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Friday, October 29, 2004

I love mittens

These are super-sized mondo mittens, because they are going to be felted. I’m still loving knitting them. I’m almost to the decreases on the first one which means I should have it finished this weekend. Woot-hoo.

Must find more small projects for instant gratification.

The stash acquisition has to stop. I keep remembering purchases of yarn that I haven’t even thought about in months. I need to get it all organized and figure out what I’m making when. I’m still reluctant to knit much for myself because I’m plus-sized (super-plus-sized with the nursing equipment) and I often don’t buy enough yarn to size up the patterns I want to make. Perhaps a stash and Netter diet are required!

I’m so excited. It’s Billy’s first Halloween this weekend. Really, it’s his first holiday. His daycare is having a parade today. I can’t wait to see all the kids in their costumes. Then, we go trick or treating this weekend. Yippeee!

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Ha! My first Alpaca. I ordered it at Herrschner's! The yarn not the animal. I think NJ has rules about livestock in residential settings. Although, Molly dog would probably love having one around. I'm getting soft green (of fuschia, blue and green, I liked the green the best). It's the same gauge as Calmer, so I'll do something from that collection.

Eventually. Heck knows I have enough yarn to keep me busy until Billy goes to college.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I'm still on my fluoxetine but I'm self-medicating with fiber and carrot cake! The fiber will be great. got more Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in stock and I believe I grabbed the last of the casket. MMmmmm. The carrot cake was a bit of a disappointment. They skimped on the icing. Why eat carrot cake if not for the cream cheese icing?

Needless to say, it's been a pretty rough work day. I've got a serious commmunications issue to resolve.

In fun knitting news, I've got a cuff of the mitts, sort of. I missed that I was supposed to start the mittens with rev. st. st. Oh Well. As with the BUP bucket, I find it difficult to work with the dpns for a few rows and suddenly find a rhythm.

In exciting Billy news, he's got his third tooth and is crawling. My baby is rapidly being replaced by a little boy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

horizontal ridges!

I saw this sweater in the catalog I got in the mail. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I may have to find a way to replicate the cables. But, it cracks me up that they refer to the horizontal ridges on the collar and button band (I swear the catalog calls them unique). It's garter stitch! Basic, simple, garter stitch! Let's ooh and aah over it some more. Reminds me of when Elaine on Seinfeld worked for J. Peterman on their catalog. All the insane things they'd say to describe the most basic stuff!

mittens, needles, books

I started swatching for my dad's mittens this morning. Unfortunately, I had no 8 or 9 dpns in stock, so I was swatching with 8 circs (I grabbed the 9 circ, too). I just got back from Purl and they had no 8 dpns. I will be re-starting my swatch this evening on the 9 dpns they did have.

I also bought those clover blocking pins with the flower heads. Too cute to leave in the store.

And they had some books on sale 40% off. I'm glad I looked through the pile; I found two Rowan titles I've been wanting (Tadpoles and Tiddlers and Cotton Tape Collection). I've found a number of things I'd like to knit for Billy in Tadpoles and a few candidates to use up by 19 balls of River tape in the other.

I did not buy any other yarn. Even though Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair is on sale at, I am not buying any other yarn until I get some more projects finished (namely, Air, Felted Mittens, Zipo).

Monday, October 25, 2004

No dress, new project, stash

I had a whole post written last week about how I ruined the top to the dress I was making for last night’s wedding. Never got around to letting you all know how I was just going to finish the skirt and find something in my closet to wear with (silk, sleeveless, black cowl?). Moot point anyway as I couldn’t finish the skirt because the waist wasn’t long enough (note to self, follow pattern’s seam allowances). Really, I should know enough to buy extra fabric! I’ll finish it all eventually. I did buy a pretty black dress for the wedding and I looked good.

I gifted my Mom the incomplete Air. Actually, I just handed her the project bag and said “Happy Birthday.” She really likes it so far. I got quite a bit of the right front done in the car on the way to the wedding last night. However, it’s going on hiatus for a while after tonight’s ride home. Mom says Dad’s mittens should be my number one priority. I dug out the yarn last night. I’m going to check my DPNs tonight and see if I have the sizes I need. If not, I’ll wander over to Purl tomorrow to supplement my supply. I’ve printed out the pattern and can’t wait to cast on this evening.

Just bought more yarn on eBay. I really, really have to find more time to knit. I do think that when I get around to organizing the stash (bringing office stash home, putting all the stash in one place, sorting it somehow), I’m going to get rid of the inexpensive acrylics I can’t stand anymore. I’ll eBay them or perhaps donate them to a charity or Billy’s daycare. (Buddy Kristen just told me she’d like some black yarn. Netter to the rescue.) I do need to slow down (or preferably stop) the acquisition of yarn until I get some projects finished. I know, how does that make me different from any other knitter? I do admire those knitters who only buy what they need. Yarn and food are two things with which I show absolutely no self-restraint

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Acquisitive wannabe

I ordered more yarn. I ordered more yarn. I ordered more yarn. It’s all Elann’s fault. In my Silkroad package they sent samples of upcoming yarns with the dates on when they would be available. So, of course I had to buy the Silkroad tweed when it was listed today. I’m so looking forward to the mohair going on sale. Yes, I am acquisitive.

In sewing news, the skirt is pinned together. I have to get my machine up and running tonight. I figured I have nice blouses/sweaters I can wear with the skirt if I don’t manage to get it all done. Haven’t told the hub, yet. I will do my best to get it all sewn up this week. Since I picked such a heavy satin, I’m skipping the lining on the blouse, that will help save some time.

*knitting geek moment* I have my first bloglines subscriber. I bet she/he is really thrilled to hear about her/himself. Actually, I am more of a knitting geek wanna-be, aren’t I?

Monday, October 18, 2004

20 Questions on the Hook

1. Didja do any knitting this weekend? Just what got done on the 2 hour bus
ride home. No one in NJ can drive when it rains!
2. Didja buy any yarn? Nope, my Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran arrived today, though. I “heart” Elann. This yarn is scrumptious and I cannot wait to start knitting it. That and most of the other yarns in my stash. I’m seriously thinking of de-stashing all the cheap acrylic I no longer want to touch. Maybe I’ll eBay it. Maybe I’ll see if the daycare could use it for projects.
3. Didja do any sewing this weekend? Nope. Not a stitch. I hope I work well under pressure!
4. Didja start any new projects? How crazy do I look?
5. Didja do any housework this weekend? A little tidying was done. The house still needs a good cleaning all over. Maybe I’ll rent a power washer before mom and dad visit this weekend.
6. Didja get much laundry done? We did two loads of Billy laundry, two loads of whites, and two loads of mediums. I have to sort out the vital darks and get the hub doing a load tonight. I don’t have any slacks for work this week!
7. Didja workout? Not Friday night since I didn’t get home till nearly 7. But I did get down to Curves on Saturday.
8. Didja eat well? Nope. Friday night we had Chinese, Saturday we had Turkey Joes and were gluttons at dinner with a brownie at intermission, Sunday I had hors d’oeuvres, lots of lamb, apple crisp and real ice cream.
9. Didja get pampered at all? Yep. Went to the salon and got a trim and waxed. I’ve gotten numerous comments on the straight ‘do. Too bad I have to wash my hair and have no time (or patience) to straighten it myself.
10. Didja talk to your parents? Nope. We were too busy Saturday and I spent Sunday afternoon at my in-laws. We had a lamb dinner as a birthday celebration for the hubby.
11. Didja talk to your sisters? Nope.
12. Didja talk with any friends? Nope. Got to start making that a priority. Hopefully, I’ll be reconnecting with some people on Thursday at an Alumnae event.
13. Didja get much sleep? Kind of. Friday night wasn’t bad, but I was up before 6. Saturday night was kind of late and up at 5. Last night was bad. I was up at 1:30 (hubby coming to bed after Yankee game); 2:30 Billy decided he was hungry; 3:30 Billy decided he was lonely; 5:30 the alarm went off.
14. Didja have fun? Yep, we went to see “Company” by our local community theater and had dinner at the Garlic Rose.
15. Didja cry at all? Nope. I’m feeling much more upbeat lately. I feel like I’ve turned the corner with the PPD again. Definitely more myself.
16. Didja get pissy with the boy or the hubby? No, I said I’d turned the corner. I did get pissy with the dog when she kept stealing Billy’s zwieback and trying to take his food.
17. Didja experience a rise in stress levels when you realized you need to completely sew a dress in six days? Absolutely! Fortunately, the hub realizes the situation I am in and will help me find the time to seam.
18. Didja stay up for the Yankee game last night? No, I went to sleep when they went ahead 4-3. I’m a little disappointed they couldn’t hold the lead and didn’t sweep, but we’ll get them tonight. We really need to rest up for the Series.
19. Didja want to come to work today? Not really, but so what else is new? So far it’s been okay. The rest of the week will be interesting. I have to reschedule some meetings since I need to take Friday off.
20. Will this become a regular feature? Sincerely doubt it!

Friday, October 15, 2004

red-tailed hawk

I'm pretty sure this is what I saw.

close encounter of the feathered-kind

I saw a very large bird standing on my neighbor's front lawn this morning as I walked to the bus. I stopped and watched it stand 25 feet from me without moving. Eventually, it flew up to their post and beam fence. I'm not sure if it was a hawk or Eagle. I think it may have been an immature bald Eagle. It looked too large to be a hawk but was awfully light compared to the pictures of immature Eagles I can find. Wish I had a camera phone. What I particularly remember where it's heavily feathered legs. It was probably a red-tailed hawk since the legs were white. Still, very, very cool!

stash, stash, stash

Mmm, more yummy KPPPM. I think I’ll find a pattern and make a small shawl, cowl, or capelet out of this stuff. I can see alternating stripes. Maybe even skinny ones! These are close to my alma mater’s colors.

I’m also in love with some plummy red Cork on eBay. It would be the perfect color for me!

It’s an illness I tell you, this obsession with yarn. I just want to buy it all, is that so wrong?

I just wish I had more knitting hours in the day. I really don’t see Air being finished in time. Mom will get the partial sweater and all the yarn wrapped up for her birthday. I still have to sew my dress for the wedding and they’ll be here in a week! I didn’t knit at all last night. It was hubby’s birthday so we chatted on the bus. Then we had to drop the van off for a recall and got home later than planned. Then we did presents and it was Billy’s bed time, but he didn’t want to go to sleep. I went to bed early myself (I’m still exhausted from Wednesday night).

It’s a good thing that I have until the end of December to finish Dad’s Zipo. It’s also a good thing we’ve got the long ride to SC around Thanksgiving. Of course, I have mittens I need to knit and I’d like to delve into the stash for myself, so it won’t be all Zipo all the time over the next two months.

Why can’t I just sit here and knit all day? Why do the expect me to do actual work when I’m here.

Speaking of work, these manuscripts won’t assign themselves!
Netter's newest acquisition. Of course, I paid more than retail on eBay. Silly Netter! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sojourn in Sleeve Hell

My sojourn in sleeve hell has not been so bad for the first sleeve. I knitted away like a maniac yesterday and have finished all but 2 increases. I will be lengthening the arms a bit, my mom’s a bit long there, so I’ve pushed hitting the sleeve cap off for a while.

I actually knitted at our tailgate at the Concert for Change last night. Wish I’d joined up with Knitters against Bush. It was a good show, but this mommy should not have been out so late. I got really ticked off by the end of the encore. Who can be out after 1 on a Wednesday night? We left the arena at 12:40. I kid you not. Granted we got home by 1:15, but still! I need my sleep. Always have and even more so with the PPD.

Can’t wait to get out of here this afternoon and knit. It’s hubby’s birthday so no work once I get home. But, knit time on the 113 baby! No sewing which is a bummer because I haven’t even started putting the dress together and I need to wear it next weekend. AAARGH!!

I’m feeling a bit better today. A bit manic. Don’t know if it’s the meds (finally), lack of sleep (possible) or the 3 musketeers bar (probably worn off by now). I have been pretty darn productive today.


Knitting Guru
You appear to be a Knitting Guru. You love knitting
and do it all the time. While finishing a piece
is the plan, you still love the process, and
can't imagine a day going by without giving
some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation
involves leaving ample space for the stash and
supplies. It can be hard to tell where the yarn
ends and you begin.

What Kind of Knitter Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not quite sure I agree. Am I really a guru? Don't gurus tend to have more knowledge than I do? I tried to answer as honestly as possible.

Thanks Froggy for pointing out the quiz.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Stashed Air

Not really. But I do have stash news and Air news.

In Air news, the front is done. Woot! I begin my trek through Sleeve hell today. (Well, I cast-on this weekend and I’ve got a few rows done already.) One sleeve now and then the back, and then the other sleeve, then pocket flaps, then seaming, then the collar. Gee, not as close to done as I thought!

In Stash news, I bought some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in coal from Elann. Of course, I really wanted casket, but I got beat out. Bummer. It will become Lush from the ASC collection. Yes, if it’s aran weight I look to the ASC collection first! Of course, I can’t actually pay for my order because PayPal is messed up. I could call, but who wants to actually talk to a person? I’ll keep trying PayPal.

No tidying was done last night. Billy decided he did not want to sleep. Much tidying to be done tonight!

It’s been an up and down kind of day. Good thing I’ve got such a great assistant manager to help me. I don’t think I could get through the day without her!

Monday, October 11, 2004


It was not a fun time to be me on Wednesday night. I had a bit of a PPD relapse. I know it’s the PPD because most people do not break down in similar situations. It’s not a good sign when you get overwhelmed by taking out the recycling. I did not have the energy, interest, or focus to get the house tidied up Wednesday night. I couldn’t even watch CSI: NY. That’s a bad thing; being so upset you can’t watch Gary Sinise. I did not go to work Thursday. I just couldn’t face being here. I slept in. I was just getting out of the shower when our guests arrived. They didn’t seem to mind that the house was a pit. They all know about my current situation. I didn’t lie to them about why I was home either. No point. I’m not ashamed of my condition; why lie about it? Heck, I even like to joke about it. Friday, I wore a t-shirt that has Eyeore saying “I need a hug.” As I told my mother-in-law, if you can’t joke about your mental health, what can you joke about?

In knitting news, I didn’t knit as much as I thought I would. The left front is still not done, although I did cast on for a sleeve. The left front is going to be longer than the back, but I’ll fudge it when seaming. I must knit a lot in the next week and a half or my mom’s getting an unfinished sweater for her birthday.

I won’t be knitting in the evenings this week, though. I have to tidy up the house (yes, I’m a broken record). My m-i-l is watching Billy at our place on Weds as we go to the Vote for Change concert (the Republican I live with is a huge Springsteen fan). She’s staying over so I need to make the guest room habitable. That’s tonight and tomorrow night. Thursday and Friday I have to start on my dress for the wedding in less than two weeks. Busy, busy, busy.

Well, it doesn’t help ones sense of being overwhelmed and totally useless if you spend the day at work not doing work. Must get busy.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sizzlin' copper

I’m sick. I’ve got that “in love,” butterflies in my tummy, I can hardly breathe feeling thinking about going home and looking at the two bags of ASC that arrived on my doorstep last night. Hello, it’s cotton and microfiber, not chocolate! I haven’t even swatched with ASC yet. For all I know I’ll hate it. But, it takes my mind off work and how unfocused I still am.

Doc promises I’ll snap out of it once my tissue levels go up. Doesn’t that sound like something we all want to have happen. I wonder if the dose became ineffective because I’ve porked up since diagnosis. Either that or I just don’t like my job anymore.

I just want to cry when I think about how unfocused, uninterested, and lazy I’ve become at work and home. (Besides knitting, my favorite pastime is beating up on myself.) I’ve got to do some tidying tonight. My in-laws and Dave’s uncle and aunt are visiting for dinner tomorrow (takeout). Since Uncle Bob and Aunt Lindy haven’t seen the house yet, I may want it to be presentable! Hope I can find the energy and interest!

out of focus

I think I’ve figured out my lack of focus at work. It’s not the PPD; it’s that I’m bored. Now that I’m managing the department, I spend more and more time on administrative nonsense than on production. Who gets jazzed to go to work and sign invoices or write job descriptions? Not me. How many inane e-mails can you answer in one day without wanting to escape?

I get excited when I think about re-working the processes we have here and getting the product out faster; but it’s the implementation that kills me. I’d much rather be burying my nose in some juicy projects than holding people's hands through a change process. (Ew, manager speak.)

It makes me want chocolate. And new yarn.

Speaking of new yarn. I had last week's eBay ASC purchase shipped to my house instead of the office. I figured I could handle the wrath of hubby on yet more yarn purchases and there's already too much yarn in my office. Fortunately, the package was delivered yesterday and I was able to squirrel it away with him none the wiser. I absolutely adore the colors (sizzling and copper) together and I must say that this will look ravishing on me in them!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Alma mater

Yep, I went here. I remember when the board at Mills was thinking about going co-ed. We supported our sister school 14 years ago and now our board has made the same decision. Go figure.

not happy but permissive

You know, I’m a great wife. I let my husband do whatever he wants. I resent the crap out of him afterwards, but I let him do it. He’s going to tonight’s Yankee playoff game on our dime. I felt guilty that my sisters were down this weekend. I got free last minute tickets for tomorrow’s Yankee playoff game. His parents are out of town, he still can’t change diapers, I’m home alone with the baby and dog again! He's not got a happy wife, but she sure lets him get away with stuff!

I was so totally motivated about weight loss and other stuff but work and my resentment have beaten me into a lumpen pile of nothing.

I just want to go home and eat stuff that’s bad for me.

We’ve upped the SSRI to two doses MWF. Supposedly, it will snap me out of my funk. I go back in 6 weeks. (Note to self, change Billy’s appointment to the same day.)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Red, and Green, and Yellow, and um, um

I was so struck by the colors of the trees that have started turning down here that on the way to pick up Billy last night, I left a voice mail message for myself to remind me to write a blog entry.

I’m glad I did that because when I got in this morning I’d completely forgotten leaving myself a message, much less what it was about.

Of course, now all I can think to write about the colors is along these line: me like red, me like orange, yellow nice....

I’m so very pathetic. This always happens to me. I used to think of the greatest letters and poems to write when my husband and I were at concerts. I come up with great ideas for stories (not that I’ve ever really written fiction) when I don’t have the opportunity to write things down. I’m a font of inopportune inspiration.

What about actual productivity? I knit a bit more last night on the way home; I got a little anxious because I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to cable or not on one row. I’d gotten to the point where the pattern says repeat these 27 rows without shaping. Huh? I just needed a minute to figure things out. Went along fine after that. Didn’t have a knittable seat this morning. I finished cutting out my dress last night. I need to finish marking some things, then I can start pinning pieces together and commence with the sewing. The commencing probably won’t happen until next week. I should start tidying tonight and tomorrow is a busy day. I’m going to workout, clean the house, and we have to take the cars to be inspected (we save a ton of money by switching to GEICO). Oh, and I have to fit mothering in there somewhere. I can’t imagine my sisters will arrive too soon (they’re not morning people).

Tried watching the debates last night. The Republican I live with, aka the husband, promised to not make any comments. He made one (that Kerry lied when he said the subways were shut down during the RNC) which was a valid comment on the hub’s part. I just couldn’t stand listening to either of them. Neither inspires a whole lot of confidence. I’m not going to get political and tell you for whom I will be voting and why. Although, it’s probably pretty clear by the way I characterized my husband in the second sentence of this paragraph.