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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Further to "ew, gross"

So, good news is Billy's ears are not infected. I repeat, no ear infection. The bad news is that the tubes are in the process of falling out. The reason he had discharge and blood out of one yesterday is that the tube in question is coming out crooked causing lots of irritation. (That explains the playing with the ears, no?) So, he's got drops to keep that ear lubricated and a follow-up appointment for next week. Hubby again will be doing the honors. Dr. ENT says that he's too young for us to be worried that he thinks "ears" and "eyes" refer to his ears, but that we could take him to an audiologist if we're concerned. I told Hubby not to bother (referrals and all that nonsense), but that we'll bring it up at his next physical. So, we wait for the tubes to pop out and hope that the next few months aren't one long ear infection.

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