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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dearest Calmer,

I do still love you, but would you hurry up and get off my needles? There is someone I desperately want to spend some quality time with. We spend about 45 minutes together last night and I am intrigued, to put it mildly. Of course, there’s that darn ASC Zipo to be dealt with so it looks like my love will be unrequited for a bit longer.


I swatched with my Silk Garden last night; I just had to do it. I love it. I must find the perfect pattern for it. I don’t want a pullover; my office is too warm for a pullover. A cardi or jacket would be perfect. I’m still leaning toward, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough yarn.

Air is going well. I started the neck shaping this morning, so I should have the right front finished tonight. Then it’s off to sleeve hell, but since one is done, perhaps it won't be too long a visit. I’m planning my yarn packing for next week. I’m bringing Air, all the ASC and pattern (extra needles, too) for Zipo, and perhaps the 4x4 scarf for some gauge difference.

MMMMMMM, yeah. Best choice in a long time.

Oops, I stashed again. Some lovely blue Phildar Licorne. Got a great price on it; although, I’m paying as much for shipping as for the yarn. It’s true. I have absolutely no self-control. None. I can’t moderate a thing in my life!

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