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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

You know, I figure I'm going to lose the eBay auctions, so I ordered a Charlotte's Web from ThreadBear. No self control at all, this woman has!

You're Thailand!

Calmer and more staunchly independent than almost all those around you,
you have a long history of rising above adversity.  Recent adversity has led to questions
about your sexual promiscuity and the threat of disease, but you still manage to attract a
number of tourists and admirers.  And despite any setbacks, you can really cook a good
meal whenever it's called for.  Good enough to make people cry.

face="Times New Roman">Take the Country
at the Blue Pyramid

Finishing sminishing. I still have not blocked the Grecian Plait and I was home yesterday! Long story short, Billy was not allowed to go to daycare for fear he had pink eye, his pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health and I'm back at work today. Of course, I had to burn a whole day yesterday. I did get a few weeks worth of laundry put away, reorganized our towel cupboard, and caught up on my ironing. But, no finishing.

BUP needs finishing, too. The knitting was completed Monday night on the 2 hour commute home (no it does not normally me two hours to get home, it's usually 1 + 10).

I brought my Tucker Mat as my knitting. Took me three tries to cast on for the new swatch this morning. I'm pathetic with casting on, really.

I don't know why I'm bothering to swatch. I'm going to use it as wall art in my office so it's not like the dimensions need to be right.

I do need to make some bobbins or smaller balls since it has intarsia.

Someone slap my wrists. Bad Netter has bid on some lovely Rowan yarns on eBay. I figure if my beloved husband can go gamble in Atlantic City and spend lots of money entertaining himself, stash building need not be off limits to me! Knitting takes a lot more of my time and something lasting comes out of it.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Didn't get around to blocking Grecian Plait this weekend. I am pretty far along on the crown shaping for the BUP. I'll probably finish that today. If I get off my duff, I can have 2 projects finished!

Must decide on the next project(s).

My dad made a request for Christmas. He wants a pair of green mittens. Think I will felt them. He's got bad arthritis and thinks mittens keep him warmer. Felted ones will be even better! Green's his new favorite color because his favorite day of the year is the day that everything is suddenly green. I dn't think I'll go grass green, but a nice forest. Makes me happy that I decided to use the Safari All Seasons for him.

I know I promised photos, but I didn't get around to those either. Bad Netter.

Off to work I go.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Did you know that kip is the dutch word for chicken? I work for a Dutch company and had a very nice dinner in a restaurant in Rotterdam that raises its own chickens and the restaurant is named kip.

It cracks me up that knitting in public is abbreviated as kip which is a chicken. I KIP all the time since my commute is when I knit. So, I made a button for KIP. It's not gender correct because a Kip is a hen and I used a rooster.

Here it is .

I am vastly amused!
For the bully lovers out there. Be sure to hide your car keyes when you leave your dog at home!

One sleeve done and one nearly done. I missed a set of decreases on the second sleeve. Fortunately, I only had to rip back a couple of rows. I will have both sleeves done tonight! Sweater pieces will be blocked this weekend and seamed in time to give to my sister July 9! Not that she can wear it for a while. Actually, she lives in the mountains, maybe on a cool evening. Ha Ha.

I think I know what I'm going to make for myself out of my Calmer. Tricot in the Warm '04 issue of Magknits. I'll adjust the pattern with the Knitting Companion and off I go.

Should it be Purple with White or White with Purple, rather Joy with Bleached or vice versa? I think Joy as the main color might be more slimming. No?

I've got the BUP with me in case I finish the last sleeve of Grecian Plait before I get home.

In other news, I can unfinalize DVD-RWs 1000 times (according to Sony), so stay tuned for photo updates next week!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I should be organizing my new office. But, I don't want to. I've got all the crates unpacked, except for files to go in the filing cabinets that have not arrived.

I don't have my own chair (or a new one). I've "borrowed" one for the day. Actually, the moving guys borrowed it for me. I'm missing a guest chair. But, all in all, it's pretty nice. I don't have to move to far to see the Empire State Building out my window.

I really want a snack, but our vending machine is empty. Fortunately, they did put in a fridge.

It's kind of lonely down here. Most of the floor is empty with. The people will be moving in from uptown Monday.

Maybe I'll take an earlier lunch.

Billy slept till 6 this morning. What a doll. I was in bed before 10. I'm still really tired.

I'm progressing on the sleeves for Grecian Plait and will be starting the crown shaping for the BUP tonight.

I may be able to start a new project soon. Should it be Zipo, Java, or Tucker?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I'm in a ridiculously happy mood today. I don't know why. Billy was up at 4:40 talking to his toys. Then he decided he wanted to eat at 5:10. I took all that extra time this morning and put his high chair together. We'll get him used to it the next few days and then we'll start feeding him cereal with a spoon!

I think my general state of excitation has to do with a few things:

  • I spent a great deal of time creating buttons yesterday. Do you like them?

  • I've joined two knitting rings. I feel like a real knitting blogger now!

  • I've started the shoulder shaping on Grecian Plait.

  • I move into my new office with a view of the Empire State Building and purple carpet tomorrow.

  • I'm only working a half day today because of the move and lunch is going to be popcorn and Harry Potter (finally).

  • I just learned how to HTML bulleted lists!

I need to figure out how to post more pictures. We got a Sony DVD Handycam for Christmas and it can take digital snapshots as well as movies. But, I need to either connect the camera to the laptop (at work) via the USB port or finalize the DVD to use the DVD drive to get the pictures. I need to find out how often you can unfinalize DVD-RWs. Either that or we need to get a better PC at home! (I think my employer would like that option the best.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

And to be fair, here's the husband and our dog Molly. She was our first child. She's 2. Posted by Hello
Here's my little guy in his first studio portrait. Well this one of the poses. Doesn't he deserve a few Phildar sweaters? Posted by Hello
Sleeves grow slowly! But it is good mindless knitting right now. Hopefully, I'll reach the shoulder shaping by the end of the week.

I made some progress on the BUP. The band is almost finished. I worked on it a little last night after Billy went to bed. I found some white and bright kelly green to make a flower for it. I think I'm going to make one of Becky's.

I told my husband last night that I needed to finish some projects so I could buy more yarn. I thought he was going to fall off the couch. He asked me how many projects I have uncompleted. I fibbed a little. I only mentioned a few: Grecian Plait, BUP, poncho, the garter stitch baby outfit. I have a few other things that need a little finishing: a crochet baby hat, crochet baby sweater and blanket, the striped pillow.

But there are so many yummy yarns out there and so many beautiful projects I want to make. I've ordered a copy of Tricotez Cailin from Threadbear. Unfortunately, it's back ordered. I don't know if I'll be getting any Phildar yarn, but Lionbrand Microspun is pretty close in gauge and has some fun colors.

Billy slept through again last night. But, again, I didn't. No more after dinner beverages for me! I've got to stop waking up at 4 am. This morning I couldn't get back to sleep! I should have gotten up and gotten something done. I could have knit on those sleeves!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Guess what arrived Friday? My All Seasons Cotton book. Woo Hoo. Can't wait to start Zipo once I've finished something else.
I've re-started the floral miniponcho. I decided to go back to 2 strands, the I hook, and just double the pattern. I've got the first round done and am off and running again.

The sleeves on the Grecian Plait keep growing. I finished the increases this morning. Now, it's straight st st for a few more inches and I can start the shoulder shaping. I'm smelling the finish line. Or is that just the finishing?

My rose BUP is also moving along. I'm a couple of inches into the band. I've decided it's going to need some embellishment. Must check the stash to see if I have something to make a flower or two out of. I also have some nice ribbon that might work. Hmmmm.... I got a hair cut this weekend. It's a layered bob, really. I'm nice and bouncy now. My other bucket hats look cute, if I may say so. Can't wait to start wearing this one!

Friday, June 18, 2004

I don't know what I was thinking. I completely ripped out the floral poncho. The three strands of yarn got all tangled. Ugh. Some of the stitches were looking way too loose, and I just realized it's not going to fit! I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I think I may just start over again with 2 strands the I hook and double up the pattern. Couldn't hurt!

Grecian Plait is moving along. I'm working on the last of the increases. I can't wait to get out of sleeve hell.

Good news, I ordered the All Seasons Cotton Collection from The Knitting Garden a while back but it was back ordered and I was sad, but it shipped today and I'm happy, happy, happy. That means I can start Zipo soon. Woo Hoo.

I really, really want to knit the calmer I have in my stash. I've got 10 balls of purple and 10 of white. I won't fit into anything in the collection without serious sizing up and I don't have enough yarn for that. But, the gauge is close to All Seasons Cotton, I may try to size this up (without the weird cuffs and waistband, I'll just do seed stitch).

I hope to have some knitting time this weekend. I also hope to feel better (sinus infection) and sleep more (Billy was up at 1:50 and 5 this am). There's also much need for a trip to the salon!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

The bus was less crowded today and the subway was slower this morning. That means more knitting time. I actually had enough elbow room to knit on the bus and time to knit more than a row or two on the subway. I'm nearly 3/4 through the increases on the Grecian Plait.

In other news, I started swatching for my Tucker Mat. I'm not sure how I like the Linen Drape. I had to rip out my swatch, though, about a row and a half in. I realized I was making the swatch way too wide. Sleep deprivation messes with the math skills first. I'll have to start over again.

Billy was up at 3 this morning and again just before six. Sleep deprivation is worse today! I think if I pick up a hook or needles tonight, it will be on an established pattern that does not require too much adjustment, ie, thought.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Not too much exciting to report with the Grecian Plait. Who wants to read I've finished X number of rows on the sleeves?

I did finally figure out the poncho. I had to go up to a K hook to get decent sized petals. Then I wasn't doing the clusters right. I think I've got it going now. I really need to add a link to the crochet a long in the sidebar.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My husband was a little surprised last night when I told him I needed to write a check for a knitting book I won on eBay. He thought the moratorium was for all things knitting. Ha! It's killing me to not bid on some luscious Calmer that's going for a great price right now. *sigh*
A little progress to report on the Grecian Plait. I've finished a set of increases. Three more to go and it's straight stocking stitch until the shoulder shaping. Fun!

I did work a bit on the floral poncho last night. I decided to use three strands of Soho, but it still seems the neckhole is too small. I also think I'm doing something wrong with the clusters. Will have to start again!

It was hard getting my little guy to sleep last night. He didn't want to go to bed and I hate letting him cry it out everynight, especially when he starts screaming. So I rocked him and made up a little song. It worked, he slept until 5. I know 5 is still very early, but it's only an hour earlier than I usually have to get him up so I can live with it.

The song I made up goes a little like this:

Little man, it's time to go to bed,
It's time to go to sleep, and rest your weary head.
Mr. Sun has gone away, he'll come again to play
Mr. Moon is out to see, all little men go to sleep.
Good night little man, it's time to close your eyes
It's time to go to bed, and rest your weary head.

I mixed the lines up a lot and sang it ad nauseum. I can't really describe the tune, it was a mishmash of lullabies aiming to be repetitive.

Back in the day, I used to write poetry. It's been a long time. I had something in my head around Mother's day. It was about how I didn't need a present, because being his mommy was the greatest present ever. Normally, I'm not so Hallmark-y, but being a mom makes me that way! Sugary sweet. I'd like to write something about my son, but I haven't yet.

My dad wrote a really sweet poem for us. He had my sister type it up and print it out and they framed it with baby's breath and rose petals. I really need to hang it up. It was supposed to be a song (his midlife crisis was a drum set and a band called Old Farts), but it came out as a poem. I should type it up and post it.

Anyway, back to the daily grind, invoices to recode today! I should delegate, but I like to be a human boss.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Got a little bit accomplished this weekend. I started the mini floral poncho. My gauge seems to be off. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to three strands of yarn or just double the pattern. I've only done the neck so far, so it will be easy to start over.

I got a few rounds done on the BUP this weekend. I did manage to break a needle Friday night. Stupid Boye Needlemaster is made of soft aluminum! The join was bending so I went to bend it back and it snapped! Fortunately, I had another number 6 circular that I had inherited from my grandmother. It worked much better than the Boye. I've switched to the 7 circ and have started the band.

No progress on the Grecian Plait on the bus this morning. I did get through a few inches Friday on the way home. I was so tired coming in this morning I napped instead of knit.

We've been having some rough nights with Billy lately. It's like he's a newborn again, he's up so much in the night. It started with waking up once between 3 and 5 most of last week. Saturday, he was up at 11:30, 2:30, and 5:30. And he fought going back to sleep after nursing. Last night, I went to bed before 10 (he was down at 9, I had to let him cry but he was asleep in 5 minutes). He woke me up at 11:30. I nursed him and we dozed in the rocking chair until 12:40. Then I thought I heard him about 2:30, but saw the monitor wasn't lighting up so I thought it was my imagination. Hubby informed me this morning that he really had woken up. We think it's teething. His gums look tight and a little white in the bottom front. I hope the teeth break through soon! He's like me, though, if he gets his first teeth at four months.

Friday, June 11, 2004

I bought some dpns today for the BUP bucket. 7 crystal palace bamboo. I got them at Purl SoHo which is the LYS from my office. I don't know if I'll be shopping there much. It's a very cute store with lots (and lots) of yummy yarns, but it's a little too SoHo for me. I grew up very, very blue collar and just don't fit in places like that.

It was funny though, there was a very SoHo young woman in there talking about trying to figure out crocheting. I kept my mouth shut. I don't think she'd take advice from me, not looking so chic today. Not to mention, not stick thin either.

The irony, I'm in on the hot new fashion hobby! Funny thing is, I was there when it wasn't hot! Check out this post. I'm sure into fancy-shmancy yarns now, though! I must say, that most of them are cotton discontinued colors in my defense.
This will be on the hook this weekend, in SoHo On My Own. Pattern cost more than the yarn! Or should I not admit it? Posted by Hello
I don't know why the percent bars aren't showing up today. I've repasted Anna's code and everything.

I've finished the front of the Grecian Plait! I used the three needle bind off to join the shoulders. I cast on for the sleeves last night on the bus and am over an inch in. I'm doing them simultaneously to make sure they're the same length.

I also got a few rows of the BUP done last night. I'll be going to one strand of yarn so things will be moving more quickly. Got to get a set of DPNs, though.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Finally got the neck done on the Grecian Plait. I somehow messed up the purl decreases Tuesday night and had to rip and re-do. But, I'm cruising along and should have the front finished today!

No real knitting done yesterday. Billy had a doctor's appointment, and we went to a Mom's support group at the hospital, plus numerous errands. `

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another half inch and I start the neck shaping on the Grecian Plait. I would be so much further along, but I dropped a stitch yesterday and instead of remembering that I had a crochet hook, I ripped out 5 or 6 rows. It took me most of the bus ride to get it back on the needles and back to where I was! I got a few more rows done this morning.

I finished casting on for the BUP last night. I worked about 2 1/2 rows. Boy, is that hard! I'm using a chunkier yarn than the pattern calls for on size 6 needles and my hand got sore! I'm looking forward to finishing the brim.

I've chosen a pattern for my Soho wrap. I'm going to do the lace diamonds from The knitting Stitch Bible. Now, I keep thinking I want to make a poncho.

Monday, June 07, 2004

I am above the armhole shaping on the front of Grecian Plait and working my way to the neckline. I knitted a ton on the car ride home yesterday. I would be further along, but I only finished two rows before deciding a nap was a good idea on the way up Saturday. I hope to get the front finished by the end of the week. Wonder if I could knock off the sleeves next week?

I started casting on for my BUP.

My yarn jones is kicking in, must finish projects!

Mohegan Sun is very cool. I'd go again. The Dylan show was good. Hubby and I had lots of fun. I was very happy to get home to our little boy on Sunday, though.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

It's official, I'm a Rowanette. I got my membership packet last night. The website is confusing. It says the free kit is the Kaffe Fassett Tumbling Blocks cushion with a picture of the Tucker table mat. I got the Tucker table mat. It looks to be more my speed. Intarsia's not been my bag. It's also in my colors, lilac and purple. Purple, orange, and red being my favorite colors. (I just bought some Goody barrettes in those colors.)

I didn't get to do a whole lot of knitting this morning. The bus was jammed and my elbows were pinned at my sides. I pulled the furry sweater out of my bag on the subway and realized when I was about half way through a row that a third of my stitches had fallen off the needle! Fortunately, the pattern stitch doesn't unravel easily! I was able to get everything back on with no stitches lost. I think I've got a bout 5 inches done so far on the front. I haven't actually measured, yet.

So many things to knit, I'm glad we're taking another car ride. My husband and I are heading up to Mohegan Sun on Saturday to see Bob Dylan in concert. Bob's one of the few people we see whenever we can. We'll be staying up there in Uncasville over night and coming back Sunday morning. It'll be my first night away from Billy since we brought him home from the hospital! He and the dog are staying with my in-laws. I do look forward to the uninterrupted time with hubby (and my knitting).

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

And this is the sweater I'm thinking of making for my Dad. Posted by Hello

This is the All Seasons Cotton. Yummy. Posted by Hello

Here I am with my little guy. He's just a few weeks old here. Today, he's 4 months! Posted by Hello
I got about 4 rows of the Grecian Plait done this morning on the bus, add that to the six or so finished last night and I'm well into the front.

My All Seasons Cotton came; now I only need to get the book to make Zipo for my Dad. Hope he likes it! I may see if I can find a different pattern to use.

It's lovely, lovely yarn. I have to hold it against the calmer to see which is yummier. I think the softness is the same, but calmer may have more spring.

I increased my stash by inheriting a huge rubbermaid box of yarn from my grandmother. She died a couple of years ago, but it's taking a while to get through all of her stuff (my mom's a huge procrastinator). It's mostly acrylic, but some nice baby yarns and a few blends. I tossed some of the smaller odds and ends. I think my husband would have liked it if I'd tossed more!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The back of the Grecian Plait is finished! I finished it this morning on the bus. I would have finished it yesterday in the car, but I had dropped a stitch about 8 rows and didn't have a crochet hook with me to fix it. I was not ripping the mohair again! I'd ripped the neck row as it was because I'd bound off too many stitches. I'm on the third row of the front.