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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

chronic ear infections and a sick mommy

I had to take Billy back to the doctor yesterday afternoon to follow-up on his ear infections. When I picked him up at daycare his eye was goopy again. I figured I'd reinfected him. She agreed so we put him back on the drops. Then she looked in his ears and they were fire engine red. Back on antibiotics. She's got him on Zithromax. Hubby pointed out that Zithromax was the first one we tried back in November. I'm calling her this morning to see if she wants to try something else. (Must make sure to get the phone number for our drug store.) Fortunately, his temp was 99.5, so he's not running a fever.

I, of course, was then down in the dumps. I was so hopping she'd say that his ears are finally better and we don't have to see her until February for his next physical. We're fortunate in that he's not too fussy while he's ill; we're also fortunate that his ear drums haven't been impacted. I know things could be a lot worse; my parents went through a lot worse with my sisters. It's just so draining to be running to and from the doctors all the time and giving him so many drugs. I need to start focusing on the fact that it's just an ear infection.

I remember when my sister was about 7 she was having problems with recurrent ear infections and tonsilitis. She actually had an ear infection so bad she had a hole in her ear drum the size of a pencil eraser! Needless to say, she had her tonsils and adenoids out shortly thereafter. No problms since (except for a couple of cases of epiglotitis, eww). My other sister's health problems were a little more severe and much more complicated.

Me, I've been the healthy one. Except for this nagging cold I cannot get rid of this winter. Last night I went to bed early. Billy went to sleep before 7:30 which is way early for him and I was in bed by 8. Of course I woke up at 12:50 when the Nyquil wore off and again at 4:45 when the second dose wore off. I'm feeling a little better this morning. I don't think I'll need to go to the doctor. My throat was ridiculously sore last night, but it's barely noticeable this morning. Got to keep up with teh Dayquil.

Since I was asleep before primetime TV even started last night, not much knitting got accomplished. I've finished 5 of the first 9 increases as of this morning. I think it's pretty realistic to estimate that I'll have the sleeves done and seamed to the body before I see my parents on Thursday. I'd love to have the neckband knitted, too. We'll see. The house still needs tidying!

One thing, should I leave the neck open as in the picture or should I add buttons? I'm leaning toward a few buttons....

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