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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

of pink eye, zipo, and packages

I was out sick yesterday. I came down with pink eye. I thought I was in the clear because he's been on meds for a week. Nope. Dr says I have bit laterally only; but he likes to be agressive with it since it's so virulent. Drops for Mommy, too.

Since I was home sans child and not feeling too icky, I tried to get some stuff done around the house. I took care of the dishes and put away a ton of laundry. I bribed myself, for every basket of laundry I put away, I got to knit for 10 minutes. I finished the front of Zipo and cast-on for the first sleeve. Today on the bus I got through the ribbing for the sleeve and am into the first set of increases.

I got a package from the Knitting Garden yesterday. Rowan #33 and Miss Bea's Playtime. Many, many patterns to knit and lots of things to bust stash. I still haven't told my husband about my last purchase, but I'm staying off Elann, eBay, and Herrschners until I bust through a lot of what I have already.

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