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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

mittens, needles, books

I started swatching for my dad's mittens this morning. Unfortunately, I had no 8 or 9 dpns in stock, so I was swatching with 8 circs (I grabbed the 9 circ, too). I just got back from Purl and they had no 8 dpns. I will be re-starting my swatch this evening on the 9 dpns they did have.

I also bought those clover blocking pins with the flower heads. Too cute to leave in the store.

And they had some books on sale 40% off. I'm glad I looked through the pile; I found two Rowan titles I've been wanting (Tadpoles and Tiddlers and Cotton Tape Collection). I've found a number of things I'd like to knit for Billy in Tadpoles and a few candidates to use up by 19 balls of River tape in the other.

I did not buy any other yarn. Even though Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair is on sale at, I am not buying any other yarn until I get some more projects finished (namely, Air, Felted Mittens, Zipo).

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