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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stash diet + Netter diet = motivation

Let’s hope so. Last night walking home I decided that this weight loss thing has to be now. I have to start eating right now. I can’t keep saying, I’ll start tomorrow, next week, after this thing, after that thing, yada yada. So, I ate a whole pint of Healthy Choice Ice Cream last night and I’m still polishing off the leftover Halloween candy. I did, however, have just a tuna sandwich with an apple and pear for lunch. It’s an improvement.

Besides being disgusted with myself, I need some other motivation to lose weight. I also need to motivate myself to not buy more yarn. To that end, I decree that I will not buy anymore yarn until I have lost 10 pounds. At that point, I can buy a bag of discounted yarn or put money (amount to be determined) aside for a larger purchase. For example, I can either buy a bag of discontinued Calmer after I lose 10 pounds, or put all the bags I would have bought together and buy a Colinette AbFab throw. Granted, it would only take a couple of bags of Calmer to equal an AbFab throw kit, but you get my gist.

This might work.

In stash news, I got my Casket Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. Ooh la la, I love this color. It’s so me! I don’t know why they named it casket, but I’ll go with it. One outstanding order left. My Alpaca from Herrschner’s. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m thinking, depending on the green, I might make a sweater for my asst manager with it. She’s my rock and I want to do something really nice for her. Her birthday is in September (plenty of time). She’s also really skinny, so I’d have plenty to make one of those smashing patterns from the Calmer collection. Or find some other really cool DK pattern. I must say that I really, really want to knit Cloud.

In Mitten news, I’m nearly to the ribbing on the second mitt. For some reason these things look like gauntlets and the ribbing is up near the gusset instead of at the beginning. Oh well. Dad wanted really long cuffs and he’s getting them!

Poor baby Billy has a nasty chest cold. Although, I think he sounds worse than he feels. He’s still eating fine and sleeping well, but he’s rattling something fierce. Fortunately, we go to the Dr on Monday anyway so if it doesn’t get better on it’s own she can listen then and tell me what to do. It’s not bothering him too much. He still wants to play, eat cheerios, and be a silly Billy!

I’m off to exercise my franchise.

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