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Monday, December 27, 2004

2 Christmases done, one to go

It was a very nice weekend chez Netter. Christmas Eve I was pretty sick (this darned cold), but managed to enjoy dinner with the in-laws and a lovely chuch service. Billy was well-behaved throughout. After church we drove over to a very large Christmas light display. It's a private home and the man's been doing a crazy display for years. He's got Disney characaters, elves, a band of toy soldiers, a giant rotating Christmas tree, an animatronic Creche (including moving baby sheep) and more white lights than you can see stars this close to the metropolis.

Christmas day started rocky. In my family, we open presents first thing and then eat a big breakfasts. The in-laws eat, read scripture, and take their time getting to presents. Billy got us up just after six. So I took him downstairs and the hubby got the dog going. Then he had to read the paper, then he got his grapefruit ready, then it was time to make homemade hot chocolate, then he made eggs and bacon (burned the bacon in the microwave), then we ate, then I had to change Billy's diaper, then we got to open presents. By the time we opened presents we'd been up for two hours adn it was daylight! My dad was, and still is, a huge fan of opening presents in the dark (tree looks better and it seems more magical) while hubby's family's never been up before seven on Christmas day!

But, we wound up having a great day. As predicted, Billy didn't really get into it much. Molly did; she loves unwrapping presents.

(Funny Molly story. We normally keep a gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep her from stealing socks and shoes and baby toys. Christmas eve day one of us, and I can't remember who but I'm pretty sure it was for a good reason, didn't put the gate up and she got upstairs. She went into the guest room, sniffed out the wrapped presents, grabbed what she KNEW was a rawhide for her, ran downstairs with it and proceeded to unwrap it. We took it away and gave it back to her Christmas morning. That kept her from trying to unwrap our gifts, although, one of Billy's was partially opened.)

Billy seems to like all of his toys. My in-laws bought him a tricycle that starts as a rocking bike, converts to a push trike, and then a trike he peddles on his own. He LOOVES it. He can't get on or off by himself, but he loves to sit on it and try to make it go. It's even better if he sits and you make it go. He got lots of great toys and clothes, too. They're so generous.

Hubby loved his DVDs. I got him Cheers, seasons 1-3, and All in the Family season 1. He loves old sitcoms from the '70s and '80s. Now, if he's ever home sick again, he'll have something to watch. Or, when football's over I know what we'll be watching on Sundays until Baseball starts! (We sure miss hockey.) He got lots of practical gifts from his mom and dad and really appreciated it. He hates spending his own money on shoes, socks, and underwear and really loves getting them for Christmas. I kind of agree.

I made out like a bandit (I tell my sisters to marry an only child). Hubby bought me a beautiful peridot pendant and chain. He also bought one for his mom. Peridot is our birthstone. He's been on a peridot jag for me lately; my birthday last year was a peridot ring and I got earrings last Christmas. Billy gave me the 2005 Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar. It's on my desk. M-i-l and f-i-l gave me lots of new clothes, a new casual watch, new shoes, and new slippers. I think I was most excited about the slippers. I really needed a new pair of slippers and they got me some awesome ones.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner (very rare rib roast with homemade apple pie for dessert). Yesterday, it was quiet. Hubby and I bought a new toaster oven, I got some underwear and clearance tops, and we finally got an air matress and sheets for our office/guest room. Then he went to the Jets game with his dad and I stayed home with the kids. Billy took a nice long nap and I vegged with Molly. Well, she vegged and I knit.

I managed to get the first sleeve done on Zipo yesterday afternoon and I cast-on for the second. Which I ripped this morning after realizing I'd not used the 7 US needle as I had with the first. I figured the change in gauge would seem weird on the cuffs! I cast back on this morning and am well past where I was when I ripped. I started seaming and weaving in ends* last night as well. I picked up The Knitters Guide to Finishing Techniques by Nancy Wiseman when we were in Baltimore and it really helped me do some lovely seams. Unfortunately, I'd already seamed all the body when I realized she has you put in the set-in sleeves before you seam the body. Oh well. I guess it's a leftover from my sewing days. It worked okay with Grecian Plait and Loll. And since the cap isn't so deep on Zipo, I should have no problems putting it into a seamed body. I'll try doing it the way she suggests if I ever get around to putting Air together!

*My one grouse about ASC, the yardage is short so a ball doesn't go very far and I've had at least one note in all but two balls I've used so far! I've got a lot of weaving for a one-color sweater.

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