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Thursday, November 11, 2004

this should NOT be a work day

Why am I sitting here working when I should be honoring the Veterans who gave their lives for my freedom? Granted, I’d probably be sleeping, but that’s exercising a freedom. I’m so tired. Billy has not been sleeping well the last two nights. He had me up at 4 am. I was going to just let him get himself back to sleep, but decided to check on him. Good thing I did; he was completely enveloped in his quilt, from head to toe!

The knitting goddesses heard my plea for more knitting time and arranged for my bus to break down on 495 West last night, less than a mile from the Lincoln Tunnel. I nearly doubled the size of the toque in my 50 minutes on the disabled bus. Nothing like forced confinement with wool to increase knitterly output.

It’s officially been 2 weeks since I last bought yarn. I deserve a prize of some sort. Yeah, it’s called financial solvency! I may only buy discounted yarns, but I put nearly $400 on my credit card last month. Whoa Nelly! I’ve got a college fund to support. Not to mention, Christmas shopping to do.

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