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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

where is everybody? redux

It's not a virtual vacancy today. This joint is empty. Half of my department couldn't make it in because of the transit strike. HR is ordering in pizza for everyone who is here. Unfortunately, I have to leave before it gets here, three daycare tours this afternoon. My commute wasn't too bad. It was crowded and took longer than I expected, but I didn't have to walk or bike miles and miles like some people did. I also missed my one seat in bus trip because I couldn't knit on the PATH, while walking through Greenwich Village, or while transferring. Hopefully, things will be quieter on the way home and I'll get some work done on Billy's cables. I bound off the front last night and cast on for the back right away. I'm a full repeat into it. Hopefully, I'll have most of it done this weekend. He's definitely not getting blue sleeves. I only have four balls of yarn left and the front took three. Funny thing, hubby said, wouldn't it be great if I had a sweater just like that one. Yep, that's his sense of humor. I will be blocking his bad boy tonight. I'll just move the advent wreath off the dining room table. It's easiest to pin with things at that height than crouching over the guest bed or kneeling on the floor (which definitely wouldn't work with toddler and dog).

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Lolly said...

That sweater is looking fabulous!
Wishing you luck on getting home too - what a crazy day!