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Monday, November 07, 2005

Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of knitters....

Shadow knows. She knows that I threw her aside most of the weekend to work on the Christmas Cable for Hubby. She knows that since I was distracted by cables, I didn't get her finished in time for a natural light shot. She also knows that I spent an hour sewing in then ripping out the ribbon facing (it made her way too stiff). And she knows that I'll be walking up to the PO this afternoon and sending her off to the wilds of NW Vermont. It's been a good 5 weeks and Mom should have her before she's two weeks late. The details: pattern was Shadow from Rowan's Calmer collection; yarn was Rowan DK soft, about 7 balls; knit up on Addi turbos (US 8). I didn't modify the pattern at all. My only complaint is the lack of details on the Rowan schematics. How do I block out to size on the sleeve when you only give me the measurement to the start of the cap shaping? She was a surprisingly quick and easy knit. I can't wait to make up something else with the DK soft.

This is the best reason ever to do laundry. Billy helped me "fold" the whites. Actually, his help consisted of throwing things out of the basket. He then proceeded to play with the basket until dinner time. I guess it's like the appeal of a big cardboard box. He also likes to help push the wet clothes into the dryer (mainly so he can turn the light off and on). He's in that helpful toddler stage. He knows how to wipe his own face (well, sort of, I still need to do a once over) and will wipe off any surface in reach. Yesterday I was making lasagna for dinner and had some paper towels piled on a plate to drain the ground beef. I turned around from mixing the cheeses and Billy was "cleaning" the floor with the paper towels. I think he's trying to tell Mommy something about her house-keeping.

Tomorrow, I'll have pics of my Christamas Cable progress (almost 5" done as of this morning) and maybe a finished sock (depends on how much I work on the bus).

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Jeanie said...

Oh. my. gosh. That sweater is to die for! You have the most beautiful tension EVER!!! Great job!

And what an adorable little helper you have there too!