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Friday, October 15, 2004

stash, stash, stash

Mmm, more yummy KPPPM. I think I’ll find a pattern and make a small shawl, cowl, or capelet out of this stuff. I can see alternating stripes. Maybe even skinny ones! These are close to my alma mater’s colors.

I’m also in love with some plummy red Cork on eBay. It would be the perfect color for me!

It’s an illness I tell you, this obsession with yarn. I just want to buy it all, is that so wrong?

I just wish I had more knitting hours in the day. I really don’t see Air being finished in time. Mom will get the partial sweater and all the yarn wrapped up for her birthday. I still have to sew my dress for the wedding and they’ll be here in a week! I didn’t knit at all last night. It was hubby’s birthday so we chatted on the bus. Then we had to drop the van off for a recall and got home later than planned. Then we did presents and it was Billy’s bed time, but he didn’t want to go to sleep. I went to bed early myself (I’m still exhausted from Wednesday night).

It’s a good thing that I have until the end of December to finish Dad’s Zipo. It’s also a good thing we’ve got the long ride to SC around Thanksgiving. Of course, I have mittens I need to knit and I’d like to delve into the stash for myself, so it won’t be all Zipo all the time over the next two months.

Why can’t I just sit here and knit all day? Why do the expect me to do actual work when I’m here.

Speaking of work, these manuscripts won’t assign themselves!

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