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Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy 2005

My 2004 was joyous and ridiculously difficult. I started out 9 months pregnant and ended surrounded by my family, including my little dude. In the intervening 12 months, I survived a 14-hour labor, a baby in the special care nursery, post-partum depression, going back to work, a merger at the office, being demoted, and really developed my love of knitting.

2005 should be quite a journey. I get to spend it with my husband (a wonderful man I’ve loved for nearly 10 years) and my new little dude, but I know there will be even more change as I move on in my career. I’ve been with this company for over 9 years and now it’s time to go. My first resolution for 2005 is to find a new job.

My second resolution is to lose weight. I weigh as much now as I did last January when I was 9 months pregnant! I lost all of my pregnancy weight except for 3 pounds within the first couple of months after I delivered. I’ve put it all back on since I’ve been back at work. I’m going to start going back to Curves and seriously cut my food intake. First things first, no more sweets!

My third resolution is to be a better wife and mother. I think I’ve been doing a much better job lately, but the Hubby and the boy deserve my absolute best.

If I can manage to cook more, clean more and be more organized, that would be great, too!

In knitting, I’d like to finish more and stash less. I shouldn’t join alongs. I never get things finished in time. I completely ditched my poncho from the crochet along last summer and Zipo is not finished. I’m closing in on the end, though. I’ve finished the neckband (a terrible pain in the keister for a beginner pattern) and now only have to seam and set in sleeves and finish my weaving in. I started the pocket flaps for Air this morning but royally screwed up. I think I’ll start over on the way home.

I have put together a project bag for Billy’s birthday sweater. We’re celebrating on the 29th, so I have just about four weeks to get it done. I’ve decided to just make the hello sweater in Gold with a matching bucket hat. I’ll save the blue for something else. The blue’s a bit brighter and clashes with the soft gold.

I need to work on my finishing technique. My knitting is even and looks nice. The seaming needs work!

Oh, and I should post more pictures!

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