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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I really do not get enough time to knit. In spite of that, I’ve gotten quite far on the toque; I’ve finished 2 inches of ribbing and nearly and inch of st st. Five more inches of st st and I can decrease. Woo hoo. (Yes, that was sarcastic.) Most of that work was done last night on the ride home and watching tv with the hubster (gotta love Bands Reunited). I did not get to knit on the bus this morning. No knittable seats left. I napped instead. Much needed nap. Billy was up at 11:30 (just as mommy was falling to sleep) and 5 am. I fell asleep on 78 and woke up on the ramp into Port Authority. Missed Secaucus and Weehawken entirely (not such a bad thing).

I hope to have the toque done this week. I want to Air back up and finished ASAP. I have to start Dad’s Zipo this month if I’m going to make his birthday.

I think one of the reasons I’ve been stashing so much is to keep myself wrapped in thoughts of knitting even when I could not knit enough.

Am I the only one continually stunned to see Christmas stuff around?

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