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Friday, November 19, 2004

don't you love mommy any more? she'll give you yarn

Hubby complimented me on the speed with which I finished the toque. It’s been done for a while; guess he just noticed. He doesn’t see me knit so he can’t really keep track of what I’m working on. Now, all I need to do is send the mittens and hat to my dad!

More stashquisition. I couldn’t leave the Juicy Kid Classic on eBay. I’m going to make Fern from Rowan 36 for myself. It’s orange; who else is going to want orange yarn?

It really needs to be the last stashquisition for a while. I have so many projects lined up. I really need to organize the stash and get it in one place. Then, I’ll see how much yarn I truly have and realize I don’t need more! Of course, as all stashaholics know, it’s not about need; it’s all about want!

Air is moving along swimmingly. As planned, I finished the right front last night on the way home. I also cast-on for the second sleeve on the bus. I’m halfway through the first set of increases (7 sets of every 8th row). My goal is to have the sleeve done this weekend so I can start seaming and finishing in the car on the way to SC Tuesday.

You know what’s heart-breaking? My son has interests other than me. It used to be he’d always prefer having mommy pick him up to anything. Now, when I bend over to pick him up, he doesn’t automatically put his arms up to me. Sometimes, he even tries to crawl away! It won’t be long and he’ll be going off to college.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dearest Calmer,

I do still love you, but would you hurry up and get off my needles? There is someone I desperately want to spend some quality time with. We spend about 45 minutes together last night and I am intrigued, to put it mildly. Of course, there’s that darn ASC Zipo to be dealt with so it looks like my love will be unrequited for a bit longer.


I swatched with my Silk Garden last night; I just had to do it. I love it. I must find the perfect pattern for it. I don’t want a pullover; my office is too warm for a pullover. A cardi or jacket would be perfect. I’m still leaning toward, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough yarn.

Air is going well. I started the neck shaping this morning, so I should have the right front finished tonight. Then it’s off to sleeve hell, but since one is done, perhaps it won't be too long a visit. I’m planning my yarn packing for next week. I’m bringing Air, all the ASC and pattern (extra needles, too) for Zipo, and perhaps the 4x4 scarf for some gauge difference.

MMMMMMM, yeah. Best choice in a long time.

Oops, I stashed again. Some lovely blue Phildar Licorne. Got a great price on it; although, I’m paying as much for shipping as for the yarn. It’s true. I have absolutely no self-control. None. I can’t moderate a thing in my life!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Thank you, Kind Sir

I want to thank the man on the 113X to Dunellen last night for doing what I could not. He intervened with a mom who was having a bad time with her child on the ride home. I wanted to do something the first time she spanked her; but I didn't know what to do. The second time she spanked her I could only sit there in my seat and burn and think "if she hits this child twice in a half hour surrounded by strangers, what does she do at home?" I promised myself if she spanked her again I'd call 911; but I just say there listening to that poor girl cry and her mom tell her to shut it. This man was so much smarter than me. He walked over and gave the girl something to draw with and just talked calmly to mom and the little one. I didn't catch everything he had to say, but I did hear him tell the mom how hard it must be to deal with such a bright creative child when you just want her to sit quietly. He defused the situation gracefully.

I felt such guilt that I couldn't think of anything to do for that child. I hope that mom finds the resources she needs.

I'm so happy that my depression is in remission (Dr. Mayer's words) allowing me to become the type of mom I want to be. A mom that can find better ways than slaps and hurtful words. Billy deserves that much at the minimum. Someone please cut off my hands if I ever hurt him.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Falling in love all over again....

With Calmer! I bet you thought I was going to say the hubby. I do love him dearly and more and more each day*, but this is a knitting blog! I'm really glad I'm back working on Mom's Air. I love everything about it (except that my increases are leaving holes in the seed stitch). The Calmer is so soothing, the color is so rich and warm, the pattern is just enough to keep me from getting bored. I worked a number of rows last night watching TV with Molly and the hub. I sure hope I like ASC as much!

*I must say that being on SSRIs has had a positive impact on my relationship with the hub. I'm happier so we get along much better. And I've not had any of those unpleasant sexual side effects. It's actually been the opposite!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Seventh 2004 Thompson great-grandbaby arrives

My paternal grandparents welcomed their seventh great-grandbaby this year. My Billy was first and my cousin Billy’s little girl was last, born this weekend. Brynne was eight pounds twelve ounces. Whoa! She was about 21 inches. Fortunately, my uncle was down from ME for hunting season and was at the hospital. I can’t believe that my uncle who was more like a brother to me (only 9 years older) is a grandfather!

Born between Billy and Brynne were Justin David, Kyra, Merrit and Jeremiah (twins!), and Victoria Rose. Justin David is expecting a little brother or sister next year.

My grandfather turns 80 in December it would be cool if all the babies could get together to have their picture taken.

In total, they have 15 great-grandchildren, 21 grandchildren, and eight children. Quite the family tree, no? Including spouses and SOs, that’s 70 people!

In knitting news, rain delays on NJ roads lead to the toque being finished before I even left the Lincoln tunnel. Well, it was practically finished. When it was completely finished I cast-on for a 4x4 scarf. However, Saturday on the way to CT for Marist Thanksgiving (bunch of college friends, it’s not an official function), I picked up mom’s Air and worked a few rows. I really hope to have it mostly done before we go to SC next week. I must, must cast on for Zipo next week if I have a hope of finishing it!

I want to put in a positive review of Patons Classic Wool. It’s an inexpensive, worsted-weight merino that’s really easy to work with and has great drape.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Bus issues

Again with the bus engines! This morning Hubby and I are sitting on the bus chatting, when we pull over on the Turnpike and just sit there. The Check Engine light had come on and since the engine felt like it wasn’t running properly, the driver decided to not risk breaking down in the bus lane. I agreed with him, Hubby did not. Fortunately, we were able to shuffle over to another bus within 15 minutes of stopping. Unfortunately, it then took us a half-hour to get into the city! I saw flashing lights in the westbound lane at one point. Guess someone else wasn’t so lucky. The most unfortunate part for me, was having to stand on the second bus so I couldn’t knit!

It was probably a good thing the knitting was minimized this morning. My left elbow is sore. I think it’s mainly from holding the elbow in one position for long periods of time. I throw, so the left hand doesn’t do much but slide stitches as needed. I think it’s ironic that I throw, since I really learned to crochet first and that is a picking motion. I think it goes back to when I was a little girl and my grandmother first taught me to knit. I’m pretty sure she was a thrower, too. Being of English descent what else could she be?

In the good news portion of the blog, Alfie was very good. Granted, I can’t compare it to the original, but Jude Law was outstanding. I think I drooled a little bit. Never has a Vespa looked so sexy!

I have stashed again. Hubby wants socks and I did not have the appropriate yarn. He wants plain dress socks he can wear or boot socks in gray. Fun and exciting stuff, but it’s all he’ll wear for knitwear. The man does not do sweaters. To make it exciting for me, I’m buying three shades of blue Phildar Preface. Can’t wait.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

...and I'm a stashaholic

Seriously, it's intervention time. I nearly bid on 10 skeins of Magpie Aran in Chutney. Now, we all know that Chutney, a reddish brown, would be lovely on me, but did I not read my own post from this morning? Can I really afford to buy more yarn? What about my post stating I wouldn't buy anymore yarn until I lost weight? Hey, you over there, listen to yourself! No more yarn means no more yarn!

this should NOT be a work day

Why am I sitting here working when I should be honoring the Veterans who gave their lives for my freedom? Granted, I’d probably be sleeping, but that’s exercising a freedom. I’m so tired. Billy has not been sleeping well the last two nights. He had me up at 4 am. I was going to just let him get himself back to sleep, but decided to check on him. Good thing I did; he was completely enveloped in his quilt, from head to toe!

The knitting goddesses heard my plea for more knitting time and arranged for my bus to break down on 495 West last night, less than a mile from the Lincoln Tunnel. I nearly doubled the size of the toque in my 50 minutes on the disabled bus. Nothing like forced confinement with wool to increase knitterly output.

It’s officially been 2 weeks since I last bought yarn. I deserve a prize of some sort. Yeah, it’s called financial solvency! I may only buy discounted yarns, but I put nearly $400 on my credit card last month. Whoa Nelly! I’ve got a college fund to support. Not to mention, Christmas shopping to do.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I really do not get enough time to knit. In spite of that, I’ve gotten quite far on the toque; I’ve finished 2 inches of ribbing and nearly and inch of st st. Five more inches of st st and I can decrease. Woo hoo. (Yes, that was sarcastic.) Most of that work was done last night on the ride home and watching tv with the hubster (gotta love Bands Reunited). I did not get to knit on the bus this morning. No knittable seats left. I napped instead. Much needed nap. Billy was up at 11:30 (just as mommy was falling to sleep) and 5 am. I fell asleep on 78 and woke up on the ramp into Port Authority. Missed Secaucus and Weehawken entirely (not such a bad thing).

I hope to have the toque done this week. I want to Air back up and finished ASAP. I have to start Dad’s Zipo this month if I’m going to make his birthday.

I think one of the reasons I’ve been stashing so much is to keep myself wrapped in thoughts of knitting even when I could not knit enough.

Am I the only one continually stunned to see Christmas stuff around?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

MmMmMm alpaca and mittens, too!

My last stashcquisition arrived today. Indiecita Baby Alpaca in medium green. I'm very happy with the purchase. It’s incredibly yummy and I can’t believe how accurate the color was on the site. Now, what to do with it? I've only got 10 dk skeins. I’m thinking a shell that I could wear close to my skin. MMMM.

Mittens, I have mittens. I finished Dad’s mittens Saturday and felted them Sunday. Felting is way cool. I threw them in a pillowcase, closed it with a rubberband (my washie is only 4 years old, I ain't killing it yet), threw it in a super-size load of towels, set it on a hot/cold, heavy wash cycle, and let it run. After I unloaded the washer, I realized I'd set it to only a medium water level. Ooops. Perhaps that's why it only took one spin through the washer. I need to see if they shrank at all while drying. They've been lying on my space board ever since. Fortunately, there did not seem to be too much lint. I think the pillowcase was unnecessary.

A toque for Dad in the same merino is on the needles. I’m having a dickens of a time starting it. I’m following Stephanie’s rolled brim hat recipe without the rolled brim. I’m doing a couple of inches of 4 x 4 rib, just to give it that traditional toque look. I'm going to just knit it for a while and see how it goes. I used just over one skein for the mittens. I might have a skein left after the hat. Scarf anyone?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Congratulations Middle America

You’ve just won the grand prize in our Presidential Elections Sweepstakes. Your prize includes four more years of:

Alienating allies
Incompetent nation building
Raping our environment
Pandering to big business
Tax cuts for the wealthy
Loss of personal rights and freedoms
Misinformation in the name of protecting you
Stonewalling congressional committees

John Edwards is right; there are two Americas. However the split is not economic, it’s ideological. This country is not split between haves and have nots; it’s split along moral, philosophical, and cultural lines. The Northeast and West coast are, apparently, very far from the rest of the country in regards to what is important to us.

I find the most ironic part of this whole election to be that most of the areas directly touched by the September 11th attacks (the Tri-state area and Pennsylvania) went to Kerrey. Whereas, much of the rest of the country, which was not directly affected by the attacks, feels that Bush could best protect us from further terrorism. I guess they feel alienating the Muslim world and focusing on the wrong Mideast countries will protect us from Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

It’s such a waste of record turnout.

This makes me feel real good. He's turning back the hands of democracy in Russia and is pleased with our choice! I completely disagree with Putin on one pivotal point. We have cowed to the terrorists by re-electing a man who stewarded the downward slide of our economy, an erosion of human rights, lied us into a war, and destroyed the goodwill the world had for us after 9/11 by thinking he'll be better able to protect us from the terrorists. Contrary to popular opinion, the terrorists want Bush to be president. They don’t want us scrutinizing our role in the middle East, they don’t want us looking at Saudi Arabia (a major source of funding and terrorist ideologues), they don’t want us to have a commander in chief who analyzes situations, they want a gut-thinking guy who rushes us into a war we cannot afford and which does not protect us or our interests. Bin Laden himself says his goal is to bankrupt us. He may not have been allies with Saddam (and he wasn’t), but he’s thrilled to see us going trillions of dollars into debt ridding the middle east of an infidel (and Saddam was).

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stash diet + Netter diet = motivation

Let’s hope so. Last night walking home I decided that this weight loss thing has to be now. I have to start eating right now. I can’t keep saying, I’ll start tomorrow, next week, after this thing, after that thing, yada yada. So, I ate a whole pint of Healthy Choice Ice Cream last night and I’m still polishing off the leftover Halloween candy. I did, however, have just a tuna sandwich with an apple and pear for lunch. It’s an improvement.

Besides being disgusted with myself, I need some other motivation to lose weight. I also need to motivate myself to not buy more yarn. To that end, I decree that I will not buy anymore yarn until I have lost 10 pounds. At that point, I can buy a bag of discounted yarn or put money (amount to be determined) aside for a larger purchase. For example, I can either buy a bag of discontinued Calmer after I lose 10 pounds, or put all the bags I would have bought together and buy a Colinette AbFab throw. Granted, it would only take a couple of bags of Calmer to equal an AbFab throw kit, but you get my gist.

This might work.

In stash news, I got my Casket Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. Ooh la la, I love this color. It’s so me! I don’t know why they named it casket, but I’ll go with it. One outstanding order left. My Alpaca from Herrschner’s. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m thinking, depending on the green, I might make a sweater for my asst manager with it. She’s my rock and I want to do something really nice for her. Her birthday is in September (plenty of time). She’s also really skinny, so I’d have plenty to make one of those smashing patterns from the Calmer collection. Or find some other really cool DK pattern. I must say that I really, really want to knit Cloud.

In Mitten news, I’m nearly to the ribbing on the second mitt. For some reason these things look like gauntlets and the ribbing is up near the gusset instead of at the beginning. Oh well. Dad wanted really long cuffs and he’s getting them!

Poor baby Billy has a nasty chest cold. Although, I think he sounds worse than he feels. He’s still eating fine and sleeping well, but he’s rattling something fierce. Fortunately, we go to the Dr on Monday anyway so if it doesn’t get better on it’s own she can listen then and tell me what to do. It’s not bothering him too much. He still wants to play, eat cheerios, and be a silly Billy!

I’m off to exercise my franchise.


Exercise your franchise! Get out and vote today. It's one of the most important things you can do! And if you don't; I don't want to hear any whining about the government!

Monday, November 01, 2004

bats, mittens, housework

Friday was Billy's Halloween Parade at daycare. Let me tell you, it's great to spend half your day with 10 kids under 18 months. He was a bat and the cutest kid there! See for yourself. Sunday we went up to my in-laws and showed him off to a few people there. He was ooh'd and aah'd over. Believe it or not, the most popular costume in his class was a cow. There were 2. All in all a good Halloween. It will be more fun when he gets more excited about it. Of course, this year we didn't have to worry about candy. He doesn't eat it. He did have his first cupcake, though!

I finished the palm for the first mitten; then I ripped it; and it's finished again. Thumbs are interesting. The thumb will be done today. I'm looking forward to casting on number two. I'm really looking forward to seeing what felting will do to them. How much can you reduce the size by felting? It's possible I've made them too big. (My father is a small man.)

My house is no longer disgusting. Well, at least not on the main floor and if you don't open the fridge. Since the Billster is crawling, it's important that he have clean floors to crawl on. I must vacuum upstairs. It's really horrible to have to wipe dust bunnies off your kid. EWWWWW!
Billy bat says "focus the camera silly mommy." Posted by Hello
Close-up of the yucky top of the mitten. You can't really see the ridges formed by the decreases and how they accentuate the awufl pointi-ness. I ripped this morning. Posted by Hello
Is it a fish or a mitten? Sorry for the awful photo. I took it this morning on my way out the door. I did not like the way the top ended. Posted by Hello