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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hubby's given me another reason not to stash

From his e-mail titled "I ALWAYS KNEW THIS WAS CRUEL":

I saw a new billboard on 9th ave today. It said, "DID YOUR SWEATER CAUSE A BLEEDING BUTT?" and had a picture of a lamb or sheep with a cut-up butt. Looked gross as this was a campagain to boycott Australian wool.

Sad, please buy acrylic only.

I've done some preliminary research and it's a PETA campaign aimed mostly at clothing retailers. I guess, as conscientious knitters, we'll have to start looking at whether or not the wool and other animal fibers we use are cruelty-free.

I will have to give him a hard time the next time he eats veal, lamb, or chicken. If he wants to do this anti-cruelty thing, we should go all the way.

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