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Monday, October 25, 2004

No dress, new project, stash

I had a whole post written last week about how I ruined the top to the dress I was making for last night’s wedding. Never got around to letting you all know how I was just going to finish the skirt and find something in my closet to wear with (silk, sleeveless, black cowl?). Moot point anyway as I couldn’t finish the skirt because the waist wasn’t long enough (note to self, follow pattern’s seam allowances). Really, I should know enough to buy extra fabric! I’ll finish it all eventually. I did buy a pretty black dress for the wedding and I looked good.

I gifted my Mom the incomplete Air. Actually, I just handed her the project bag and said “Happy Birthday.” She really likes it so far. I got quite a bit of the right front done in the car on the way to the wedding last night. However, it’s going on hiatus for a while after tonight’s ride home. Mom says Dad’s mittens should be my number one priority. I dug out the yarn last night. I’m going to check my DPNs tonight and see if I have the sizes I need. If not, I’ll wander over to Purl tomorrow to supplement my supply. I’ve printed out the pattern and can’t wait to cast on this evening.

Just bought more yarn on eBay. I really, really have to find more time to knit. I do think that when I get around to organizing the stash (bringing office stash home, putting all the stash in one place, sorting it somehow), I’m going to get rid of the inexpensive acrylics I can’t stand anymore. I’ll eBay them or perhaps donate them to a charity or Billy’s daycare. (Buddy Kristen just told me she’d like some black yarn. Netter to the rescue.) I do need to slow down (or preferably stop) the acquisition of yarn until I get some projects finished. I know, how does that make me different from any other knitter? I do admire those knitters who only buy what they need. Yarn and food are two things with which I show absolutely no self-restraint

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