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Thursday, August 26, 2004

I'm off to Vermont tomorrow morning. Depending on how things go, I may blog. If not, I'll catch up next week.

Is it wrong that I'm not bemoaning how much I'll miss my husband and Molly while I'm gone? I'm just too excited to see my parents seeing Billy again!
Stash enhancement time. I bought some more Cicco Gedifra at Herrschners (see this morning's post about the sale) in gray and blue (one for each sister). I sure hope I like the pattern! I also got some Hoffman fabrics to make a Chelsea bag. I’m going to use it as my new work bag once my jelly bag gives out (the straps are starting to rip). It’s going to be pretty funky for me, but, it’s got all my colors (except not so much red). I also love pansies. And I ordered some labels to put in my projects (at least the ones I give away), but those aren’t so much fun to look at.

In Loll news, I’m about where I was at yesterday’s post. It’s not that I did no knitting. I did a lot of knitting. I just ripped most of it out on my excessively long commute home last night. (I didn’t get to pick Billy up until after 7!) I realized I was doing the buttonholes wrong (I knew that decision would bite me in the end). I was twisting stitches when knitting into the yarn over and that was shrinking the button holes. I tried to drop stitches down to the first button hole in the ribbing (the seed stitch one is fine), but when I tried to rebuild the stitches they looked horrible. So I ripped out a good 6 inches. Much knitting tonight!

My sister works here. We might be going to see this Saturday. Can you believe it? Multi-cultural exposure for Billy in Vermont!
I'm going to use this... Posted by Hello
and this.... Posted by Hello
To make this.... Posted by Hello
HURRY! Herrschner's has Gedifra Cicco on sale for $3.97. Make your own Paris Loop!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I know what I’m working on once Loll is finished. Forget the stuff in the side bar. I’m making my Paris Loop. I got my yarn order from Elann today. Woot! Now I need to make sure I have all the necessary needles. Ooh, I may have to go shopping!

Speaking of Loll, I’ve got three, count ‘em, three buttonholes done. That means I’m approaching halfway on the right front. Can you dig it? Just goes to show that traffic jams are good for something. I really think I would be extremely unhappy taking the bus most days if my projects didn’t grow so much while we waited to get around a broken down taxi on the helix or past the construction on the turnpike.

I now have two boxes of yarn in my office ready to be snuck home. Some night when the hub is working late or got plans after work, I’ll start bringing it home. For now, It makes me happy to know it’s here. I know, it’s a sickness.

I’m having a rough morning here (afternoon when I got around to posting). Well, rough’s not accurate, it’s a little frazzled, a bit frantic. I can’t find some files I’m supposed to be working on and routing. I remember them being handed over to me and discussing them with my director. I can’t remember if he took them back, but they’re not in my office. Panic time!

We’ve also got a small problem with some attitudes around here. I just can’t take the people who are so unwilling to change and can’t handle a little chaos and confusion in their lives. Don’t they realize it’s those things that make us alive?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I had a good birthday weekend. I didn’t do too much knitting. Which is very bad of me, I only have 6 days to finish Loll. (Actually, it’s 7. We’re getting together the 31st, not the 30th.) I did get the first sleeve finished and I’m a few inches into the right front. I’m going to try to get at least past the armhole shaping before we go to VT. Then I have the last sleeve, seaming, and the neckband to do. Oh, and buttons to buy and sew on. Yeah, I decided buttons. Fortunately, the buttonholes are being knit along with the right front. I promised my husband it would be done. I don’t think I’ll be getting to bed too early this week. I hope my sisters and parents are willing to Billy sit so I can knit my fingers off in VT.

I’ve also signed up to be a Meathead. I think it is très cool to be a part of an art installation!

Birthday pressies included the new Indigo Girls CD from my dog (yes, that’s what my husband said, that Molly wanted me to have that particular CD). Sheryl Crow’s 2003 tour DVD from my son (again, husband assures me that the baby picked out that particular title). New sneakers from my husband (he used to sell sneakers for a living so he’s very good at picking them out). And from the whole immediate family at Elizabeth Ave I got the Elvis ’68 comeback special on DVD. Seven hours of footage of really hot Elvis. I’ll be taking that to VT to share with my mom. My in-laws spoiled me as well. I got 2 pairs of slacks (brown and olive, thanks M-I-L for helping me break away from my neutral neutrals), two tops (blue and ivory), and a gorgeous blue cabled sweater. I just love the cables on it. I know it is machine knit, but I’ll have to take a picture to show you the wonderful look.

On my day off I treated myself to a movie and the realization that my parents spent a lot of money on my college education and I can’t read a newspaper. I think I may be slightly dyslexic with numbers (or else I am a lazy reader). I thought there was a 1:25 showing of the Village. So I hopped in the VUE and drove to the theater to be there by 1 (not sure how long it would take me). I get there and the next showing of The Village is 2:15! I could have sat around and knitted, but I didn’t want to be in the theater all day. So, I went to a 1:45 showing of Garden State. I highly recommend it. It was very good. I’ve heard some bad things about The Village, but I still want to see it. I’ll rent it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

More stash enhancement. I’d like to thank Froggy for posting that Elann had Gedifra cicco on sale so I can make my own Paris Loop. I also got some Patons Kroy sock yarn and some cotton blend boucle for Billy. Of course, I have yet to knit anything for my boy.

I got a Keepsake Quilting catalog in the mail, I think I'm on their mailing lists from my Patternworks purchase. Whoo boy, makes me want to breakout the sewing machine. There are a number of things I want. I think I might get one set of fat quarters and figure out how to make a bag and needle case. Just what I need, another hobby with stashing possibilities. I did buy my sewing machine a number of years ago and it has been used. I’ve used it to hem curtains, take in a skirt, and put a new zipper into a coat! There was a time I sewed a lot. Two years out of four I made my own dress for my college's semi-formal dance.
And Cicco to make my Paris Loop! Posted by Hello
Kroy for Christmas present. Posted by Hello
Cottrica for a Billy project. Don't know what yet. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 16, 2004

I was a little ambitious in thinking I'd get a whole sleeve done this weekend. I did finish the left front of Loll, but not until Saturday morning. I'm a good way into the first sleeve and will put as much time into it as I can to get it done in the next couple of days. I have to start the right front this week or it will never get done. I do have that long train ride coming up on Thursday.

My assistant manager (she assists me in managing) is going with me and she wants to pick my brains on what Arthurian sites I hit in England while studying over there. Goodness, now I have to try and remember! I know we hit Tintagel, an earthen fort, Glastonbury Abbey (supposed burial place), and the grail garden in Glastonbury. I'll have to look through my pictures to try and remember. I wonder if there is a site that recommends Arthurian places to visit. Her son is a huge Arthurian fan.

The weekend got off to a rocky start. We left all of our packing to the last minute. Hubby was downstairs writing checks and I was trying to get us all ready to go (him, me, the baby). I put Billy on our bed to play and went into the bathroom to get our toiletries together. I heard a bang. He'd fallen off the bed and onto the floor. He was a little shaken up, with some minor bruises. Dave was very shaken up. I was, too. But since Daddy was flying off the handle I had to keep my shit together. It got pretty ugly between us. Fortunately, we've all recovered and Mommy will never leave Billy on a high surface again! The rest of the weekend was pretty succesful. Sheryl was great, Charley not so bad, and I played a few table games for a change. I lost money so that wasn't too different. Dave got into the poker tournament at the Sands and did pretty well for his first time out.

All righty, time to get back to work!

Friday, August 13, 2004

The bulldog description I posted yesterday does NOT apply to our Molly. This morning she wouldn't potty in the back yard so my husband asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. Now, walk is one of Molly's favorite words, it ranks up there with Daddy, ride and bacon. She started jumping into the air. Seriously. She doesn't get border collie vertical, but she was in the air, all four paws off the ground. She's an atypical bully. Or to quote the Smithereens "My girl, she's extra-ordinary...."

I am most definitely cruising on Loll. I started the armhole shaping last night and should have the left side done today. I shall cast on for the first sleeve tomorrow in the car. I've got two weeks and a couple of days to get it done. I think it will happen. The only thing I have concerns about is picking up stitches for the neckband. I will arm myself with trusty crochet hook and do the best I can. Even if the whole thing looks like crap, she'll wear it proudly.

In other news, we're living in interesting politcal times in NJ. The first I heard about the governer resigning was from a 20-year-old poli sci major who's interning at an ad agency in Manhattan. She said it was courageous. I didn't pass judgement because I figured there had to be more behind his resigning than just he's finally out and been cheating on his wife with a man. We're not CA, but I think we could have gotten over that. By the time I saw and heard the news on the tv and radio it was being reported that he's being sued for harassment by his former lover and supposedly the lawsuit is very graphic. This former lover is his ex-aide and a man the governor appointed to a position (director of homeland security after 9/11) that he was not qualified for. I told my husband this morning that he's earned the nickname McSleazy. (My husband is a Republican and has been calling him that since we lived in Iselin and he was the Mayor.) Not because he's gay, or because he cheated on his wife, but because he put his lover in an important position without the qualifications to do the job. A job that was supposed to be protecting all of us. /politics

Thursday, August 12, 2004

What Common Breed of Dog Are You?

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I'd rather be:

What Common Breed of Dog Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
10 balls of this. It's fingering weight cotton, also 200+ yards per ball. I see beautiful baby stuff! (Not for my baby though, Daddy doesn't like him in Lilac.) Posted by Hello
I got 15 balls of this. It's got great yardage, 220+. Same gauge as Rowan Cotton Tape. Posted by Hello
I’m knitting as fast as I can, and buying yarn faster than I should. I have won two more auctions, one for some Khaki River Tape and another for Lilac Sea Breeze. Hey, I got them really cheap. Who cares if Rowan decided they weren’t worth producing at all/any more? I will find a use for them. I just need more hands. I am banning myself from eBay for a while (and the Herrschner's yarn sales, and Threadbear, and anyone else who enables my yarnaholic tendencies).

Left front of Loll will hopefully be done tomorrow. I really, really want to start the left sleeve this weekend. Yesterday was a bad commute into the city. I was all smushed in the back row of the bus and didn’t have elbow room to knit! Quel horor. I did get to knit my heart out on the way home and while watching TV with the hub and the dog. This morning I was the 12th person on the bus and the last. I got my own seat and knit all the way in. I’ve also found that if I walk slowly enough, I can walk and knit at the same time. Granted, we’re talking a very simple pattern (elongated 1 x 3 rib), but cool.

Here’s your saccharine-sweet story for the day. My dog and my baby love each other very much. She loves licking his face and he just lights up when he sees her. He’s 6 months (in case you’re new) and reaches out for her when she’s close to him. Last night I was sitting on the couch next to him (he can sit up on his own, I was in arm's reach in case he toppled). Molly (the dog) jumped up next to me and cuddled for a bit. Then she realized that Billy (the baby) was on the other side of me. She crawled across me (which is not comfortable as she weighs 65 lbs) so she could lick his face. So, she’s sitting on my lap, he’s got her jowls in his hands and she’s kissing him all over. Eh, I don’t tell the story well. It was really sweet.

We’re spending tomorrow night at my in-laws as they are baby- and dogsitting over the weekend while we’re in AC. I want to knit and watch the opening ceremonies (if Dad and hub will let me, they’re not big on the Olympics), but Loll is a secret, so I can’t knit it. I guess I could bring Tucker. I’d swatch for Mom’s Air, but I still can’t find all those new circs I bought. Where the H-E-double hockey sticks did I put them?

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

From Carrie’s Homework Meme

Carpet or hardwood floors? We have both, I prefer self-cleaning floors. Seriously, I hate to mop, but since we all have allergies we should probably have just hardwood.

Blinds or curtains? We have both in the bedrooms, just curtains elsewhere. I’d really rather have curtains and shades in the bedrooms, much darker.

Tiles or sheet linoleum? We have sheet linoleum in the bathroom and I want to replace it with tile. I’ve got nothing against linoleum or vinyl flooring but this particular one always looks dirty, even after I’ve mopped it!

Paint or wallpaper? We’ve got all paint, except for a border in the nursery and the powder room in the basement. That was one of our first chores when we bought the house, ripping out all the awful wallpaper.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

You know you’re living in a different world when your bus gets boarded by a state trooper for a “random bus check.” Why are the Republicans having their convention in NYC? I know they thought they were doing the city a favor, but do they realize how disruptive it is? My commute’s gotten much longer with the added security and the convention’s not for two weeks! Thanks guys.

I finished the back of Loll Friday. Yippee! I cast on for the left front Sunday and am cruising through the ribbing. I’m sorely tempted to measure, but I know I am nowhere near 39 cm. Things will go so fast once I hit the armhole shaping. I had been thinking of doing the sleeves in the round to avoid the seaming, but I don’t think my dpn technique is good enough, yet. I will do the left sleeve next to sew as I go.

My lovely Phildar came via UPS yesterday. My admin was very curious as to why such a large box was so light. Usually, at a publishing company, large box = very heavy. MMM, yummy, yummy yarn. Now, I just need to figure out what to do with it. I’m thinking a zip-up vest for my f-i-l for some of it (probably navy blue) and then a sweater for Billy out of the other. F-i-l likes to work outside and since his birthday is late March, a zippy sweater vest is a practical idea. He’s like my husband in that he’s not really a sweater guy otherwise.

I’ve got bids in on some Rowan yarns on eBay. Some All Seasons Cotton in aqua for my sister (the youngest one). I’m starting to feel guilty. I made her Grecian Plait, I've got a plan for a Christmas present, but so far nothing for the middle one. I need to find something. Unfortunately, the middle one is apple shaped and few patterns would fit her. I guess I’ll need to do some modification. The other auction is River tape in Khaki. 15 balls, I could do something in that for her (or me).

Loll is first priority. Get that done and I cast on for Air for my mom. Fortunately, her birthday isn’t until late October so I can work on some smaller stuff alongside. Then it’s Dad’s Zipo for his birthday at the end of December. I think my husband would appreciate some warm, wooly socks for Christmas, too.

Gee, can I quit my job and just knit full-time?

I may be in even more trouble. I found my LYS last week. I’ve been looking for this place for months and could never find it. Billy and I were cruising around Thursday night (going to McD's for mommy's dinner) and I found it, on the other side of the street from where I’d been looking. Apparently, I had the street number wrong. I will be stopping in some time in the future. I think I may start getting whatever Rowan pattern books I need there, instead of ordering them online. Must support the LYS! I’d link to their Web site if they had one.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I'm feeling overwhelmed here at work. There is just so much to be done and I know I'm spinning my wheels. I'm just not getting anything accomplished. I don't know if it's the sheer volume of stuff that's sapping my motivation or if I'm still just completely burnt out. Today, I just want to put my head down and tell everyone to go away. My office is a mess and I know I'm not going to get anything else accomplished.

And what do I do when I can think straight? I think about knitting. I really, really have to get my priorities in order or things are just going to get so much worse! I have a lot of people counting on me and I need to step up to the plate.

In other news (still not knitting related), I brought in lunch (to save money) and I'm not going to eat it. I need to step outside for a bit. Then I need to get prepared for this meeting I'm having.

Oh, and I'm home alone with the dog and baby because my husband gets to go out and have a life.... Bitter much?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Darker blue blend. I lost out on the plum cotton. Someone snuck in at the last minute. Bummer. Oh well, I probably have too much yarn as it is! Posted by Hello
Here is the stash enhancement. Royal blue Phildar wool. Posted by Hello
I want MY Rowan 36!
Here's the newest addition to the family, Davey. Don't know if my sister and her boyfriend are keeping the name.  Posted by Hello
Twice yesterday, I posted about knitting, but Blogger ate the posts. Grr!

Loll grows apace. I've started the armhole shaping. I have to rip out a row because I only did 5 rows of decreases and I need to do seven. I circled the right numbers in red, but apparently still didn't read the pattern right!

The stash grows apace as well. I've won a few auctions on eBay. Some older Phildar yarns, some more Summer Tweed. I've got a bid in on some old Rowan cotton. It's fingering weight with great yardage (220 yds a skein). I'm thinking a cardigan or vest for my father-in-law. It's a brownish plum, right up his alley.

The Phildar is in three orders. One's a beige and white blend with flecks of all different colors that we're going to use for dog blankets and sweaters. My dog is getting a new blanket; since she's fawn and white the yarn's perfect for her. My sister is adopting a retired greyhound and he'll need a sweater for those VT winters (especially since she lives up in the mountains). I'm hoping the color works for him. That package arrived Saturday. I also just won an auction for some 100% wool in royal blue that will be for Billy and I used "buy it now" to get some darker blue in a acrylic/wool/mohair blend. That may be for Billy as well. I have to see what kind of patterns I can find. Perhaps it will be for f-i-l instead of the cotton.

I really, really want to start something new (Charlotte, another Java, my Calmer ribby), but my m-i-l's birthday rapidly approaches. I promised my husband he wouldn't have to do any shopping for her so Loll MUST get finished. I hope to have the back done in the next few days and then I'll do the left sleeve and left front so I can sew as I go. I may need some late nights in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Here's Billy at 2 days. Posted by Hello
Here's Billy and his best friend, Molly our 2 year-old Bulldog.  Posted by Hello
Here's my little guy at six months.  Posted by Hello
Here's a different use for a space board, measuring the baby between doctor's visits! Posted by Hello