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Thursday, October 27, 2005


It's a party chez Netter, a regular fiesta. I filled out the fringe on Fiesta last night and officially declare her an FO. See? Sorry for the crappy picture but I was heading off to bed. I'm half in my nightgown. (And that's not one of those photographer backdrops like from school portrait days, that's my shower curtain.) I'm very pleased with this scarf and think it will definitely make a cold, gray winter more bearable. I can't wait to start on a hat. I really like working with the Cork (what's not to like about chunky merino?). It's definitely going to make a great Billy sweater someday.

In Shadow news, I got the right front finished on the bus ride home last night. The excrutiatingly, long and slow bus ride. There was a bad accident on the parkway and we crawled the last five miles home. Seriously, I could have walked home faster. I've started the second sleeve and am about a third of the way through the chart. I hope to have it finished over the weekend. I plan on soaking and blocking the body pieces Saturday and then the sleeves early in the week and having a seaming party some evening. This sweater will be in the mail by next Saturday! Then it's off to Christmas sweater land. (I have to remember to schedule a stitching lunch for next Thursday to show off the finished, or mostly finished, product.)

Tomorrow we take our boy to the cardiologist. I know the murmur's probably innocent, but I'm not looking forward to the appointment. I hate seeing him hooked up to stuff. We went through that when he was born (he spent four days in the special care nursery because he was born with the cord around his neck, after having episodes of slow heart beats throughout my labor, and had some breathing issues) and it sucks. We'll bring his bear, and I'll bring Shadow's sleeve, and tomorrow night there will be wine and relaxing once we know the little man is okay. The biggest hurdle is logistical. The appointment is during his usual lunch and nap time. We're planning to have him sleep late and push his clock back a couple of hours so he's not too cranky. Hope it works! (I, personally, really like the idea of sleeping late. I was in bed at 9:30 last night.)


Jeanie said...

Love your scarf! Good luck at the Cardiologist tomorrow!

Susan said...

I hope things go well at the cardiologist. My mom's birthday is today -- how funny is that?

KnittenKnots said...

Love the fiesta scarf - it will definitely make a long, cold winter more bearable. Hope everything goes well at the cardiologist too...that has got to be nerve wracking.