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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sojourn in Sleeve Hell

My sojourn in sleeve hell has not been so bad for the first sleeve. I knitted away like a maniac yesterday and have finished all but 2 increases. I will be lengthening the arms a bit, my mom’s a bit long there, so I’ve pushed hitting the sleeve cap off for a while.

I actually knitted at our tailgate at the Concert for Change last night. Wish I’d joined up with Knitters against Bush. It was a good show, but this mommy should not have been out so late. I got really ticked off by the end of the encore. Who can be out after 1 on a Wednesday night? We left the arena at 12:40. I kid you not. Granted we got home by 1:15, but still! I need my sleep. Always have and even more so with the PPD.

Can’t wait to get out of here this afternoon and knit. It’s hubby’s birthday so no work once I get home. But, knit time on the 113 baby! No sewing which is a bummer because I haven’t even started putting the dress together and I need to wear it next weekend. AAARGH!!

I’m feeling a bit better today. A bit manic. Don’t know if it’s the meds (finally), lack of sleep (possible) or the 3 musketeers bar (probably worn off by now). I have been pretty darn productive today.

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