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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ramblings of a knitted mind

I'm still working on Air. I had planned a big SC seaming party, but ran afoul of the back being 1" shorter than the fronts. Urgh. I ripped and am re-knitting. I should have the back finished again tonight. Then it's off to seam, knit the collar and pocket flaps. I will be casting on Zipo next week no matter what. I only have 4 weeks to finish it! The Manalong lasts until 12/31, but my family comes to visit on 12/30 and I want to give it to Dad then. Especially since his b-day is 12/29.

Our trip to SC was good. I didn't get much knitting done in the car. As usual, Netter figured she'd get more done than she could. Billy was great most of the trip. He only got cranky the last hour each day.

Everyone down there loved him. He's still struggling with his ear infection, but we got him more antibiotics, so he'll hopefully be feeling better soon.

My Kid Classic and Phildar came while I was away. I love both. The Juicy Kid Classic may be the first project I knit for myself. Maybe that's a good stash rule; last in first out! Eh, I think I'll get more use out of the ASC I bought in Copper and Sizzling.

Here's what I've been thinking of in the way of upcoming projects:

Something for Billy (b-day 2/2)
F-I-L's vest (b-day 3/23)
Paris Loops for my sisters (sometime in April)
Socks for Hubby for father's day
Salsa Splash for me so I can wear it next summer

I've officially promised my husband that I would not buy anymore yarn. He wanted me to say that I wouldn't buy anymore until I ran out, but I couldn't agree to that. Run out of yarn! I'd never let that happen. I will make a serious dent in the stash before I buy again. I will admit to looking, but I have to stop browsing for it rapidly leads to purchasing! We're not in extreme financial straits, but things could be better if we stop the discretionary spending. Yarn is discretionary, I know it's hard to believe. We're also cutting back on eating out (made dinner 3 nights in a row) and brown bagging it for lunch.

Christmas shopping is interesting this year. We got Billy finished at an outlet in SC. I have no idea what to get my husband. Everyone else may be shopped for online. I just don't know if we'll make it to the stores. My in-laws are watching the baby Saturday so we can get the house decorated. I'm really pushing my husband to put lights up outside. He went nuts the three years we lived in our last apartment, but hasn't put any lights on the house in the 4 years we've been here. I think it's time!

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