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Friday, December 17, 2004

Justify my Stash

I did it. I went ahead and bought two bags of ASC from Cucumberpatch's eBay store. Even with shipment from the UK, it's 60% off retail price. Yes, they are two discontinued colors (regal, a wonderful royal blue, and Orkney, gold-yellow), but come on who could resist.

Parts of each bag will be Billy's birthday sweater. I also purchased a couple of Rowan Mags from The Knitting Garden. Miss Bea's Playtime for Billy and #33 for me. I think I also need to get the aran weight Bucket Pattern from to make Billy an ASC bucket to match his sweater.

I'll start knitting the sweater as soon as I have all the supplies (and Zipo and Air are finished). I should definitely finish by his birthday 2/2.

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