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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Fiber Cravings

I'm still desperately craving the baby silk over at Elann. It's such a bargain! The color I want is the least popular. Can't I buy it, please? There's a perfect crochet pattern in Rowan 33 (which I'd need to buy as well). I haven't stashed in over three weeks and I'm going through withdrawal!

My sister informed me that she nearly got me orange alpaca for Christmas. A very lovely, very large cone of fingering weight. She wasn't sure if I'd want it, though. I set her right; I wouldn't want it I'd love it! Can't wait to find out what she got me instead!

I'm doing well with Zipo, although I haven't finished the back yet. I hope to do so tonight. Hubby is out with his Dad (going to the Knicks game at the Meadowlands). I'll be alone with the dog and baby. But baby goes to bed early (by 8 last night) and I can bribe the dog with a bone. I will get the back done tonight. I'll stay up late if I have to.

(I was going to buy the yarn at elann, but I can't lie to the hubby. I told him no more stashing.)

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