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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

out of focus

I think I’ve figured out my lack of focus at work. It’s not the PPD; it’s that I’m bored. Now that I’m managing the department, I spend more and more time on administrative nonsense than on production. Who gets jazzed to go to work and sign invoices or write job descriptions? Not me. How many inane e-mails can you answer in one day without wanting to escape?

I get excited when I think about re-working the processes we have here and getting the product out faster; but it’s the implementation that kills me. I’d much rather be burying my nose in some juicy projects than holding people's hands through a change process. (Ew, manager speak.)

It makes me want chocolate. And new yarn.

Speaking of new yarn. I had last week's eBay ASC purchase shipped to my house instead of the office. I figured I could handle the wrath of hubby on yet more yarn purchases and there's already too much yarn in my office. Fortunately, the package was delivered yesterday and I was able to squirrel it away with him none the wiser. I absolutely adore the colors (sizzling and copper) together and I must say that this will look ravishing on me in them!

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