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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

KUI, don't do it

Knitting after wine with dinner and while having a few beers with Hubby is a bad idea. It leads directly to ripping the next morning. I cast on for Hubby's Christmas Cable and got about six rows in. I was so proud of myself because I managed, under the influence, to correctly and neatly increase 34 times across at the end of the garter-stitch border. But when establishing the rib pattern that turns into the cable pattern, I mis-read (as in didn't get past the first easy part). Realizing this morning that my 3 x 3 rib was supposed to be 3 x 3 x 1 x1 rib, meant I had to rip out the three rows of ribs I'd knit last night. Not a big deal, except the sweater is 170+ stitches wide and knit with the yarn doubled.

I did, however, turn a beautiful heel on the Kroy Kristmas socks this morning. (I didn't get to it last night because it took longer than expected to knit the 32 row heel flap.) I didn't really learn anything new. I had forgotton that the BMG's footies have a short row heel. It will be a new toe for me, when I get there.

Shadow is still on the blocking board. Although, I did take the pins out last night. But, I only did that because we needed the dining room table for dinner, meaning I had to fold the board in half. Must start seaming tonight. No point in knitting the darn thing in less than 4 weeks if it languishes before seaming!

No pictures today because I left my camera on the dining room table. I know, you really wanted to see the heel on the sock. Well, it will have to wait until tomorrow. (Maybe, I'll have some pics of partially seamed Shadow or more rows on the Christmas Cable.)

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