaping (give or take).

In other news, my psych has agreed to start weaning me from the prozac. I currently take 2 pills a day MWF and 1 pill the other days. We're going to cut it down to 2 pills W and Sun, then 1 everyday. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

executive decision time

I decided to boss my knitting around last night. I was beginning to get very worried that I would not have enough yarn to finish both Christmas cables seeing as how I was rapidly approaching balls 7 and 8 and only half-way through the back. So I finally washed my swatch and realized that I'll get plenty of length when this thing hits water and I block it and that I shouldn't be knitting to length as per the pattern. (I know I recently saw someone on a knitblog espouse about knitting rows instead of inches, I think it was Jenna at Girl from Auntie.) Instead, I calculated the rows needed to get to the length and will finish the front that way. Next, I will knit a sleeve. If I find I'm still using way too much yarn, I'm going to knit the backs in plain st st.

In other news, there is no other news. I was in a seriously crappy mood (long commute, late Hubby, subway crap), but I'm not anymore (having a 10 am meeting postponed always helps). It also helps that I get to leave at 3:30 today. Not that I want to spend my evening with my psychiatrist, but it's good to make sure we keep the wheels greased. (Yup, mixed metaphor, what do you want?) I'm torn about whether or not I want to push him to start weaning me off my SSRIs. My PPD has been in remission for over a year and I've succumbed to the anti-depressant weight gain (40 lbs since diagnosis), two very good reasons to think about getting off the meds. But, I'm on such an even keel right now, I don't know if I want to mess with it. I do get cranky and blue like everyone else, but I'm so much more rational about it!

I'm starting to get excited about Christmas. I can't wait for Billy to see the tree in the house all lit up. He's going to just explode with giggles and excitement and the silliness of a tree in the house. I imagine I'll hear "tree" and "ight" over and over for hours!

Since I don't have progress pics of Cables, I'll give you some gratutitous kid shots. He started his Christmas shopping this morning. Of course, he was looking for things for his favorite girl (Molly Bulldog).

Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday, already?

Man, that was a quick weekend!

We had a nice dinner with the in-laws Friday. Saturday we tidied up the house and Hubby did some yard work. I made Shrimp Scampi a la Romano for dinner (basically scampi with diced tomatoes). Yesterday we went to church (where the Pastor's wife kept telling us how analytical and intelligent Billy was) and then hung out at home watching football and doing laundry. Oh, and napping a little bit. And hubby made my favorite comfort food, roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and home made stuffing. My man can cook, ladies!

Here's the progress on the Christmas Cables. I only managed a few inches. I never get as much knitting done on the weekends as I think I will.
Unfortunately, I'm not quite half done the front.

Hubby just called to inform me that Billy's school portraits were a no-go. Seems he wouldn't cooperate when we weren't there. I may go have some taken this weekend.

Friday, November 11, 2005

rambles of a tired knitter

Sounds like a whole new blog, doesn't it?

I am really, really tired. This going to bed at 11 and getting up at 5 isn't working for me. I have to stop watching so much darned TV. (Especially since I'm not even knitting that much while watching!) I've been sleeping on the bus a lot lately, too. (That's also cutting into my knitting time.)

We let Billy sleep in this morning so I haven't seen him since I put him to bed last night. He's coughing again and the meds don't seem to be helping so much. M-i-L is staying with him today and taking him to the Dr at 1. I think we're just going to have to keep nebulizing forever. I don't really mind doing it, and I don't think he really minds, but I don't really like the new schedule. He's getting to bed later and getting up earlier and I feel like I'm rushing around in the morning and at night.

Good thing about M-i-L at the house all day is that she's making dinner (and my diswasher will get emptied).

Last night we took our first family portraits. Day care had a photographer come in Weds and Thurs to do shots of the kids and opened a few evening slots for families. I think we got some good shots.

There was this mom ahead of us, though, who was a piece of work. She and her son took a lot of shots in different poses and then she had the photog do his solo shots (severly disappointed that he wasn't going to have the same backdrops and props the other kids did the last two days), and then she had some solo shots of herself done! Um, hello! The appointments were only for 1/2 hour! We took less than 15 minutes. A family after us had extended family members with them and I was glad we were getting out of there! People are nuts! I'm keeping the family shots a secret. I want people to be surprised when they get their Christmas cards (I may frame and gift to my parents and sisters depending on what package we get).

The photographer remembered Billy from Weds. Seems he did NOT want her to take his picture Weds so they had to re-do them yesterday. She cracked up because he was so smiley and happy taking them with us!

I'm surprised to say that Hubby's Christmas Cable is over 9" at this point. It feels like I've barely touched it all week. Still, I really have to get cracking on these sweaters.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Of cables and swatches

I swatched for the Kroy Kristmas socks yesterday on the way home. I went up to a US2 and got gauge. I cast-on and started again. I haven't gotten too far, but I can already tell that the fabric is much more giving.

I worked a little bit on Hubby's Christmas Cables while watching LOST. I also did a row on the subway this morning. Since this is such a large project, I figured it has to travel on the bus with me if I'm going to make much headway.

Could the writers of LOST be a little more cruel? Sayid and Shannon find each other and then they go and have stupid Ana Lucia shoot her. (I hate that woman.) Shannon wasn't my favorite character, but why break Sayid's heart right after they have sex for the first time? Finally, we've got some release from all the tension, and blame, gut-shot. Granted, I know someone was supposed to die, but they lost that tail-section lady. (Claire I think her name was.) I think there will be some moaning and groaning that we're going to be losing the "original plot" now that the next few episodes focus on the tail section survivors. I don't think I want to see flash backs of Ana Lucia.

It's getting harder and harder not to stash.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

planning a little trip to a wet area

As usual I had a bunch of interesting things to say last night. I'm sure I had a great post composed in my head a half-dozend times. I sit down and there's nothing.

I finished Nattie's Kroy Kristmas sock this morning. I got through most of the toe shaping last night. Unfortunately, I can't put the darn thing on my foot and her feet are bigger than mine. I checked my gauge on the foot and it's about 12 st/inch. I kid you not. I will be swatching with US3 this afternoon and starting over. This bad boy will be going to the frog pond. I don't really mind frogging things, but with deadline knitting I can't help but think of the time I wasted by not swatching!
Here's a pic of my progress on Hubby's Christmas Cables. It's now about 7" and I've finished five full repeats. Only about 18" to go. Must knit more. I knit during Bones last night, didn't knit during House and nearly fell asleep during L&O: SVU. Too much TV. I will knit during LOST tonight and perhaps if I stay up after 10 (I shouldn't, I'm exhausted).

I also need to find time to clean my house. The clutter and the dust bunnies are getting to me (and that's saying a lot, I have a high clutter/dust tolerance level). I'm sure my slovenly house keeping hasn't been helping with all of our allergies. I should check with hubby to see if his parents are taking Billy and Molly on Saturday. That will give me time to get some of it done.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

letting you all down

Okay, I don't have pics of the Christmas Cable progress. And, I didn't finish the first Kristmas Kroy sock last night. I'm a big ole pile of disappointment today (add to the fact that I've shared no yarn porn in a month and a half and I'm a boring knit-read).

I did start the toe decreases for the Kroy socks. Depending on if I can keep my eyes open on the ride home tonight, I should have appreciable progress to show tomorrow.

I am thinking of placing an order with Knit Picks. Hubby said he wants black socks for Christmas (not sure WHEN I'd be able to knit them, but any excuse to stash). Of course, I'd have to order more than just a couple of balls of Essential in black to get the free shipping. I probably won't buy anything, though. My holiday knitting plate is full up and I feel guilty thinking of all those projects waiting for me at home (after the three Christmas presents, I've got a Birthday Bucket to knit for my dad and his birthday is 4 days after Christmas, Hubby's Debbie Bliss Ribby, a birthday sweater for Billy, and F-I-L's '06 sweater to knit).

Hubby's Christmas Cable is taking forever. I know, the speed of Shadow has spoiled me. Since there's no armhole shaping on this bad boy, I'm going to be taking a lot longer than a week to finish the larger pieces.

I'm kind of happy my other sister hasn't gotten back to me about her foot measurements. I'd never be able to finish her knee socks in time.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of knitters....

Shadow knows. She knows that I threw her aside most of the weekend to work on the Christmas Cable for Hubby. She knows that since I was distracted by cables, I didn't get her finished in time for a natural light shot. She also knows that I spent an hour sewing in then ripping out the ribbon facing (it made her way too stiff). And she knows that I'll be walking up to the PO this afternoon and sending her off to the wilds of NW Vermont. It's been a good 5 weeks and Mom should have her before she's two weeks late. The details: pattern was Shadow from Rowan's Calmer collection; yarn was Rowan DK soft, about 7 balls; knit up on Addi turbos (US 8). I didn't modify the pattern at all. My only complaint is the lack of details on the Rowan schematics. How do I block out to size on the sleeve when you only give me the measurement to the start of the cap shaping? She was a surprisingly quick and easy knit. I can't wait to make up something else with the DK soft.

This is the best reason ever to do laundry. Billy helped me "fold" the whites. Actually, his help consisted of throwing things out of the basket. He then proceeded to play with the basket until dinner time. I guess it's like the appeal of a big cardboard box. He also likes to help push the wet clothes into the dryer (mainly so he can turn the light off and on). He's in that helpful toddler stage. He knows how to wipe his own face (well, sort of, I still need to do a once over) and will wipe off any surface in reach. Yesterday I was making lasagna for dinner and had some paper towels piled on a plate to drain the ground beef. I turned around from mixing the cheeses and Billy was "cleaning" the floor with the paper towels. I think he's trying to tell Mommy something about her house-keeping.

Tomorrow, I'll have pics of my Christamas Cable progress (almost 5" done as of this morning) and maybe a finished sock (depends on how much I work on the bus).

Friday, November 04, 2005

nearly done?

Shadow is pretty much seamed. All I have to do is weave in ends (most of which I did as I was going so I just have to snip and find the few that weren't) and sew the ribbon facing onto the front pieces. I just love this sweater. Of course, it's too small for me, but it will be perfect for mom.

And can I say how much I love, love, love mattress stitch? Such a lovely, lovely looking seam.

I'll have FO pics Monday. I promise. My plan is to get her finished up tomorrow night after Billy goes to sleep.

I've only got a couple of more inches to work on Kroy Kristmas before the toe shaping starts. That will be sojourning in the office over the weekend, though. Hubby and I are going to the Knicks game tonight and, as I've mentioned before, don't dare bring knitting needles into sporting events. I will be working on it if I take a lunch hour today (only 8 more weeks till the end of the year but 300 issues to publish). This weekend, after Shadow is finished, is all about getting started on the Christmas Cables.

I'm sorely tempted by some Dalegarn Sisik on sale at Help me resist the siren call of more yarn!

How do I take the money and run?

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Thursday, November 03, 2005


S-I-P is my current mantra. Right now, I have seaming-in-progress on Shadow. I back stitched the shoulders together, set-in the sleeves, and got one side and arm seam completed. I did get a small start on the second side seam. Should have all the big seams done tonight. Then it's slip stitching the pockets, sewing on the pocket flaps, and figuring out the ribbon facing on the fronts. Oh yeah, then the neckline. Gee, I'm not as near done as I thought!

As for the current sock-in-progress, I brought my camera today and have a pick of the heel. Boy, that leg looks long. Good news is that my sister's feet are way shorter than hubby's. The slog to the toe won't take nearly so long. (Of course I'm not completely done the gusset, but almost there.) It's such a spring-y happy sock. She better like them!

Nothing happened on the boys' Christmas Cables last night (I spent all tv time seaming). Although, I did buy at 32" US8 Addi. That will be very useful when I get to pick up Christmas Cable #1 again.

Thankfully, it's pretty quiet chez Netter right now. We're all healthy. Nearly forgot to share, Billy only had one attempt at biting since last Thursday. I think we're out of the woods on that.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

KUI, don't do it

Knitting after wine with dinner and while having a few beers with Hubby is a bad idea. It leads directly to ripping the next morning. I cast on for Hubby's Christmas Cable and got about six rows in. I was so proud of myself because I managed, under the influence, to correctly and neatly increase 34 times across at the end of the garter-stitch border. But when establishing the rib pattern that turns into the cable pattern, I mis-read (as in didn't get past the first easy part). Realizing this morning that my 3 x 3 rib was supposed to be 3 x 3 x 1 x1 rib, meant I had to rip out the three rows of ribs I'd knit last night. Not a big deal, except the sweater is 170+ stitches wide and knit with the yarn doubled.

I did, however, turn a beautiful heel on the Kroy Kristmas socks this morning. (I didn't get to it last night because it took longer than expected to knit the 32 row heel flap.) I didn't really learn anything new. I had forgotton that the BMG's footies have a short row heel. It will be a new toe for me, when I get there.

Shadow is still on the blocking board. Although, I did take the pins out last night. But, I only did that because we needed the dining room table for dinner, meaning I had to fold the board in half. Must start seaming tonight. No point in knitting the darn thing in less than 4 weeks if it languishes before seaming!

No pictures today because I left my camera on the dining room table. I know, you really wanted to see the heel on the sock. Well, it will have to wait until tomorrow. (Maybe, I'll have some pics of partially seamed Shadow or more rows on the Christmas Cable.)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

fast approaching the heel

I'm about a third of the way into the heel flap for the Kroy Kristmas socks. I'm looking forward to learning a new heel turn on the way home tonight.

I bought an Addi US 8 at Purl yesterday on the way home, so I could get started on the Boys' Christmas sweaters. I got gauge, but it's only 20" and the front and back of Hubby's Christmas sweater is 25 1/2". I think I'm going to have to buy a 30" needle. Oh well. I hope to get Hubby's sweater cast on tonight. I decided to get the big one out of the way first.

Shadow is on the blocking board and seaming will commence tonight. I hope to get it in the mail this weekend.

So, no pics of anything knit-related. But, here I am with Billy at his Halloween parade yesterday. He didn't really want to do the parade thing and he wasn't into the treats at the party (preferring goldfish over cupcakes). But, he liked trick or treating. Especially the parts where he could sneak into other people's houses!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween and a new WIP

Isn't he just the cutest lil devil ever? This was a self portrait. He loves the camera and takes lots of pictures (most of his finger). He even says "cheese" while snapping away. Although, it sounds like chee. (Glad his nose was clean.)

We dressed him up last night and took him up to the in-laws. We didn't think we'd get there tonight and we were going up there for dinner anyway. The neighbors all thought he was adorable. (The little boys next door to M-i-L and F-i-L loved the "baby" in his costume.)

Today, he's got his parade and party at day care. Hubby and I are taking half days to be there. Then we'll hit a couple of houses in our neighborhood. I can't wait. I know it will be more fun in a couple of years when he's more into it, but I looooooove dressing him up! Maybe we'll take him to an NHL game to get more use out of the costume! The New Jersey Devils are our team!

On the knitting front, I have finished all parts of mom's Shadow. I just need to block them. I finished the sleeve during Billy's nap Saturday and the second pocket flap that night. I would have blocked them yesterday, but we had some minor plumbing to attend to and a nap seemed like a good idea. Then there's the fact that the guest room bed is buried in a few weeks' worth of clean laundry. I must get around to it soon, though. Air was delayed for a long time because I didn't seam her up. Must not repeat the bad behavior.

I do have a new WIP. A Christmas sock for my sister. I hope it's not going to be too narrow. My gauge seems a little tight on the US 1s. The yarn is Kroy socks that I got from Herrschner's last Fall with sis in mind. The pattern is Oak Ribbed socks from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. the inside of the sock looks really neat (1 x 4 ribbing).

I've also started swatching for my boys' Christmas sweaters. I'm doing this pattern from Patons with the Lambswool doubled. I need to get a US 8 Addi. my gauge on the 7s is too tight. I'm going to love knitting these up. The yarn is simply scrumptious and at 5 stitches to the inch it's going to go much faster than I thought.

Friday, October 28, 2005

just a quick update

Just wanted to let you all know that Billy's murmur is "soft" and nothing to worry about. The doctor said it requires no intervention and no follow-up. I think Hubby exhaled for the first time in two weeks.

Billy was awesome. The only time he fussed was when we were kept waiting for the echo cardiogram/ultrasound. He didn't fuss a bit during the EKG or the echo. He's such a great kid. Charmed them all. The ultrasound tech was pretty impressed when he said Elmo.

I was really impressed with the doctor and his staff. Very nice and professional. I'm very happy I shouldn't need to see them again!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


It's a party chez Netter, a regular fiesta. I filled out the fringe on Fiesta last night and officially declare her an FO. See? Sorry for the crappy picture but I was heading off to bed. I'm half in my nightgown. (And that's not one of those photographer backdrops like from school portrait days, that's my shower curtain.) I'm very pleased with this scarf and think it will definitely make a cold, gray winter more bearable. I can't wait to start on a hat. I really like working with the Cork (what's not to like about chunky merino?). It's definitely going to make a great Billy sweater someday.

In Shadow news, I got the right front finished on the bus ride home last night. The excrutiatingly, long and slow bus ride. There was a bad accident on the parkway and we crawled the last five miles home. Seriously, I could have walked home faster. I've started the second sleeve and am about a third of the way through the chart. I hope to have it finished over the weekend. I plan on soaking and blocking the body pieces Saturday and then the sleeves early in the week and having a seaming party some evening. This sweater will be in the mail by next Saturday! Then it's off to Christmas sweater land. (I have to remember to schedule a stitching lunch for next Thursday to show off the finished, or mostly finished, product.)

Tomorrow we take our boy to the cardiologist. I know the murmur's probably innocent, but I'm not looking forward to the appointment. I hate seeing him hooked up to stuff. We went through that when he was born (he spent four days in the special care nursery because he was born with the cord around his neck, after having episodes of slow heart beats throughout my labor, and had some breathing issues) and it sucks. We'll bring his bear, and I'll bring Shadow's sleeve, and tomorrow night there will be wine and relaxing once we know the little man is okay. The biggest hurdle is logistical. The appointment is during his usual lunch and nap time. We're planning to have him sleep late and push his clock back a couple of hours so he's not too cranky. Hope it works! (I, personally, really like the idea of sleeping late. I was in bed at 9:30 last night.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never fought with my mom. Nope, not once. I’m sure that there are plenty of things we disagree about, but she’s not the type of person who forces her opinion on others. Heck, most of the time you wouldn’t know she HAD an opinion.

I can’t say she’s been a typical mom. When I was in eighth grade she made me start doing my own laundry (that’s what I get for complaining about how she did it). At about the same time, dinner became “whatever you can find.” Mom didn’t believe in coddling us. She’ll spoil me now when I visit, but growing up her goal was self-reliant kids who could do the dishes for her.

She’s always been supportive, but not in a touchy-feely way. Whatever I wanted to do, whether it was three weeks in France in high school, an expensive private college, or a semester abroad, she found a way to make it work.

If mom doesn’t let you know her opinion, she definitely does not let you know her needs. She’s selfless, everyone comes before her.

She’s got a great sense of humor and you can tell she’s content with her life. Except she’d like to see me, the hubby and our kid more often. She rarely nags and doesn’t give unsolicited advice. She keeps her cool and is steady as a rock.

Granted, she’s not perfect. She can be moody, and does hint at resentment sometimes, she’s sarcastic and a bit standoffish.

But, everyday I can see more and more of her in me and it makes me happy. My mom is one of the strongest people I’ve ever known and I’m so proud to be her daughter. That’s why she’s getting such a long DK-weight sweater for her birthday (even if it is a little late).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

adI think we're going to need a boat

Yup, raining again. Hubby got Billy's new slicker out this morning. You can spot this dude coming from a mile away! (Billy's favorite color's been orange and various family members, me included, try to get whatever we can in orange.)

I'm hungry. Good thing I don't have any money or I'd be up to my eyeballs in snacks. Something about cold, wet days makes me want to eat all the chocolate I can get my hands on.

I do need another caffeine jolt. Think I'll go down and get another Coke Zero (I do have the $1.25, I could buy a snack if I wanted to give up the caffeine, but a girl has to have her priorities).

I napped on the way home last night so the right front of Shadow isn't quite done. I just couldn't keep my eyes open on the bus. At one point, I actually started dreaming. I was dreaming about eating and woke myself up when I bit my tongue! I can't imagine what I must have looked like chewing in my sleep!

The Jets were abysmal, but I did get the right armhole shaping done. Not much knitting done this morning (another nap on the bus, gee, I'm awful tired lately). No knitting tonight because Hubby and I are going to see Cream. I'll try to get some done at lunch. Even if I don't, I do think I'll be able to finish up the sweater next week. Unfortunately, mom's b-day is tomorrow!

Updated to add: I finished the cast-off on Fiestawear. I need to fill in the fringe and we'll have an FO later this week (probably Thursday). I tried it on and it's a great length. Didn't try it on in front of a mirror, so it could look horrible on!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Fiesta and prize

So, not too much progress on Shadow after Friday night. I'm about three inches from the armhole shaping. Hopefully, I'll get there tonight watching the Jets on MNF.

Saturday was spent working on this every chance I got. It's a garter stitch scarf from four colors of Cork. The orange, blue and green you will see again when I start Billy's birthday sweater. Right now this is for me. I'm calling it Fiestawear. (I get the red because there's only one ball.) It's nearly done. I cast on 210 stitches using the crochet cast on Saturday morning and I'll cast off tonight while Billy takes his meds. If there's time I'll fill out the fringe a bit. This is going to look great with my winter coat. Hubby even likes it! (I was surpised since the colors are a bit loud.) I can't wait to get it off the needles to see how it looks. Now, to figure out a matching hat.

Saturday was a great mail day (even though the weather left a great deal to be desired). I got this loveliness. It was my prize for winning Vickie's quiz over at Knitten Knots. 220 m of hand-dyed, bulky weight Merino. MMMMM. Definitely a scarf or cowl to go with my winter dress coat. The colors are perfect (a bit washed out here). Purple through raspberry with lots of reds in-between. Yummo!

Well, Hubby and I officially have colds. And, we're extending Billy's lung meds for a few days because he's got a new cough and such. 'Tis the season for germs! I will be drinking much hot tea today to combat this dry, scratchy throat. I'm not feeling too bad right now, just bad enough that I couldn't get to sleep last night. Must get to bed early tonight (yeah, probably at half-time of the Jets game). Hubby and I are going to see Cream at Madison Square Garden tomorrow!