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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Congratulations Middle America

You’ve just won the grand prize in our Presidential Elections Sweepstakes. Your prize includes four more years of:

Alienating allies
Incompetent nation building
Raping our environment
Pandering to big business
Tax cuts for the wealthy
Loss of personal rights and freedoms
Misinformation in the name of protecting you
Stonewalling congressional committees

John Edwards is right; there are two Americas. However the split is not economic, it’s ideological. This country is not split between haves and have nots; it’s split along moral, philosophical, and cultural lines. The Northeast and West coast are, apparently, very far from the rest of the country in regards to what is important to us.

I find the most ironic part of this whole election to be that most of the areas directly touched by the September 11th attacks (the Tri-state area and Pennsylvania) went to Kerrey. Whereas, much of the rest of the country, which was not directly affected by the attacks, feels that Bush could best protect us from further terrorism. I guess they feel alienating the Muslim world and focusing on the wrong Mideast countries will protect us from Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

It’s such a waste of record turnout.

This makes me feel real good. He's turning back the hands of democracy in Russia and is pleased with our choice! I completely disagree with Putin on one pivotal point. We have cowed to the terrorists by re-electing a man who stewarded the downward slide of our economy, an erosion of human rights, lied us into a war, and destroyed the goodwill the world had for us after 9/11 by thinking he'll be better able to protect us from the terrorists. Contrary to popular opinion, the terrorists want Bush to be president. They don’t want us scrutinizing our role in the middle East, they don’t want us looking at Saudi Arabia (a major source of funding and terrorist ideologues), they don’t want us to have a commander in chief who analyzes situations, they want a gut-thinking guy who rushes us into a war we cannot afford and which does not protect us or our interests. Bin Laden himself says his goal is to bankrupt us. He may not have been allies with Saddam (and he wasn’t), but he’s thrilled to see us going trillions of dollars into debt ridding the middle east of an infidel (and Saddam was).

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